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31 Signs You’re A Hopeless Romantic

May 4, 2024

Although a relationship can now be found as easily as swiping a picture or sliding into someone’s DMs on social media, hopeless romantics still exist. 

In fact, there are probably more hopeless romantics now than there ever has been before, as the idea of finding romance organically is the ultimate goal in a time where it rarely happens. 

Do you daydream about getting whisked away when an attractive stranger smiles at you in the street? Or perhaps you constantly watch rom-coms and wish the love story was occurring in real life? 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 31 signs that you are a hopeless romantic. Let’s dive right in!

Are You A Hopeless Romantic?

1. You are looking for Prince Charming

If you’re a hopeless romantic, you’re looking for the prince charming type of guy that treats you like a queen, showers you in affection, and ultimately has an unbreakable bond with you.

2. You are addicted to rom-coms

you are addicted to rom-coms

If you spend your nights watching rom-coms with a box of tissues on hand for when you inevitably cry at the scene where they finally get together, you’re a definite hopeless romantic.

3. You daydream about strangers

When the cute guy across the road flashes a smile at you, do you immediately fast forward to a time in your head where you’re on a date with him and the sparks between you are flying? Daydreaming about strangers is certainly a romantic hopeless thing to do!

4. You fantasize about the future

Whether you have a vision of yourself sitting with your future husband or you’re dreaming about what you’re going to call your kids, your mind is always racing with romantic ideas of your future life.

5. You cry at children’s films

Even when you watch a children’s film you find yourself immersed in the characters' lives and inevitably you’ll cry. Even if nothing sad happens in the film, you’ll probably cry at the cuteness.

6. You mainly listen to songs about love

If your entire music playlist has every love song ever made and a selection of heartfelt ballads to which you sing along to and dramatically imagine you’re in the singer’s situation, you’re 100% a hopeless romantic.

7. You stand up for love when others put it down

When other people complain about love, you suddenly feel an influx of passion and you tell them how much love is in the world, how soulmates really do exist, and how no one understands.

8. You always believe in your friends' relationships

If you’re the person in the group that’s always believing in your friends' relationships and supporting them, you’re a hopeless romantic. You’re happy, even when it’s not you that’s the one in love.

9. You really love life

One of the best things about being a hopeless romantic is that you will take pleasure in every aspect of your life, from doing the laundry to watching the sunset.

10. You read poetry

you read poetry

Hopeless romance is always documented through poetry, and therefore it’ll definitely be something that you take pleasure in reading. 

11. You imagine situations in which you are content

If you constantly imagine yourself in situations in which you’re happy, then go and live out the imagined scenario to make yourself happy, you’re most likely part of the hopeless romantics club. Other people tend to just put themselves into a situation and then try to be happy, whereas you create a situation in which you are happy.

12. You cry in happy moments

The truth is, you just cry a lot, even in the happiest moments. In fact, when happy moments happen, you cry more than you probably do when sad ones occur. 

13. You’re not always in a relationship

Due to the fact you’re waiting for someone to come along and be your perfect partner, you hold out for the best relationship possible. Therefore, you’re actually normally the single one amongst your group of friends.

14. You believe in marriage

Everything about getting married makes your heart flutter. Unlike others that may believe marriage isn’t necessary or isn’t a good idea, you’re a strong advocate for marrying the perfect partner.

15. You believe in lovemaking

You don’t believe in having sex, instead, you believe in lovemaking. You think that every sexual act is also an emotional one. This means you probably don’t have many one-night stands!

16. You think everything can be fixed with love

Whenever there’s a problem in life, you believe that it can be fixed with love. Rather than trying to fix a problem with a viable solution, you throw attention, care, and love at the problem and hope it fixes it. 

17. You journal a lot

You don’t feel as if anyone really understands you, so you tend to journal a lot as a way to get all of your thoughts about life out and onto paper. You’re probably the person that always has a notepad and pen on you.

18. You need to meet someone organically

If you’re a true hopeless romantic you will believe in meeting the right person at the right time, and therefore you believe you’ll meet someone organically

19. You think you’re too much for some people

Being a hopeless romantic you are fully aware that your outlook on life and your attitude towards romance often overwhelms people. However, you don’t try and dull yourself down as the people that are supposed to be around you will be around you. 

20. You think true love exists

you think true love exists

Hopeless romantics believe in fairy tales, and therefore they also believe in real love. If you genuinely think that there’s someone out there for you who’s your one real love, you’re a hopeless romantic.

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21. You don’t think a honeymoon phase should ever end

Hopeless romantics don’t believe the honeymoon phase of a relationship should ever end, and they expect to feel fireworks like they did on the first date for the rest of the relationship.

22. You think about the future of a relationship on the first date

Even on a first date, you are thinking about the future of a relationship and whether this person is someone that you’d like to be your partner. 

23. You don’t understand people that want to be alone

Although you don’t judge them, you simply can’t understand people that want to be alone.

24. You want everyone around you to be happy

Hopeless romantics always want the people around them to be happy, and that’s why they’re usually people pleasers.

25. You have faith in love

Even if you haven’t had a relationship in a while, you believe in love and you have faith you will find your forever partner.

26. You don’t get dating apps

Dating apps confuse you because you’re so confident in the belief that you’re going to meet your perfect partner in person, organically.

27. You have dream date scenarios

You have a selection of dream date scenarios that you constantly play in your head - dinner at the local in town doesn’t do it for you, instead, you’re ready to be whisked off to Paris for the weekend.

28. You’re genuinely happy for others in love

Unlike others that simply say they are, you are genuinely happy for others when they are in love.

29. You find beauty even in things that aren’t deemed beautiful to others

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you find beauty in every aspect of life because you love life.

30. You really like love letters

you really like love letters

The thought of someone pouring their heart out in their best handwriting on a beautiful piece of paper in the old school way, makes you go weak at the knees

31. You believe in soulmates

If you’re a hopeless romantic, you believe in soulmates. You know that someone out there is your soulmate and a perfect relationship will occur between the two of you.


Is it good to be a hopeless romantic?

Being a hopeless romantic, you might set your expectations of love very high, but there’s nothing wrong with that and it means you’ll most likely be in a happy relationship, as you won’t settle for less.

What is a hopeful romantic?

A hopeful romantic is someone that understands real-world romance more than a hopeless romantic does. Hopeful romantics still have a rose-tinted view of the world and of romance and love, but they also realize and understand what real life is like.

What is a hopeless romantic guy?

A hopeless romantic guy is very similar to a hopeless romantic woman. He will have a very optimistic view of what love and romance are, will act as a traditional gentleman, will always be eager to impress, and wants to fall in love with his perfect woman without any issues arising.

What is the opposite of a hopeless romantic?

The opposite of a hopeless romantic really is a hopeful romantic. Hopeful romantics have a real understanding of the world, and although they still long for a love story kind of romance, they’re aware that love doesn’t always run so smoothly.

What zodiac signs are hopeless romantics?

Although it really depends on person to person if you’re a hopeless romantic or not, some zodiac signs are more likely to succumb to the ideas of the fairytale romance. These signs are Cancer, Leo, Pisces, and Libra. 

To End Things Off

Are you a hopeless romantic or not? If you are, there’s something extremely special about your view of the world as a whole, not just when it comes to a relationship. Enjoy the romanticism you feel every day, not many people are lucky enough to feel it.

Did you enjoy this article? If you did, let us know in the comments and feel free to share!

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