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Cancer Man In Bed (10 Steamy Ways To Turn Him On)

June 28, 2024

Want to find out what a Cancer man adores in the bedroom?  

Whether you’re searching for ideas to make him fall for you or to reinvigorate your relationship, this is the guide for you. 

This expert guide explains 10 moves to pull in the bedroom that a Cancerian will adore. 

However, before I reveal these smooth moves, it’s important for you to read this quick story carefully.  

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The following advice on sexually satisfying a Cancerian will help too.

10 Steamy Ways To Turn Cancer Man On In Bed

1. Flirt With Him

This is one sign that loves to flirt. It’s all part of the romance, but it’s more than just being playful for Cancer.

Flirting allows them to test the water before diving straight in. They can flirt innocently without revealing too much of their emotions or intentions.

Make no mistake though, if he’s interested in you and you reciprocate, you’ll end up in a steamy love session.

2. Be Affectionate All The Time

Cancer men are emotional and subject to mood swings. As such, they can’t turn their emotions on and off as required. They need to feel comfortable and loved before sex.

Some Zodiac signs such as Aries, just want sex for sex sake. Aries men use sex as a physical workout. They're not bothered about your pleasure. On the other hand, Cancer use sex as a way of connecting.

For them, sex is all about emotional connections and diving deeply into each other’s soul. They can’t possibly do that if they don’t feel loved.

3. Take Control

Cancer men never make the first move in love or sex. This is because they are incredibly protective of their emotions. However, they will put themselves in a position where it’s easy for you to make the first move.

Cancer men love it when their partners take control in bed. It reinforces to them that they are loved. Their confidence blossoms once their partner has made the first move.

Don’t forget, Cancer men love women who are self-assured and assertive in real life. This doesn’t change just because you’ve stepped into the bedroom.

4. Be Tactile

Before Cancer opens up about the way he feels, he’ll show you physically. Cancer men love cuddles on the couch, holding hands through the park, sweet kisses when nobody's looking.

And he’ll expect you to be just as tactile as him. In fact, it’s one of the first ways he reveals his feelings, by touch.

Cancer men like all kinds of touch, from using hands and tongues to feathers and oils.

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5. Ask Him What He Likes

5. Ask Him What He Likes

Now, Cancer men are intuitive and use their instinct when it comes to sex and pleasuring their partners. But they don’t expect everyone to be like them.

Asking a Cancer man what he likes is a huge turn on for him. It makes him feel comfortable and at ease with you. He can open up to you, which is all he really wants to do.

And remember, he loves women who have a sense of conviction and believe in themselves. He finds these sorts of women incredibly sexy.

6. Be Submissive

Now, I know I just suggested you take control in bed, but paradoxically Cancer men do love to dominate as well as be controlled. However, this is only once you’ve made the first move. I know, it’s complicated.

Once a Cancer man feels confident and safe enough with you he’ll start to open up himself. But only then will he allow his true feelings to surface.

As soon as he knows you are a safe romantic bet, he’ll want to explore every part of your body and start giving you the pleasure he knows he can.

7. Talk About Babies

Most men would run a mile if you started talking about having babies just before a steamy love-making session; not Cancer. He’s all about building a family, setting down roots and starting his own legacy.

Knowing that you want to have children with him taps into his very soul. It’s that connection I was talking about earlier. What connection is more beautiful than having a child together?

That’s exactly the sort of commitment he’s been searching for. And it allows him to finally relax because he’s confident of your feelings towards him now.

8. Be Romantic

Of all the Zodiac signs, Cancer is truly the most romantic. Nothing turns him on like a candlelit dinner, soft music, lowlights and a sensual dance to his favourite song. This is foreplay for him.

Of course, not all Zodiac signs like this kind of staged romantic scene, but it works for Cancer. Especially if you’ve set the stage for romance. It shows Cancer man that you are invested in his pleasure.

When his partner makes an effort, whether it’s in or out of bed, he feels compelled to reciprocate.

9. Show Your Feminine Side

9. Show Your Feminine Side

Femininity and romance go hand in hand for Cancer man. He is a traditional guy that gets turned on by pretty lingerie that shows off your feminine curves.

This is one guy that doesn’t get turned on by tomboys or women wearing trousers. He loves cute little teddies, flouncy French knickers, and silk camisoles with lace.

10. Talk To Him In Bed

Once a Cancer man is in love he wants to share his feelings with you. In fact, you probably won’t be able to shut him up. Constant talking allows him to know exactly what you want.

It reinforces to him that he’s on the right path. Remember, this guy needs constant validation and you can give him that by whispering sweet nothings in his ear.

Now we know what turns Cancer man on, is there anything that turns him off?

What Turns Cancer Man off in bed?

  • Silence

I’ve said before that this sign needs constant validation of his feelings before he is able to open up himself. Therefore, silence is the one thing he hates. Because he has no idea what is going on in your head.

Are you enjoying his love-making efforts or are you just lying back and thinking of England? Silence really affects his confidence.

So speak up in bed, even if it’s to say ‘Slow down’ or ‘Not there’. He’ll appreciate the guidance, after all, it’s your pleasure he’s concerned about.

  • Being Condescending

We know that Cancer man likes to take on the male role in the household. For him, being respected as the head of the home is vitally important to his pride and dignity.

As such, he won’t find patronising or condescending behaviour particularly attractive. Actually, it’s a major turn-off for him.

  • Weird And Wacky Dress Style

This guy is probably the most traditional sign in the Zodiac. As such, he isn’t turned on by someone with a weird dress sense. He likes his women to look feminine and conventional. 

Best put away that bright pink hair dye and punky style before he gets home.

  • Being Too Emotional

As an emotional sign himself, you’d think that Cancer man would appreciate another emotional soul to connect with. But this is not the case.

In fact, it’s exactly because he is so emotional Cancer man needs a strong partner, one that doesn’t fall apart at the slightest sign of trouble.

  • Being Cold

On the other hand, Cancer men cannot bear their women to be cold towards them. Cancer men thrive on warmth and affection from their partners. Act coldly towards them and they’ll be hurt, more than any other sign.

Even if you don’t know why your Cancer man is upset or worried, just being there for him and offering him the security he so desperately needs will be enough.

  • Bondage

Some signs, Scorpio comes to mind, love kinky and wild sex. And I’m not saying Cancer is a prude, but bondage is a turn-off for him. Why? Because for Cancer it’s more about connections and reaching a deeper emotional level.

Plus the fact that if he’s tied up he can't pleasure you. He won’t mind a little vanilla bondage with furry handcuffs and him tying you up. But leave the gimp masks and latex to sex addict Scorpio.

  • Being Teased

Cancer man has a very low threshold when it comes to ridicule and teasing. Remember, it took a lot to get him to come out from under his shell. He’s used to being protected by it. Now he feels vulnerable.

If you tease him about his prowess he’ll skitter straight back under his crab home. And once you’ve hurt his feelings you might never get him out again.

  • Talking About Past Relationships

I’ve said right at the start that Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs of the Zodiac. Therefore he certainly won’t appreciate you banging on about ex-lovers and their prowess in bed.

There are some Zodiac signs that love this kind of talk and use it to better their performance. Macho Aries for example, who sees every sexual encounter as a contest loves comparing himself with your exes.

That’s because his confidence is sky high anyway. He doesn’t need you to tell him he’s a great lover, he knows it. But Cancer man is in the dark. And don’t forget, his goal is to please you.

  • Playing Games

Cancer hates playing games in real life so he definitely doesn’t like it in bed. He’s a straight talker when it comes to matters of the heart.

Once he’s opened up he has exposed himself and he won’t do that unless he’s sure of your feelings towards him. If you start then playing games he loses all that confidence he had.

His self-esteem takes a nosedive and before you know it he’s lashing out with those nippy pinchers.

  • Showing Other Men Too Much Attention

It’s his confidence again. Cancer can be possessive and the jealous type. Once he’s grabbed you in his pinchers he won’t want to let you go.

He’s made the decision to make a home with you under his shell. He’s revealed his vulnerable and sensitive side to you. In return, he expects you to focus your attention on him, not other men.

Once you’ve caught your Cancer man, how do you keep him happy in bed?

How Do You Keep Cancer Man Happy In Bed?

How Do You Keep Cancer Man Happy In Bed?

Create a romantic setting - Cancer men love romance so scatter rose petals on the bed, light a scented candle, stick Barry White on repeat and off you go.

Give him lots of foreplay - You won’t get away with a quick fumble in Cancer man’s pants then onto full blown sex. And he’s definitely no ‘Wham bam, thank you ma’am’ type either.

Cancer men use foreplay to connect with their partners. There’s nothing more he loves than to explore every inch of your body. So let him, and return the favour.

Compliment him in bed - Feeling confident in bed is key, that’s why Cancer men need constant talking. When you are talking to him make sure you compliment his prowess. I promise you, it will do wonders for your love life.

Try new positions - Of course, we know that Cancer is a traditionalist at heart, but that doesn’t mean he’s boring in bed. In fact, once he trusts you he’ll want to try out new positions so that he can pleasure you in different ways.

Cancer man can be tricky to please. On one hand he wants you to be submissive and feminine, then at other times to be dominant and take the leading role.

Remember, with Cancer man it’s always about his confidence. He needs to be sure of you and the relationship. As for you, be open-minded, sensitive to his needs and retain your femininity. That way your sex life will only go from strength to strength.

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