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Capricorn Man Taurus Woman Compatibility (9 Exceptional Facts)

The Capricorn man has high love compatibility with a lot of different signs, and he’s usually one of the most eligible bachelors of the zodiac. This guy is known for being successful, full of ambition, and a wonderful family man. It makes him sought after by women that are ready to settle down and searching for the perfect husband. 

Capricorn men take their time with love and often appear callous due to their lack of emotion, but they are compatible with quite a few zodiac signs. If you are a Taurus woman with your eye on one of these guys, take the time to learn about your compatibility before diving in headfirst

Both Earth Signs

The Capricorn man Taurus woman compatibility is instantly high because both of these are Earth signs. This gives them a wonderful foundation with one another to have a long, steady relationship that is built on trust. It is a slow love that will gently become one of a kind love. 

1. Both Are Cautious In Love

As with other Earth signs, like Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus are both cautious in love. They take the time necessary to get to know one another on a deeper level, ensuring that they are comfortable with each other before having sex or becoming official. This will take more than one date for both of these signs, but the connection that develops is well worth it. 

2. Both Are Careful With Their Emotions

Capricorn Man and Taurus Woman Are Careful With Their Emotions

Together, these two may appear more like one of them is a business partner instead of the two being in a passionate relationship. This is not because they are not a couple or due to a lack of love, however. It is because both Earth signs are known for keeping their emotions under control when possible. Capricorn is usually better about this, while Taurus is known for having more emotions than other Earth signs. This is particularly true regarding anything that they might be passionate about, such as their children. 

This provides the perfect balance if the two signs are willing to learn things from each other. Capricorn will help Taurus be more logical instead of basing decisions off her emotions while Taurus will help Capricorn open up to warm affection and have a little fun every once in a while. 

3. Take Relationships Seriously

The Capricorn man takes his time getting to know someone before becoming a couple to ensure that he likes them. Likewise, the Taurus woman enjoys getting to know her partner on an emotional level so that they have a deeper connection. Despite the sometimes playful nature of the Taurus woman, she is serious regarding a relationship. This makes them both the perfect partner for each other as they are typically searching for the same thing. 

Similar Relationship Views

Both of these signs have the same views regarding love and a relationship. It is this common ground that helps them work through the different views that they have in life. 

1. Capricorn Is Masculine

Because the Capricorn man takes on a more traditional, masculine role when they fall in love, they work well with a Taurus woman. A Taurus female is known for having a more gentle side, which gives these two the perfect balance. Where he may come off as cold-hearted, her natural nurturing will help him show how warm his heart is as time goes one. Where Taurus is more playful and often too giving, Capricorn will make sure that she is able to find balance and take life more seriously. 

2. Crave Stability

Both the Capricorn man and Taurus woman crave stability in their relationships. Capricorn offers stability that a Taurus woman will find extremely comforting. This comes in financial stability, emotional stability, and a certain level of maturity. This zodiac sign is known for these traits, so Taurus will never have to worry about her home life becoming a mess. 

3. Neither Are Ones To Play Games

This is one of the things that most people appreciate this element, and both Capricorn, as well as Taurus, have it. They don’t like to play games when dating, or when in a relationship. Instead, they attempt to communicate their needs with each other. Capricorn is ambitious is everything that he does, meaning that this man is not going to lie to use a woman. With how sensitive Taurus can be, this works out wonderfully. 

In The Bedroom

When it comes to what these two do in between the sheets, Capricorn is usually more satisfied than Taurus. This is because he is set in his ways, and is more emotionally detached than Taurus is. Sometimes, it can seem like he’s merely going through the motions. 

This ultimately leaves Taurus wanting more. She’ll want more intensity, more passion, and a deeper level of love than her Capricorn man is giving her. Sometimes, she’ll be happy in the bedroom. Other times, she’ll be left wanting more after it’s over, which can make her a bit irritable.

Capricorn and Taurus compatibility is off the charts, but this is one of the areas that both will need to work at. For this union to work out well, a Capricorn man will need to come out of his shell a bit more and open up to his partner. Taurus will also need to be understanding of the times that he doesn’t have the level of passion that she wants. If these two are willing to work together, both the man and woman will be happy with each other. 

Personality Clash

There are times when these two are going to have a personality clash. Both can come to appreciate the way that the other is, but that does take time. Taurus and Capricorn compatibility is highest when the two are talking or first dating. As things become more serious, these two will have a couple of hurdles to jump over in order to make things work. It will require compromise from both to have a happy life. 

1. Capricorn Comes Off As Cold

Capricorn Comes Off As Cold

While a Taurus female is naturally warm and nurturing, Capricorn is not. However, the female in this one requires a warm, nurturing partner and more affection. It will take some time for a Capricorn man to find the perfect balance to keep both him and his partner happy in life. 

2. The Taurus Temper

This sign is famous for their temper. When she feels a particular way about something, do not expect her to back down. While this can be a good attribute in some areas, it is not one that Capricorn will be fond of. For this to work, good communication skills are a must. 

3. Stubborn Bull

If there is one other thing that bull is known for, it’s being insanely stubborn. These women do not like to back down, but that might not affect Capricorn man compatibility with them. Because Capricorn is known for being patient, most will be able to handle the stubbornness with a bit of tact. Others might be too busy in life to deal with it if there is drama that comes with it. 


What does a Capricorn man like in a Taurus woman?

He likes that she is gentle and nurturing and that she is known for being a flawless homemaker. It lets him take on the masculine role, which is one that he prefers. He also appreciates her intense determination as he finds that it matches his own level of ambition. 

Is a Taurus woman compatible with a Capricorn man?

Yes, they often are. These two signs are compatible as friends and make a wonderful love match. However, to enjoy a happy life together, they will have to work hard to ensure that they communicate well with one another regarding their needs throughout the relationship. 

Is Capricorn and Taurus a good match?

Yes! A Capricorn male will enjoy the delicate yet ambitious nature of a Taurus woman, while she will appreciate his calm demeanor. Both are hard workers, well-grounded, and bring a sense of stability to a partnership. This union is a very strong one. 

Why are Capricorns attracted to Taurus?

Capricorn is attracted to Taurus because she’s beautiful, gentle, and nurturing. She makes an exceptional mother and an even better wife. Capricorn feels like Taurus understands how important work ethic and being practical are, something that they look for in a new partner. They both also crave stability and offer it to their partner. 

Are Taurus and Capricorn soulmates?

They are so great together that they should be if they aren’t. They often agree about money and have much to share with one another. Where they are opposites, they can always learn from one another. These two can achieve anything together.


Taurus and Capricorn both bring something to the table that the other one likes, whether it’s the stability that Capricorn men are known for or the gentle side of Taurus that remains irreplaceable. Have you ever dated one of these signs? What do you think about them?

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