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5 Undeniable Signs a Capricorn Man Is Attracted to You

Last updated on October 4, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

Are you wondering whether a Capricorn man likes you?

Is this special someone dropping hints that are hard to read? 

If so, you’re in the right place, as this guide reveals the 5 clearest signs that a Capricorn is attracted to you. 

However, before these are revealed, it’s important that you take note of the following story. 

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So, if you’re looking to win over a special guy, I’d urge you to learn more about how I harnessed the power of the ‘Hero’s Instinct’.

Of course, this fantastic Capricorn may already be longing after you. Below, I reveal the 5 undeniable signs that this is the case.

1. His work is stopped for you (on occasion!)

Because Saturn is his ruling planet, their focus is on their prestige and their work – so it can be tough to compete in this area. For them, love will always come second to work although they are open to it.  If there is a project or something else pressing they are unlikely to be able to get away and to even to want to. Making money and a success of themselves is their number one priority for this sign. If he is attracted to you, the number one major sign will be that he is stopping work of any kind to talk to you, call you or even see you. He might even invite you to his workplace and shock, horror – he might stop working for a while whilst you talk!

 There is nothing that can deter them from their work so if they are stopping their work in any way this is a huge sign he is attracted to you. Even if you are a friend he would probably just dismiss you, only his heart will lead him to put a pause on his number one love – working!

Just a side note that Capricorns aren’t just workaholics but they are very keen on being stable and providers for themselves, self-reliant people and this is all part of this.

If you are distracting him, he is definitely attracted to you!

2. He is a little more open with you

This isn’t a man that you would call shy typically – after all, they tend to be people who aren’t very bothered about what other people think. They can seem a little stern and strict, and for a Capricorn to start to show emotions can make them a bit shy. This isn’t to say that this is true of physical touch however – if he is finding you attractive he will likely be the kind of man to brush past you and touch you when appropriate. There will be a little bit of a physical touch perhaps – so just look out for that.  

Despite being known as very detached emotionally, when a Capricorn likes you he will be light-hearted and funny, looking for ways to make you laugh and smile. They will have a glow around them and a positivity – a departure away from their usual work focused mood. He might also give you gifts – perhaps he will pick you up a coffee on his way somewhere or will pass you some chocolates – it won’t be a grand gesture with a compliment but it will be his way of showing he is attracted to you.

3. He is putting in effort with you

Capricorns have a similar energy to the Virgo earth sign, but when a Capricorn likes someone he wants to help them improve their lives. You will notice that he is helping you with the smallest things. He might be carrying things for you, picking things up – anything. Of course. he is the goat, always in the mountains but willing to travel down for love! Bear in mind because he is so busy and work focused, if he is making you a priority, he is also making you a project and he is carving out time to know more about you. There’s no need to test him on this – he doesn’t have time for games and mind tricks, but what you can do is just watch and wait, and see what he is doing with his actions to show you he is attracted to you.

4. They are possessive

If they sense that they are losing your attentions, especially to someone else they will start to get the hump! Easily hurt, they can get their pride bashed a bit especially if they like someone. They will want to feel that anyone they like is worth their time, and if they are attracted to you, they might start to get a little jealous. This is a little rich, especially as the Capricorn is trying so hard at work and might not be giving you the attention that you need anyway  – but if he is attracted to you he might start to be a little grouchy around other men who are spending time with you. This isn’t a great trait, but it does show a sign.

5. They want to know the plans ahead

If the Capricorn man is asking about your future and plans he isn’t just dreaming like a Pisces. He is asking because his is logically weighing up if you two can be together and if you are able to be compatible.  He is an Earth sign that wants to grow things and if he is taking time to work out what your plans and schedule is, you can be sure that he is attracted you and is interested in getting to know you more. He is the kind of man who will ask what you want to do in 5 years, what your career is doing and even more work-based topics!

If he can see that your work ethic and drive is a good match for his own, he will certainly be very interested, but the fact he is asking already shows he is attracted to you.

Make sure you have your plan in mind and stress that you too like success!

How are things going with your Capricorn man?

We know that a Capricorn man can be shy and a little awkward with you and you can’t tell if they like you. If they are acting strange, showing up at places where you are and appearing in your life, the chances are that you are attractive to a Capricorn.

They won’t approach you straight off, but will usually be very receptive for you to approach them and to lead the relationship or dating. Watch out for them in your DMs!

The Capricorn is a little tricky to get to know and who can blame you – he has a stoic and strict personality after all – but if you can get to his inner center you will see his sweet and softer side as well.  If they are contacting you frequently and showing that they are putting in more effort this is a great sign that he is attracted to you.

Just know that the number one rule is that Capricorn men are busy and will not simply flatter, gift or spend time with people that they aren’t attracted to.

If you think things are going slowly, this is a great sign because he is clearly taking you seriously.

Please leave the details below of the man in your life and the issues you are facing. Or, if you are still stuck with some behavior and you aren’t sure if it’s a good sign or a bad sign, let us know! We want to take a look and see if this is a typical Capricorn trait or something that shows he is probably attracted to you.

Please do also share this across your social networks so we can help more women who need to know if that Capricorn is really showing that they are in love so we can share the signs with more people.  Thanks for reading!


How Do You Tell If A Capricorn Man Likes You?

Once he starts letting his guard down in front of you, then you’re sure that you’re getting to him. In fact, he lets his guard down to the point that he’s suddenly a lot shyer around you. That confident mask he wore before will be peeled away and you’ll find the soft, thoughtful soul within.

How Do You Tell If A Capricorn Man Likes You More Than A Friend?

You’ll notice that he starts to look for avenues to spend time with you. There are fewer meetings and engagements on his schedule and he’ll even change his behavior. He’ll be a lot less stoic, it’s honestly one of those ‘tinman finally got a heart’ kind of moments once a Capricorn man likes you.

How Do Capricorns Act When They Like Someone?

Everywhere you check you’ll find out that Capricorn men are quite closed off as a whole. So, if they start liking you, it’ll show. They will suddenly let you in and tell you more about themselves. Even more surprising is the fact that they will become more playful and humorous as a whole.

What Are Capricorns Attracted To?

In a nutshell, Capricorns are attracted to anyone that offers them stability. Nevertheless, they tend to look for people who are the yin to their yang. What they want is somehow who allows them to get in touch with their softer side. Since Capricorns are often regarded as tough on the inside and outside, they need someone to balance this out.

How Does A Capricorn Man Flirt?

For the most part, Capricorn men are quite direct in their method of flirting. They are honest about what they want and go for it with a whole lot of focus. Though he’s smooth and silver-tongued, he’ll not feed you deceitful words. But this is not written in stone, just expect Capricorn men to go straight to the point.

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Sonya Schwartz
A hopeless romantic that struggled for many years to find her Mr "Right" and made all the mistakes you could think of while dating. Known for always choosing the wrong guys or messing up relationships, Sonya was finally able to change her approach and mindset when it came to dating which helped her eventually find the man of her dreams and become happily married. You can read more about me here...

54 comments on “5 Undeniable Signs a Capricorn Man Is Attracted to You”

  1. Great info. Ive been dating my 1st Capricorn man. I am a Scorpio. Our 1st date he did ask to kiss me to get it out of the way. Well we aldo were talking on the phone for 2-3 hr intervals prior our 1st date. We chat daily but see each other weekly. It is difficult for me not to over analyze why i dont see him more but im trying to be patient and respect boundaries and allow him to control the setting up dates. But I have to say if I am lucky enough to capture this mans heart. Ive met my everything I've been looking for in a man. Well not sure about in the sheets yet. He's very old fashioned. But i love that. He is a rare breed

    1. My capricorn man does not spend much time at my house ..hes always at work smh. But when he takes time off its all about us. I love spending time with him n I get bored when he is constantly at work . sometimes he make me feel like we the only ones on this planet n then he goes detached when it's work time. How do i compete with work?

    2. Gotta say I laughed when I read this because your situation is kinda similar to mine. We talk every day, he never misses a good night or a good morning and he always asks me how my day is going/was. He is great when we are together and he shows that he likes me (he even bought me a toothbrush after a week so I can stay on weekends and not worry). But he feels distant when we chat online and he doesn't show any signs of wanting to see each other more than once a week. We did talk about it before we met and shared some things from our life, like the fact that both had long relationships that ended this year, so we don't want ANYTHING, but then we met and felt chemistry and said 'fuck it'. So I guess that is the biggest reason. My Moon is in Capricorn so I understand the rational part but I've also never been in a relationship with one, my boyfriends were mostly Cancers, so I was the 'take it slow'and 'be rational' one in the relationship and this makes me kinda insecure, especially since I really like how I feel when I'm with him and it doesn't happen that often.

  2. I am a Pisces women and have been seeing a capricorn man for a little over three years..first time we met...he was watching me talk with friends..we met for sex, a few times, but on out first time out elsewhere, he said just so you know ...when I am with you, I am with you...when I am not, I am not...took me a long time to figure that one out. A year and a half, hot and heavy, sexually, fabulous, then one day he says no more sex...now he says we are just friends...its three years now...I have to call him to see him...he sits for his grandkids a lot, but he lets me come over to play with his youngest one...is he including me because he wants me, (the little one runs to me when I show up) he never calls me.I told him how I feel, he says love you too, but I get so confused at times, as to what to do, we never fight or argue, his wife died several years ago, of a 20 year marriage, his young daughter is not sure she likes him with anyone I think, she 22 yrs old now...he told me he did not intend for this to go on so long...should I continue to be with him, or back away...I often go on trips to give him room to think about me...not sure he does. He does not go out with anyone, except me. Not even guy friends, unless work event to attend...this is hard, but I love being with him, wish it were more, sorry for length of comment, but confused
    Thanks, 1st time posting

    1. I feel you Shelley. I’m a Pisces too having problems w/ a Capricorn man. My situation is slightly different but similar. LoL .Met Mr Capricorn online, only known him for 3 months. I have sexual encounters w/ him each time I see him. But after I confessed to him that I was married, he never initiates texts after that. He reply’s to all my texts but they are not as sweet as they were. My experience w/ other Caps I been w/in the past. “They like to take things slow and are serious af about feelings & love. I don’t argue w/ him either even when he takes to long to answer a text or takes too long to answer the door. I don’t know if he is protecting his feelings by being cold. Sadly after being married for more than 10 years I feel nothing for my spouse. I’m working on a serious separation. I don’t usually go “head over heels, but I can’t get this Cap man out of my head. I’m enjoying every encounter I have w/ him. I feel like he might suddenly stop texting me or tell me that we can’t see each other anymore.

  3. I recently went on a date with a Capricorn man, everything went so well, I feel like time went by so fast and we talked so much!! He asked me about my future and my studies and I answered honestly. I was very clear with him about what I wanted in a relationship too but he hasn't talked to me and we went on our date a day ago! What could it be? I feel like I scared him away and I’m so worried 🙁

    1. I wanna gonna say this sound normal . At first I didn’t talk to mine everyday . Any updates ?

    2. This seems to be normal for them. I date a capricorn who also didn't send anything the day after our first date even though it was amazing and he left straight up saying that we'll go out again. The he sent the day after like nothing had happened. Do not overstress over this. Their career is major priority to them and tou have to earn your place in his life. This will only happen gradually because he needs to be sure about you and confident enough to open up. I'm a Leo who was with a Cancer before (too much attention, emotion and attachment) so this now is the complete opposite. I like the slow build and the play but at times it gets frustrating. Be patient and learn to love this guy<3

  4. Been successfully dating a Capricorn guy for past 1.5 months. I know it is not a lot of time. But trust me, relationship with a Capricorn makes you feel like you are dating them from a century. Because the dating doesn't hit the honeymoon phase. It Directly seeps into a committed relationship phase. Then as we peel off their layers, we go closer to their honeymoon phase! It is all in reverse when it comes to Capricorn! I am a Leo girl. You can see how much of a challenge it is for me to curb my need for attension and give him space and time to open up! In fact, until I read about Capricorn sign traits, I thought we are going down the drain. Because all the behaviours of a Capricorn in love will be like the end of relationship behaviours of other sun signs! But Capricorn is the sign you can build a stable life with! They are not the kinds who give you butterflies in tummy, unless you have studied and observed their subtle behaviour in and out! It is a nice challenge exploring my Capricorn man's mind! Hope we make it to the end!

    1. Hi!!

      I’m also a Leo dating a Capricorn! I have such a love/hate kinda relationship with this sign. It’s only been a short time, but I like him so much.. and I want things to work out. He’s extremely hard to read, but has flat out told me he likes me. The crazy thing is, we just started talking during this quarantine, so I’m really only able to communicate with him right now through face time, phone calls or texts. Anyway, my issue is that need for attention us Leo women need that you mentioned.

      1. I'm a Leo as well being in a relationship for 3 and half years. We started this relationship cause we both were unhappy in our marriages. I'm now separated but he lives with her for convenience. During this lockdown he been mentioning her to often and it got to me. We had an argument and not talking for 3 days now. He got angry to a point where he ended things. I still love him. Will he come around in time?

        1. Trust me he's trying to make things work with his wife now....you don't want karma to bite you back in the ass leave him alone...he was probably using you for sex not knowing your relationship was really over and his wife probably didn't even know...

      2. I’m a cancer so one thing about cancers is that we are sensitive beings and can take things to heart. I also started dating a Capricorn man less then a month ago. We met online. He calls and will face time me every day. It’s so hard to read this guy but at the same time I’m learning to respect his style which is slow and steady. Process and patience will win his heart.

    2. I’m Leo as well, and it’s hard...so hard with my Capricorn. I’m trying to be patient and not let my emotions get the best of me. They’re not very expressive, and that’s something I crave in relationships.

  5. OMG, I feel like I am on a merry-go-round and a see-saw with my Cappy guy. We've been dating for 3years. To me their minds are like the weather (constantly changing and always sending mixed messages). Most recently we had a big argument and he said "this relationship is not working and we can only be friends). But yet he calls me, give me money and visits me twice a month (he changed our patterned of seeing each other every week). I think the main problem is he has a controlling 41year old daughter.

  6. I'm a Virgo, is in love with a Capricorn man. Yes, he loves me too, he said it himself. The ocean separates us miles away so we can only communicate non-verbally on messenger and in the game we're playing together. Since we couldn't meet at all, he'd often give me gifts and of course spend his time, opens up with me... Just everything! Every signs that can show that he likes/loves me are very obvious yet I still can't help but over analyze things too much. Overthinking is poison. I asked him what we really are? Because I wouldn't want to hurt him if I just say or introduce him to someone else as 'friends' maybe..and he replied with "friend. A very close friend." Now I'm the one who got hurt here lmao. So yes here I am. I want to make this work even for the years to come. We met last year in around the end of october in another game of course and till now. But it feels like it has been ages. We're so on crack, highly energetic idiots when together, its just he's like my twin flame ? couldn't help being crazy everytime we chat. I needed affirmations if he's really being serious about us or still contemplating and unsure. Tq for reading by the way.

  7. I've been dating/living with my Capricorn boyfriend for 16 months. Being a single mom of 2 boys, I asked him to help with disciplining my boys. However, I became sad/upset when he began routinely yelling and lecturing my boys nonstop. I asked him to discipline another way instead of screaming but he got really mad that I'm objecting to his way since I'm such a lenient mom and they get away with everything. I don't want to loose him but I know his approach is causing emotional pain to my boys for sure. What do I do because he tells me he's good and I need to change in order for him to stay with me.

    1. I’m sorry I don’t agree
      I’m a single mom skid of a young boy. I would never let anyone discipline my child. If someone has an issue with him. They come to me. I’m with an awesome Capricorn Man for 3 1/2 years. He is the most patient and kind man to my son. I could never imagine him yelling like that.
      Rethink your priorities and your boys. Your their mom and that’s it.

    2. My Capricorn man is the same yells and yells at the kids and doesn’t always wait to find out who’s fault it was or what happened the yelling and lecturing drives me crazy I told her the got the sand response that you did. Then he eased up on it eventually. My kids come first regardless of how many good points a man has. They are very controlling

  8. The Cap I’m talking to started out wanting to be my friend because I was always talking to mutual friends of ours over text messaging and he got curious and wanted to add me as a friend and talk with too. The thing is there’s a lot of complex things going on in the background that caused him and I to get to know each other and during all of this he said he liked me but immediately followed that up with a “just kidding” and I was perplexed because I didn’t understand the point of him saying that especially since my feelings were still platonic around that time. Then, a few months passed and we got to know each other more as friends but he would say things like “I like someone but I don’t think I’m good enough for her”, “I need a woman in my life”, or “I like someone” but he would never tell me who. I didn’t want to assume it was me but another part of me was like “is this an indirect way of saying how he feels for me?”. And from that point on we would talk almost every day where it got to the point that it would feel weird not to talk to him. There were times that I noticed he would be busy or in a mood/distant, so I would give him space because I didn’t want to stress him out or agitate him more than he already was. He’s always talkative over text message, but reserved in person. He buys random things like cakes or chocolate, cooks meals for me, and asks me to come to his place and hang out with his friends, and stay the night but also respectfully give me his bed while he takes the couch. But then there was a situation where it sounded like I was flirting with him and he called me out on it, and basically both teased me and rejected the idea of “going out together” like out to dinner or on a date. And I’m just confused on what’s going on through his head?

    1. He clearly, clearly likes you but hes afraid to commit. Because capricorn are the loyal dogs and they would want a relationship that lasts a lifetime and not just a one night stand or a swing. Im sure hes testing you to see if you're a keeper although by now, im also pretty sure that he had fell head over heels for you. They are confusing at first but just know that these stoic men are actually quite simple if we try to view it without overthinking. Just know that they wont simply let anyone in their lives, even spending time with the person they have no interest in. Thats just not them and in your case, he loves you dearly. At the same time, he might wants you to take the first move and trust me, just be honest if you do love him and dont assume that he loves you(in case if he didnt, hed surely see it as a turn off) and after that act normal. If he hadnt figure out his feelings yet, give him time like youd usually do. Since saturn is their ruling planet, theyd love to take their time slowly and not rush things. You can make him talk honestly if youre willing to be honest to him regardless of topic so give it a try! Remember to never push them or theyd push you back twice as harder. Goodluck!

  9. My cap friend is actually the first BF I ever had. Dates back to high school. He contacted me through social media a few weeks back and things progressed quickly. We have not seen each other as he lives 500 miles away. But we reconnected really well. For the last two days, all I’m getting is a “like” on some posts and last night I asked if everything was ok. He answered yes my love, just super busy. Can I call you tomorrow at lunchtime. No call at lunchtime. I understand busy and I know what he is working on which is a remarkable project volunteering. I’m a gemini. Yes I know, not the supposed best match. So I find time for people I love even working in healthcare during a pandemic. I really, really like the guy, love what he stands for, his values etc. Am I wasting my time here?

  10. I am a Cancer woman with a Cap for almost a yr now. He is very distant feels like I have a roommate instead of a bf. He seems to hold on to his past relationship but claims he is over her. He still has pics of both of them in his social media. I call him out on this and he won't delete them. I believe he is not being honest to himself or myself that those feelings are over. We went from being very close and intimate to friends and Im ready to throw in the towel because he is acting like everything is fine between us and is manipulating. He avoids any conversations to resolve this matter and gets very frustrating

  11. Until recently i had no idea that one of my capricorn friends had been showing signs of having a crush on me...he began to come by my job consistently after class to chat, would come by the club area that i am usually at and i would be greeted with a cute awkward smile that i never registered to be for me until like i said recently. Initially i thought that he would be judging me because I am curvier and he is a vegan so he would often ask me things about my health and stuff but from what i am reading these men take on the lecturing type of mode when it comes to people they like because their well-being is important to them. He has also invited me over to his place and out to eat but i always thought he was trying to be fatphobic but he just wanted my attention..now i feel bad that i ddint see the signs im always so oblivious.. what should i do now? He is an old soul so he doesnt text much but he is graduating soon and i want to make my move before its too late

  12. I met my cap at work over 3 years ago. We instantly hit it off and I started crushing on him bad. We would hug and talk every time we’d see each other at work. Eventually we hung out more at work events and such. He’s a very friendly, outgoing person so I never thought he “liked” until we made plans for dinner (we always talked about trying new food) and we had such a great time we ended up talking and drinking until we ended up at his house (I thought to keep the convo going). In the middle of the convo he just told me he wanted to kiss me and omg fireworks! I had no idea he even liked me or anything. We made out a little, but I don’t date co-workers and was in a bit of a shock. I finally told him I had to leave, but would like to see him again. But at work things were cool and we maintained our friendship although with some awkward flirting. Eventually we went out for another dinner and he walked me to my car and kissed me again. Ok, now that’s two times. And at this point I’m ready to throw the whole “I don’t date co-workers” out the window for this guy. But other than the two kisses and a lot of flirting, nothing else evolved. I figured he didn’t like me until I talked to some friends who had some insight on him. I realized he’s cautious because he doesn’t want to get hurt. Understandably. Well a few weeks ago he reached out to check on me during quarantine and I made dinner and invited him over for a plate. Well, we kissed again and then some. I wanted to show him that I liked him, because I’m a Leo and can be very stand-offish when I’m not getting the response I want. So this time we kissed and made out again and I wasn’t about to stop him, but he ended up leaving abruptly. He told me later why and I wasn’t mad. But now reading about how they don’t rush to physical intimacy makes me understand more why he’s moving the way he does. I really like this guy. I’m so comfortable around him and he has everything I could want in a guy (except height, but with him I don’t even notice it). I just don’t know what to do next. He moves at such a snail pace with me and I know he’s dated between our times together, but I want to see what’s up with us. I think when I initially shut him down he didn’t think I liked him or whatever. But I really do... help!

    1. Hi!
      I’ve been with my Capricorn Man for 3 1/2 years. They are awesome people but move very slowly when they are interested in a long term relationship with you. You have to be patient with him and don’t come on too strong. We took ours very slow and it’s great. We understand each other and took the time to learn about one another instead of just jumping head first into a physical relationship. Just don’t overthink. I’m Scorpio so it was hard not to. But even now sometimes I have to catch myself. They are definitely worth the wait.

  13. I’ve been seeing a Capricorn male for about 3 months now. I’m a Gemini woman and I’m not going to lie, it’s been really confusing for me. He doesn’t share any type of feelings unless I ask probing questions. I don’t see that many cap/gem examples so I just wanted to share my personal experience. Things started off pretty magical, and slow then it was like fireworks and then the pattern changed to where we used to txt every day to now sometimes during the week and then he’ll call me like crazy on the weekends or towards the end of the week (If I send a message during the week he always quickly replies. I try not to message him to give him that space but I get sad because I feel so lonely). I am not used to a man being distant and I honestly have been struggling with this because I question if he likes me...I’m not saying I need someone to tell me every 5 mins they love me lol but damn tell me something! Reading about the cap male makes me even more nervous to talk about emotions because I’m so full of them lol but I’m learning to ride this wavelength as he always is cool, calm and collective... my thing is should I say what are we? Or just wait it out and I’m tripping?

    1. I'm with a cap man nine months and I am a virgo. I realize though difficult at times every man is not heavy in the communication depart. This cap man shows me things through actions. So I'm learning to let him be and do me.Always be true to yourself if they want us they will show it. I.like confirmation like the person. What
      I take from all of this let them see us live our lives, with and without them. Fact!! And that's all men not just capricorn men. When you act like you busy or dont care they pay attention. Peace

    2. Hi!
      I'm a gemini woman and my partner of 4 years is a capricorn man. We've lived together for 3 years and to this day my cap isn't much of a communicator. It can cause frustration in our relationship bc he doesn't understand how important communication is to me and how it fuels a healthy relationship but he's loyal, consistent and loving in other ways. My advice to you is to back off and let him miss you... if he does he will reach out. If not, the reality is he's not that into you. Be mindful that cap men are workaholics and you will be 2nd to his career.. that will never change no matter how long you are together. On another note, the sex is THE BEST HAHA!

  14. I'm a cancer and I'm in class 10 right now . I have a classmate capricorn guy who is really friendly to me . As u know I'm a cancer , I am shy person . I didn't talk much in class . But he many times come to me and star conversation with me . I think he has a crush on me but I'm not sure because I think he is just trying to be good friend that why he is being nice to me . But I think I also fall for him because he is being so kind to me.

    Sign that make me think about him a lots is:

    (1)I many time catches him staring at me .
    (2)he is always the first person to start conversations with me.
    (3)he some how make me laugh and smile.
    (4)he also touch my head softly while I was laughing in his joke.
    So can u tell me what to do next ? Should I approach to him? Or is he just being friendly to me?

  15. I’m a cancer dating a Capricorn man . Our relationship was organic and natural from the start; with flirting texts daily and finally we decided to make it official . When I tell you our relationship couldn’t be more perfect; we literally dance, sing, cook, and do so many other things together. Our sex is consistent and amazing and I never ever doubted him. Until 7 months in, and he cheats on me with this girl that he knows I don’t like at all. He’s been with her before meeting me so I’m not sure if it’s because of the history. He was talking to her for two months and he confessed and said he slept with her. He said it was a huge mistake and that he will never do it again. This is also the first time he’s cheated on anyone ; at least this is what he says. I have given him a second chance ; and he’s acting normal but now I always feels So insecure. That he may do it again even thkohh he says he won’t. I don’t want to snoop; I want to trust but it’s so hard and I cry almost every day because of it. He tries to calm me down and now when I’m not with him he’ll FaceTime me day and night everyday to make me feel at ease. What do I do? I don’t want to push him away with my insecurities but he did this to me. I want to start over and build a better life for us. We have always talked about the future , our future kids, where we’d live and so on. Help me please I still think he’s a good man; who just made a poor decision.

    1. The mere fact that his honest with you? and he chosed you? means He loves you and I hope this lessens your burden.
      Capricorns will never stay in a relationship if they dont have the love/ if they dont see you as partner in there lives trust me on that.

  16. I been dealing with a man Capricorn for 8 years.. I’m an Aquarius.. we actually have a son together.. we still connected with each other now and our bond is amazing but he don’t wanna be committed. I tried to move on multiple times but It never works out. I don’t connect with no one like I do with him. He tells me find someone else but when I do he tries to be on me harder than ever and no matter who else he talk to he still wants me around I don’t get it but I’m not waiting forever for him to get it right. He a great person just he love women too much.

  17. I just started hanging out with a capricorn im a pisces and just got out of a weird toxic relationship and this capricorn man has swept me off my feet . he asked to kiss me first day i said no and we didnt have sex lol . so we hangout the second day and we did have sex and the best of my life lol. He will send me pics of him all the time non sexual. And it seems like he dosent really text much so far and works alot and plans to try and hangout at least one day a week mondays his day off. So i really like him alot so far and i hope he really want to build a relationship hes everything i always dreamed off. And always wants to kiss and touch and hold me already.

  18. I recently put 2+2 together that my capricorn friend (i am also a cap) may have feelings for me. He would do things like ask me to go to a restaurant with him and compliment me. He has a habit of joking around a lot so i never knew if he was being serious and liked me or was just being him.We’ve always bonded over music and have worked together so I tried to have a strict mindset when it came to working with him even though i thought he was attractive. However, after realizing that him being more touchy feely like hugging and touching my hands and visiting me at work, and also lecturing or teaching me like some type of parental figure i realized that he was developing feelings and i just didnt know what to do about it. I still dont and because of Corona I wont see him until the Spring of next year if that because he was supposed to graduate in the Fall of this year so virtually idk what to do. When i text him its really dry and idk what tht could mean... i still want. a chance with him before its too late

    1. I stumbled on to this site, now I am a Cap male and I would like to answer you from my perspective. It’s really simple, be straightforward with him as to how you feel. Talking about myself, I can solve any problem that comes my way but when it comes to liking a girl I tend to be shy, especially if I don’t now what is going to happen if I react. Trust me a direct approach is the best way. Your gut is already telling you that he likes you. Besides what is the worst thing that can happen, if he doesn’t feel that way he will still be friends, that is how I am. But please remember that friendship is a 2 way street. Cap men don’t like games we love confidence in a women. You might get a surprise once the feeling is mutual. Good luck.

  19. So this 1 Capricorn guy runs a hang out spot. When I go there he acts really strange all the time. Some times he'll start a conversation in some way and the other times he makes fun at me in front of everyone. He's always watching me no matter where I'm standing. He always has his eye on me. Lol..its just weird and sometimes uncomfortable because I feel like all of his energizes are focused on me and for what.Damn just say whatever it is for crying out loud because I will not!

  20. I’ve known my cap male for over 17years. I had a 11 year old child and have been seeing him on and off for 17 years. Breaks in between as long as 5 years. At the end of last year we really started talking again at first he was VERY standoffish Everything was work work work I was disheartened by the rejection. Now I see him EVERYDAY and Talk to him every day every lunch break. He has started to share things in his life I’ve never known even though we have known each other for 17years. I love him I don’t know if he loves me but he is MY SOULMATE Caps are difficult people All signs lead to him loving me. Oh and the kicker he slept over my house 2 nights in a row on a work day A big no no:: Ugh I don’t want to lose him and I don’t want to put pressure on him. Quarantine has created a even stronger bond

  21. I'm a Libra already in an unhappy relationship. For the past, I'm not sure 6 months to a year?, I've been chatting with a Capricorn man I've met online. He is also in a relationship, but a semi open one, where he, because of a very high sex drive, has an agreement with his girlfriend that he can see other women. Our (online) meeting was based on sex, as I am sexually submissive and was looking for a dominant man for a relation, and he answered. We had quite a steamy chat back then, but I didnt think we were a match, so I kinda lost interest. Ever since, hes been messaging me regularly, like checking in on me, asking how I'm doing. For the longest time, I hardly ever answered, and if I did, I didnt say much. Occasionally we would have a decent conversation. Sometimes when I was in a really bad mood, I would message him. I've especially talked a lot about my unhappy relationship. Over time, without me really realizing it, he has truly been there for me. Now it's been months since we met, and it hits me that I actually really like him. He's made it clear that he's there for his girlfriend, but he also insists that he thinks I'm an interesting person, that he wants to be my friend, and even though he of course would love a sexual relationship with me, he will still be there for me if I'm not interested in sex. He gives me plenty attention, messages me while at work and also whike his girlfriend near. This week, hes on vacation with her, and hes still spending time chatting with me. I really want to finally meet up with him irl, but I'm afraid of falling in love, knowing hes taken and I couldn't have him. He hasn't pushed me at all, but keeps saying "just say the word and I'll come by". I dont understand why hes so interested in me if he wouldnt consider leaving his girlfriend. What to do? 😅

    1. Hi I'm sorry but he just wants booty.
      He has a gf, go find someone who is free and who will be honest with you.
      You can only get hurt in this situation as it is, Capricorn or not. He is definitely not worth it!
      Good luck

  22. Hello ladies and gents,

    I am a libra woman, have had 4 wonderful Capricorn long term relationships. Yes, I am an expert. I am still friends years later with them. I still care deeply for them and even though no longer romantically involved they hold a special place in my heart.
    They are not in the habit of ruining your life, they are kind considerate partners. When it's over it's over but be reassured you can remain friends one day in the future as I have done. They will support and look after me in a brotherly way, which is so cool. I mean you go from one extreme to the other, that says a lot about how genuine they can and will be even after the love has gone if they shared their hearts with you.

    When I am attracted to men who are funny, intelligent and witty, it always turns out they are caps.
    Caps are highly intelligent creatures of habit. They like things their way, it's not often they will go along with someone else's point of view. They speak it how it is. No pussyfooting around with them.
    They are always right and will always tell you so. That's a big thing with them, quite arrogant most of the time. They know they are the best and will happily play on that.
    Watch out for that one.
    They are very good at taking responsibility for things at an early age, very capable but somehow they are late starters in love. Boy do they make up for that once they've fallen for someone the first time. They then crave love and a relationship for the remainder of their lives. Most caps aren't single, it's not in their genetics. They will soon find another mate after a relationship or marriage. They seem to have the ability to just turn off the last relationship and switch into the new one immediately. It's just the way they are. It feels hurtful but it's their survival mode.
    I'd say they rarely get hurt, or if they do they just pick themselves up and move on very fast. They don't dwell and they hate others going on and on demanding attention or reassurance in love. The way they see it is they are with you coz they love you and you should realise that, no further discussion needed. If you act needy they will be off.
    In a Capricorns view if they like you then you should know this automatically (lol right) but to them it's obvious. They don't volunteer their feelings particularly but if you ask( and only ask once or they'll lose patience) then they will tell you honestly they think you're great or you're desirable or they want to go on a date etc. They are very direct with someone they feel 100% trusting with, if they don't feel that trust then you will have to be patient and earn it.
    They don't like game players but man oh man they are the masters of playing with you.
    Capricorns definitely show their love in their actions rather than words. They can be very romantic if they feel like it or be bothered, some even plan out a lavish night or gift for you. Not often but it will happen every now and then if you're in a committed relationship with them.
    Caps only cheat if they're unhappy. Otherwise they are 100% faithful. It's only when it starts to go wrong they go elsewhere. It's their high sex drive. If you aren't bothered by sex then don't get involved with a cap man. They expect the same level of naughtiness and sexual awakening in their partner. Never make them jealous, it will backfire badly. Be a sexual person and be open to everything. If not they will get bored.
    Dont ever put down their family or close friends, they will hate you forever and have something to hold against you. They will never forget this.

    They are only quiet coz they trying to suss out a situation and also give some mystery.
    They know they're smart and so don't waste time. If you act stupid they will be OFF in a shot.
    They can be outrageous flirts if they really like you. Although a lot of them are shy and definitely need the other person to make the first move, then there's absolutely no stopping them.
    Every single Capricorn bf I had was a workaholic. That's the downside. But they also play hard. Never complain. They just get on with things. They take everything in their stride. I find them so masterful. Capable and willing, always and with a smile, always.
    They like to have fun. Love socialising. Love party's. Love cooking. Love shopping. Love traveling. Love a beautiful home. Love good manners.
    In the bedroom they are simply the best lovers. They can seduce and hold off for hours. They love to please you. They can go all night. They are pure passion. Very sexy men indeed.
    They have infectious giggles and the best sense of humor.
    So on a personal level I try to go out with others but I always have the best time with a Capricorn, they like good meals and nice breaks away, a quality car, nice apartment, good suits. They are connoisseurs and expect you to behave like a queen with high standards and desires. They don't particurly like tacky...they have exquisite taste.

    It can be hard to be the partner of a cap as they have sometimes unrealistic standards and will treat you offhand and be rude if you haven't matched up to what they expected. You just have to keep your cool.
    If you upset them and they become argumentative I urge you to say your bit then walk away otherwise they will cut you down to size and possibly dump you.
    I've lived this situation and it hurts like hell. They will not change their mind when they've already made their decision. They never go back on what they've said. Infact many of them find it so very hard to apologise or admit they made a mistake. What.,? A conceited Capricorn make a mistake, never!
    So they can be very cold. That's when you know it's over.

    I would say they are the old romantics of the zodiac. But that's only if they desire you above all others. They are pretty oldfashioned, so if you are a modern woman he won't be that attracted to you or it won't last long as he will lose interest.
    He needs more than any other sign to feel like a man and you are his woman.
    He is contradictory also as he likes a strong independent woman but he likes her to be girly and pretty and then he will not let her go.

    Don't be so keen to hurry things up, you need him to feel like he make the moves and you were his prize. He has old fashioned values so behave like you were being courted in the last century. Play 'The Rules' to get him. Then play them for the duration of your relationship to keep him keen. Once you have him always keep him on his toes and guessing. Be independent but ready so you can enjoy his quirky ways.

  23. I am a Cancer, we have been seeing each quite often, he said he didn't want a relationship, I am in love with him, I am picking up on things that indicate he has feelings for me. He did amazing things for me for my birthday, he gave me perfume, red roses and cooked a beautiful candle lit dinner.
    I am getting some mixed signals sometimes, but he is absolutely a wonderful man.
    Not sure what to think.

  24. The Capricorn man in my life doesn't like to be sexual with me. We have sex once or twice every 3 to 4 months. He rather be in separate rooms instead of watching TV together. He says all i think about is sex and he wants me to be patient.

  25. I’m a Taurus female Been dealing with a Capricorn for 7months now, he says he doesn’t see me in the light to date,he doesn’t know if he want or can see me going for the long path. We started a business together a few months ago he told me he wouldn’t have asked me on this run if he didn’t want to be around me long term as well. When I’m around he acts like he doesn’t care as if he’s nervous, I mean he’ll speak but acts awkward, tells me he’s dating but doesn’t want to involve me just to hurt me but if I go on a date with a male he gets jealous. Tells me we’re friend nothing more. We talk about life he asks me about what do I want for the future do I think I could see myself with him in the future. He doesn’t think he’s ready yet to be in a relationship but thinks I should stick around. He can see us putting our money together buying property in the future. he has asked me what do I think about marriage. We’ve also been intimate and I’ve been pregnant by him but I had a miscarriage not to mention the only women he’s ever gotten pregnant in his life and he’s told me if it happens again a year or two from now he’ll be ready. if I ask him to see his car he’ll give it to me and nobody drives his car. If I ask to her his laptop he’ll give it to me and he hold that close. If I ask him to do something he’ll do it. he’ll buy me things as well. Since the miscarriage we haven’t been intimate at all it’s like he’s scared to even get too close to me if we’re around each other. We recently hung out and he did everything in his power to try not to look at me or give me eye contact. It was very weird Made me feel like I wasn’t even there. But when I texted him about it he told me I looked great he’s going through something mental. tells me he can hang with his friends and other women because it’s easy he doesn’t feel anything basically he can sleep around with them and doesn’t have to call text or respond to them if he doesn’t want to and their cool with that they will get the picture and he can ghost them and they’ll fade away but he can’t do that with me. We bump heads about this because it doesn’t make sense but when I tell him leave me alone or go too love w/o calling or texting he’ll call or text and say he’s checking in or trying to communicate with me don’t ignore him. I just don’t understand him at this point it’s confusing yet he’ll still tell me please don’t change, stick around. But he constantly explains himself to me and when he drinks will tell me I’m the sht honestly, I have a nice body, I have a good head on my shoulders, I’m very beautiful, I’m gonna be better than whoever I look up to as far as my career. If I say I love you he’ll say I love you too it’s just odd.

  26. I'm a virgo woman that have been dating a cap guy for about 3,5 months now. We met at a party (I was very drunk) and I was only talking to him the whole night. It wasn't really a big deal for me at the party, so I asked him if he wanted to come home to my place which he did. In the morning, he looked at me so intensely and kept on giving me these intimate kisses. He asked me if he could text me again, and I said yes. He texted me and asked if I wanted to go on a date, and the date went very well! He texted me that I was a lovely person and that he really wanted to see me again. From that on we have seen each other 2-3 times a week and we text every day. I do however have my concerns even though my friends are telling me to relax. I feel like things are going a bit slow, and most of the time I'm feeling confused. I'm so tired of overthinking everything and I wish that I would just know what's going on inside his head. He does things like join me and my friends at parties and if we have been out for drinks, even though we are 5 girls and he's the only guy. He talk about his family and his job a lot, and he shares a lot of personal details which makes me feel like I know everyone around him. I have even met his brother twice. (it wasn't planned though, I joined them at a bar) He bought me a toothbrush and a nightstand for his place, and he always look at me with a little smirk and maintain eye contact for a long time. He's very kind and he always asks me if I need anything, or if I want him to bring some food when he comes over. He calls me cute words and so on... All the signs that may indicate he likes me. However, he has become a bit bad at taking initiative to see me. I don't know if he's trying to let me set the pace or what not, but I feel like I'm the one who's always setting up plans. He has never turned me down though, and he's always up for doing something. He's also very slow at answering texts sometimes, which makes me go mental. I find it difficult sometimes because I like knowing when to see him and what the plans are. Like sometimes he texts me in the morning to ask me if how I am, then I reply straight away, and then he wont text back for 6 hours.. I'm afraid he is not over his ex who broke up with him a year ago. We have talked about our exes in the beginning, but they had a very long relationship and I'm afraid that he is not fully ready even though it's been a year. I don't know if I should just be patient and wait for him to open up more or if I should ask him what's going on inside his head. It's very wierd. I feel like his pulling back and giving me more at the same time. Like he has become worse at asking me when we are going to see each other, but when we are together, he has become more emotional calling me beautiful, touching me more gently, hugging me in that "I don't want to let go way", and the way he kiss me is way more warm and loving.

  27. I met my Capricorn interest about 2 years ago. We both work in the music field. When we first met he was a bit cold, and me being an Aries wanted to react to his super serious demeanor. After working with him, I am now his confidant. During this pandemic we have gone to dinner a few times, and I want to tell him I’m attracted to him, just don’t know if he plays for my team. He hasn’t been in a relationship for over 10 years, he’s 5 years older than me.

    Before this pandemic hit, we had plans to travel to Ireland. We also had plans to go watch two concerts of our favorite artists in the same year...

    He’s super kind, generous, supper funny, and treats me so good. I can definitely see a difference in how he treats others that work with us, and he definitely prioritizes me.
    At this point, maybe I’m just wishful thinking.

    Are Aries and Capricorn even a good match?

  28. I met my Capricorn man like a month ago, our first meetup was really great and enjoying. eventually after a few days he actually wanna know me more before we go to the next level so actually had a good talk about our thinking futures etc. so after that few days he seems so nice and misses me so much and giving me alot of surprises and we are just like couple. but this dont seems last long due to his work, he seems like avoiding me. so he did tell me if i can wait till he settle his thing which need like few months. which i agreed. does he really will come back? i don wish to lose him but i'm really very lost now.

  29. I’m a taurus girl, i met a capricorn guy in a dinner outing with a mtual friend. We got a long really well. It was fun, comfy, and we communicated perfectly. He then invited us to his studio. He then followed me on social media the same night. I then knew from the mutual friend that he told her that i basically have every characteristic he wanted in a girl. And i had the same feeling towards him. He never texted but a week later he actually asked me out for coffee. We talked about everything in life and it felt perfectly right. We both left feeling super happy and he mentioned that he’ll definitely see me again. And he told that mutual friend that he’s really happy and that i have a perfect personality to him.
    He never texted me the same day, only the next day, he told me that im hands down the best date he’s been on. But he needs more time for himself because he’s either gonna give it a 100% or nothing. So he needs to be sure before he goes anything further, and this is out of respect to who i am.
    I respected what he said. But idk shall i wait or not. He barely texted me since that day. But he asked his friend that maybe they should hang with me sometime.

  30. Hi, so I have known my capricorn man for several years. It started off as FWB, then I ended up calling for him. No we are still not together. I'm so confused by his actions. Recently while we was being intimate he said I was his princess. He has never said anything like this to me. He told me I'm his. But then he acts like he is not interested in a relationship, when I even bring up the topic he avoids it.

  31. Worked alongside my cappy years ago and shared a kiss on his birthday, we then lost touch due to him relocating. Last year reconnected via fb, him admitting he only rejoined after four years absence because he was searching for me, (and obviously found me on social media, which I had joined in his absence), and since our kiss has been smitten with me ever since, that he’s always wanted me, and was afraid that his feelings for me all these years would be unrequited, (which they’re not), and that both of us had buried our feelings for one another very deeply for such a long time, (although he never gave any inclination all that time ago that he had any interest in me at all!) We then began sharing a lot of very intimate conversations, although long distance, him messaging me everyday, wishing me good morning, good night, how was my day etc., showing interest in all aspects of my everyday life, calling me beautiful names, buying me gifts: lovely shoes, dresses, gorgeous lingerie. We were getting on so well, getting close, then suddenly, overnight almost, he completely clams up, armour back on, brick wall built back around himself! Can’t seem to break back through, though he did continue initiating texts, and always answered mine, messaging daily stopped. Now contact very intermittent although still initiated by him, (scared to contact him first, frightened of rejection, especially from him)! I know he is very busy, but I can see he still spends a lot of time on fb and Twitter talking to other people. I’m trying to be patient as I know Capps like their space, and I will never chase him, but have told him numerous times I am always here as his friend if he needs me. Just don’t know why he has suddenly turned so cold! Were we getting too close and he now feels he has to *reset* as he maybe feels he’s losing control? So frustratingly difficult to understand and most challenging man I have ever known! Do I continue to leave him alone to come back around in his own time or leave him alone altogether as maybe he is now done with me? Been in love with him since I was nineteen.....now fifty nine and still feel exactly the same....yikes! Help!

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