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Aakriti Kalla

Contributing writer
Aakriti Kalla is a writer currently living in the culturally rich country of India, interested in writing about relationships, skincare, health, and wellness. When not writing, you can find her manifesting a world full of love and happiness with equal opportunities for both men and women.

Recent Articles

Why Do Breakups Hurt Even When You Wanted It?

Most of us enter into a serious relationship thinking about having a happy future that we will have with that person, but what happens when the relationship ends in a breakup?  Breakups hurt, and…
By Aakriti Kalla
June 22, 2023

What Triggers Limerence? 8 Possible Causes and How to Get Over It

The term ‘limerence’ was introduced by psychologist Dorothy Tennov in her book Love and Limerence – the Experience of Being in Love. Limerence is the state of being obsessively attracted to someone to the…
By Aakriti Kalla
June 21, 2023

When You Ignore a Guy How Does He Feel?

We all have ignored a guy at some point in our life in the hopes he’d come chasing after us. However, does ignoring a guy work? What does he think when you ignore him?…
By Aakriti Kalla
June 21, 2023

Disrespectful Husband: 15 Warning Signs and Ways to Handle

We all want a husband who loves us and respects us, but what happens when you realize your husband is disrespectful to you? Does your husband demean you or get frustrated at you for…
By Aakriti Kalla
May 26, 2023

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