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17 Signs of Negative Energy in a Person and How to Protect Yourself

We all want to be filled with positivity and think about happy thoughts. However, we are often filled with so much negativity that it seems impossible to think about positive and happy things. Sometimes this negativity comes from our inside, but sometimes it is the result of the presence of negative people in our life.

We are going to find out ‘what is negative energy’ and how to look at signs that can help us detect a negative person so we can maintain our distance from them. Next, we will look at ways to get rid of negative energy.

What Is Negative Energy in a Person?

Negative energy is the negative thoughts in a person that make them behave negatively and result in negative emotions. These negative emotions include fear, anger, blame, despair, etc., and can influence the life of the person.

Sometimes a person can be aware of their negative nature, but not always. Negativity can be so much induced in a person’s nature that it can become difficult for them to think positively. Being around such people can suck up all your energy, and you can feel depressed. Therefore, it is important to maintain your distance from these people

How to Detect Negative Energy in a Person? 17 Signs

A person with negative energy can drag you down with them. Spending time with such people can make their negative energy rub on you and make you anxious, negative, and angry. Below are some signs with which you can detect a negative individual and then try to stay away from them.

1. They constantly complain

Individuals with negative energy are in the habit of complaining constantly and are often assured that the entire world is conspiring against them. They are in the habit of finding faults in everything, no matter how good things are. A negative energy person cannot look at positive things in life and spreads stress and negativity with critical behavior.

they constantly complain

2. They love to spread bad news

Negative people love spreading bad news even when others are not interested in it. They behave negatively by going through newspaper reports and sharing the details of gruesome disasters and events, which triggers negative thinking in people around them. Such people feel joy by discussing tragedies in other people’s lives1.

3. They are pessimistic

Individuals with negative energy are quick to label things as bad, even when there is a minor inconvenience. They cannot see the positive side of anything and are always finding faults in people and situations around them. 

Yes, it is essential to consider both the negative and positive sides of a situation before making a decision. Still, pessimists only see the negative side and can never see the positive one.

4. They always find faults

A person with negative energy is always quick to find fault in others, no matter how good they are. These people are filled with so much negative energy that they can never be pleased. 

They are in the habit of passing judgments on others, and they do not care how much their words hurt others. Talking to such people can cause negative emotions and make you feel bad about yourself.

5. They kill the happiness of people

A person filled with negative energy will try to kill your positive vibes. No matter how happy you are about something, this person will try to make you question yourself by making you feel whatever you are happy about is not worth it. 

Negative people often do not intentionally fill your mind with negative thoughts, but it is part of their nature, and they are not usually aware of it!

6. They are jealous

Jealousy is a negative attribute in a person and can be the result of insecurity and low self-esteem. A jealous person is always filled with negative thoughts and brings trouble to the lives of people around them with their manipulative, blaming and fault-finding behavior. 

7. They are curious

they are curious

People with negative energy need a constant update on others' affairs and personal life only so they can disrupt it with their attitude. However, they are very secretive about their own life and often get defensive when asked about them. 

Negative people are secretive about their own lives because they see others pessimistically and feel others can misuse their information.

8. They constantly compare themselves to others

People with negative energies think highly of themselves and believe no one is better than them. They want the whole world to revolve around them and never shy away from boasting about themselves. These people judge others and compare themselves to others even when others’ way of life and goals differ entirely from theirs.

9. They are manipulative

Manipulation is one of the chief signs of negative energy in people through which these people subtly influence other people’s decisions. A manipulator always uses others’ weaknesses to play mind games and get what they want. These people often attack the mental and physical health of others with their lying and blaming.

10. They lack empathy

People filled with negative emotions cannot understand where others are coming from and find it difficult to put themselves in others’ shoes. Negative people cannot feel others’ pain and thus cannot help others when they need help. Spending time with such people can affect your mental peace and fill you with negativity.

11. They do not trust anyone

Negative people are so filled with negative thoughts that they believe the whole world is against them. Instead of working on them, they are happy to think that the world is filled with negativity and nobody will ever do anything good for them. No matter how much you try to convince them otherwise, they will not listen to you and try to make you negative2.

12. They worry about everything

While many of us worry about things in life, an individual filled with negative energy worries so much that they practically can never be happy. The worry does not only pull these people down, but the negative self-talk they do also results in negative thoughts in people around them. 

13. They give unwanted advice

Now, there is nothing wrong with advising people with the intent of helping them. However, individuals with negative energy will try to tell others what to do constantly, no matter what a mess their own life is. Rather than managing their life, negative people keep telling others what they are doing wrong and what they should instead do.

14. They cannot handle criticism

Individuals with negative energy are usually not good at handling criticism. Not only criticism, negative people many times also take compliments in the wrong way. Even if the joke is about others, they take it to heart and vent their anger. They are not like this for others and can often be seen judging and criticizing others.

they cannot handle criticism

15. They love their comfort zone

Individuals with negative energy are usually stuck in one place and are not risk-takers. This is because they are so negative that before even thinking about facing a challenge, they think about what can go wrong, and thus the negative energy never lets them take the risk.

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While these people tell others what they should do with their life, the negative self-talk they have with themselves does not let them achieve new heights.

16. They lack passion

Individuals with negative thoughts lack passion, and getting them excited about anything is difficult. Even when these people are unhappy with their monotonous life, they lack the enthusiasm to improve things. 

Individuals with negative energy are afraid of change as they always think only negative things can happen in their life. As a result, they prefer to remain in the same situation if it makes them unhappy.

17. They will suck your positive energy

Some people are filled with so much negative energy that no matter how positive you are, they will try to bring negative emotions into your life. A negative attitude is one of the biggest signs of negative energy in a person. Spending time with such people will make you negative, and you will soon see yourself filled with anger, stress, and negative thinking. 

17 Tips to Protect Yourself from Others’ Negative Energy

Negative energy in your life can harm both your mental and physical health. It can ruin your mood and make it difficult for you to concentrate on the good things in your life, which results in further dissatisfaction. Below are some steps that will help you to protect yourself from negative energy and lead a happy, fulfilling life3.

1. Stay away from people with negative energy

To clear negative energy from your life, you must stay away from negative people who send out bad vibes. Having such people can take a toll on your mental and physical health and cause trauma. 

We understand it might not always be possible to cut off negative people from your life. Still, you can start by setting healthy boundaries and instead spend time with individuals filled with positivity.

2. Take care of your mental and physical health

To have positive energy flowing, start by having a healthy diet daily and practicing meditation to get rid of negative energy from your body. A lack of sleep, negative thoughts and a bad diet create a vicious cycle, which makes your own energy negative4.

So taking care of your well-being, eating healthy, and staying away from people’s negativity will clear negative energy from you.

3. Try to get rid of your cribbing behavior

We all have problems, but cribbing and whining about them will not solve them and will only bring negative emotions. So the next time you crib, take notice and try to stop those negative thoughts. Try to remove negative energy by your positive thinking and look to find solutions to your problems.

4. Stay close to nature

stay close to nature

Nature has a soothing effect on us. To fill yourself with positive energy, open the windows and let in fresh air and sunlight. Doing this will give you a good mood, create a positive environment and increase your energy levels. You can also take a walk in the park to get rid of negative energy and reduce stress.

5. Exercise

Exercise releases endorphins, which help reduce stress and make you happier. Exercise, be it walking, running, or any other form of exercise, helps to get rid of negative energy and results in positive experiences. If you feel tired from doing a high-intensity workout, go for slow walks.

6. Smile often

When you smile, your brain releases neuropeptides to help fight off stress. A smile is contagious and can alleviate your mood, pushing away negative thoughts. While frown and anger are signs of negative energy in a person, a smile is a sign of positive energy. Positive people are the ones who always have a smile on their faces no matter how much pain they are in.

7. Breathe deeply

Breathing deeply helps to clear negative energy and relax and calm your body while it feels like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Practice breathing exercises throughout the day, and take a couple of minutes to close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. 

8. Practice gratitude

Even with our problems, we all have things for which we should be grateful. To stimulate positive thinking, we should concentrate on the positive side of things no matter how challenging things become. Think about all the things you have in life you should be grateful for, and you will soon start feeling positive.

9. Practice kindness

Being kind does not cost anything and can leave you feeling positive. When you practice an act of kindness, no matter how small it is, it will bring positive energy into your life and fill you with happiness. When you become kind, other people’s negativity will not affect you, and you will be able to keep your own energy positive. 

10. Rethink your own thoughts

If you are feeling negative energy in yourself, rethink your own thoughts to get rid of your anger, despair, and other negative emotions. Take control of your mind and tell yourself you can get rid of the negativity by staying positive and happy. 

See this as an opportunity to be aware of your feelings and emotions. You can start by writing journals and pouring your negativity into them. After doing this, you will feel much more relaxed and calm. You can also have a self-talk where you try to understand yourself better.

11. Set boundaries when you feel negative auras

Many times the negative energy that you feel is not coming from you but from others around you. The more negative energy is around you, the worse you are going to feel. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the negativity around you and the negative people around you are constantly bringing you down, it is time to surround yourself with positive people.

12. Control your negative emotions

Being positive does not come naturally to many people as their minds wander to the negative side of things. In such a situation, to get rid of negative energy, you should make a conscious effort to control the negative energy trying to rule your mind. Whenever negative thoughts cloud your mind, try to distract yourself and try to think something positive.

13. Take a bath

A warm bath is not only important for your well-being but it is also one of the best ways to get rid of negative energy. When accompanied with essential oils, the hot water bath will refresh you and impact the way you feel. If you have a love-hate relationship with bathing try to have a bubble bath and you will feel all your stress and anger leave your body5.

14. Practice affirmations

To get rid of the signs of negative energy, stop following someone else’s plans and take things into your own hands. Start by saying positive affirmations to yourself and get rid of negative energy from your life. By writing down these affirmations in your diary, you bring positive energy into your life.

15. Listen to uplifting music

listening to uplifting music

Good music can perk up your mood instantly, and when the music is uplifting, it helps you get rid of negative energy. Pay attention to the lyrics of such music, and you will see signs of negative energy slowly leaving your body. Listen to music that motivates and challenges you. If you do not take steps to feel positive, you will be entangled in the vicious cycle of negativity6.

16. Do not get jealous of others

Jealousy and envy are normal human emotions that can be signs of negative energy. These emotions make us compare our life to others and ignore the good things happening in our life. Instead of getting jealous of others, we should try to be happy for others and thus bring positivity into our life.

17. Clean your living space

Cleaning your home and office space is one of the best ways to get rid of negative energy. Doing this creates a positive environment and gives us space to think clearly. Decluttering your space will make you feel calm and bring in positive energy. Tidying up will make it easy for you to find things and reduce stress in your life.


What happens when you are around a negative person?

You will feel sad and depressed when you are around a negative person. This person will make you rethink all your decisions and fill you with negative energy. They will snatch up your positive energy and turn you into someone who constantly has negative thoughts and is not happy with their life.

How to stay positive around negative people?

Try your best to stay away from negative people. However, in situations where you cannot avoid this interaction, try not to take all the negative actions personally. Try to understand where the other person is coming from and understand that their negative behavior is something they might not even be aware of.

How long does a negative feeling last?

The duration of the negative feeling depends on you and how well you handle the situation. If you take positive action, the negative energy will not last longer than 90 seconds. However, if you let it affect you, it can last for hours. 

Can someone's negative energy affect you?

Yes, others’ negative energy can affect you, turn you into a pessimist, and ruin your mood. However, it would be best if you tried not to give others so much power that their negative energy can affect you. 


Anger, fault finding and blaming nature, constant criticizing, etc., are some common signs of negative energy in a person. Being with a negative individual can take a toll on your physical and mental health; therefore, you should try to keep your distance from such people. Moreover, you should constantly look for ways to have a positive outlook on life.

Do you know a negative person? How did they make you feel? Do your thoughts get clouded with negative emotions? How do you handle such a situation? Let us know in the comments. 

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