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A Man Will Change For The Woman He Wants (17 Signs He’ll Change For You) 

We’ve all seen a man go from one extreme to another when he meets the right woman. He’ll change everything to maintain that serious relationship. 

The thing is, guys won’t change for just anyone. In fact, they’ll only change if they think you’re the right woman. How do you know if he is ready to change for you, though?

While it’s a well-known fact that a man will, in fact, change for the woman that he loves, we’re often left wondering whether we are that woman. If you’re trying to figure out whether he will change for you or if you should just leave, keep an eye out for these signs that he is ready to start making changes. 

It’s important to keep in mind that we’re not talking about those relationships that involve someone trying to force someone to change. We’re also not referring to relationships in which someone is given an ultimatum to change. Instead, this is about when a man thinks that he is with the right woman, and decides to make those changes for both himself and the woman that he is in love with. 

17 Signs He Will Change For You

1. He says you’re the right woman

When a man thinks that he has found the woman of his dreams, he’ll change for her. Typically, you don’t even have to ask this guy to make changes. You’ll see a guy change on his own. This could be his career or it may be certain things he does that are not in his own best interest.

Some men won’t tell you that you’re the right woman. Instead, they’ll say that it’s the best relationship of their life. You might hear him mention that you bring out the best version of him. He’ll talk about the future of the relationship, and make sure that you guys are on the same page. 

2. He focuses on more than his own desires

Men that aren’t going to change for you will be more selfish. Instead of working on the relationship or attempting to talk through problems, he will take the time to work with you. He’ll worry about your wants and needs, and make sure that he is meeting them. Guys that won’t change for you won’t put as much consideration into their partner. 

3. He talks about future plans

Men don’t discuss long-term plans with someone if they don’t think the relationship has long-term potential. Instead, he will focus on the immediate future, such as where the two of you are going to eat this weekend. He might mention plans for a few weeks or a month from now, but he won’t discuss long-term plans or the future of the relationship

For example, he won’t want to plan a vacation for next year. When you attempt to discuss future relationship situations, such as where the two of you will live, he’ll balk. 

4. He doesn’t date many women at the same time

It has become surprisingly common for men to talk to multiple women at the same time. Women are also guilty of this during the talking stage. 

However, when a guy sees something in you or thinks the two of you have a strong future together, he’ll quickly start to focus more on you and the other girls he was chatting with will fade away. This even happens at the beginning of a relationship before you two commit to each other. 

5. He admits when he is wrong

Certain guys will have a hard time admitting that they are wrong. Emotionally immature men will often insist that they are always right. They are often too immature to truly change for a woman too. 

Men of every maturity level that are generally self-centered will rarely acknowledge their own wrongs, which means that they will never change because they don’t see a problem with themselves. 

6. Slow changes in his habits

At the beginning of a relationship, it’s common for a potential partner to hide something they think you won’t like. However, as the relationship progresses and he realizes that you’re the right one, he’ll slowly start to change certain things he knows that you don’t like without you having to ask him to. 

Mention one thing that you don’t care for. It could be something small, such as a shirt that he owns or the way he does something in particular. If he’s willing to change for you, he’ll want to address it. Expect him to either want to have a conversation about it or suddenly change it for you. 

7. He includes you in important decisions

he includes you in important decisions

When there isn’t a single thing a guy wouldn’t do for you, you’ll know by his actions. He’ll start to ask your opinion before making major decisions, such as making a job change. Some men will do this for small changes, such as a new hairstyle or style of clothing. 

When he’s committed to something long-term with you, he’ll want to make sure that you two agree on things. This is a way to tell that he’ll make changes for you. 

8. He tells you the truth

When you’re committed to the right man, telling the truth is one of the things you’ll notice. This is because he wants to work through things with you if there is a problem, and he doesn’t want to hurt you. It’s because he’s committed to you for the long run. Relationships like this happen with people that will change for you. 

9. Taking care of you

Women tend to be more nurturing during the early stages of relationships when compared to men. However, that makes it more noticeable when his daily routines suddenly include taking care of you or checking in on you. He’ll want to be there when you’re sick, or will suddenly start making sure that you have eaten. When a boyfriend does this, it’s when change starts

10. You meet his family and friends

When a boyfriend starts taking a girl around people that are close to him, it means that you guys are going to be together for a long time. He might not act crazy in love with you or even show other signs that he wants to be with you forever, but, if he shows this single sign, it means that he would happily make a few changes for you. 

11. You see a difference in him

When a girl sees a change in her boyfriend, it means something. Perhaps he suddenly has more respect for you or is having more fun when the two of you are together. 

As you begin to notice these changes, you’ll also notice that he will change to an extent for you. It’s not even forced. Instead, he simply wants to make sure that you’re happy. 

12. He’s not your new man anymore

In the early stages of a relationship, two people often go through the honeymoon phase. It’s normal for a boyfriend to go above and beyond to make you happy. He doesn’t mind if you refuse to settle for fast food or are nitpicky about other things. 

However, as the relationship progresses, this phase slowly fades away. It’s during this next stage that he is likely to stop putting his girlfriend first. You’ll start to see attitudes that you didn’t see before. 

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On the other hand, if he goes the other way and starts to bring you around people he is close to more and starts making changes, it means that he will change for you. 

13. He starts to make sure that your goals and priorities are in sync

A boy that won’t change for you won’t bother doing this. Most men won’t do this in the early stages of dating, either. 

While he might not change his priorities or his goals, he will take the time to make sure that they coordinate well with yours. If he wants to move away but you want to live close to family, he’ll instantly start trying to reach a compromise without you having to say anything. 

14. He takes complaints seriously

he takes complaints seriously

When you’re honest with him, he listens. When you first start dating, men will listen to you, but they won’t always do something about your concerns. 

If he will change for you, you won’t have to have long, drawn-out conversations frequently or consistently nag. Instead, a single complaint will illicit change within him. This could be a change in his behavior or his habits. 

15. You’re both still young

Have you ever heard the phrase old dogs don’t learn new tricks? That’s because the older a person is, the more they tend to be set in their ways. If someone has had a particular habit for twenty years, they’re less likely to want to change it. This applies to almost every aspect of their behavior. 

16. He consistently strives to be better

While men may change some habits or behaviors to appease a woman they are dating, this isn’t the only change that a partner will see in a guy they are committed to. When a guy believes that he has found the right woman, he’ll always want to be better. He will go above and beyond to constantly be the best man possible for the woman he is dating. 

17. He says that you inspire him

When men make the personal choice to change, it’s often because they want to be a better person. They recognize that, a certain behavior is not good for them or the partnership. 

They never reached this conclusion before because they were not inspired to change. If a man says that you are an inspiration, it means that he will want to be a better person for you. 


Will a man change for the woman he loves?

Yes, he will. This is because he wants the relationship by the woman that he loves. More than anything, it’s because he wants her to be happy in the relationship. 

What makes a man change his ways?

The only thing that can make a man change his ways is if he wants to. However, a man will want to do this if he is in a relationship with the right woman. He will want to be the best version of himself for her. She will inspire him. 

When a man loves a woman, how does he show it?

Most men tend to be more invested in the relationship when they are in love. He will discuss long-term plans. He’ll want to make sure you both want the same thing out of a serious relationship. More than anything, he’ll focus on both of you instead of just his own desires. 

What makes a man choose one woman over another?

If a guy is seeing many women at the same time, he’ll pick the one that he thinks is the right woman for him. Perhaps they have the same goals or morals. They more than likely have something in common that is very important to him. 

Will a guy fight for you if he loves you?

Yes, he will. When a man truly loves a woman, he will fight for both her and the relationship. He won’t listen to other people say bad things about her. If the relationship is in trouble, he will do whatever it takes to make sure that it doesn’t come to an end. A man will go to great lengths for a woman he truly loves

In Summary

There is a common misconception that a man changing often involves a woman getting involved with a man that she wants to change. While this is common, it’s not always the case. When a man is in love with the right woman, he’ll want to change so that he can be the best possible version of himself for both of them. Have you ever seen a man change for the woman he wants?

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