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Future With You (13 Ways To Tell If He Takes The Relationship Seriously)

If one thing is for sure, it is that men are logical and calculating (okay so that’s two things). If you are questioning your partner’s intentions, then he probably is not acting right. I know how it feels—the uncertainties that come with being in a relationship with someone that might not ever commit to you, It’s scary, troubling, and daunting. 

So many questions need answering. Will your partner leave you? is this even the right relationship? Does he see you as a potential life partner? It’s overwhelming, I know.

It’s hard to know the exact future for you, and relationships with uncertainties make things seem bleaker. Well, I’ve listed below a few ways to know if your boyfriend wants a long-term relationship. You’ll then understand if he’s in it for the long haul or just ‘sowing his royal oaths.’

13 Ways To Tell If He Takes The Relationship Seriously

1. He is intentional

If your partner feels like you’re the one, he’ll show that a lot. In fact, this is the number one sign on my list because it is the most important. When a guy is serious about you, he’ll be intentional about every date, milestone, or arrangement.

People show care in different ways, and it’s up to you to understand the kind of partner you have. However, it’s true that a guy that really has ‘good intentions’ for you will make you feel like a queen. Even with his busy schedule, he’ll still try to surprise you, buy you gifts, and make time for dates.

If he does all these, then he is intentional about you and plans and probably sees you in his future. You two are most likely headed in the right direction.

2. He is curious about you

he is curious about you

If your partner keeps you on your toes and doesn’t just keep doing the same things every day, he’s probably looking towards a progressive relationship. He’ll take you on several dates or at least hang out with you a lot because he wants to get to know you better. He’ll ask about the important people in your life; your family, friends, exes, and maybe even foes.

Is your partner curious about you? Then yes, this person probably does want you in his life for the long haul. That’s a good sign that he plans to take the relationship to a deeper level and that he probably loves you a lot. 

3. He makes long-term plans with you

When your partner makes plans that involve you, then he’s actually looking ahead in the relationship. When he includes ‘us’ in a 4-year plan, then that man is dating for keeps and no longer for fun. Relationships like these are more planned and structured than just basic or spontaneous. It’s also a good sign that two of you might even make it to the altar.

For instance, if he says “I want us to go to Paris for our next anniversary” Hello!!!!! Green flag here!!!. Firstly, this man is claiming a date, secondly, he is including “us” in the relationship. If he does this, congratulations sister! 

4. His actions match his words

An Arabian proverb says, “promise is a cloud, and fulfillment is rain and honestly, no truer words were said. 

Do you know why? Because talk is cheap, and actions speak louder than words.It’s nice when he promises you dates and actually comes through. A partner who makes plans and sticks to them takes you seriously, and that’s a fact.

5. He stops playing games

When a person is serious, you’ll know, it will show how much your partner values the relationship. A man that sees the big picture, will stop playing games with you. So, if your partner keeps playing silly games and making you feel like you’re indispensable, his plans for you may be no better than his games. 

6. He trusts you

Does he talk about his fears with you? Is he open and honest with you? If yes, then he trusts you, and trust is an essential part of any relationship. People only plan their lives with other people they can trust. I mean, you don’t even make plans with friends you do not trust, the same thing goes for your partner.

Trust is a strong value that’s needed in any healthy relationship. So, if he’s still hiding things from you and doesn’t tell you much about himself, that may be a bad sign.

7. He wants to introduce you to everybody

he wants to introduce you to everybody

Little boys run around the entire neighborhood when they get something new, they cherish it, show it off, and will show it to anyone and everyone who cares to see and listen. Well, newsflash, little boys become men, and inside every man is a little boy

If he is crazy about you and wants something serious, he’ll make that desire and passion known by introducing you to the people close to him. A relationship that is hidden from family members, acquaintances, or friends is quite fishy.

8. He loves hanging out with you

When that man wants to see you all the time and cannot go a day without initiating contact with you, he is in it for the long term. When you love someone, you’ll want that person to be a part of your day, no matter how little. 

Even though he can’t meet up with you, he’ll call or message you just to hear your voice. It won’t just be sex talks all the time, he’ll want to know your opinions, how your day went, or even what you ate. 

This is important for two reasons. If he calls you, texts you, and visits you regularly, you always know where he is and what he is doing. You’ll never have to worry or be afraid of manipulations because you already know where he is and what he is probably doing. He knows this too, and this is why he does it.

Regular communication is essential in long-term relationships. So if your partner does this, he is probably serious about you. 

9. He always tries to please you

When you love someone so much, you do everything humanly possible to please them, so that they remain in your life. Does your partner do this? Does he try to please you emotionally, financially, physically, mentally, and in every aspect of your life? If yes, then that’s a good sign.

A person who doesn’t care how you feel or how his actions affect you probably doesn’t really love you. 

Don’t get me wrong, arguments and disagreements are bound to happen, but how does he react to them? Does your partner try to find resolutions without hurting your feelings or does he act like he doesn’t care as long as he gets his way? 

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A man who wants a long-lasting relationship will prove his love by cherishing you because he wants you in his life and doesn't want to lose you.

10. He shows interest in your hobbies

Firstly, is he curious about you, and curious enough to know what your interests are? A man who wants a future with you will care about such things. He wants to be a part of your life in more ways than one, so he’ll show it by being more interested in the things you like. 

Let’s say you’re an avid Beyoncé fan, and your man knows this, he’ll try listening to her songs, and at least relate to your sense of taste in music. So, is he showing support about what you feel strongly about? If yes, goodbye ‘dating for fun’ hello ‘dating for keeps.’

11. He remembers every single detail about you

This is my personal favorite. If you tell a man every small detail about you, if he wants a future with you, he will pick up little details that he thinks are cute and amazing. He’ll remember them because you matter to him, and he wants you to be an important part of his future.

At times, we only look at the big things in life and forget to pay attention to the smaller things. If he wants you to be part of his future, he is going to remember even the tiniest things about you.

12. Your opinions matter

your opinions matter

If a man wants you in his future, he will ask your opinion on everything, and I am not being absurd or extra right now because there are so many men out there that take their partners' opinions seriously. So why should yours be any different? 

A man that sees you in his future will always ask for your opinion. Why? Because he sees the two of you in it, and he is indirectly asking you for your opinions because he is low-key planning your lives together. It might be little as “do you think I should get the red tie of the blue one”. He could have easily asked his mum, his sister, or friends, but guess who he asked, his partner, the one he wants a future with.

He takes your opinion into consideration before he takes a step further because he is no longer seeing just him in his life any longer, but both of you. If he does this, the man wants a future and the relationship.

13. He is always punctual

You always go for important meetings, conferences, seminars, appointments early. Why? Because you value the opportunity, you want to impress them, and most importantly, you want them to see you as a serious person for the sake of future dealings. It’s the same thing with a man that sees you as more than a fun fling.

A man that wants a long-term relationship with you values your appointments so much that he looks forward to it and comes really early for them. He is rarely late, and that is how you show someone you love them enough to put them on your mind and schedule.

On occasions when he cannot be punctual, he gives valid explanations, apologizes repeatedly, and feels sorry about it. If that man strolls into a date one hour after the designated time with no reasonable excuse, stroll out of his life. He does not take you seriously enough to want a future with you.


What does it mean when someone says they see a future with you?

If someone says they see a future with you, it means they want a long-term relationship, they no longer want to date for fun, they want to date for keeps.

How do you know if he wants a future with you?

He says he wants a future and he shows it. He puts his actions where his mouth is and shows it to you by talking about it and actively taking steps towards making a commitment.

How do you know if you have a future with someone?

Knowing if you have a future with someone isn’t calculus, you always know if a guy wants a future with you from his actions. It is hard to miss. If he makes time for you regardless of his busy schedule, then he wants you in his future

What does it mean when a guy asks about your future plans?

This just means he wants to know your plans and how he can fit into your plans as well. He wants to have a picture of what your future holds, so he can fix himself in it.

Why can’t he see a future with me?

He is not blind, so he can probably see. He is just not ready for a future with you yet. And that is okay, just walk away if that is not what you want. You cannot teach a dog how to bark and neither can you teach a man to love or stay committed to you.

To Conclude

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Remember that men always know what they want because they are logical beings, and if you find yourself questioning his intentions, that means he is not doing things right in the first place. Let me know what you think in the comments section and don’t forget to share this article if you enjoyed it.

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