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Will Sagittarius Man Come Back? (5 Obvious Signs)

Are you wondering whether your Saggitarius ex is considering a reunion?

Are you hoping to patch things up with him?

If so, I think you’ll appreciate this guide. 

Here, in this article, we look at the signs a Sagittarius man wants to rekindle a relationship that has broken down.

But, before we do that, I need you to read the following sentences very carefully. 

The truth is: it’s only possible to speculate how your ex is feeling, unless you have supporting evidence. 

It’s impossible to know whether he’s moved on when you don’t know what he’s up to without you. 

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Read on for my list of clear signs that a Sagittarius is ready to come back to you.

Signs A Sagittarius Man Will Come Back

Here are five signs that a Sagittarius will come back to you after you have broken up. Not all of these signs need to be seen to show that your Sagittarius guy is still in love with you and he wants no one else other than you. Just one or two can be key indicators that your Sagittarius man will come back to you at some point. 

1. He still contacts you

Even if it is recent, but particularly if you broke up with your Sagittarius man a while ago, if he still contacts you, this is a key sign that he wants you in his life again. The reason being is that he still wants to hear your voice and seeks your company as well as your opinions, in addition to simply knowing what you have been up to without him. 

He still contacts you

You can take great comfort therefore if your ex is a Sagittarius and still contacts you. Contacting you is his way of ensuring that you still have a bond, even if that bond is not a fully-fledged romantic relationship. 

2. He asks your friends about you

It’s a crucial sign to keep an eye out for, but if you are unsure as to whether your Sagittarius man will come back, a good way of knowing is if he still asks your friends how you are. Further indicators still are if he asks in-depth questions about you to your friends to the point that he is almost grilling them for information about you and your life. 

This is a key sign as it means he still has a huge interest in you and has not been able to move on from you. By asking after you, it is his way of keeping up with what is going on in your life - even if he is not a part of it anymore. 

3. He doesn’t want to date anyone

If your Sagittarius man has yet to start dating again, it can be a good sign that you can get your Sagittarius man back. This is because, if he is not ready to move on from you, he will not be interested in seeing anyone else. 

So if he has not dated anyone, he is not ready to let go of your relationship or your love or what you had together. If you are not sure if he has dated anyone else, see if you can tactfully ask one of his friends whether he has been romantically linked to anyone else since the pair of you broke up. 

4. He acts very jealously

If you have dated people since you broke up with you Sagittarius ex, a good way to tell if you can get your Sagittarius man back is if he acts jealous when you tell him about it. The jealousy game is a dangerous one to play if you do it on purpose, but dating people can be a healthy thing to do if you are not in a relationship and a good way of moving on. 

If, however, after your dates you have found that you are still thinking about getting your Sagittarius man back and you still love him, then by all means tell him about your dates to gauge his reaction. If his reaction is a jealous one, you both could well be in love with each other still and want a life together.  

5. He flirts with you

When exes flirt, it can be a huge indication that the relationship isn’t done and that they still love each other. With the case of a Sagittarius man, you can take comfort in the fact that he is still into you if he uses every opportunity he can to flirt with you. Flirting is such a key way of showing interest and keeping that spark alive between two people that causes the chemistry which makes a relationship sizzle. 

Keep an eye out for this one if you want your Sagittarius man back as it can so easily lead to things starting up again for you both. 

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How Can You Make A Sagittarius Man Come Back

If you have noticed any of the above signs and want to get a Sagittarius man back, then there are a number of things you can do to keep him in your life and start up your relationship again. 

1. Make him jealous

Making a person jealous may sound like a bit of a game to play, but it can be such a good way to get a Sagittarius man back. They have such big egos that if they can see you are happy elsewhere with another person, they will do all they can to get you back. 

Make him jealous

2. Play hard to get

If you get the impression that your Sagittarius is still keen on you and is flirting with you, a good way to get a Sagittarius man back is to play hard to get. Again, this is down to that huge ego of his and the need to have his feelings validated. By playing hard to get, he will want to ensure that he is not wrong and that he can be with you if he wants. It makes him feel good about himself when he finally gets the prize he wants most - you. 

3. Tell him your feelings

If both of the above tactics are too much like a game for you to get a Sagittarius man back in your life, then one method you can try is simply to talk to him about your feelings and how you still love him. 

In general, being open and honest in a relationship is a great idea as it means that you both know where each other stands, but in cases such as this if you are in love with a person it is important to let them know how you feel. 

In doing so, you can either get back together or at least gain some closure in the fact that you know for sure that they do not want to start up with you again. 


How do I get my Sagittarius back?

Other than talking to your Sagittarius ex about getting back together, you can try a few tricks that can sometimes make him come back. Firstly, you could try playing hard to get if you are still friends, or you could try upping your usage of social media showing that you are enjoying life without him.

Do Sagittarius go back to their exes?

Thanks to their optimistic natures, a Sagittarius man is one of the most likely of zodiac signs to go back to their exes and start a relationship again. However, ever situation and every Sagittarius guy is different, so it may be that it does not always happen. 

What to do when a Sagittarius ignores you?

If a Sagittarius ignores you, you have two options. You can either ignore him back and hope that his competitive and ambitious nature will make him start giving you attention again, or you can call him out on it and ask him what is wrong. 

Why do Sagittarius always end up alone?

As a zodiac sign, a Sagittarius is well placed to be alone and not in a relationship as they are naturally very happy people. This means that even without a partner, they are usually happy in themselves. Also, thanks to that ambitious nature, they are usually confident in every other aspect of their lives. 

Do Sagittarius play hard to get?

All signs can sometimes play hard to get, but a Sagittarius will sometimes do it as he will like the extra attention he gets as a result. This will massage his ego, which makes him happy and adds to his already very confident personality. 

Will My Sagittarius Man Come Back - The Bottom Line

Starting up again with a Sagittarius man after your relationship has ended can be done - particularly if you have noticed any of the signs we have mentioned above. In the main, it can be achieved by massaging and bolstering their ego, or using their alpha male tendencies against them. 

Remember that relationships end for a reason, and if that reason has not been addressed since you broke up then that issue could rear its ugly head again. Therefore, before getting back with your Sagittarius, make sure that you resolve any problems that could cause any difficulties for you both in the future. 

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