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25 Heartbreaking Signs He Will Never Come Back To You

February 23, 2023

Do you still have feelings for your ex?

Are you looking for signs that you might get back together?

Do you want to know whether he feels the same way?

If so, this is the article for you. This guide reveals the five biggest signs that he will never come back - and that it’s time to move on. 

However, before I reveal these signs, it’s important you read the following sentences carefully. 

It can be exhausting to be stuck wondering whether to move on, or to wait for your ex to return. 

What’s more, asking whether he wants to come back isn’t always a good option. He’ll often ignore your calls or lead you on with false hopes. 

That’s why I would like to suggest you use this powerful yet discreet online tracking tool. 

With a few of your ex-boyfriend’s basic contact details, this tool can create a detailed report of his recent communications. 

You’ll discover who he has been texting, what apps and websites he has been using, what contact details he has registered, and much more. 

This tool should make it immediately clear whether he has moved on or not.

There are behavioral signs that he has no desire to come back to you as well. Read on for 25 of the clearest signs.

Signs He Will Never Come Back

Sometimes, you never know whether your man is ever going to come back. Perhaps you tried the no contact rule but still haven’t heard from him. Maybe he’s come back so many times before that you assumed he would, but now you aren’t so sure. 

Whatever the situation may be, there are certain signs he will never come back that you can keep an eye out for. 

If your ex-boyfriend is gone for good, these signs will tell you that it’s time to stop waiting around for him. Keep in mind that the more signs that you see, the less likely it is that he’ll be back in your arms. 

1. He’s in a healthy relationship

If your ex-boyfriend has already found a healthy partnership with someone else, it’s one of the signs he will never come back. He’s already moved on from the two of you being together and found love in another committed relationship. It’s time to give up on him coming back. 

2. You’re gone from his social media accounts

When guys plan on going back to a girl that they were in a serious relationship with, they aren’t so quick to delete her from social media. Instead, they’ll make posts that are an obvious attempt at getting your attention. When he erases you from his life, it’s because he doesn’t want you to come back into his life. 

3. He tells mutual friends he doesn’t want you in his life anymore

This is one of the most obvious signs that he doesn’t want to get back together. If you’re seeing all these signs, and are still unsure, ask mutual friends what he’s saying about you. 

You can also ask them what he’s said about you to determine if he’s going to come back. A man that is still interested in you will want to know what you’re doing. He may ask friends if you are in a new relationship or how you’re doing if he hasn’t seen you. 

4. No eye contact

Men that are interested in a romantic relationship will look into your eyes. This is because they are serious about you, and they are listening to what you are saying. When a guy doesn’t want you in his future love life, you’ll notice that he tends to look away a lot more. 

This isn’t to say that he’ll never look you in the eye. In fact, he probably will. Then, you’ll notice that he suddenly breaks eye contact. 

5. He’s stuck on your past relationship

If you had an unhealthy relationship, and he can’t seem to get past it, it’s one of the clear signs that he’s not coming back. It’s impossible for him to be in a new relationship with you if he’s still upset or angry about the previous relationship that the two of you were in. 

6. You got all of your things back

One of the clear signs that he doesn’t feel the same way about you is when he gives you all of your things back. Men that think the two of you are going to be happily married later on down the road won’t feel the need to return your things. 

Guys that want to find a reason to speak to you will keep a thing or two as well. Those things will give them a reason to call you down the road. 

7. He doesn’t want to spend time with you

he doesnt want to spend time with you

One of the biggest signs that he doesn’t want you back is when he doesn’t make an effort to spend time with you. When you’re hanging out with friends that are mutual, he politely declines. When you give him a call to hang out, he’s busy. This is a clear sign that he doesn’t plan on coming back. 

8. Rejecting your calls

Another clear sign he’s not coming back is that he rarely wants to talk to you if he wants to talk to you at all. He will reject your calls and not call you back. 

If he’s rejecting your calls, and you are unsure as to whether he’s still having negative emotions or is simply done, give him another week or two. Then, try calling him again. If you get ahold of him, ask him if he’s open to talking about things. If not, there’s a good chance that he’s ignoring you

9. He has encouraged you to move on

It’s not a good sign that he’s telling you that you need to move on. Moving on is probably the last thing that’s on your mind if you want him to come back, but him telling you this is a clear sign that he’s not planning on coming back. 

He’s telling you to move on because there is no chance that the two of you are going to get back together, and he doesn’t want to be harsh by saying those words. 

While this can be discouraging, it’s important to stay positive if you can. Be grateful that your ex is not giving you false hope. Your ex’s behavior is a sign that he doesn’t want you back, and telling you the harsh truth can help you do what you need to do in order to move on. You’ll no longer spend days or weeks wondering how to keep a dead relationship alive anymore. 

10. He doesn’t hang out with your couple friends

If the two of you had shared friends when you were a couple, he’s likely to start avoiding them once the two of you split up. It’s one of the subtle signs that he’s moved on since the breakup. It could be because he’s not comfortable bringing his new girlfriend around them. 

Whatever the reason, it’s because he has moved on with his life since the breakup, and you’re no longer a part of his life. It doesn’t make sense that your friends should be a part of his life either. 

11. No effort since the breakup

Maybe the two of you decided that you would stay friends after the breakup, but you can’t help but notice that it seems like a one-sided friendship. You try to make plans, but he can’t make it or cancels them. When you text him, it will be days before a response if you even get one. When he’s not making an effort to see you or talk to you, it’s a big sign that he isn’t coming back. 

12. Closed body language

A person that is not open to you or does not trust you will have closed-off language. Their entire body will be closed. For example, they will cross their arms instead of opening them. He may close his legs or cross them instead of sitting with his legs stretched out. People take up much less space in general when they sit like this. It’s a sign that he doesn’t trust you, and makes it more likely that he’s not planning on coming back to you. 

13. He’s not there for you

A man that is in love with a woman makes her his top priority. When you have a flat tire, he’ll want to make sure that you’re okay. A bad day at work is followed up with at least a phone call to try and make you feel better. That’s because he cares so much about you. 

A guy that isn’t going to come back will put an emotional wall between the two of you. He won’t jump every time you’re in trouble. In fact, he doesn’t even seem to care when you tell him that you’ve had a bad day. That’s because he has already moved on, and he’s not going to come back. 

If you notice this, it’s time to accept reality. When he’s not being there for you and you see other signs, such as him returning all your stuff or he’s started dating, it’s definitely time to delete him from your life so that you can move on as well. 

14. He’s still sleeping around

hes still sleeping around

It’s actually really common for men to sleep around after a relationship ends. Guys don’t like to experience emotional pain, especially the type of pain that they can feel after romantic relationships end. That’s why you may instantly hear from a friend that they are sleeping with other people. 

However, most guys will stop this within a few weeks or a month. This is because they are no longer trying to distract themselves. Instead, they will start to focus on developing a personal connection with you or exploring how to fix the broken relationship between the two of you. 

If your ex’s life still consists of sleeping around after weeks have passed, it’s a sign that he’s not coming back. Pay attention to whether you notice other signs as well, such as him not returning phone calls, exploring a relationship with other girls, or giving you all of your things back. 

15. He’s focusing on personal development

If he has suddenly switched gears from focusing on you and your relationship to working on himself, it’s a crucial sign that he’s not going to be back anytime soon. This is because he’s no longer even trying to work on the relationship. 

Some men use this as an excuse because they do not want to be harsh when they tell you that they are happy the relationship ended. Other guys genuinely feel that they need some time to work on themselves. Either way, this is a sign that he’ll never come back. 

16. Doesn’t regret breaking up

If it was your ex’s idea to call it quits, he won’t have a lot of regrets. He’s probably ecstatic about the relationship being over. This is particularly true if it was a very stressful relationship. 

As more time goes on, he will start to regret calling it quits. He will start to reminisce about the good times that the two of you had together as he slowly regrets breaking up with you. If you don’t see this happening, it’s a clear indication that he’ll never come back. 

17. A positive response to breaking up

This is an obvious sign that he’ll never come back. The two of you broke up, and he actually seems relieved that you aren’t together anymore. This is one of the signs that he’ll never come back. 

It’s a clear sign that he views the relationship as a negative personal experience. If he doesn’t think the two of you had a good relationship, he was probably already thinking about breaking up or trying to find a way out. You just made it easier if you were the one that called it quits. 

If he was the one that called it quits, you can watch for signs that he’s enjoying the single life. He’ll be happier and seem to be enjoying life while simultaneously telling you how he thinks it’s a great thing the two of you broke up. 

18. He wants to be friends

If he seems happy with being friends, and it was his idea to become friends, it’s a sign he’s not going to come back. This is more so if he’s the one that initiated the breakup. 

At this point, you’ll need to decide whether you’re going to be okay with just being friends. If it’s still too early for you to do that, make sure that you let him know that you’re not ready to be friends just yet. 

19. Your gut feeling

Sometimes, a guy will start acting cold because he wants you to chase him. He refers to you as his ex-girlfriend to watch your reaction. Spending time with other people helps distract him from the fact that he loves you. Because of this, it can be difficult to interpret exactly what is going on in his mind. 

That’s when you need to listen to your gut. Instead of watching to see if he’s sending you flirty signals, take a few days to determine what your gut is telling you. Stay at home and meditate. Clear your mind, and listen to your intuition. 

20. He doesn’t share his true feelings

You can’t help but notice that he talks to his other best friends about how he’s feeling, but he’s a bit closed off when it comes to you. In this case, he doesn’t trust you. He’s not willing to open up to you because he doesn’t plan on being with you again. 

21. No reminiscing

no reminiscing

When couples break up, they tend to go through a brief period of grief. There are a lot of emotions that guys go through. They may be sad or unhappy. 

Then, at some point, they’ll start to romanticize the relationship. He’ll start to think of all of the good things that the two of you used to do together. He will talk to other friends about how much he loved certain things about you. If you’re not seeing that, it’s because he’s over you and won’t be coming back. 

22. He’s disappeared

The two of you used to hang out at the bowling alley once a week, but he’s no longer there. He was anal about grocery shopping at a particular store on Saturday, but now he’s suddenly not grocery shopping there on Saturday. It’s as though he’s vanished. 

When people vanish from your life like this, it’s one of the clearest signs that they are not coming back. He isn’t in your life because he does not want to be, and he’s actually going out of his way to avoid you because he doesn’t want to come in contact with you. Stop looking for him and move on. 

23. He doesn’t care if you’re with someone else

It’s a classic tactic to make a guy just a tiny bit jealous to get them to chase you again. However, those tactics don’t work with a guy if he doesn’t want to come back. 

Instead, you’ll notice that he couldn’t care less. He’ll see pictures of the two of you on social media and simply not react. If you mention to him that you’re dating someone new, he either congratulates you or simply doesn’t care. When you don’t see a reaction if you’re with another guy, it’s because he meant it when he said he just wanted to be friends. 

24. He clearly doesn’t feel threatened by your new man

If he wants you back, he’s going to have a problem with your new boyfriend. He might not show the classic signs of being jealous, but you’ll still be able to tell if he feels threatened. 

Guys that feel threatened will want to be better than the guy you’re with. He’ll try to one-up him in subtle ways or may point out his flaws to you. Some guys will do this and pretend that it’s because they care. 

A man that doesn’t want you back won’t feel threatened by your new guy. In fact, he’ll never try to be better than him because he’ll be happy that you moved on. 

25. He ignores your small gestures and flirting

If you really can’t tell if he’s interested in getting back together, this is a great way to test it out. Flirt with him a little bit. Call him a cute pet name. Touch his arm when you talk to him. Wear a new outfit. Then, sit back and watch his reaction. 


How can you tell if he's over you?

When a guy is over you, he’ll be interested in spending his time with other people, but not with you. You’ll no longer be a priority, and he won’t go out of his way to make sure that you’re okay. He’ll text back slowly, and may not answer the phone. He won’t care if you’re with a new guy. 

Will he come back if I move on?

When a guy is truly over you, and not interested in being together, he won’t come back if you move on. You can test this if you’re still hanging out with each other’s friends. Tell a mutual friend you’re talking to a new guy, and see what happens. 

How do you know if he has another woman?

When a guy has a new woman, he may start to act differently towards you. He won’t answer the phone during certain times because he’s with her. He may put distance between the two of you, both emotionally and physically, if he feels his new girl won’t like the two of you being close. 

Will he ever realize what he lost?

Yes, most guys do if they stay in contact with you. As time goes on, he’ll look back on his relationship. He’ll think about the good things as well as the bad, and he’ll more than likely realize how many good things he lost when he lost you. This could take a long time though, so it’s best not to wait around for it. 

How long after no contact will he come back?

He will come back within six months if he is going to come back. This gives him ample time to work through emotions and to start missing the wonderful things that the two of you had together. Some men even come back sooner!

In Conclusion

After you and your ex break up, you’ll want him to come back. However, it’s important to realize that it takes two people to make relationships work. That’s why it’s important to watch for signs that he won’t come back. What are other signs he’s moved on for good?


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