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Why Do Couples Look Alike (7 Possible Reasons)

Have you noticed that couples staying together tend to look alike over time? And in some cases, their resemblance is so much that people think they are siblings. Could this be because some couples get married to those who have similar traits with them?

From a psychologist's point of view, some people tend to attract those who look like them. They usually have very similar traits, just like the saying that opposite poles attract each other. And most couples start looking alike after they have stayed together for a very long time. 

Another psychologist said people who stay together and have daily contact with each other tend to mimic one another's facial features and expressions. Also, when the couples are happy and have a healthy relationship, they have the greatest tendencies to have similar physical features. On that note, here are 7 possible reasons why some couples look like each other.

7 Possible Reasons Why Some Couples Look Alike

1. Shared experience

shared experience

Some scientists believe that one reason couples start to look alike is because they have shared some experiences together that end up leaving the same kind of line on their faces. So, they soon start to resemble each other due to shared emotions like laughter, sadness, and other moments that form lines on their faces. 

For example, if a partner jokes about something and both husband and wife burst into laughter, they start to develop the same laugh line in time as they adopt each other's expressions. Likewise, for a couple that always quarrels and ends the day frowning at each other, the facial line formed is similar because they share the same emotion.

2. Adaptation

As time passes in a relationship or marriage, the husband and wife tend to adapt to each other's habits, way of life, and desires. They also start imitating each other's style and go through similar experiences. The emotions they go through as couples develop their muscles as they grow older so it can be laughter or a frown kind of face. 

How their muscles have formed due to these years of adaptation and shared emotions is what makes you think they look alike over time.

3. Choice of a partner

Apart from the fact that shared emotions and adaptation can make a couple look similar, some scientists also believe that both men and women subconsciously choose partners who are genetically like them. So, the resemblance is from the onset. This reminds me of Sigmund Freud's famous theory that says ‘People are attracted to people like their parents’.

A study that was carried out in 2018 also showed that people are most likely to pair up with partners who resemble their parents more. In other words, most people end up going for a spouse whose biological makeup is similar to theirs.

Research also shows that it is in human nature to choose partners that look like their opposite-sex parents. For example, the short quote that says "a man married his mother." Funny? He doesn't actually marry his mother, but he looks out for her similarities in the woman he wants to marry. 

A person's immune system still plays a role here because it's reflective of our habits, so there is more to loving and choosing a partner than just magical chemistry.

4. Environmental effect

environmental effect

You can find married couples or even just a boyfriend and girlfriend who look alike because they have similar social and cultural backgrounds. Most people choose partners from their immediate circle, and their genetic makeup could be similar because they've had the same social activities. 

So when you choose a spouse from your environment, there is a high chance you will both look exactly like each other because of the oneness in cultural practice and social beliefs. 

So, there is a concept in dating that people look for like-minded people—that's very true. However, they also look out for someone in their social class and even academic level because they want peace in their marriage. This is achievable when a couple is like-minded. 

So, going after someone like this, you are likely to get a partner whose genetic imprint is compatible with yours. Therefore, there is a high chance of ending up with a person who matches our genetic mapping and looks quite similar.

5. Food for the soul

This reminds me of a popular saying that "a man is the summation of his thoughts" it means that a person soon starts to look like they think. Now, if two people come together and complement each other in speaking, attitude, social interaction, and most importantly, thoughts, they start to look similar, right? 

If a man is a summation of his thoughts and he and his wife think alike in no time, they start to look alike. Or even when someone comes in contact with the two respectively on a different occasion, after hearing them speak or getting their ideas on something, one can say they look like siblings because you can easily relate them to the metaphor that says "one soul two bodies."

As the bond in couples starts getting stronger in time, similar life philosophies and gestures are automatically evolved in their personalities, faces, and other features.

6. The convergence of appearance

This next cause occurs when couples have stayed together for a very long time, like 25years or more. In this case, convergence means that when a couple gets along for a long time, their thinking, behavior, and appearance will look more alike as the relationship goes forward, which is one of the main factors.

Emotions in both men and women can result in vascular changes, which are characterized by facial musculature. That is when the muscles of the face begin to behave as ligatures on veins and arteries. We already know that the effect of these emotional features on the face could remain permanent, so the convergence of appearance can be due to a long time of social contact with your spouse.

7. They unconsciously mimic each other

they unconsciously mimic each other

Have you ever lived with some (let’s say a roommate)? If so, did you notice that after months of living together, you started using their slangs and words? Or if there is a way the person walks, you subconsciously take up that walking style?. This phenomenon is stronger in marriage because it's not just unconscious or subconscious. 

Couples are happy to intentionally adapt their spouse's habits, voice, and way of doing things. This way, the bond can become stronger and they can have the feeling of being loved and appreciated. This can even reshape their faces by matching the couple uncannily. Even when they're not intentional about it, couples still unconsciously mirror and imitate each other.


Why do soulmates look alike? 

This is because they have been together for a long time. They tend to have the same face, character, values, and belief system, making them carry themselves just like their partner.

What does it mean when you and your partner start to look alike? 

It means you start to have the same features as your partner, talk the same way, walk the same way, dress almost in the same fashion sense, love the same things, and in most cases, your face and other physical characteristics start to look the same.

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Do soulmates resemble each other? 

Initially, they don't really look like each other, but after a long while of being together, they tend to look alike. But this doesn't apply to all couples, and it doesn't mean your partner is not your soul mate.

Why do people date people who look like them? 

There is just this natural chemistry that makes you get attracted to someone you look like. These things just happen naturally.

How do you recognize your soul mate?

You have common values and interests. You feel free every time you are around them; you can always talk to them about anything or everything, and you don't create unhealthy boundaries around each other.

To Conclude

I hope you found this article helpful. Please know that not all couples start looking alike after a period of time, and this doesn't mean your partner isn't right for you. Let me know what you think, and please don't forget to share this article with others. 

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