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When A Guy Plays With Your Hair (9 Possible Things It Could Mean)

by Sonya Schwartz

There are numerous things men do that look weird to girls. One of them is touching a girl’s hair. As funny as it may sound, this is one thing men do when they want to send a non-verbal message. This means if they like a girl or want to be friends with her, they could do it. 

This act usually happens often, although it may be annoying to any girl who experiences it. That’s because they’re not sure if it could mean the guy has feelings for them, he has another reason unknown to them, or interested in something else. It’s hard to know, even when you try to read their body language.

Of course, it could feel embarrassing or blunt to ask him why he would do such a thing to you. But most times, there could be something attracting them to a particular girl’s hair. It could be related to past memories or present emotions about a particular person or event. 

Many girls have confirmed this to be a common thing amongst men. It’s inevitable and it’s something that will keep happening. If you’re wondering why men touch girls’ hair and you feel shy asking them, here are 9 reasons you should know.

9 Reasons Why Guys Like Playing With Your Hair

1. Guys love long hair

Most men don’t have long hair, so it’s fascinating for them to see women that do. It doesn’t matter if it’s average or very long, as long as it's beautiful enough for them to stroke it. They just want something that can accommodate a little part of their hands.

If you're also from a different nationality from him and it’s his first time meeting someone from your country, he could be attracted to play with your hair. So, if you’re a lady with pretty long hair, you may have many guys playing with your hair, or asking your permission to do so. That’s a sign they love your weave.

2. It’s a major turn-on for them

it's a major turn on for them

Most men have agreed that they get turned on whenever they have physical contact with a girl's weave. They may not necessarily have feelings for you but could be interested in seeing a new or different kind of hair on a lady. If it looks good on you or compliments your outfit, it will turn him on. 

If it also makes you look confident or add to your general aura, it will attract a man. The same thing happens when you’re both in a relationship. New hair will turn your partner on. As funny as it may sound, it increases sexual interest. It doesn’t matter if they pay close attention to the details of the hair or not. 

3. It’s a way of showing their affection

Men use different ways to show how much they like a woman. They could organize dates, send lovely messages, or get you thoughtful gifts. But, it depends on the guy and his way of trying to express his feelings. If a guy plays with your hair, it may just be the best way to express himself.

He may not play with it in an obvious way, but act like he’s arranging it, or dusting something off it. From his body language, you’ll know if he is romantically into you, or only admiring the hair. If possible, he could whisper nice side comments in your ear. If he does that, it could be a sign that your hair is making you look attractive.

4. They’re just attracted to women’s hair

There was a story of a man who loved sniffing women’s hair, no matter the hair products they used. He would walk up to a woman and say ‘hi’, just to have the opportunity to sniff her hair. Every guy has his way of reacting to a woman’s hair. They also have different things that attract them to girls’ hair.

It could be the fragrance of the hair products, the length, texture, or color. Sometimes, the style could also be very attractive. So, if he plays with your hair, and you’re still wondering what it could mean when a guy touches your hair, it could be one of these reasons. It’s nothing bad to worry about.

5. They want to see how you’d react

Sometimes, a guy could touch your weave because he wants to see how you’ll react. So, he could observe your body language, or facial expression to know if you’re okay with it or not. If you seem unwelcoming or uncomfortable with his hands in your weave, he may take his hands off. That’s to avoid mixed signals.

He may also use it to start a conversation, especially if he feels you don’t look friendly. So, he could start by asking questions about your braids, whether it sounds logical or not, just to have an opportunity to talk to you. 

No matter how funny this may sound, know that a guy plays with your hair, he may want to see how you’ll react. This is what it could mean when a guy touches your hair.

6. When a guy touches a girl’s hair, he likes her

Men have numerous ways of showing a girl they like her. If you’ve been talking to him for a while and he plays with your hair, he could like you. But, that’s if you spend physical time together. They could talk to you all day on the phone, chat with you, or ask for a hangout.

In some cases, playing with your hair could be the obvious body language. If a guy touches your hair, no matter how nice or rough it is, he could have a soft spot for you. So, he could take his time trying to arrange it in a way it will make you more beautiful, or just to admire it.

7. Your hair reminds them of something or someone

There are numerous things that bring back good memories to people. A guy may be going through the same thing when he sees your braids. It could be the style, color, texture, or how you flip it. It could be the littlest thing you least expected. Whatever may be the case, it’s catchy to his eyes in ways you can’t imagine.

Your hair may remind him of someone or something they love so much. It could be their sister, close friend, or ex-girlfriend. Sometimes, it could bring back memories. The person may be far away, late, or not in the man’s life anymore. That could make him attracted or unconsciously touch your hair. This could be why a guy touches your hair.

8. It’s a form of intimacy

it's a form of intimacy

Some men love touching women’s hair before and during any kind of intimacy. So, before kissing you on the neck, and every other sensual spot, he could start by stroking your weave. If it’s something like this, it could mean when a guy touches your hair, he wants to go intimate. You can see it from his body language.

The same thing applies to a guy playing with the hair on your crotch area. As long as intimacy is involved, he would do anything possible to make sure you enjoy your time with him. If you experience this during this time, it could mean he wants to make you enjoy every bit of it. That way, you know he’s doing it for the pleasure of intimacy.

9. They may want to feel the texture

It’s not always all about emotional attachment. Sometimes, you could see something you’re attracted to, like an artwork, or a beautiful dress. If it attracts you, you may have the natural urge to touch it with your hands. It happens to many people, and it’s the same thing that applies when a guy plays with your hair.

He may be attracted to the beautiful texture of your braids, and how it looks. For instance, some guys love feeling the texture of the kinky African hair. Others love the straight or wavy look. It could be that, or something else. If the guy falls into this category, this is what it could mean when a guy touches your hair.


Why do guys like playing with your hair?

They may love the style of weave you make, your braid texture, or because you have long hair. Depending on the man, he may be into you. If you’re both in a relationship, it could be one of his ways of showing affection or an open body language that he wants to get intimate with.

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What does it mean when someone plays with your hair?

Many people do things for fun. So, they may not necessarily have a reason to play with your hair, but have fun. Some people also have a habit of touching people’s hair, whether it looks special or not. Some could ask for your permission, while others could do it unconsciously.

Is playing with someone's hair flirting?

It depends on the situation. It may or may not be flirting, depending on the guy that does it. It could be pleasurable, but not necessarily flirting. Although it could make you catch feelings if the guy does it softly and often. But, it’s not completely flirting.

What does it mean when a guy pulls your hair while making out?

Some girls like it when men inflict pain on them during a make-out session. He may do this to you, thinking you’ll find it pleasurable. He may also be lost when you’re making out. It doesn’t mean anything special or bad if a guy pulls out your hair when you’re making out, except he has other intentions.

Why does playing with the hair feel so good?

The scalp has numerous nerve points that connect to a part of the brain which is the pleasure center. Human beings also naturally respond to touch, especially when it’s soft, subtle, and pleasurable. Additionally, it becomes better if it comes from someone you’re comfortable with. It could be your boyfriend, child, sister, or friend.

To Summarize

Many men love touching girls’ hair for many reasons known to them. If you experience this often, read the 9 reasons I’ve mentioned to understand why guys do this. I hope you liked this article. If you did, please feel free to drop a comment and share it with others.

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Sonya Schwartz
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