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What Makes A Good Kisser (23 Things That Show You Know How To Kiss)

Romance is not supposed to be all talk and no actions. The quality of time you spend with someone you love, your physical connection with him, and the special moments you share are all proof that you’re both doing something right. 

However, when one part of the relationship isn’t going so well, it can affect the other aspects. As unbelievable as it may sound, for some people kissing is not that big of a deal because they’d rather get down to the nitty-gritty of sex than spend time getting worked up through foreplay.

On the other hand, if you’re big on romance and foreplay, you’ll most likely want to be with a great kisser than a sloppy one

Have you ever been in a relationship or casually dated someone who didn’t know what to do with your lips or theirs? That situation must have been off-putting for you, especially if you like a good kiss.

However, if you have ever doubted that you know how to kiss, you should first know that there’s no lousy kisser, especially if both parties are attracted to each other. Being with the right person is the first step towards getting better. However, knowing the basics of how to kiss will clean up your skills and make you better when it comes to giving some tongue action.

15 Things That Make A Great Kiss

1. With the right partner, kissing is easy-peasy

A good kiss isn’t dependent on whether you have the softest lips that taste like honey and feel like butter. What matters is having a good connection with your partner. If you care about your man, share deep chemistry, and want to be around him a lot, the issue of knowing how to kiss well will be less of a problem.

2. Kissing is an art, don’t treat it shabbily

Many clueless people treat kissing as a mandatory part of sex they have to get over with, but it is not. It’s an art that, if perfected, could make foreplay even more enjoyable. If you treat it as a means to an end, you’ll miss out on the actual satisfaction.

3. Paying attention to body language helps

If you want to know how to kiss, you shouldn’t get so carried away in your pleasure that you will forget to tune into your partner’s feelings. Make sure your partner is feeling what you’re feeling or more but, certainly, not less. Your partner is also a good kisser if he checks in with you to know if you’re enjoying yourself. 

4. Be willing to explore different kissing techniques

There is no specific manner of kissing, but some proven techniques ensure you and your partner enjoy kissing as much as you enjoy sex. It could be a bit of lip biting or twirling your tongue with his more erotically. Just be open enough to try different ways rather than just swapping spit.

5. Kiss in a way that makes your partner comfortable yet highly interested

If your partner doesn’t like the way you’re handling his lips or how you’re sucking his tongue, he won’t enjoy the kiss. If he’s doing something equally too much or too little for you, let him know. For example, if he’s holding you too tight, tell him so that he will loosen his grip a bit.

6. Be emotionally and sexually available while kissing

How do you expect to be fully involved in a kiss when your mind is far away from your partner? Kissing requires that you’re physically present, emotionally invested, and sexually available before either of you can enjoy the moment. Paying attention will you focus and enjoy how much pleasure the kiss is giving both you and your partner.

7. Allowing some tongue movements

allowing some tongue movements

If you’re the prudish type who only allows chaste kisses on the lips, you might be putting your man in an awkward position. If he is a gentleman, he may not want to push to explore your mouth more. Involving tongue locking in addition to enough lip exploration will give you an immensely satisfying kissing experience.

8. Venture away from the lips occasionally

As much as kissing basically involves the tongue and lips, to have a sexually charged kissing experience, you need to apply your lips to other parts of your man’s body. A lady who knows how to use her tongue and lips on her partner’s erogenous zones would score extra points.

9. Good communication

When two people are lip-locked in a warm embrace, there’s no telling who’s comfortable and who’s not. The only way to tell is if there’s effective communication, that doesn’t mean it should be awkward or offsetting.

10. Let your hands wander

Rather than keep your hands immobile on his shoulders, let them explore his whole body. Letting a finger trace his lower lip, rubbing the back of his head, or grabbing his butt just sends shots of pleasure up the spine. However, what separates a good kiss from a forced one is how natural the movements are when kissing. 

How to ensure natural movements largely depends on how passionate both parties are and how comfortable they feel. 

11. Have fun while at it

Good kissers know how to enjoy every moment. Whether it’s nibbling on the lower lip, exploring the mouth with your tongue, or softly pecking the upper lip, the key is enjoying every moment. How can a kiss be fun you ask? 

Well ask the many people who end up laughing in between, the pleasure makes you feel like you’re on a roller coaster with fireworks exploding beautifully around you. Now you tell me, doesn’t that sound fun?

12. Kiss with your whole body

Have you ever had a guy kiss you on your mouth, but the pleasure felt like it was coursing through your entire being? Yes, that’s a great kiss right there. You probably felt that way because he put his whole body to it. 

Now don’t get me wrong, don’t go hanging your legs over his shoulder or whatnot. By simply pressing up to him, running your fingers through his hair, and just letting your hands go wherever feels great, your whole body is engaged. 

13. There has to be a level of trust

You can’t kiss someone you don’t trust because kissing actually requires that you know the person you may be sharing spit with. When someone has proven to be worthy of your trust and loyalty you find it easier to kiss him and enjoy it. The only exception to this rule is if you’re having a one-night stand or fling with the guy. 

14. Maintain good hygiene, of course

maintain good hygiene of course

This is one of the biggest deal-breakers of kissing. No matter how soft and luscious your lips look, no one would want to kiss you if your breath could kill a fly (no offense.) You and your partner should maintain good and regular hygiene if you don’t want to detract from the enjoyable moment. 

If you’re a garlic lover, make sure you keep peppermint tea or gum around and brush your mouth at least five minutes after having a meal that has fish or onions in it. 

15. Acknowledge that not all kissing leads to sex

Putting pressure on yourself can hinder you from enjoying a kiss. If your relationship is still new and you’re apprehensive about having sex with the guy, you may not like kissing him all that much. When you take your mind off compulsory sex, you tend to enjoy a leisure kiss more.

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16. Knowing the limits

Being aggressive and forcing your tongue down your partner’s throat may not be what he needs. If he’s doing the same and you’re not cool with it, you won’t enjoy the kiss. You can avoid this by telling him what you need with your actions or words. You can also take over for a bit to show him what you like.

17. Initiate kissing more often

A good kiss could be one you initiate first—men like it when their woman is assertive and shows what she wants. Be the assertive one and kiss him more often without him having to ask.

18. Allow him to take the lead most times

Most men love to take the lead, so, as much as you may initiate kissing often, allow him to take the lead once you both find a mutually beneficial tempo. Most times, it is not about dominance but about the feeling of being in charge. It turns men off when they feel like they have no control at all.

19. Be active and enjoy the act

Your man doesn’t want a doll, but a sexually active woman who is engaging in the kiss and enjoying it thoroughly. Don’t keep your mouth motionless and expect him to do all the work.

20. Knowing when to moan

One sign that shows your partner is enjoying your kisses is a change in the way he is breathing. An occasional sigh and moan will also let you know he is deeply into the kiss. If he’s not that into the kiss, his breathing won’t change all that much. 

21. Choosing the right moments to kiss matters too

choosing the right moments to kiss matters too

While spontaneity is rewarding and kissing your man anytime will strengthen your bond; it is good to choose the right moments to share such spontaneous kisses. At inappropriate times, things may get awkward, and you both won’t enjoy the kiss at all.

22. Too much lips?

Have you ever had someone kiss you so sloppily, that you felt like your whole mouth was in his? We’ve seen the pictures, and we call them covetous people, cause kissing like that is just wrong. It’s better to focus on pecking, sucking, stroking, or licking on one lip before going to the other. Taking everything in at once may be too much of everything don’t you think?

23. A good kiss will slam your eyes shut

This is not a prerequisite to good kissing but, closing your eyes is an excellent indication that the kiss is so toe-curling that your eyelids are too heavy to stay open. Your partner will also experience something similar if he’s enjoying the kiss.


What makes a person a good kisser?

A good kisser knows just the right amount of tongue, lips, and teeth to involve without suffocating or hurting you. The kiss would feel more passionate, natural, and sensual rather than a mere activity, or prerequisite of sex. 

What makes a girl a good kisser?

A girl is a good kisser if she can get her man inflamed just by kissing him right. She knows how to work his entire body and have pleasurable fireworks rush through his body at the same time. She is actively returning lick for lick and not just receiving his kisses. 

How can I be an incredible kisser?

To be an incredible kisser, you need to be a suitable partner for the person you’re kissing. How well do you know him? Are you his lover in every sense of the word? Once you know almost everything that gets him hot for you, your kiss alone will feel incredible to him. 

Do you lick your lips before a kiss?

If your lips are dry, yes, you can lick your lips before a kiss. If you’re trying to suggest you want to be kissed, you can also lick your lips, especially seductively biting your lower lip. Either way, you can’t go wrong with licking your lips in front of your partner

What makes a bad kisser?

Mostly, there is a bad kiss rather than a lousy kisser. Sometimes, bad kisses can be someone with little or no chemistry or attraction to the person they are making out with. If you kiss someone and there’s no zing whatsoever, you will have a bad kiss. Also, bad kissing habits like sloppy kisses, painful bites, or making weird noises is a no-no.

In Conclusion

If the sexual chemistry and companionship in your relationship receive daily boosts, your kisses will be just as strong and sweet. How helpful has this article been? Do share in the comment section. You can also send the link to this article to a friend. 


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