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What Do Flaws Mean In A Relationship? (23 Flaws in Couples)

Flaws generally are faults or weaknesses in an individual; they may be seen as “undesirable” by one’s partner or through the eyes of other people. Often, character flaws like this are seen as problem areas, deficiencies, limitations, or imperfections. A flaw can also be a difficulty in the way that one person interacts with another individual.

This may all sound very judgmental, but everyone has flaws, even in the relationships they chose to be in. Think about it. When was the last time you were in a relationship that was perfect? There’s really no such thing. 

So, what do flaws mean in a relationship? 

Basically, they are the negative traits that one partner must deal with in exchange for the many benefits that he or she has found in the relationship. It’s all about giving and taking when dealing with relationship flaws. What can you live with, and what are you unable to live with (in terms of the personality flaws) in your significant other?

In this article, we’ll look at some of the things you may see when dealing with flaws in relationships and how to succeed in a relationship despite the flaws. 

Flaws You May Notice in Your Partner or Relationship

1. Dishonest


This is a trait that I would not overlook in my love life. With love, trust is a necessity. It must be there for true love to flourish in the way that it should. Consider ditching anyone who isn’t honest with you, hurting you in the process.

2. Insensitive

You shouldn’t want to be with anyone who puts you down or insults you for no reason. They are purposefully hurting you in an unnecessary way. Is the relationship really worth it? Make sure your guy or gal treats you with respect.

3. Needy

We all have our limits. Don’t settle for someone who expects you to wait on them hand and foot. You should want to be with someone who is somewhat self-sufficient, but that’s just my opinion. You deserve the best in life.

4. A Fear of commitment

Are you ready to settle down and have a family? Is your partner? Make sure you are on the same page in this area before pursuing a long-term relationship.

5. Controlling

I know that my man was in a marriage where his wife was a control freak, telling him who he could hang out with and what he could do. That’s no way to treat a human being. Don’t allow anyone to dictate everything about your life.

6. Unromantic

This may or may not be important to you. For some people, this is everything, and for them, this is a must-have trait. For others, this is something that isn’t that big of a deal. You must decide what’s most crucial in your book.

7. Argumentative

Personally, I cannot stand to be with an individual who seeks an argument with every conversation they have! What is the point in doing this? This flaw just doesn’t work with my personality, but that’s what makes us unique individuals. It all depends on who you are!

8. Self-centered

There will always be those of us who want the world to revolve around us. Is that something that you could stand being around the rest of your life, though? 

9. A lack of sexual chemistry

In my opinion, having a guy that I find to be “kissable” is a must! I must have that physical attraction, or it just won’t work! Figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.

10. Poor listening skills

I love talking, but if I’m just talking to someone who doesn’t care about anything I say, I shut up fast. I like being around people who respect what I have to say. How important is listening to you?

11. Not affectionate

Some people crave touch. What is your opinion on the subject? How important is this to you? Determine your threshold and decide if your mate is worth it.

12. A lack of appreciation

My man’s love language is words of praise, so if he doesn’t get signs of appreciation, he shuts down. For some of us, this is extremely important; it makes us love one another in the way that we should. 

13. Jealous

Does your man or woman tend to not like it when you spend time with others? Do they want you all to themselves? While this is kind of sweet, it’s important that they understand that you do need to spend time away from each other from time to time.

14. Anger issues

anger issues

Be very cautious of someone who suffers from anger issues. He may just get mad when you’re dating, but after decades of marriage, this anger problem may turn into abuse. If you are suffering in an abusive relationship, be sure to get help right away.

15. The inability to manage money

This is a tough one because we are imperfect beings. Some of us budget well, while others enjoy spending money. Find the right person for you who will complement your financial style in the best way. 

16. A lack of ambition

Having a partner or spouse who lacks ambition or refuses to get a job can be very trying. If you are very ambitious and don’t care if your partner works or not, you may be just fine in this relationship. Figure out what works or doesn’t work for you.

17. Moody

There are certain kinds of “crazy” that just may be too difficult to put up with. For example, someone who is bipolar and untreated may have terrible mood swings that are completely unpredictable. Is that a sustainable trait in another person? Could you handle it long-term?

18. Addictive behavior

This is not typically something you can change in another person, so you need to decide if his drinking, or any other addictive behavior, is a problem for you or not. How does it affect you?

19. Passive-aggressive

Does your man or woman expect you to read his or her mind? Are you able to do so successfully? How realistic is this in the long run?

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20. A Lack of boundaries

We all need our space. The girlfriend who finds it necessary to talk to her man while he’s trying to do stuff in the bathroom is not really respecting his physical boundaries. This also holds true for emotional boundaries and more. Mesh with your partner well.

21. Mistrusting

Does your boyfriend or girlfriend always suspect you, snooping in on you all the time? You may want to determine where they learned this from. Was it a childhood issue, or a trust issue from a previous girlfriend/boyfriend?

22. A lack of intimacy

a lack of intimacy

Intimacy is not always about sex; there is a special closeness, a bond that two people share with one another that impacts their love.

23. Unfaithful

For most people, this is a deal-breaker. Decide if you can look past this or if it’s something that will determine the end for the two of you.

How to Find Success Despite Flaws in Your Love Life

If you have just discovered that your partner has personality flaws that you cannot do anything about, you may first want to evaluate just how serious those flaws are to you. Do they make the difference between you staying or going? Remember that, at times, everyone has their flaws. This is something that we are born with and/or grow to develop. No one is perfect in life.

After you have decided on the seriousness of your partner’s flaws, you need to take a close look at your own. You aren’t flawless, so what kind of negative character traits does your partner have to put up with? 

Next, you need to weigh the pros and cons of your partner. Do his strengths outweigh his weaknesses? Is he worth the negative traits he has?

Why do those things bother you so much, and how do they affect your life, in general? If you do think he is worth keeping around, think about what he has to accept in you. You do realize that not everything about you is easy to accept, right? There are probably times when you drive your partner up the wall with the little things you do and vice versa. Decide if it’s true love.


What are some flaws in a relationship?

One flaw you may have to face in relationships is someone who lacks ambition or refuses to get a job. If having a financially stable partner is on your must-have list, you may want to reevaluate things so that you can find someone who is more compatible with you.

What are flaws in a person?

Some people have personality flaws, including insensitivity, self-centeredness, or an inability to “let things go.” This may mean that they have trouble expressing themselves, see themselves as better than everyone, or have difficulty forgetting and forgiving other people for things that are now in the past.

What are flaws in a woman?

Even though not all women are this way, some have a tendency to be controlling and nagging as it pertains to their partner. Women like this usually struggle with childhood issues of abandonment or other trauma, which has made them see control as a way to feel safe.

How do you deal with flaws in a relationship?

The best way that people can deal with flaws is to welcome acceptance in relationships. Acceptance in a relationship means that you have decided that the person is who you wish to be with despite the flaws that he or she possesses. You are able to look past the negatives.

Is jealousy is a sign of love?

Jealousy is actually not a sign of love; instead, a person who is jealous has deep-rooted fears of abandonment or loss. The key to getting over a jealous partner is to reassure them that you are not going anywhere and that everything is alright between the two of you.

To Sum Things Up…

What do you believe to be the strongest flaws in others? What has been your experience in your love life, and how did you get past the difficulties you encountered?

I’d love to hear your side of things! Please comment below, and be sure to share this post with someone!

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