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What Do 50 Year Old Men Want In Bed (11 Excellent Tips)

June 30, 2024

Are you in an intimate relationship with a 50-year-old man?

Are you wondering what a man of this age wants in the bedroom? 

Perhaps you’ve never been with a man of this age, and you’re concerned about not being able to deliver the goods sexually. 

Well, the truth is: while they’re not exceptionally different to men of other ages, there are specific traits that 50-year-old men like to see within their sexual partner.

In this guide, I’ll reveal what these traits are and how to show them to your man in abundance. 

However, before we start, I want to tell you about the #1 skill that can help to win the heart of any man. 

This skill is activating his ‘Hero’s Instinct’

This is the term given to the aspect of male psychology, which tends to drive all their behavior.

When this part of the male brain is activated, they feel purposeful, powerful and strong.

So, if you can become the woman who knows how to consistently activate these feelings within him, he’s going to want to be around you all the time.  

I know this is true, because I went through the trouble of learning how to trigger a man’s ‘Hero’s Instinct’. You can learn about this process in this personal blog I wrote about it.

As crazy as this might sound, this skill is far more important than what you can physically do for him in the bedroom.

This is the secret to making him ADDICTED to you. 

That’s not to say being a great lover isn’t awesome! 

So, by all means, keep scrolling down to find my list of 11 things that a 50-year-old wants from his woman in the bedroom.

11 Tips To Treat Your 50 Year Old Man In Bed

Sleeping with or dating older men can be very different from when you are with a younger guy. Due to their age, old men want slightly different things from their romantic relationships and sexual liaisons. 

Here, we look at what older man dating entails and more specifically what sleeping with older men can mean. We discuss what men of a certain age look for in between the sheets and what they want from sex. You may be surprised by what we list here as to what they like behind their bedroom door. 

1. Confidence

Because of their age, old men tend not to cope well with women who have low self-confidence. Because they are over 50 or so, they no longer have the time or patience to deal with insecurities and other such issues. When it comes to a turn on, confidence is one of the things that can send them crazy - in a good way. They like to see women who are confident in their bodies and are happy to tell him what they want in bed. 

2. Intimacy

It can be easy to think that men, and older men in particular, just want sex for sex’s sake. While they, of course, like the act of intercourse, they also like the intimacy that comes from having sex with a person too. Therefore, don’t be afraid to be intimate when old men dating. They like to feel close to a woman which is what intimacy can do for two people. Take your time with him when having sex and enjoy his experience - it should make sleeping with him fantastic. 

3. Enthusiasm


In addition to being confident, a 50-year-old male - or more - will often appreciate a sexual lover of his to have an enthusiasm for sex. This is for so many reasons. Firstly, it shows that they are still wanted and lusted after. Feeling like they are still attractive to others, and physically so, is a fantastic encouragement for the ego. Secondly, men hate to feel like they are begging for sex - none more so than older men in particular. If you are enthusiastic about your time between the sheets with him, you’ll be making him very happy. 

4. Playfulness

One thing that can be fun to indulge when in bed with older men is their love of playfulness. Having got to 50 or above, they tend to know what things should be taken seriously in life, and what shouldn’t. While sex can be all about passion, it’s a good experience to make fun too. Plus they find it very charming and attractive in women as it means that they are confident enough to push the boundaries of their sexuality with him. 

5. Imagination

It is likely that, due to their age, older men have done a lot of different things during sex. This is why they appreciate a sexual partner who has a good imagination so that their sex life stays fresh and different. It helps keep the spark alive between two people and can also help them forget other things in their life like work obligations. Again, much like having a playful partner, having a good imagination when it comes to the sex you want, older men like it as it means they are happy to explore all realms of their sexuality. 

6. Sensuality

Much like intimacy, older men like a high level of sensuality when they are having sex with a person. It is what sets about good sex from great sex as it helps improve two people’s knowledge of each other’s bodies. Additionally, it helps two people understand what their partner likes - and where and how they like to be touched. 

7. Initiative

Men in general like women to take the lead a lot more when it comes to sex, and no more so than men past a certain age. As briefly mentioned before, men hate to feel like they are begging for sex, plus they like to feel that they are physically attractive to others - so much so that their partner needs to have sex with them as much as possible. If initiating things with your older guy doesn’t come naturally to you, take confidence in the fact that men rarely turn down a chance to get their lovers into bed. 

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8. Compassion

Just because they like partners with confidence and few insecurities, doesn’t mean that older men don’t have their own insecurities at times either. While they may have been able to learn to cope with them well over the years, they still like it when the one they are with shows compassion and sensitivity while having sex. We all suffer from self-doubt at times and even older men like to feel they can be themselves in front of their lovers and never self-conscience. 

9. No judgment

When it comes to people’s sexuality, and no more so than an older man’s, it is essential for partners not to be judgemental of what they like in between the sheets. Additionally, along those same lines, it is important not to be judgemental of what people have done before they have met you. This is part and parcel of your entire relationship if you are dating man older than you. They will of course have a history and you can’t judge them for it - particularly when it comes to your sex life. 

10. Supportive


In addition to not judging what he may or may not like, if you are sleeping with older men, they will like it if you are supportive of what they want to try out with you. They want someone to be there and fully commit to what they want between the sheets and make it feel OK for them to have their wants indulged. Obviously, there is a fine line between being fully supportive of your partner’s sexual needs and doing something that you feel uncomfortable with, so make sure that you never do something you are unhappy to do either. 

11. Trust

Trusting the older men you are sleeping with is key to making them happy in bed. They see this as a two-way street - as much as they will trust you when trying out new things in bed with them. Having intercourse with someone is very often a hugely gratifying experience as it is a time when two people make themselves vulnerable to one another, but they trust each other enough for that vulnerability not to matter. The very nature of being naked with a person can put us ill at ease, but if we are with a partner we trust, then the experience is all the better. 


What do a 50-year-old man want in a relationship?

Depending on what an older guy has done in his life, he could want a variety of things from a relationship. They could want just a bit of fun if they have had a serious relationship before - particularly if they needed a marriage therapist or they could want something more serious if they have not settled down yet. 

Can a 50-year-old man be sexually active?

While a 50-year-old guy won’t have the libido of younger men, an older male can still be sexually active. Older men want or desire women just as much as younger men do, but sex can sometimes be different given that their erectile function is not always quite as receptive as it once was. 

How do you attract a man in his 50's?

If you are into older men dating, you still need to be clear on what you like from the guys you form crushes on. That way, you can figure out what you need to do to attract them to you. Some older men will want a younger woman who always looks great, while others will be more interested in their brain. 

What a man wants in a woman in bed?

What men want in bed is not always the same and can be dependent on the woman. However, in general, men always like it when women initiate sex and would like them to do that more. Also, they can be attracted to confidence and a woman that knows what she wants too. 

What a man wants in a woman?

What men want in a woman, in general, is always heavily dependent on the people involved. It is not true that all men are commitment-phobes and some will want women who want to settle down. Others, however, will like women who are much more carefree. 

What Older Men Want In Bed - The Bottom Line

While all men are different and will want slightly different things when behind bedroom doors, there tend to be a common few wants from older men in particular. A lot of this commonality comes from the fact that they have a lot of experience. 

From this experience, comes to want for sexual intercourse with a partner to be worthwhile. This means that they do not have the patience for a person’s insecurities and they also want any lovemaking to push each other’s sexual boundaries to the limit

While this may intimidate some who find older men attractive, there is no doubt that sleeping with older men can be great due to that experience. The key is to harness it and enjoy it to its fullest potential.

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