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Virgo Man In Bed (9 Breathtaking Moves)

May 30, 2024

Have you started dating a Virgo man?

Are you wondering whether the sex will be any good? Perhaps you’re nervous about it potentially being bad?

A great way to anticipate sleeping with a new partner is to evaluate their star sign and figure out if their sexual traits are likely to appeal to you.

The guide below will help you do that. It features nine ideas for what Virgo men tend to want in the bedroom.

If you can deliver these breath-taking moves when you sleep together, you can bet he’s going to be excited to sleep with you again.

Of course, there are some actions which are more important to men than your bedroom prowess. If you want to appeal to a man’s mind, I’d recommend you read this guide on activating a man’s ‘Hero’s Instinct’.

This is the part of the brain associated with lasting affection, so being able to understand and manipulate it will definitely help you keep this guy for a long-term relationship.

Blowing his mind in the bedroom will definitely help too. So, scroll down for my list of suggestions to sexually satisfy a Virgo.

What Does A Virgo Man Want In Bed?

Here we look at what the Virgo man will want from you when you are ready to take things further in your relationship. He won’t necessarily need all of these elements to be present for him to be satisfied with your sexual connection, but he will like to see one or two at least.

1. Suggestive


The Virgo man likes to be told what to do in bed at times. This is not because he is knowledgeable about what women want in bed. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The Virgo man knows that all women are different and no two people are the same in bed. He, therefore, likes to be told what his partner’s likes are when between the sheets. What can be a great turn on for him before you even get to the bedroom, is for you to make suggestions to him about what you would like to do when you get there. Talk to him about sex positions or where you like to be touched, and he will be really aroused before you’ve even taken off an item of clothing. 

2. Imagination

Virgo men tend to be quite experienced in the bedroom. Therefore, one of the character traits he likes to see from a lover is an imaginative way to help keep things fresh between them. He likes to try new things, often in a quest to keep his lovers happy, but he finds the chance of something new and exciting happening every time he makes love a big turn on. If you love a Virgo man, this can be a little intimidating at first but remember he only wants to make sex with you - and your love connection in general - as good as it can be. Keeping things interesting is one way he thinks he can achieve that. 

3. Compliments

While they may be experienced in bed, that doesn’t mean Virgo men don’t like to be complimented in bed too. In fact, it’s a great idea, particularly as it is a good balance with his like to hear suggestions. It gives him the confidence to continue doing what you do like, which will only make things better between you and the Virgo man in your life when having sex. You may sometimes feel like you are stating the obvious, but remember men are not mind readers - so if you like something that he is doing, tell him so. 

4. Affection

It’s easily forgotten about sometimes, but affection goes a long way when making love to a new partner. This is particularly the case for a Virgo male who likes to take his time when having sex with his partner - whether at the start of a relationship or many years into one. Remember to take as much time as you need, therefore, over foreplay and remember that this only builds the anticipation between the two of you when you do eventually have intercourse. That anticipation only ever makes things better for both partners. 

5. Passion

While most people would say that they need passion from any sexual partner, it is of particular importance to the Virgo man. He needs his partner to be passionate towards him so that any time that they do have between the sheets is exciting and thrilling - whatever stage of their relationship. Passion is also a great driver in a partnership and is what can really help set apart a good relationship from a fantastic one. 

What Is A Virgo Man Like In Bed?

1. High Libido

It is very often seen in the Virgo man that he has an exceptionally high libido and likes to have sex as much as possible. Some of his lovers, or prospective lovers, may find the idea of this a little intimidating at first. But remember that sex often begets sex, the more you have it the more you will want it, so try to be led by him and his desires. You’ll soon see your libido rise because of it. 

2. Intimate

Due to his high libido, it can often be assumed that the Virgo man often goes straight for intercourse without much foreplay. This is not the case. The Virgo man loves all elements of lovemaking and he is a highly intimate love as a result. This makes some of his sexual moves very intimate, even when he is in a very passionate state of mind. This is a reason why Virgo men like their partners to be affectionate too - it’s simply a mirror image of their intimate ways between the sheets. 

3. Experienced


The Virgo man loves to have sex so he is more often than not a very experienced lover. Again, this can be a little overwhelming and intimidating to some, but the best thing to do if you feel this way is simply to go with the flow. His experience will often mean that your needs are met and he satisfies your every sexual desire. The Virgo male can make a fantastic lover so just try to enjoy every second!

4. Spontaneous

Due to a high libido, you can expect that the Virgo man in your life will be one of the most spontaneous lovers you will ever have had. This is because sex is on his mind a lot and he looks for any opportunity to partake in his favorite activity. Anything goes with the Virgo man, which means that you will often need to go with the flow if you want both of you to be satisfied sexually in your relationship to work. 


What is a Virgo man attracted to?

A Virgo man has a high libido so he is often attracted to many different types of people in a sexual way. If he is a heterosexual man, he will often find many women attractive - even if their looks vary greatly. The same can be said if he is bisexual or gay

How do you arouse a Virgo man?

A Virgo man is easily aroused by his sexual partners if they compliment him and make verbal suggestions to him before foreplay has even started. He also loves foreplay to take as long as necessary as he always likes to take his time during lovemaking

How do you know if a Virgo man really loves you?

A Virgo man in love is easy to spot if you notice that he is no longer looking around for any prospective sexual partners. Thanks to his love of sex, he is always on the lookout for his next sexual conquest, but a Virgo man when in love will stop looking at anyone other than who is in a relationship with. 

Who is Virgo most compatible with sexually?

Thanks to a Virgo man’s experience he can be compatible with almost all zodiac signs between the sheets as he will know how to bring out the best in all types of partners. However, it’s great when he matches with someone who has as equally high a sex drive as him. 

What will a Virgo man do if he likes you?

If a Virgo man likes you, he will do anything to see you and will very often instigate meeting up with you. He can be a fairly confident person which is why he doesn’t mind doing the chasing - he will automatically assume that you will always say yes to his advances. 

The Bottom Line

A Virgo man in bed can be a fantastic lover. While his experience and high libido can sometimes be a little intimidating to some at first, it is important to remember that he will pretty much do anything or like anything, if it is something that turns you on. He gains pleasure from giving pleasure. This is why he likes to hear his lovers make suggestions and have an imaginative nature when in bed. He is simply keen to make sure that you are both having a good time between the sheets when you are making love. This is what helps to make him one of the most lusted over lovers of all the star signs.

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