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The Spiritual Effect of Having Sex During Menstruation: Is It Real?

July 8, 2024

Menstruation, or periods, is still something that is considered taboo for some, let alone the idea of having period sex. 

In many countries, such as India and Nepal women are singled out during menstruation as they are viewed as unclean. Care International explains “women do not have the right to touch food or crops because they could cause bad luck to their families and communities.” In some religious temples, entry is prohibited for women during menstruation

Throughout history, women have been treated poorly during their periods, isolating them, sometimes even banishing them, due to the many myths and cultural taboo that exists surrounding menstruation.

Of course, some countries support their women and understand that menstruation is a natural, if not magical part of the female body. Scotland, passing the bill in 2020, was the first country to make sanitary products free for all of those who are in need; to help end period poverty

Not only should periods be understood and accepted, some people believe that we can even achieve spiritual manifestation and perform rituals through the use of period sex and period blood magic.

Before delving into the spiritual effect of having sex during menstruation, it’s important to talk about the safety and side effects of having sexual intercourse when experiencing your menstrual flow.

Having Sex During Menstruation: Safety and Side Effects

What exactly is menstruation? 

Menstruation, otherwise known as the period, is the part of the menstrual cycle where we experience blood flow out of our vaginas. This typically lasts between two to seven days, and happens every 28 days or so. 

Each woman will experience periods differently; the amount of menstrual flow, the amount of pain we feel, the duration of our period, the duration of our cycle, our emotions, our libido, our fatigue… No woman is the same

Side effects of sex during periods

Due to the complexity of the woman’s body, and the many differences that each woman can experience, there can be some side effects from having sex when on your period. 

The first being that it can be quite messy, and for some women it can feel painful; due to the changes of hormones before a period, some women can get UTIs that last throughout their cycle. 

You should always take precautions against sexually transmitted diseases and use protection; although it is believed otherwise, women can still get pregnant during their period. 

This entirely depends on your cycle and when you ovulate. Ejaculated sperm can also live in the female reproductive system for three days, stronger sperm can even make it up to five days. 

You are at higher risk of infection when on your period, meaning that condoms are an absolute must. 

11 Tips to Have Great Sex During Menstruation

If you’ve never had sex on your period before, you might be worried that it’s going to be hard to enjoy it; it actually isn’t. There are just a few tips to follow in order to ensure that you can experience great sex when on your period. 

1. Listen to your libido 

If you’re horny and want to have sex but you’re on your period, don’t let it stop you! You’ll be surprised to realize how many people are already having sex when on their periods, and a lot of men are completely unbothered by it. 

At the end of the day, a bit of period blood isn’t going to get in the way of you having great sex, if anything, it’s going to improve it. Menstrual blood acts as a natural lubricant, meaning that your vaginal wetness can contribute to great sex. 

Not to mention the many benefits that you can experience from having sex on your period.

2. Consider masturbation

consider masturbation

Remember, if you don’t feel entirely comfortable having sex on your period, but feel as though you have an itch you need to scratch, you can always masturbate.

Using sex toys on your period is no less hygienic than when you’re not on your period. You just have to ensure a thorough clean up afterwards, as you should after each use anyway.

You will still get all the benefits of having sex on your period, without having intercourse. 

It’s also a great way to help you feel at one with your body, and get an understanding of your own period. It makes sense that thousands of years of taboo surrounding periods can have an affect on us as women. Take time to yourself to reconnect with your body and to realize that your period is a beautiful thing.

3. It can help with your period cramps 

Period sex has been known to ease period symptoms, just like exercise. 

Dr Rhianna McClymont tells us, “Sexual intimacy can also help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression as it triggers the release of three mood-boosting chemicals — dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin.”

Released endorphins are also known to help lessen pain in general, and in turn, lessen period pain

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Orgasms also play a part in helping to relieve period pain; that, and they feel amazing. Having an orgasm increases the blood flow to the uterus, this is what specifically helps with cramps.

4. Put a towel down 

Having period sex can get messy. To avoid having to deal with the clean up it’s always best to put a towel down, preferably a dark towel. 

That way, when you’ve finished having sex you can just whip it into the washing machine and that’s all there is to it. 

5. Don’t get crazy with positions 

don't get crazy with positions

By all means, try every position in the Kama Sutra, but you’ll be dealing with a fair amount of clean up. 

When having sex on your period it’s best to play it safe and to keep the positions to a minimum. You can’t go wrong with missionary, or spooning. 

It’s also important to realize that the cramps won’t disappear immediately, so you wouldn’t want to try a position that's known to feel as though it’s pushing on your stomach, like doggy style.

Something light on penetration and easy to clean up will be best. 

6. Have sex on your lighter days

If you’re new to having sex on your period, or you or your partner are a little squeamish when it comes to blood, then I’d consider having sex on your lighter days

Many women experience a really heavy menstrual flow; this can be quite intimidating if you or your partner don’t have any experience with period sex. 

7. Have sex when in the shower or bath 

If menstrual blood, or the clean up of menstrual blood is something that bothers you, having sex in the shower or a bath is a great idea, it washes as you go.

Due to water pressure, you usually get a lesser flow, meaning less blood. 

However, if you are considering having sex in water it’s important to be made aware that you’re more likely to transmit STIs, get vaginal irritation or even UTIs. 

8. Use protection 

Protection is important when having sex on your period, because as we now know you are more susceptible to STIs, and you can still get pregnant when on your period. 

If cleaning up is also something that bothers you, using a condom will eliminate this problem, as when you’ve finished having sex you simply remove the condom and pop it in the bin. 

9. Use a tampon and enjoy other types of sex 

use a tampon and enjoy other types of sex

Having period sex, doesn’t just mean having vaginal sexual intercourse. There are many types of sex that you can enjoy when on your period. 

You can even enjoy oral. Wearing a tampon or menstrual cup will block your menstrual flow meaning that your clitoris is completely available and ready for attention. 

Some menstruating women enjoy anal sex whilst on their period. It’s all down to preference. Ultimately, if blood is something that bothers you, you can still enjoy sex without having vaginal intercourse. 

10. Don’t worry about blood stains, they come out!

If the worry of blood stains is what’s stopping you from having period sex, then it’s my duty to let you know that blood stains come out. 

Some techniques are:

  • Cold salty water or saline water 
  • A paste of two parts baking soda, one part water 
  • Soaking the stain in vinegar 
  • Using cornflour and hanging it in the sun 
  • Cold water and lemon 
  • A good wash in the washing machine 

There is always a solution. A period should never stop you from fulfilling your needs and desires.

11. Never feel embarrassed by your period 

It’s crazy that in 2023 some women are still made to feel embarrassed about having a period. 

Periods in hindsight are a beautiful thing. 

Yes, they can be painful, messy, and annoying…

But they remind us each month what our bodies are capable of. Our bodies are powerful and our monthly period reminds us of that. 

Why shouldn’t we get to enjoy sex during menstruation? And why should we be made to feel as though our periods are gross and dirty? They’re not. 

If the only reason you’re not having sex on your period is because your partner thinks it’s disgusting, then he should feel embarrassed, not you.

3 Spiritual Effects of Having Sex During Menstruation

For thousands of years there has been debate surrounding the spiritual effect of having sex during menstruation. 

Those who practice magic, consider a woman's menstrual cycle to be an extremely powerful time, especially when lined up with the moon. 

Suneela Garg explains “Cultural norms and religious taboos on menstruation are often compounded by traditional associations with evil spirits, shame and embarrassment surrounding sexual reproduction. In some cultures, women bury their cloths used during menstruation to prevent them being used by evil spirits. 

“In Surinam, menstrual blood is believed to be dangerous, and a malevolent person can do harm to a menstruating woman or girl by using black magic. It is also believed that a woman can use her menstrual blood to impose her will on a man.”

Sex magic is any type of sexual activity conducted in spiritual pursuit. There are spells and rituals that can be performed with period blood, but what we’re talking about specifically is the spiritual effect of having sex during menstruation whether it’s intentional or not. 

It is believed that you can manifest anything by using sexual energy to drive your manifestation, and having sexual relations when on your period can strengthen your relationship with your partner, binding you and bringing you closer together.

The thing about magic and harnessing energy is that you really have to set your mind to it. This is something that will only happen if you focus, manifest hard enough, and have in mind what you want to achieve by harnessing sexual energy. 

The many spiritual effects of having sex during menstruation will vary depending on how you look at it.

1. Become at one with our bodies 

The main spiritual effect of having sex during menstruation is that it allows us to feel at one with our bodies. 

Menstrual blood can be seen as sacred. Petra Habiger records many myths that accord menstrual blood to have a life-giving nature, one being “Some South American Indians, for instance, thought that all mankind was created out of "moon blood."

Period blood throughout history has been deemed powerful. 

2. Owning our sexual power 

Having sex when on our periods helps us to embrace and own our sexual power. 

Take the time to focus on your sexual energy. Focus on your breathing, the way your bodies move as one, focus on the pleasure that you feel and own it

3. Exchange energies with your partner 

Having sex whilst on your period can be deemed as a very personal thing. Exchanging sexual energies is one thing, but exchanging energies when on your period is another. 

There’s something sacred about sexual intercourse with menstrual blood. The power of having sex when on your period can cause you both to feel ultimate pleasure and manifest your utmost desires. 


Is intimacy good during periods?

Intimacy can be good for many things, but especially during periods. Due to the change in hormones, women are susceptible to experiencing mood swings, irritability, and even depression when on their periods.

This can of course take its toll on a relationship once a month, intimacy can only help this. Intimacy doesn’t just mean to have sexual relations, you can encourage intimacy by doing nice things for your partner when on her period, and showing her that you understand the stress her body goes through once a month.

Does having sex on your period make you bleed more?

The short answer is no. Having sex on your period can make you feel as though you bleed more, simply because we’re aware of how much we bled during sex when dealing with the clean up. 

Orgasms are actually known to help make your period shorter. Of course, every woman’s period is different, so it will depend entirely on the woman. 

Can you have unprotected sex on your period without getting pregnant?

As a precaution, you should practice safe sex when on your period. You can still get pregnant when on your period, but this depends entirely on the day of your menstrual cycle and your ovulation. 

Another factor to consider is that sperm can live in the vagina for up to five days and you are more at risk of infection. It’s always wise to use a condom, especially if you’re having sex with a new sexual partner.

Can a man get an infection from period blood?

STIs can be transmitted through period blood as some viruses and pathogens live in the blood, resulting in a higher risk of transmission. 

It’s important to frequently test against STIs, and to always practice safe sex, especially with new partners. 

Period blood is just like regular blood, and is safe, so long as you don’t have any STIs or bloodborne diseases.


Like with anything spiritual, the spiritual effect of having sex during menstruation is entirely down to you, and how you decide to harness your energy.

Period blood has been deemed impure by many, but we know now that it is not true. 

The real power of menstruation blood ties in with the power of a woman’s body. A woman’s period signifies all that women are capable of, and that is something that should be celebrated. 

Having sex on your period can not only be highly spiritual, but it can be immensely pleasurable, and isn’t something that you should miss out on because you feel embarrassed. You should never feel embarrassed of your body.

Your body is a beautiful thing, and you should feel proud of your own capabilities and power.

If you have any more tips for women having sex during menstruation, or women looking to harness sexual energy when on their periods, then please feel free to comment. As always, share with a friend in need.

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