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How To Be Intimate Without Sex? (5 Tips)

Intimacy with no physical connection can be difficult but it is not impossible and it is something that suits many people. It allows one to create a deeper emotional connection with someone in a way that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. 

Keep reading to find out the ways to be intimate with someone with no physical bond. 

Intimacy Without Sex

1. Build emotional closeness

Build emotional closeness through conversation, by telling the other one your deepest desires and dreams, and disclosing all of your feelings and emotions. Reveal things about yourself with no expectation that the other is doing more than listening. Communicate your needs while not expecting a solution. 

Listen to your partner while avoiding immediately looking for solutions to their problems, worries, and fears. In this way, you will be establishing emotional closeness.

2. Practice openness and honesty

Practice openness and honesty

Intimate connections arise when we show ourselves to be human and vulnerable. It does not arise when we become hurt or offended or show only pity or anger. As listeners, you carry and protect the other individual’s vulnerability, so appreciate his openness and trust. We create closeness by listening to the other with no judgment, and full of amazement at this unique individual. 

Respect your partner as unique and listen, unbiased, and undivided. We create emotional closeness by listening to each conversation as if it were our last. When we let go of ourselves, our ego, and our prejudices, and when we no longer take ourselves seriously, we make the relationship binding and free.

In order to be able to really create closeness with someone, we have to be able to turn to them freely and with no fear. We can create deep emotional closeness with someone if we can easily create distance from the same one. Closeness and distance are only temporary states in any partnership. 

3. Be close to yourself

How do you expect to become close to another person if you are not comfortable being close to yourself? So start with yourself if you want to create more deep and close relationships with others. Accept yourself as you are. The internet is full of opportunities, programs, and self-study courses that will help you develop more self-love and self-esteem.

Self-love is the basis for a bond in love and closeness to yourself should not be confused with narcissistic self-love. Start an exciting journey with yourself. View it as a kind of descent into your inner soul to find out who you really are. Many people rationalize their feelings over the course of their lives. The renewed encounter with his feelings and emotions is a freeing experience. 

Know that a deep connection is intimate, but not eternal. On this journey with yourself, you will also encounter old, accepted beliefs about partnership. Check your clichés about men and women. Access your inner self and the world will become open to you too. Your partner will thank you if you are in the right partnership in the first place. But thank yourself anyway. 

4. Find freedom

Find freedom

Freedom in the sense of a relationship is inner attitude and strength. If you want to create an emotional connection with your partner, you need the trust and the serenity that sets you internally free. In a partnership, this sometimes happens in opposite directions and you may drift apart. 

Anyone who does not interfere in the affairs of their partner can more easily cope with their own issues and also knows how to enjoy the freedom that this contains. Be freely connected to the person that you are with by creating an emotional connection that does not mean attachment. 

You are able to freely engage in close proximity at any time, you can also distance yourself again. You can see your partner with no judgment. In order to act and make decisions of our own free will, we must also free ourselves from the entanglements with other people.

5. Let go of previous beliefs

Let go of the entanglements of previous beliefs. These entanglements also include our judgments and opinions about our significant other. The beliefs and clichés that we have learned about men and women since childhood or youth can block us. Learn to see your partner and your partnership with no judgment.

All of our judgments about people or life prevent closeness and free-flowing love. Remove the unconscious expectations, which arise again and again as constant disappointments. In this way, you will feel closer to each other in previously unimaginable ways. Let go of previous beliefs to create a stronger bond between two people.


What is a sexless relationship called?

A sexless partnership is usually one that is based on emotional intimacy rather than physical intimacy. You can have an intimate relationship with someone with no sex. However, it becomes more important to connect on a deeper emotional level to ensure relationship satisfaction with no sex life and sexual intimacy. 

Can a relationship work without sex?

A partnership without sex can work but depends on every individual situation and it does not suit everyone. You will be able to develop an emotional connection with each other on a deeper level than most people are ever able to. Intimacy without having sex will allow you to get to know much more about an individual. 

What are the four types of intimacy?

There are four types of intimacy including emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental that you can share with a partner. Each type of intimacy is different depending on your partner and your situation. The most wholesome relationships include a deep level of intimacy on all levels and combining the four types. 

Is a sexless relationship healthy?

A sexless relationship can be healthy however, it depends on each individual and relationship. In some cases, a relationship without a physical connection may not be able to last as many people need a physical connection as well as an emotional bond to feel close to the one that they are with. 

When a woman loses interest in a man?

When a woman loses interest in a man it may be because your intimacy has been lost. If things have changed in your partnership it may have caused her to lose interest. Consider the things that may have caused the loss of interest in the man and communicate to try and find a solution to solve this issue together in a healthy way. 

In Summary… 

While relationships without sex are not all that common, it can work between two people. You will connect in different ways and be intimate without having sex. It allows you to create a deeper emotional and intellectual with this bond if you don’t have the distraction of a physical connection. 

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