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Should You Kiss On The First Date? (Yes Or No?)

Huh, first dates. They are the worst of all dates. When you are in it, you have a lot of going on in you. While you are so nervous about it, and sweat drips out of your body profusely, you still have to try and compose yourself just to make sure your partner doesn’t know what’s going on.

Even when the conversation between both of you seems awkward, you try to act as if it is interesting to you. In fact, the first date for me is filled with acting nothing so real shows that day. 

But mind you, not all first dates go this way. Some are as awesome as anything you like to qualify them with.  While some people feel like their meeting with their partner will be superb, they are ready to put in all. They end the preparation for the date with a rigorous brushing of teeth as if it’s certain that a date kiss will come their way. 

What if it doesn’t come their way? Is it bad?. 

Hmm, a first date kiss… I can’t say but…. 

Is It Bad If You Don’t Kiss On The First Date?

Couple On A Picnic About To Kiss

To be honest with you, kissing on a first date is something that deals with how you and your partner feel towards each other while you’re together. While some people think kissing on the first date is totally wrong, others will consider it right. But whichsoever way you want to take it, the reason for the kiss is what determines if it is bad or not. 

Okay, imagine yourself having a friend like Jessica who gets kissed every time she’s on a date. Will she admit kissing on the first date is bad? Of course no. She feels it’s normal when she gets touched by her partner, they should both smooch and kiss each other. 

Let’s forget about Jessica’s case, and move into the reasons why people don't consider kissing when they are just meeting.  

Reasons Why People Don’t Kiss On First Date

There are various reasons why people don’t kiss on first dates. I have gathered at least 5 genuine reasons why people don’t kiss on their first date. Listed below are some of them with a detailed explanation.

1. Pressure 

There is nothing as awkward as when you are being walked to your destination by your date, and he or she asks “Aren’t you going to kiss me?”. Well, some people might feel there is no problem, at least a peck is enough as the relationship is not so intimate yet. 

But what if your sexual hormones tend to rise and the peck turns into a real kiss what could be your answer? It’s nothing but pressure. Though you weren’t forced, the way you see your date when he or she requests a kiss makes you feel pressured. 

Well, with this kind of reason, it won’t be bad if you don’t kiss on your first date. 

Couple Taking A Selfie While Kissing

2. Need for a second date

Just to keep the memory of how the first meeting went, you might decide to have the first kiss in your relationship. The chemistry between you and your partner when you just met each other seems so cool and you feel a second date should be feasible, so you decided to have a kiss. This is a genuine reason to have a kiss. 

But what if you were placed on suspense by your partner to fix a second date just because you want a kiss? Will you term this kind of scenario a bad reason not to kiss? 

Obviously no, it’s not possible. The feelings that he or she wants to kiss would make the second date schedule as fast as possible. 

3. They really like you

If your date really likes you, they might not consider kissing you when they are just meeting you. They would feel such an act would be sending a wrong impression towards you or you might think they are after being in a physical relationship with you. And as you all know, most relationships with just physical attraction and no emotional attraction usually end after the first date. 

So if your partner decides not to kiss you on the first date, don’t feel bad. In as much as the chemistry between both of you is tight so there is nothing to worry about. You can try to fix a second date to see how things will go. 

4. They don’t want to rush 

Most people believe relationships should be built like a house where the foundation must be very solid. For someone like me, I really can’t go for a first date and start swapping saliva with who I’m just meeting for the first time. It really looks awkward and does not seem right to me. 

It’s better for us to take things slow and steady. A kiss could come after the first date, sure but not on the first date. Ok for instance if you were going to have at least two to three dates in a week, will you kiss everyone you did go on a date with? It’s not even possible. 

So, there is nothing bad if you don’t kiss someone on a first date. 

5. They did not get the green flag 

To kiss on a first date is a hard task though, especially when you get the spark from your partner. You don’t want your first kiss in the relationship to be turned down by someone you are really in love with. 

Therefore, if you did not get a kiss when you are just seeing each, it doesn’t mean anything bad. 

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Is it bad if you don't kiss on the first date? 

Well, kissing on a first date or not really depends on the two people who are on a date. It’s a decision that varies from person to person. But if I’m to decide for anyone, I would say no, it isn’t bad if you don’t kiss when you just see or meet your partner.  

What does a kiss on the first date mean?

A kiss on the first date means a lot. While it might be a sign that the date went well, it can also reveal how much you love your partner, or how vulnerable you are in any relationship. Kissing on first dates can also show how hygienic you are. 

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What date should you kiss? 

Though there is no specific date for you to kiss, for me, kissing on a second date is cool. This will really earn you respect in the relationship. Your first date should be a time for you to observe and not start showing your feelings.

What should you not do on a first date? 

There are so many things which you shouldn’t do on a first date. Some of these things include: 
1. Forget your manners. 
2. Not asking questions
3. Getting drunk. 
4. Don’t discuss material things like money. 
5. Talking about your sexual life.

On which date should you sleep together? 

Time really matters in every relationship. While some dates will take five times before both parties sleep with each other, others might even just be once and you with your partner have started having sex. So for this question, the answer is not specific. 


To kiss on a first date is a decision nothing more. But you have to always consider your self-esteem before taking any decision. Relationships do end after the first date so be careful. You can always see marriage and relationship experts give more insight on this. 

But I hope you did get some answers to your questions.

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