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8 Signs Your Husband Doesn't Love You Anymore

Last updated on June 18, 2022 by Roxana Bikfalvi

Does it feel like your husband doesn’t love you anymore?

Maybe he’s denying this is the case, but you are just getting the impression he doesn’t feel like he once did. 

If so, you’re in the right place. This guide reveals the clearcut signs that your husband doesn’t love you anymore. 

However, before these signs are revealed, it’s very important that you read the next few sentences very carefully. 

A noticeable change in behaviour towards your spouse isn’t generated out of thin air. Normally, this is a reaction to something that’s happened in his life. 

If it’s nothing you’ve done, and he won’t tell you what’s going on when you’re not around, there’s reason to be suspicious.  

Honestly, in this situation, the best thing you can do is investigate what’s going on. Otherwise, this paranoia is going to continue lingering and harming your relationship further.

That’s why I wanted to tell you about this incredibly powerful online background checking tool

With just a few of your husband’s details, this tool can produce a mountain of information regarding his recent communications. 

You can discover who he’s been in frequent contact with, what online services he’s signed up for, whether he has any secret phone numbers...and much more. 

It’s a completely discreet process, so there’s no way of him finding out you’ve been checking up on him. 

This tool will reveal the truth about what’s been going on behind your back - and it’ll be much easier to deal with the situation once you have it.  

Of course, there might not be any need for these extreme measures. This lack of love might actually be all in your head.

See the guide below to discover whether your husband has fallen out of love with you or not. 


A normal relationship is about two people that are willing to take responsibility for their actions. When something happens, they own up to it and apologize for the issue. This opens doors for reconciliation with the wronged partner. If this does not happen with your husband and he rarely accepts his mistakes, it is something you want to watch out. Even if you’re certain he’s done something, your husband will not admit it but instead denies the fact.


Earlier on, it was usual for him to surprise you on your birthday and he remembered your anniversary each year. He sent flowers and planned a different surprise to show his love every time he had a chance. Not forgetting the number of poems he attempted to compose just for you.


Remember the time you got married and just before the wedding. Your phone kept chiming with your husband calling you all the time. He had an excuse each time, ranging from genuine reasons to speak with you to some quite flimsy ones. Your phone doesn’t ring anymore, and he only calls when he has to. Say, to remind you he won't be coming home Friday night. Even when he does call it doesn’t go beyond a few minutes at most. Certainly, things are no longer the same between you and him.


Marriage takes two people working to make it work. Both of them make an effort to meet the other halfway in all areas of the relationship. This is what makes for companionship, an essential ingredient of any working marriage. Should you notice he has pulled out of most of the things and it’s as if you are left to do all the work it is most probably because that’s what’s happening. Working at making the marriage is a sure sign of caring. Therefore, it tells a lot of what’s going on.


The signs are all over the place, and you are convinced he’s cheating on you. He won’t let you touch his phone anymore, and it has more complicated passwords than a bank safe. Not to mention the fact he deletes his texts almost immediately. Your husband these days rarely keeps his word even when he promises to come home sometimes. You have more and colder dinners alone after he fails to show up that day. At the back of your mind, you have a nudging suspicion there is someone else in your husband’s life.


You don’t feel like you’re one with him anymore since he treats you more like a stranger. Your husband won’t listen to you much, and it’s like you don’t know him anymore. If you notice this in your marriage, most probably it is a sign he does not love you anymore. A normal couple usually has warm conversations with each other, and each knows the other quite well. Spending time together helps bring them closer breeding intimacy between the two.


When you care for someone, it is usual for you to want them close and miss them when they are away. If that doesn’t happen in your marriage, say during the times you are apart then something is out of place.


This is the biggest tell-tale your man has ceased loving you. If he’s not having sex with you then most definitely he’s getting laid somewhere else. When a man’s love starts to wane the first thing that gets affected is the bedroom. Days or weeks pass before he initiates the need to get cozy and gone are the days he held you close on the couch till you fell asleep to then carry you off to bed. If you notice a change in your level of intimacy, you have reason to think your husband doesn’t love you anymore. Attempt to right what's wrong only serves to irritate your husband You’ve noticed the worrying trend in your marriage and worry that things might be getting out of hand. You decide to bring up the issue with him, and at most get an angry grunt. He doesn’t seem to care anymore and emotionally has gone cold.


One of the most painful discoveries you can make is the fact that your husband doesn’t love you anymore. It is a painful realization that might reel you from the core. You wonder why he acts that way and does all that you can to remedy the situation only for reality to slap you in the face.

He simply doesn’t care about you any longer and any effort you make to get him to admit the fact only gets him angry or cold. You may decide to fight for your marriage, do all that you can to try to win his love back. If you do, you have a lot of work ahead of you, no doubt.

No one likes to think their marriage might be over and finding out that your husband no longer cares about you is like a kick in the stomach. There’s no soft landing, and the effects will soon start to show in the way you relate to him.

The best thing you can do is to talk to someone if you feel unable to accept the fact. This will help you analyze the situation in a more open manner while it also serves to help you take in the fact things are no longer the same with him. From there, settle on what to do.

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Roxana Bikfalvi
As a pragmatic woman, Roxana didn't focus much on the matters of heart until falling head over hills for the wrong guy. After a devastating relationship, she studied the dynamics of dating and man's behavior to understand what went wrong. Her path drifted from science to letters, with the aim to share her knowledge with other women in need. She is now a contributor to Her Aspiration.

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