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Libra Man Scorpio Woman: A Question of Opposites Attract? (5 Exciting Signs)

Despite their immediate, and may I say obvious differences, Libras and Scorpios are actually very much alike. And believe me, there are some pretty big differences. So, are Libra and Scorpio compatible? Let’s just say it’s complicated. 

Differences Of Scorpio And Libra 

Librans are known for their preference of balance and calm. Libra seeks justice and fairness and aims for harmony. Then there’s Scorpio, deep, mystical, soul-searching Scorpio. Scorpions use intuition, looking to their gut feelings, not logical debate. 

For Libra, everything has to be in a perpetual state of equilibrium. This includes passion, emotions, and expressions. Life is an exercise in control and reason for your typical Libra. Libra doesn’t do confrontation or conflict. 

But Scorpios are deeply passionate. Their feelings soar and crash like the waves of a tsunami. And who can possibly control a tidal wave with a logical debate when it is hurtling towards you? 

Before I go on to talk about the compatibility Libra man and Scorpio woman have, I'd first like to take a look at each of their Zodiac signs.


  • Air sign
  • Ruled by Venus
  • Symbol of the Scales
  • Masculine forces

1. Strengths

Diplomatic, fair, charming, good sense of justice, balanced views, unbiased, congenial, gentle.

2. Weaknesses

Indecisive plays the victim, self-pitying, avoids confrontations, can hold a grudge, over-indulgent, sycophantic.

Libra is the mediator of the Zodiac, the peace-keeper if you will. Libras strive for a harmonious environment where everyone gets along just fine. 

Libra has an innate sense of balance and this permeates throughout their lives. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they need a yin to their yang. 

Libra wants a partner to make them feel whole. They’ve always felt as if they are half of someone. They cannot be their true selves unless they have another person to bounce off ideas and emotions (in a reasoned and measured way of course).

Libras are great talkers and if they are self-confident will instigate debate and discussion. However, if their self-esteem is low they may wait and see how the opinions around them are stacking up before giving theirs. 

Librans don’t use conflict or confrontation to forward their agendas. Actually, they don’t really have agendas, but if they feel particularly passionate about an injustice they’ll use charm to beguile their adversary. 

Of all the star signs, Libra loves beauty, particularly the aesthetic nature of symmetry. In fact, because this sign has such an amazing eye for detail, colour and placement, you’ll find many working in interior design. 


  • Water sign
  • Ruled by Pluto
  • Symbol of the Scorpion
  • Feminine forces

1. Strengths

Scorpio Strengths

Passionate, magnetic, curious, intuitive, sensual, survival instinct, will power, insight, self-control. 

2. Weaknesses

Vengeful, fanatical, cynical, ruthless, suspicious nature, self-loathing, sadism, stubborn, overly sensitive. 

Those born under Scorpio are often described as two halves of the same person (something Libra can appreciate). They can be incredibly uninhibited people, open to exploring everything their partner has to offer them. 

However, there is one big problem with Scorpio. They will only allow you into their world once you have completely, totally and utterly won their trust. 

Before they open up they can be equally suspicious, even afraid of getting too close to you. Why? Because for Scorpio they have to protect their sense of self-worth at all costs. 

You might think this is a little dramatic and over the top but remember, Scorpios are passionate people. They know how they’ll react to a broken relationship. When Scorpios fall in love they fall hard and intensely.  

You don’t just recover from a broken heart when you are a Scorpio. You have to heal, to get closure, to find revenge. As a result, Scorpios will barricade their hearts from a relationship until they are sure of your intentions. 

Scorpio believes in ‘an eye for an eye’, not turning the other cheek. There’s no balancing the scales here, no grey area, it’s all or nothing with Scorpio. Life is black and white, no discussion, there’s no need. Once Scorpio has made their mind up the decision is final. 

Now let’s discuss the compatibility of Libra and Scorpio.

Libra Man Scorpio Woman Compatibility

So what common ground, if any, does Libra man and Scorpio woman share? 

Libra man and Scorpio woman do happen to share the same goals - harmony and peace. They just achieve them in different ways. 

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Libra Man Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Libra man uses his charm and friendly nature to cajole and persuade his Scorpio woman. You could call him a master manipulator but there’s no malicious intent behind his actions. He just wants the best outcome for everyone.

But he should remember, Scorpio women wrote the book on seduction and charm. She can see right through his coaxing ways. More to the point, Scorpios are equally manipulative. They think on their feet and can outwit the best of them. 

Nevertheless, if they are on the same page and they want the same things she’ll allow him to think his charm is working its magic on her. Scorpio women are clever that way. 

Now, there’s something interesting about the Libra man that suits the Scorpio woman, and vice versa. 

Libra is a masculine sign but ruled by the feminine planet, Venus. What this means is that Libra men are very much in touch with their feminine sides. 

Scorpio women are passionate but they can also be over-sensitive when it comes to emotions, or rather, the lack of them. We already know that Libra is not predisposed to extravagant displays of emotion, but here’s why gender is important here. 

Libra man understands this sensitivity because of the feminine influence of Venus. 

By contrast, Scorpio is a feminine sign but ruled by the masculine planet, Pluto. So your typical Scorpio woman is likely to be a little more tomboy than a princess. This equals the balance in the Libra Scorpio compatibility stakes. Something that Libra will appreciate. 

However, it’s not all plain sailing. Pluto is renowned for being secretive and mysterious. Libra wants everything out in the open where it can be logically analysed, debated and processed. This doesn’t suit Scorpio who feels that not everything should be out in the open. 

There’s also the question of compromise. Libra men bend over backwards to achieve a resolution that appeases his partner. The only thing Scorpions bend is their tail, ready for that stinging strike. 

Once a Scorpio woman has made her mind up, the discussion is over. And don’t forget, she’s got that extra boost of macho Pluto to back her up. 

Then there’s the other problem with this relationship, and that’s passion. 

If Libra men want just one word of advice before getting involved in a relationship with a Scorpio woman, it’s this - Scorpio women feel every little thing intensely, wildly and with purpose. 

Like I said before, it’s all or nothing with this girl. She either loves her partner with all her heart, sacrificing everything for the relationship, or she couldn’t care less.

It’s these wild swings of emotions that may catch out our Libra man. He doesn’t do conflict or drama. But, remember, he is known to be a mediator. So if anyone can calm down his Scorpio woman, he might be able to. 

The problem with constant mediating and charming and cajoling behaviour is that it only works for so long on Scorpio. After a while, Scorpio woman wants her Libra man to feel the same soaring highs that she does. 

She can’t understand why he is content with such a stable and calculated life. Why then is her Libra man so content to live such an unfulfilled life?

Scorpio knows that being in love means searing pain, stinging heartache, and devastating losses. She also knows that it can be incredibly intimate, unbelievably sensual, and beautifully bonding. It’s not all slippers and pipes by the fireside. 

Yet, for Libra men, there’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing your partner loves you. Having that security to go out into the world with the trust and love protecting you. Who said drama and hysterics equalled passion and love anyway? 

Libra man is a romantic soul. He is both affectionate and kind. Libra man’s nurturing nature is perfect if this couple wants to raise a family. If Scorpio values security over all other things this might be enough for her to settle for Libra and then settle with him. 

After all, she knows that he’ll always be fair with her. 


Can a Libra man marry a Scorpio woman?

If Libra lets go of their inhibitions and Scorpio reigns in their suspicious nature then this can be a good match. The problem is that Libra is all about balance and calm and Scorpio is one of the most passionate and emotional star signs. I wouldn’t put money on this lasting more than a couple of years. 

Are Libra and Scorpio a good match?

Initially, these two might be drawn to one another and at first, the relationship will be intense and passionate. However, they are very different star signs. Scorpio is too emotional for calm, measured Libra. The fact that Scorpio never forgives or moves on will also be hard for Libra to understand. 

Can a Libra woman and a Scorpio man work?

They can be, if they work to understand one another’s strengths and weaknesses. Libra doesn’t understand loud outbursts of emotion, they want harmony and peace. However, Scorpios feel every emotion deeply and react accordingly. 

How does a Scorpio woman attract a Libra man?

Scorpio women have a magnetic allure that is hard for anyone to resist, but Libra is known as a marriage star sign. Libras want to be in a relationship and the intense sexuality of independent Scorpio is like a moth to the flame for Libra. 

Who would win in a fight Scorpio or Libra?

Libra uses charm and a sense of reason to win in any fight. They want justice and a fair result at the end of the day. However, Scorpios have long memories and are happy to wait for their victory. They are also much more likely to be personal in their attacks. 


Do you agree with my assessment of Libra man and Scorpio woman? Your comments are welcome and please feel free to share this article if you enjoyed it.

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