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My Boyfriend Is Always Mad At Me: What Should I Do?

Relationships come with ups and downs.

Having a fight now and then is nothing to worry about. It happens to everyone.

But what to do if you feel like your boyfriend is always mad at you?

Do you feel like he’s mad at you at all times?

Are you often thinking, “my boyfriend is always mad at me?”

When it feels like he’s always mad at you with no apparent reason, you must start to dig deeper.

After all, suffering through his anger over and over again isn’t what you want from your relationship, isn’t it?

Now, there are so many reasons boyfriends can be mad at their girlfriends.

When he’s always mad, though, the reason could be something else.

Maybe he fell head over heels for someone he met online. Or perhaps at the pub while hanging around with his buddies.

Maybe it’s a completely different reason and he still madly loves you.

Yet, I still recommend ruling it out.

I recommend using a tool like this to rule it out (click on the link to go to their site).

Simply enter his details to get a plethora of information on what your boyfriend has been up to.

You can find out what social media he’s active on, who are his friends, or what dating sites he’s been using.

Many girlfriends have found their boyfriends were cheating on them through this tool.

That’s hopefully not your case.

It is important to rule it out nonetheless; otherwise, it’s useless to try and figure out why he’s always mad at you.

Just enter his name and location into the background checker to rule it out.

Now that I assume you’ve ruled that out let’s see what could be the reasons he’s always mad at you and what to do about it.

Find Out Why He’s Mad

One of the key steps in solving this problem is finding out why your boyfriend is mad at you. The best way to do this is to talk to him. Then, you will hopefully get a direct answer from him.

This is much better than trying to guess why he might be mad. It’s easier and more effective to ask questions and get answers.

It’s not always easy to bring up serious or intense topics. I have had to do this before, and it can be quite scary. It’s worth it once you figure out what’s going on though.

Once you figure out what your boyfriend is mad at you for, you can begin to sort through the problems. Without this knowledge, you will be blindly attacking the problem, which is ineffective.

In some cases, you may not be able to figure out what’s going on without actually talking to him. Not all guys will respond well to this question, so be careful.

Later on, I’ll go into detail about how to talk to your boyfriend about why he’s mad at you.

Why Might He Be Mad at You?

There are a great number of reasons that your boyfriend might be mad at you. Not all of these possibilities will apply to your situation, so you can try to narrow it down before coming to a conclusion.

For one, you could have said something that upset him and he is holding a grudge. Guys usually get over things more quickly than girls do, but not always.

You also could have done something to make him mad. Did you cancel a date with him last minute to go to a concert with your friends?

Another idea is a recent argument. In the heat of a fight, people sometimes say things they don’t mean. Did you overstep your boundaries?

To figure this out, try to brainstorm some of the more recent things that have happened in your relationship.

How to Know if Your Boyfriend is Mad at You

​One of the best ways to know if your boyfriend is mad is if he won’t talk to you. He may be showing that he’s mad in other ways, but him ignoring you is a big hint.
You should also be able to tell if he’s mad based on his body language. If he refuses to smile or is crossing his arms, he may be mad.

One giveaway is if he is very quiet or short with you. This could be via text or in person. He may reply with one-word answers.

He might say rude things to you when you talk. He may bring up things you have done in the past and use them to win arguments when he’s mad at you.

How to Talk to Your Boyfriend About His Anger

You should approach this issue carefully so that you don’t upset him. First, try to catch him when he’s calm.

Next, you should gently bring up the topic. Say something like this: “Hey, I feel like you’ve seemed upset with me lately. Do you want to talk about it?”

From there, he may decide to talk about why he’s mad at you or he could avoid it. What he does here determines whether the two of you can work through him being mad at you.

If you’ve done something wrong, he should be willing to talk about it with you so that you can fix the problem in your relationship.

How to Resolve Your Boyfriend’s Anger


The two of you should work together to fix the problem of your boyfriend always being mad at you. When you work actively as a team, you should be able to accomplish a lot more than you would solo.

Sit down with your boyfriend and come up with a game plan. Make sure that the process is actionable and realistic.

This plan may include him practicing mindfulness meditation or working out to get his emotions out in a healthy way. It’s important that this sounds like a suggestion to him instead of a requirement. You don’t want to tell him exactly what to do.

Aside from that, he should also make sure that he’s communicating with you in a healthy way. Make sure he knows that he is welcome to talk to you about anything he needs to. This is a major component of building a strong relationship.

Additionally, you may want to explain to him how it makes you feel when he acts mad but doesn’t tell you why. You can have a talk about more productive ways to resolve these anger issues.

If he doesn’t want to put in the effort, that’s not your fault.

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How to Prevent Your Boyfriend From Getting Mad at You

This depends on what you’ve been doing to make him mad. If he’s mad at you for something about your habits or your personality, you do not need to change for him.

If he’s mad about you texting other guys or hanging out with your friends more than you see him, you may need to evaluate the situation. You should probably back away from what’s making him mad, so long as it’s reasonable.

You don’t need to completely change your lifestyle if your boyfriend is mad at you. That’s totally extreme and unnecessary.

In some cases, making these changes isn’t worth it. Some guys might end up finding something else to get mad at you for and it can become an endless cycle.

In short, try fixing whatever is making him mad, but don’t completely change yourself if that’s what he’s asking for.

Should You Break Up with Your Boyfriend?


Breaking up isn’t your only option. Of course, it should still be considered. It may be beneficial if your boyfriend doesn’t realize that his anger is a problem. For example, you may talk to your boyfriend about him being mad. If he denies the problem and won’t work with you, move on.

In my opinion, you should try working through your issues and identifying his triggers. Some relationships just aren’t stable enough or worth all of this energy, to begin with.

If you choose to break up with your boyfriend, just remember that he might get mad easily. This means that you need to be careful not to upset him too much. Perhaps you can have a friend wait in the other room in case things get nasty and you need help.

Your boyfriend will likely already be mad at you from the time you bring up the idea of breaking up. It’s unnecessary to turn a breakup into a yelling match. Avoid upsetting him even more, if possible.

Keep the breakup short and simple. There’s no need to explain your feelings or call him out for what he’s done. It’s simply not worth it.

When is Your Boyfriend’s Anger Too Intense?

As you talk to your boyfriend about him being mad at you, make sure that you’re being aware of his reactions.

If your boyfriend ever starts to get violent, it’s important that you get help. The same is true if he ever threatens to hurt you.

It can also be helpful to take a break from a conversation if it’s getting too heated. This is in your best interest so that you can stay safe and come back together in better shape.

It’s not easy to leave your boyfriend, but it’s the healthiest choice for you if he does get violent. In this situation, you should reach out to a friend or family member for support. There are also hotlines available for you to call.

Based on your experience, you may want to get help from a professional. You could go on your own or with your boyfriend to talk about these anger issues. The therapist can help you to work through them and offer additional assistance as needed.

If your boyfriend has become violent in the past, be extra careful when talking about these types of sensitive topics. You don’t want to put yourself in any danger.


If you feel like your boyfriend is always mad at you, you can talk to him about these issues and try to find a way to fix them. Keep in mind that this might be his problem, so you can’t fix it if he doesn’t want to.

If you figure out that you’re doing things that make him mad on a consistent basis, make sure you put in the time to resolve those habits or choices.

Be sure to leave a comment if you have any additional questions you would like us to answer.

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