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Libra Man - Sagittarius Woman - Will This Dynamic Work? (9+ Possible Dynamics)

Dating is quite a nerve-wracking experience at times. Knowing whether things will work out between you and another person takes a leap of faith, but when it doesn’t work out, you feel like you have wasted a lot of time. 

A good way to give yourself the best shot of a successful relationship is to look at your star sign and your potential partner. Here, in this article, we look at whether a Libra man and Sagittarius woman have a good shot at being happy if they start a relationship together. 

The compatibility of Libra and Sagittarius has its advantages and disadvantages, which we list below. Depending on what characteristics are strongest in each person will have a big bearing on whether the relationship will be a success or not in the long run

Advantages To A Libra Man And Sagittarius Woman Dynamic

Here are the advantages of a Libra Man and Sagittarius woman relationship. If these are very strong traits in each person, the relationship stands a good chance of working. 

1. Balanced 


Thanks to being the sign of the scales, Libra men are very balanced and calm individuals. It means that if you are dating a Libra man, you can expect him to be a very steady presence in your life. This is great news as it means he will be able to calm down a Sagittarius woman who can sometimes be prone to being quite feisty. A Libra man doesn’t mind this and simply has the ability to talk the Sagittarius woman in their life in a way to calm her down. 

2. Good communicator

One of the reasons that a Libra man is able to calm down a Sagittarius woman easily is that he tends to be a very good communicator. This is always great news for any relationship as it means he will talk through issues as and when they occur as opposed to letting them get bigger than they need to be, simply by hoping they go away. It also means that the Sagittarius woman always knows where she stands with her Libra man which is a big comfort to her. 

3. Charismatic

There is no denying that one of the best things about a Libra man is that he is a very charismatic and charming person. He will always be interesting to talk to as well as appear interested in whatever anyone has to stay. It is one of the reasons that a Libra man can be so easy to fall in love with. It’s also the main attraction for a Sagittarius woman who will naturally be drawn to the charisma that exudes from a libra man’s every pore. 

4. Optimistic

Something that a Libra man will always love about a Sagittarius woman is the fact that she is so optimistic about everything. She sees the positives in almost all situations that appeal to his balanced nature who likes to see things from both sides at all times. Plus, it’s simply good energy to be around when someone is perpetually happy or looking for the good points in people. It is why, if these two falls in love, they can stay together for a long, happy time. 

5. Fun

Perhaps down to their optimistic ways, Sagittarius women are almost always fun to be around. It makes them very easy to love too as they are always up for trying new things and are always happy to give anything a go. This appeals to a Libra man and his naturally charming ways. He will feed off his Sagittarius girlfriend’s fun-loving attitude and enjoy being challenged by her want to keep things fresh and interesting. 

Disadvantages To A Libra Man And Sagittarius Woman Dynamic

Here are a number of disadvantages to this relationship dynamic. If they outweigh the positives of the Libra man character and the Sagittarius woman’s personality, the relationship may not be one that is always full of love. 

1. Flakey

A Libra man can be a little flakey at times. While he can be exceptionally charming, this can sometimes materialize into being a bit fake and as such he becomes a bit flaky. It comes from saying yes to too many invitations or requests, and his charming ways almost always make him say yes to everything. He then backs out at the last minute as he will have overextended himself elsewhere. Even though this is not a malicious action, it can irritate the Sagittarius woman and make her want a relationship with a different person.

2. Two-faced

Again, down to those charming ways, a natural development of this is the fact that the Libra man can come across a bit two-faced at times. This will annoy the Sagittarius woman’s direct ways who simply like to say things as they are. While they can still love a Libra man despite his two-faced ways, if he is consistently contradicting himself simply to keep others happy, the Sagittarius woman may walk away. 

3. Easily angered

A Sagittarius woman is considered amongst the feistier signs of the zodiac. Even though some Libra men will love this about the Sagittarius woman they are with, to a certain extent, they may soon become frustrated with a Sagittarius female’s inability to be tactful at times. As tact comes easily to them, a Libra man may find the temperamental and tempestuous ways of a Sagittarius female too much. 

4. Commitment issues

For anyone that is in love with a Sagittarius woman, the trait they will struggle with most is the fact that they tend to be afraid of commitment. Librans in particular will find it hard to deal with given that they are usually very happy to commit to someone once they have fallen in love. They tend not to overthink the future or think of all the things they are giving up when they become part of an exclusive couple. They find it quite easy to do, so they will simply not understand a Sagittarius female’s commitment-phobe ways. 

5. Boredom


Perhaps the biggest of the issues that a Libran man will really find it difficult to cope with when dating a Sagittarius female, is the fact that they get bored very easily. It means that they rarely stick at anything for a particularly long period of time and don’t concentrate on tasks, activities, or people. Down to their charming ways, a Libra man will often be much better at focussing on something without getting bored. Also, there is often a big possibility that a Sagittarius will simply walk away from an otherwise working relationship simply because she gets bored at times. 


Are Sagittarius and Libra a good match?

Sagittarius and a Libra can be a good match as long as their good points are the stronger parts of their personalities. While it is always possible for these two people to be happy, they have to be willing to work through the problems that their negative traits will bring about. 

Is a Libra Male compatible with a Sagittarius female?

A Libra male is compatible with a Sagittarius female as long as this dynamic is capable of strong communication when the going gets tough. Due to the bad characteristics that they both have, if the couple cannot talk through any issues that transpire because of them, they will be unhappy.

Why are Sagittarius attracted to Libras?

Libras invariably have a very calm and balanced character. They always see both sides of any argument which appeals to the Sagittarius ways. Also, Librans tend to be amongst the most beautiful signs of the zodiac so there is often a strong physical attraction on the part of the Sagittarius. 

Are Libra and Sagittarius sexually compatible?

Libra and Sagittarius star signs can be sexually compatible if they are willing to really open up to one another about what they both like. This communication will materially improve their chances of having a satisfying sex life with one another. 

Where do Sagittarius like to be touched?

If you are unsure about where your Sagittarius partner likes to be touched, it is best to ask him or her. While they will all have their common erogenous zones, their particular favorites will be a personal preference that only directly asking them will garner an answer. 

The Bottom Line

Without a doubt, there are some fantastic advantages to this match. The balanced and calm ways of a Libra man are a good foil for the feistier ways of a Sagittarius woman. They can even each other out as a result and can therefore work well together in a romantic partnership. Plus, coupled with her optimistic and fun-loving ways, the Libra man’s charming personality will be drawn to her positive energy.

However, difficulties may arise if her feisty ways mean that she gets angry too easily. This will jar his calm personality and he simply won’t always understand it. Also, her fear of commitment plus her tendency to get bored with a relationship also poses big issues for this dynamic. Given that he can be quite flakey at times, sometimes this relationship can simply fizzle out. 

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