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Why Is A Libra Man Ignoring Me Suddenly? (11 Cold Reasons)

May 1, 2024

It can be tough when you can feel the Libra you want so deeply begin to slip away.

Are you in this situation? Has your special Libra started ignoring you?

Are you wondering why this has happened - and what you can do to win back his attention?

This guide will answer all these questions.

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Below, you’ll find 11 reasons why a Libra may have decided to start ignoring you, plus what you can do to turn the situation around.

11 Reasons Why A Libra Man Suddenly Starts Ignoring You

1. He is unhappy with you

He is unhappy with you

Zodiac signs explain why people behave a certain way sometimes, and it’s mostly accurate. So if you’re trying to find out why a libra man ignores you constantly, it’s best to look at his zodiac and sun sign. 

Having established this, a Libra man would most likely choose the silent treatment, if he isn’t happy with your actions. So if you are in a relationship with a Libra man, and you notice the slight change in attitude and communication line, your guess is as good as mine, he is ignoring you. Therefore, it is only proper for you to retrace your steps, and try to apologize. 

2. He is already in love 

A Libra man might ignore you if he is already in a relationship and deeply in love with his lady. Let us not forget that they are deep lovers, very romantic people. A Libra man ignores a lady when he has something deep with someone else. Therefore, it is expected that you may be ignored by a Libra man who is already in love with someone else.

3. He is disturbed

A Libra man is well-known for his peace-loving nature. Based on this attribute, he will most likely pursue only those things that fetch him peace and rest of mind. However, if he considers being an outlet of stress rather than comfort, he will most definitely start ignoring you.

4. Poor communication network 

For a Libra man, good communication is paramount. He is very open to long, interesting conversations with his partner. However, this might take the wrong turn if the same energy he puts in is not equally reciprocated. Do not forget that they are generally well-known for their eye for details; they take note of the slightest change in body language or attitude. 

So instead of asking "why are libra so cold?" Think back to the conversations you’ve had recently. It could be something you said or how you reacted to the things he said. 

5. If you are violent or aggressive 

By now you must have been able to establish that a Libra man is one who loves peace, and avoids direct confrontations. When dealing with such a person, it is sacrosanct that you portray yourself as peace-loving as you can.  

Libra is an air sign, which makes him emotional, but a bit hard to understand. However, it’s easy to tell why a libra man ignores you when you think of your attitude. These emotional beings don’t like violence, so if you express aggression, anger, and the likes, they’ll make sure any communication link is severed until further notice. 

6. If you are being too difficult

When dealing with a Libra man, you must endeavor to be as simple and crystal clear as possible. This is because these categories of men pay close attention to small details. You do not have to be too difficult to handle or understand. When dealing with them, be honest, straight-forward, and precise. 

7. Toxic friends

Most women are fond of keeping a clique of friends. Some of these friends might possess toxic personalities that pose a threat to the Libra man, or at least, makes him feel uncomfortable around them.  This situation might be the reason why he suddenly starts ignoring you. 

Although, this is usually a tricky situation, as you might not have the slightest clue as to why the sudden change in behavior, it is advisable that if you find yourself in this kind of circumstance, you should make efforts to speak to him. 

8. He has a grudge against you

Another reason a libra man ignores his loved ones is when something they did gets him angry. That’s one of the weaknesses libra men have, they easily hold a grudge against people. This is not unconnected to the fact that he is not very good at confronting people about issues. 

That being the case, if you had offended him previously, knowingly or unknowingly, there just might be a chance that he is avoiding you because of the grudge he has against you. Usually, in this circumstance, try to figure out where the offense took place, speak with him, and resolve it amicably. 

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9. He dislikes your habit 

Nobody is perfect; we all have one or more toxic habits that our partners find inconveniencing and disturbing. These habits may include but are not limited to drinking, smoking, partying, or reckless spending. 

Given the fact that open and direct confrontation is not one of his best features, the libra man ignores his partner just to get his point across.

10. He thinks you are too good for him

It may sound flimsy but, these things happen. A Libra man ignores things he feels are unattainable. Let us assume that this is the case, one of the visible evidence of a Libra man is frequent self-pity. 

This can cause him to consider you too good for him, so he starts ignoring you. However, this can always be addressed through good communication, understanding, genuine love, and honesty. 

11. You guys are different

You guys are different

Generally, in any romantic relationship, it is important that you find someone that compliments you. If you are the kind of girl that likes to party all night, it would be helpful to find someone whose energy matches yours. It may not be so comfortable for you if you want to go to a party and he doesn’t want to. A Libra man ignores his partner when he feels out of place.

This might just be the case here. Maybe he is ignoring you because you are a direct opposite of him; while he likes having deep conversations, you do not enjoy talking for long. While he enjoys cuddling or spooning at night, you do not even like sharing your bed space with anyone, let alone cuddling while sleeping. Maybe that’s why he’s been ignoring you.


How do you know when a Libra man has lost interest? 

One of the observable features of a Libra man is deep long conversations. If you notice that he no longer initiates or holds these conversations with you, this might just be the beginning of the loss of interest. More so, when he starts ignoring you, then, he does not seem to have as much interest in you as he did before. 

Do Libra men regret losing you? 

Libra men tend to be very committed lovers and consistent as well. They can afford to put in so much effort, time, and energy just to make a relationship work out. However, when there is a breakdown in communication and the relationship comes to an end, he would most likely regret losing you if the relationship was good. On the other hand, if he is able to replace you, then he will focus on the next relationship. 

How do you get a Libra man to miss you? 

As one of the ways to get a Libra man to miss you, you must apply the principles of patience. You should also try to make yourself readily available for him if he needs someone to talk to. A Libra man ignores you when he feels you’re not present or understanding, so put in the effort to be empathetic and listen.

Why do Libras disappear?

Most of the time, Libras go into personal self-isolation. Sometimes, it has more to do with their personal, internal struggles. Therefore, it is a known fact that Libras, when going through personal issues, usually take breaks from friends and family, maybe even start ignoring them just to address these issues on their own. 

Do Libras lose interest quickly? 

Libras are very notorious for their very unstable momentum of emotions. They can fall in and out of love in a very short period of time. This reason can be traced to the fact that Libras are always looking for fantasies. However, this does not change the fact that they are very committed lovers, and romantic, peace-loving species.

Losing interest quickly mostly happens when they do not find what they are looking for in a person. 

In Conclusion

When it comes to the love life of libra men, they find themselves deeply entangled in the shackles of love that they act out in different ways. Getting to understand them will help you maintain healthy relationships over time, and take the necessary things into perspective. If your man is a Libra, each time he ignores you, you should look out for any of the above-mentioned reasons for his action. If you found this article helpful, please feel free to share it with family and friends.

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