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Are Gemini Men Jealous? (9+ Obvious Hints)

April 30, 2024

Are you friends with a Gemini man and are you concerned that he is jealous of you and any romantic relationship you have? Or are you dating people, but unsure of whether your Gemini friend’s behavior is a sign that he is jealous and wants to be with you? Do you in fact want to see whether it is possible for your Gemini guy to want to be in a relationship with you? 

If so, this is the article for you. Gemini jealousy is rare but it does happen. Here, we look at the signs to look out for that show that a Gemini man is jealous and we also explore how a Gemini acts when jealous too. Of all the zodiac signs, he is perhaps the least likely to get jealous, but that does not immediately mean a Gemini male cannot get jealous of another man. 

Signs A Gemini Man Is Jealous

There are a number of signs that indicate that a Gemini man in your life is jealous. Here we explore them, but it is important to remember that it is not necessary for all these signs to be present to show that your Gemini man is suffering from jealousy. Just one or two are enough, particularly with this zodiac sign, that you have somehow made your Gemini man jealous. 

1. He ignores you

Gemini men can show that they are jealous by ignoring you. It sounds a little counterintuitive, but nonetheless if he is no longer giving you any attention, it is likely that you have a jealous Gemini male on your hands. The reason he shows his jealousy in this way is that he may find it difficult to communicate with you how he is feeling and he also does not want to see you if you are with someone else as he will find it too hurtful. 

He ignores you

2. He makes sly comments

It can be hard to take but if you have made your Gemini jealous, he will make sly comments about the other person you are with. This can be hurtful and if you believe it to be the case with him, it may be quicker, in the long run, to talk to him directly about the way his comments make you feel. He is probably unaware of the implications of his actions and is most likely not acting in a malicious way - it’s just he finds it difficult to cope with his jealousy in a more constructive manner. 

3. He parades women in front of you

It’s a common occurrence for all men, but if you are with someone else and the Gemini in your life gets jealous, he could well start parading a long list of dates and girlfriends in front of you. Thanks to his charming and magnetic ways, he finds it easy to attract women and their attention. This makes it very easy and very possible for him to show off his latest conquests to you. He is doing so to try to make you jealous, and if his behavior does, then maybe you should talk to him about your feelings towards him. 

4. He tries to spend more time with you

Perhaps one of the more positive ways that  Gemini men act like when they are jealous of the object of their affections being with someone else, is to try to spend more time with them. This can manifest itself in many different ways, but if you find that you are seeing your Gemini friend more than your actual boyfriend all of a sudden, then it could be thanks to how Gemini men get jealous, and what they act like in reaction. 

5. He contacts you more

If he can’t seem to get actual time in your diary, a Gemini man will show his jealousy by contacting you more if your attention is directed towards another person. Gemini men do so as they simply want to remind you that they exist and are around to start up a relationship instead of your current romantic attachment. 

How Does A Gemini Act When Jealous?

1. He talks about his sex life

A Gemini man will most likely talk about his sex life a lot more with you if he is suffering from jealousy thanks to you being in a relationship with another guy. When Geminis get jealous they find it difficult to talk about their feelings with the person they want most, so instead, they talk about being with others in an attempt to drum up feelings of jealousy. 

2. He tries to monopolize your time

In addition to contacting you and trying to spend as much time with you as possible, you can spot a jealous Gemini when you are out with him and a group of friends. If you notice that he is trying to monopolize your attention, then it could well be that this Gemini man has become jealous of a new relationship you may have.

He tries to monopolize your time

3. He praises you more

Another common approach taken by a jealous Gemini guy is to praise you a lot more than he used to before you started seeing another man. This can be lovely and very well-intended, but it can also be quite overwhelming to the point that it can become awkward for you. If that is the case, be sure to talk to him directly about his words. Do so in a kind and tactful way as possible and you’ll find that you sort the problem out for the future. 

4. He seems down on love

For someone that is so charismatic, it can be a very telling sign that a Gemini guy is jealous if he is very down on dating and love all of a sudden. 

5. He seems moody

A Gemini man is usually an incredibly positive and vivacious guy. However, when he is suffering from a huge bout of jealousy, you may find that he gets very moody as a consequence. This can be a very stark difference to the man with whom you are used to dealing. If that is the case with you, try to talk to him about his actions and how they are affecting you. While it may make for an awkward conversation, it should hopefully open up the lines of communication between the two of you so that you can remain friendly with one another. 


How does a Gemini act when jealous?

A Gemini man acts jealous in a variety of ways. In some situations, he will display all the characteristics of a jealous Gemini man listed above. In other situations, he will only display one or two of these traits or behaviors. 

What makes a Gemini man jealous?

A Gemini man is a passionate being about so many things, but particularly about people he wants to be in a relationship with. So seeing the object of his affections with another partner is something that makes a Gemini man jealous very easily. 

How does a Gemini man express love?

A Gemini man expresses his love through his consistency of affections and his constant attention towards the person he is in love with. His charm and magnetic personality can sometimes be seen as flirting with anyone he meets, but if he is in love with someone, he will want to spend as much time with them as possible.

What is Gemini Man's weakness?

Gemini men can be very indecisive yet impulsive beings at times. While jealousy is not something that they are often guilty of due to confidence and intelligence that makes them very self-assured, it is still possible to make a Gemini man jealous if he is suffering from unrequited love

Do Geminis go back to their exes?

It is often 50 50 whether a Gemini man will go back to an ex. This is because they are both indecisive, but also impulsive passionate beings. Their indecisive sides can often mean that they hold back from getting back together with an ex, while their impulsive nature can lead them to rekindle the past romance.

Are Gemini Men Jealous? - Summary

Gemini men most definitely get jealous even though in comparison to other signs of the zodiac it is far less common. The reason that they struggle with jealousy in the main is that they are usually in control of their emotions and are usually very good at communication. However, when it comes to their emotions, they start to find it more difficult to say how they are feeling and as a result their behavior can start to be quite different from what you would ordinarily expect of such an outgoing and sociable guy. 

Bearing that in mind, if you believe that the Gemini guy in your life - that is either a friend or a guy that you would like to take things further with - is jealous, talk to him as openly as you can with him. He’ll appreciate it and it also has the added benefit of putting your relationship on the right track from the beginning. 

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