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How To Tell If A Lesbian Is Attracted To You ( 17 Ways To Tell)

Interpreting somebody’s feelings is not an easy task. It can be more difficult for a woman receiving friendly gestures from another woman. On one hand, you feel she’s interested in you, and on the other hand, you think she’s merely friendly.

If you’re stuck in such a dilemma, you’re going to need a guide to put you through. Although there’s no sure way to find out anyone’s true feelings, this article lists out 17 insightful ways to tell if a lesbian is interested in you.

17 Ways to Tell If a Lesbian Is Attracted To You

1. She talks about her queer experience

Queer experience refers to everything a lesbian has gone through in the journey of being bisexual. It can include her coming out story, dating experiences, and more. If a lesbian is comfortable talking about these things with you, she might indeed like you. 

If a woman asks about your experiences too and continually brings up the subject of gender, then it might be a sign that she’s interested in you. She may want to know if you have a thing for women and may be looking out for possible signs that show you do. 

2. She knows little details about you

If this woman remembers the tiny details about you, it could mean that she’s taking out the time to know you intimately. This can be done by taking note of everything you say and watching your actions.

As a result, she remembers the necessary details and uses that to establish a close bond with you. If this happens, then without a doubt, your lesbian friend is interested in you.

3. She wants to spend most of her time with you

Quality time is an essential love language. Time is precious to every individual because it’s something no one can ever get back. When a person is eager to spend most of their time with you, it could indicate attraction. 

If a woman doesn’t count it as a loss to spend her time with you, it could ultimately mean that she likes you. 

4. She makes direct eye contact

she makes direct eye contact

Eye contact is a straightforward way to show interest in somebody–but not just a regular glare, intense and prolonged eye contact. If you catch a woman staring at you, in some cases, it’s one of the signs that she has a thing for you.

However, if you catch her staring repeatedly, and her body language reveals attraction, then she may want to be more than a friend to you. 

5. She regularly communicates with you

Distance affects communication on every level. Nonetheless, you can tell somebody genuinely cares for you, by their efforts to communicate with you, regardless of the space. 

For a girl liking a girl, she will take out time to see how her subject of interest is doing during the day, no matter the distance. She will make a constant effort to communicate with you, either by text messages or phone calls. 

6. She talks about her sexuality

It’s not every time a woman will talk about her sexuality. When she does, it might hint that she’s interested in you. If a woman feels free to talk about her sexual life with you, including her good and bad times, it’s a sign of attraction. 

Though this is also a sign she sees you as a friend, in some cases, sharing personal and sensitive details about one’s sexuality is more intimate than mere friendship.

7. There are awkward moments

When lesbian women like another woman, their thought process might become clouded. They might be thinking of ways to impress her or struggle to find the right words to say. This might make her give out awkward signs. 

On a normal day, a lesbian would happily hug, peck, or talk to another lady, but when there are feeling involved, every touch or sexual word uttered could create some sexual tension for her.

8. She makes physical moves

In addition to the other signs listed here, making physical moves can validate a lesbian’s attraction for you. 

Physical moves for women can include, always sitting next to you at the bar or a meeting, asking for help even when she can handle it herself, and occasionally touching your arms or knees during a conversation.

9. She surprises you with gifts

If somebody puts immense thought into something for you, it shows they’re making an effort to please you and make you happy. When someone surprises you with gifts, it’s one of the signs that they’re genuinely concerned about your happiness. 

This is how to tell if a lesbian is attracted to you; little acts of kindness can reveal that she’s genuinely interested in you.

10. She shows up for you

When there’s attraction towards somebody, efforts will be made to engage with the subject of interest. Engagement doesn’t necessarily mean having a conversation. 

If we are being honest, it’s not every day we see women supporting women, so when a lesbian keeps supporting you, showing up to your events, parties, and the likes, she probably has something she’s not telling you.

11. She has your back

When somebody cares about you, they’ll make themselves available. You can check someone’s feelings for you by the level of support they give to you. 

This is how to tell if a lesbian is attracted to you. If she’s going out of her way to stand up for you, have your back, and ultimately ensure you’re always happy, then she might indeed be interested in you.

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12. She laughs at your jokes

Women tend to be more expressive with their feelings when they genuinely like somebody. As a result, actions like laughing at their subject of attraction’s jokes is one of the signs that show they are interested in you. 

If you’re confident that some of your comments aren’t funny, yet a woman seems to love all of them, then it might hint that she likes you. If she accompanies this with occasional physical touch, then without a doubt, she may have a crush on you.

13. She tries to make you laugh

People naturally want to share happiness with those they adore. When somebody likes you, they’ll want to see you joyful. One perfect way to do this is by trying to make you laugh. 

If your lesbian friend is continually telling you funny stories and jokes or sending you funny memes, it’s a hint that she’s interested in your happiness. This is one way to tell if a lesbian is attracted to you.

14. She compliments you

Giving compliments to somebody is a sign of attraction. It’s also one of the signs that this woman may be flirting with you. To be able to tell if a woman is only friendly with you, and not flirting, you need to monitor the way she compliments you. 

If she compliments material items like clothing and shoes, it might be a friendly compliment. On the other hand, if she compliments distinctive features like your eyes, style, and personality, then she may be interested in you.

15. She acts differently around you

she acts differently around you

You can know if a lesbian is interested in you is by her overall behavior towards you. If she acts somewhat different around you, then that’s a sign right there. 

She might be overly friendly, or in other cases, nervous around you. She might also give compliments to you alone and be stern with others. This is how to know if this person has a soft spot for you, and is interested in you.

16. Your intuition tells you

Attraction can be discerned through intuition. There’s a high chance that you’re reading this article because you felt it in your gut that your lesbian friend was interested in you. 

When a girl likes a girl (which is you), she may do everything to hide it. So the only way you’ll suspect anything is by following your instincts. Nonetheless, it’s vital to put into consideration all other signs listed above so you’re certain.

17. She tells you directly

If you’re wondering how to tell if a lesbian is attracted to you, one of the best ways to know is by asking her. In most cases, your intuition might not be a hundred percent correct. 

It’s advisable to be careful not to make assumptions without asking, so you don’t end up embarrassing yourself.


What does it mean when you’re attracted to all genders?

Pansexuality is being attracted to all genders, including those that choose not to be identified by any gender. Pansexual individuals tend to focus more on people’s personalities, neglecting their genders.

Why do we get attracted to the opposite gender?

Several factors influence the attraction of the opposite gender. Nonetheless, significant subjects like the scent, hormones, fertility, and the release of chemicals in the body, form the basis of attraction.

What is it called if you like the same gender?

When someone is attracted to people of the same gender, it is referred to as homosexuality. Homosexuality is a sexual orientation that defines the romantic or sexual attraction between individuals of the same gender.

Can you be sexually attracted to someone but not physically?

Sexual and physical attraction are synonymous with each other. A person can be physically and sexually interested in someone they aren’t romantically interested in. Likewise, a person can be sexually attracted to someone they aren’t intellectually attracted to.

What does binary mean sexually?

The gender binary is a classification of two genders, male and female, which people in society identify with. Most times, this aligns with the person’s birth gender or sexuality.

To Conclude

Did you enjoy this article? It’s advisable not to assume that any lesbian woman likes you, except she reveals this to you. Look out for the signs, and be absolutely sure before taking any action. Kindly leave a comment if you liked this article, and share it with friends.

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