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How To Moan (19 Tips To Moan Naturally During Sex)

June 3, 2024

Are you self-conscious about the noises you make when having sex?

Do you have no idea what noises you should be making?

Would you like to learn how to moan in a way that’s appealing to men?

If so, stay tuned! This guide has 19 tips for sexy moaning in the bedroom.

However, before we start, let me tell you a story that’s likely to prove very interesting to you.

In my younger years, I was that woman who would obsess over every small detail of my behavior around my crush.

This was because I kept getting dumped by my dates within a few weeks of meeting them - and I had no idea why!

It dented my confidence for a while - but it did lead me to the most amazing discovery, which ultimately gave me incredible success in my dating endeavors.

This discovery was some articles on a primal aspect of male psychology called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’.

This is part of the male brain, which can cause intense feelings of love, warmth and OBSESSION towards women when activated.

And it’s possible to learn how to activate it within men consistently.

That’s right; you can activate thoughts of OBSESSION within the men you meet by unlocking primal urges in their brain.

It’s difficult to learn this psychological trigger - but the results are absolutely worth it. My relationships with men have never been as loving and devoted.

This was a complete turnaround for me, and it has been found to work consistently within all demographics of men. So, if you want a similar turnaround in your love life, I’d urge you to read my story of how I discovered the ‘Hero’s Instinct’.

With that said, let’s move on to my masterclass of moaning in the bedroom. Scroll down for 19 useful tips.

19 Tips On How To Moan

1. Do not feel pressured to moan

do not feel pressured to moan

Every girl you see on porn thrusts their hips forward, throws their head back, and moans in ecstasy. I am sure you even wondered at a point if they all took classes or webinars on how to moan like a pro because you feel so left out and behind on the moan journey. Ease yourself slowly into it.

Do not forget that porn stars are actresses, they are professionals, they also get incentives from moaning and making it all look real (well, it is real but you understand what I mean). So that’s motivation enough for them to make a noise like their next meal depends on it.

Do it only if you are comfortable, do not be pressured to moan during sex.

2. Test run it

You have seen it in movies, you have seen it in porn videos, you have even read that vocalizations during sex take it to another whole level, and you want to see it for yourself. The best way to see for yourself is to test run it while making you feel good about yourself.

Get in the mood, touch yourself, use your vibrator, dry hump a pillow, whatever it is that pleases your majesty, try it, and test run it. Convert every iota of pleasure into soft pleasurable moans, and let it all out. You are all alone, so you have nothing to be afraid of.

You need to know what you sound like when you make a noise during sex and there is only one way to find out.

3. Record yourself

All hail technology. If you are reading this article, what I can get from it is that you have a device capable of at least recording your audio if not your videos. So when you get in the mood and test run your moan, record yourself! and do not think it cringes, watch yourself and improve if you can.

You think you know how you sound till you listen to your voice note. I get surprised when I listen to the voice notes I send because I sound so different in my head and I am sure you feel the same way too. So here is the sign to masturbate and record yourself moaning if you were looking for one.

4. Find your sexual voice

This is what I expect you to do after listening to yourself moan during sex. Let me share my experience with you. I did not like what I sounded like a few times during the process and I liked what I sounded like in some other parts. So, I tried to replicate the sounds I liked.

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And I think that Is exactly what you should do about the moans. Select the best and the second-best moans and try to repeat the sounds. You could just play with your nipples, bite your lips and repeat the sounds for a similar effect. And in no time, these sounds will become second nature to you.

Play around with different sounds, voices, and noises depth until you find something that is more natural and more you. Try out different things till you like how you moan during sex.

5. Don’t fake it

The last thing we want for you is to sound like a porn star bored out of her mind but still keeping up a good show. She is not comfortable with the position because her eyes say so, but the sounds of moans must go on. So she continues and sounds like an exhaust pipe.

This is 2023, ladies we do not want that, so if the sex does not feel good, don’t try to sound like an exhaust pipe like you’ve seen on porn sites. Moaning is a direct measure of sexual pleasure. So if you are not enjoying the sex, there is no way you are going to sound right.

6. Start softly

Always start softly. Moaning is a form of feedback to your partner. So as the pleasure intensifies, so should the moans. Moaning loudly at the first kiss might send a message that you are faking it, and you don’t want to mess with your partner’s confidence.

So during foreplay, let out a soft sound. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of silence in between. So at every point of arousal with your lover, let out a soft noise and ensure that it intensifies as the pleasure increases. Even if it is just a gentle sigh of pleasure, just let it out.

7. Do not exaggerate it

Dr. Emily Morse, a sex therapist once said “Think of our sex noises as a form of compulsory communication and the most direct way to make our partners know that what they are doing feels oh so good”. So why exaggerate it?

Massaging your partner’s egos sometimes (very few times) is healthy in a relationship but not to the detriment of your pleasure. You should not tell a man he is doing good in bed when he is not. So if you are not feeling it, keep the moan at a minimal level.

If you like what he is doing in bed, reward him with moans, and if you don’t like it don’t carry on with the “Yes daddy” chant. That way you don’t have to burden yourself with how to moan and not sound like a cow all through the suboptimal sex.

8. Take deep breaths audibly

take deep breaths audibly

I won’t lie to you and say I moan right all the time during sex. Sometimes, when I moan repeatedly for a long time, I begin to hear myself and I get embarrassed a little at the things I am saying out. Like “Sis, have some self-respect” 

Not like anything is wrong with that, I am just an over-thinker. And if you are like me, you begin to feel strange. So, instead of converting my pleasure to moans, I replace them intermittently with audible deep breaths. So, instead of moaning, I take a deep breath.

9. Say how you feel at the end of each breath

You could spice your moan up by not only taking deep breaths in between but also letting your partner know how they are making you feel in bed. So you could start by moaning softly, then increasing the moans as the pleasure intensifies.

When you think the moans are becoming monotonous, you replace them with taking deep breaths intermittently and saying what your partner is making you feel at the end of every deep breath. You can not go wrong with that, nobody can.

10. Say his name often

Sex is a two-way act, moaning makes it easy, and one of the best ways to hack this moaning business is by saying your partner's name. You cannot go wrong with that. I mean, there is no way you are going to do that wrong except if you mention a different person’s name.

So, if you are uncomfortable with making sounds, you can just call your partner’s name when he is doing something right. Think of it as positive reinforcement. It will boost your partner’s confidence in their sexual performance which is a win-win for you if you understand what I am saying.

11. Know what makes you feel good

Knowing what makes you feel good helps you moan better. You can direct your partner on what to do and how to do it for maximum sexual experience. If you know what makes you feel good and your partner does it right, you will have no problem moaning right.

A lot of times, the problem is not your moaning, it is your partner. If he were doing it right, you won’t be having these problems. This is because moaning or moaning right won’t be the problem. Recovering from volcanic discombobulating orgasms will be the problem.

You can also try sex toys to maximize the pleasure that can organically lead you to moan.

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12. Music helps

Make a sex playlist. It helps make you moan better. Asides from the fact that you are both having sex with songs that you both like, it will give sex with your partner a rhythm you can both follow, and you can also moan out the lyrics of the song while you both make love.

Music will help keep you both in the right mood, and it will also help make sex better, which makes you a better moaner and even give you what to moan about. So, if you have problems with how to moan, improve your moaning with music.

13. Use your hands

Whenever I run my hands through surfaces, materials, or things I like, I let out a sound, almost like a soft noise. This is because it feels good to my palm and I like the feel of it. If you do the same thing, this should help you become a better moaner. 

You can run your hands across your partner's body and just let out the noises freely as it is natural to make sounds. It helps you moan better and you do it effortlessly too. So, at points where you feel confused as to what to do, run your hands across his body and let the noises flow out of you.

14. Don’t shout

Moaning is not shouting. I understand that during sex, there will be plateaus and noises that cannot be tamed. However, shouting all through the 45 minutes of sexual intercourse is but much. It only happens in porn videos, nobody shouts all through.

So don’t let the “black ebony girl or the milf” from that porn site deceive you, you are not expected to shout during sex, moan softly, you need your throat for communication and other sexual activities. You do not have to shout to moan.

15. Don’t overthink it

I am chuckling as I write this because I know this is hypocrisy as I am a chronic over-thinker. So learn from my mistakes and get out of your head. Sex is a primal act and so are all sexual activities. You are doing it right as there is no good or bad when it comes to sex.

So if you feel more comfortable making those noises in a particular way, make the noises. You hardly ever go wrong with anything primal or instinct-directed. So just follow the flow of the pleasure you are experiencing and make sounds unapologetically.

16. Be in the moment

The best way to moan is to be in the moment and distract from every outside thought or negative feeling. To tap into the full experience of sex, being in the moment will mean that you let go of any doubt or self-consciousness.

Remember to be in the present, you can start with the classic “ohhhh” and build it up from there as the feelings intensify. Experience every drop of emotions and feelings tied to the moment and let go of other emotions—like nothing matters except the right now.

17. Permit yourself to enjoy sex

permit yourself to enjoy sex

I think, one of the reasons why people have difficulties with moaning is because they have not fully permitted themselves to enjoy sex. They think of multiple ‘what ifs’ and they already think something will go wrong even before they start. So, instead of immersing themselves in the pleasure, they worry.

When you fully submerge yourself into enjoying sex wholly, moaning will be the least of the problems because it will come naturally with no further ado. You would not know how or where the moans are from, they are innate and because you have permitted yourself to enjoy sex, you will get the full experience.

18. Be the ‘mmmmm-er.’

You might be shy to let go of the wordless vocalizations during sex because it does not fit into your description of what the perfect moan is. But the gag is there is no perfect moan. The ‘mmms’ and the ‘oohs’ are products of innate and primal sexual desires.

Just letting go of restraints and moaning just as it comes naturally to you (during sexual intercourse and other sexual activities( have an amazing way of deceiving the body into being more aroused. So ‘mmmm’ it until you make it (and ‘mmmmmm’ it until you moan it).

19. There is no wrong or right way

At the beginning of this article, I explained that nobody has the manual on how to moan, and nobody has the step-by-step instructions on how to moan. So, remember that there is no right or wrong way and that the way you are going about it is right provided you genuinely enjoy the sexual activity,

Do not worry about if it sounds right or not. If you are not faking it, then it does not sound fake. Also, always put it at the back of your mind that men never notice that something is wrong until you point it out blatantly. So, never complain about how your moaning makes you uncomfortable hence, they start to notice.


Is it good to moan?

Yes, it is good to moan. It is super hot to moan and moaning helps your man perform better in bed. It is a sign that you love what he is doing and it is also a confidence booster. So voice out that moan sis even if your throat hurts (this won’t happen).

What does it mean when you moan?

When you moan, it means you are trying to communicate with your partner in bed. So, if it is a pain moan or a pleasure moan, it is a sign to encourage or discourage your partner during sexual intercourse. And it can also make sex more enjoyable.

Why do guys like when you moan their name?

Guys like it when you moan their name because it is a morale booster. It fuels their ego, it gives them the energy and power to even go harder and make sex more pleasurable for you. If you want to see a man take sex from zero to a hundred real quick, just moan his name.

Do guys like quiet girls?

Before I answer this question, would you like a man that is quiet in bed? A man that just stays mute with no response to any of your sexual moves. He just looks at you when you kiss him or go down on him. I am sure you don’t want that man too. Well, neither do men.

Make that sound today sis, nobody likes quiet and irresponsive during sex.

Why does he say my name in bed?

He says your name in bed because you are doing exactly what you should be doing when you should be doing it. So, go ahead sis. Don’t stop being the pleasure-giving angel that you are. Keep driving him wild and let him keep saying that name. It’s your one-woman show, shine babe!

The Bottom Line 

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Don’t forget to practice on yourself with yourself and record it so you can find your sexual voice. Also, try not to overthink moaning, let it come to you naturally. It always works best when you are not forcing it.

Let me know what you think in the comments and if you enjoyed this, don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.

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