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How To Get A Scorpio Man To Chase You (17 Vital Tips)

July 6, 2024

Are you wondering how to make a Scorpio man chase you?

Perhaps you’ve met a great one, who isn’t showing enough interest in you? 

Or maybe you’re stuck in a relationship with a Scorpio who is being stereotypically distant?

EIther way, you’re in the right place. This guide reveals 17 surefire ways to make a Scorpio man chase you. 

However, before I reveal these strategies, it’s very important that you read the following sentences carefully. 

In my teens and twenties, I wasted most of my life chasing guys who just weren’t that into me. 

The spark in my relationships would always die after a few weeks or months. 

It felt like I’d never find a man who loved me for me! 

Thankfully, I was able to turn this sorry situation around - and I want to explain how. 

It all began when I discovered a little-known aspect of male psychology called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’.

This psychological tick can be the difference between men seeing you as a friend, casual fling or an OBSESSION. 

Once I learned how to activate it, my romantic relationships quickly became more passionate and fulfilling. (You can read my personal story to learn how it works).   

This is an incredibly consistent psychological shortcut, and it’s easy to pull off once you know how. 

So, if you’re hoping to make an impact on a special guy, I invite you to discover how I discovered the power of the ‘Hero’s Instinct

Then, you can read on for my Scorpio-specific tips.

17 Tips To Get A Scorpio Man To Chase You

Love is such a great feeling, especially when found in the right person. There are so many factors that make someone the right person, and one of these is astrology and the zodiac signs. 

Knowing the zodiac sign of guys you're interested in is a great way to understand their psychology, how they think, and most importantly, how they love. Today's article looks at guys with the most intense zodiac sign; Scorpio.

A Scorpio man is a man of mystery, and as such, he might be a very difficult man to attract. Once such a man has you on his radar and develops an attraction towards you, he will crave and desire your presence at all times, paying attention to you and no one else. 

It's a great feeling being in a relationship with a Scorpio, and if you've never experienced this, you're in good company. We're taking you through over ten tips to get a Scorpio to start paying attention to you. These Tips consider their personality, how they love and how they expect to be loved. 

1. Allow him to chase you.

Scorpio men love chasing women they are obsessed with. These born chasers love to be the one going after the girl; it makes them feel confident and masculine. If you want such a guy to chase you, you need to be willing to be the damsel in distress. 

Allow him to take charge in the chasing, and as much as possible, be subtle when you choose to play along. Flirt subtly as being too eager will make him lose interest fast. 

2. Look your best.

To make a Scorpio man start chasing you, you need to invest in more than physical beauty; you'll need to get emotionally naked. Emotional nakedness has to do with opening up to him and showing him your vulnerabilities. 

This is a simple act, but it goes a long way to get a Scorpio man to trust you and, in turn, talk to you about his vulnerabilities. This is always a great way to start a relationship because it allows both parties to offer emotional support when needed. 

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3. Make him miss you.

make him miss you

Playing hard is a wonderful way to get a guy to chase you, but letting him miss you is sure to always keep this man by your side. When a Scorpio realizes you're head over heels in love with him and the chase just started, the mystery around you will be lost, and he'll find attraction elsewhere. 

To get him to miss you, make sure he can feel your presence even in your absence. Find the perfect balance between making him miss you and being there for him. You can choose to ignore some of his calls but also return others such that he doesn't lose his feelings. Make him wonder about your feelings, as this gives him a reason to constantly chase you. 

4. Loyalty goes a long way.

We all have dealbreakers in relationships, and one that every Scorpio has is loyalty; a Scorpio man can never be in a relationship with someone who isn't loyal. This is something they don't play with, and neither should you if you hope to be with them. 

When a Scorpio man realizes you're not loyal, they might offer occasional and casual hookups but will never be prepared to build a lifelong relationship because they can't trust you. Loyalty doesn't only mean being a faithful partner. It means you should be an all-or-nothing partner to them, someone who will never violate their trust or betray them.

5. Have a sexy mind.

Sometimes, how to get a Scorpio man to chase you has nothing to do with sexual intimacy. Above all else, every Scorpio man's greatest turn-on is the mind of a woman. If you look like the sexiest woman on earth, or you are the most loyal person he knows, yet he feels he cannot relate with you intellectually, there will be no chase whatsoever. 

To get a Scorpio man intrigued, show him how great your communication skills are. Find out what he likes and dislikes, and enter into conversations about time, asking him deep questions. The deeper the question, the more he'll need to think, and the more he'll be mesmerized by you. Also, never be afraid to oppose his views. 

6. Be your person.

be your person

There is a major difference between needing someone in your life and wanting them. Every Scorpio man wants a woman who offers the latter, not the former. If you want a Scorpio to pursue you, you'll need to be an independent and self-sufficient woman to catch his attention

Wanting someone over needing them means that you are intrigued by him, and you'll love a relationship, but your happiness isn't decided on whether you get together or not. 

Scorpio men love to know that while you love being with them, you're perfectly fine on your own, and his presence doesn't give your life meaning. His presence might make it better, but he doesn't complete you.

7. Ask for his help.

Yes, I know I spoke about being self-sufficient in the last point, but we know that Scorpios have two different personalities; they want to know they are needed and the one that doesn't. If you want these guys to go after you, you'll need to play both personalities. 

That being said, you must find pockets of space where you can ask for his help and, in turn, tiger his hero instinct, which boosts his ego. Even when you don't need his advice, be sure to ask for his opinion, and there's nothing wrong with getting him to do little favors for you. Make him feel like a real man, useful and important in your life. 

8. Be yourself.

The last thing you want to do is let a Scorpio man fall in love with a personality that doesn't belong to you. It will require a lot of work keeping up appearances, which can affect the relationship in the long run. You can work on yourself and certain traits you need to change, but don't waste time faking to be someone in a bid to manipulate him into obsessing over you. 

According to astrology, Scorpio men find it very easy to see through people and their pretenses. Once Scorpio guys there's something wrong with the picture you show him in the early stages, he'll lose trust in you. 

9. Get him jealous.

get him jealous

Still, wondering how to get a Scorpio man to chase you? Feed his possessive side by getting him insanely jealous. Every Scorpio guy automatically feels huge jealousy when they fall in love. This often shows them as extremely possessive, which can sometimes be toxic. However, when done right, you can get him to feel jealousy and fall deeper in love with you. 

When you're the only woman in his life and want it to stay that way, he'll try all it takes to keep you around, especially when he sees how desirable you are to other men. If you're already in a relationship with a Scorpio guy, you can't go around dating other men as this will make a Scorpio man leave.

You can catch a Scorpio man's attention by mentioning how a random male tried hitting on you or by subtly flirting with someone else in his presence. 

10. Let things flow.

Another way to have a Scorpio guy chasing after you is by allowing him to move at his own pace. This must be done within a set timeline to ensure he doesn't play games with your heart without making the relationship official. Don't push him into committing, especially initially, as this will be seen as you being too needy. If he sees you as his soul mate, he'll come around when you least expect it. 

11. Be alert.

A typical Scorpio guy loves hard and does everything to be with people they are attracted to. One of the most popular Scorpio man secrets, however, is that these guys are players. Here's how to get a Scorpio man to chase you. While trying to get a Scorpio to chase you, be on the alert and don't let him play you

12. Maintain mystery.

An easy way to have a Scorpio man chase you is by being mysterious. The more layers he has to peel to learn about you, the more love he'll feel for you. Being vulnerable isn't wrong, but don't be an open book. Make him work hard for the other parts of you, and it'll pay off. 

13. Let him go.

If he stops chasing you, let him leave. Under no circumstance should you be the one chasing him back into your life; this will mean he has a lot of power over you, and he'll officially get bored. If he leaves, let him, that's the only way to let a Scorpio man chase you once more. 

14. Listen to him.

listen to him

For any Scorpio man to chase you, you'll need to become someone he's comfortable with. You need to willingly listen to him and understand him to be this person. Focus on developing an intimate connection with him, and only then will he let you in.

15. Apologize when you're wrong.

The Scorpio man chase might end when he's angry at something you did, and you don't see the need to apologize. When there's any form of conflict or disagreement, and he seems angry with you, the first thing to do is reflect, to know whether you're in the wrong or right. 

Once you realize you are wrong, it is best to apologize as early as possible. The longer your partner acts cold or angry towards you, the less likely he will rekindle his feelings for you. 

16. Bet him at his game.

Their feelings and jealousy pangs can easily go into the negative side, making them potentially toxic people to be around. A Scorpio guy will never admit that he enjoys playing mind games like mixed signals, hot and cold psychology, revenge, and also playing hard to get. 

To get the full attention of a Scorpio man, you'll need to show him that even though you're interested; you cannot be played. You can do this by not reacting to his efforts or playing along and beating him at his own game. The former might drive him crazy and attract him even more to you. The latter, when it works, will quickly deflate his ego and increase his respect for you. 

17. Look good consciously.

As much as they can be extremely intense with their persona, the Scorpio man is a man like no other. This means he's attracted to what he can see, like a beautiful face and a stunning body. You don't need to do anything extra, apart from taking good care of your appearance; you don't need to have a supermodel body.


How do you make a Scorpio man obsessed with you?

Developing deep feelings for a Scorpio male means you're about to have fun and adventure. A typical Scorpio male is naturally outgoing, with a charming personality that is hard to miss. For a Scorpio man to show interest in you or experience intense attraction, you'll have to play to different sides and personalities.

One of the eBay ways to warm up to him is, to be honest when giving compliments. Flattery is a great way to show him you're interested because it boosts his ego, which leaves him constantly thinking about how amazing and nice you are.

Also, don't come off as too eager or interested, always being the first to call or reach out. Make him desire to call you first or reach out to make plans. Leaving him to think about why you haven't reached out develops a genuine interest on his side, and this is great when building an emotional connection.

How do you make a Scorpio man miss you?

Whether you're trying to get back with a Scorpio or in a relationship with one, you don't have to play mind games to get him to miss you. They are naturally loyal men with powerful feelings towards people they've chosen to be in relationships with. One way to make a Scorpio man miss you when you aren't around is by creating an air of curiosity around yourself and your personality.

Don't put too much information out there, especially on social media, like where you are, where you're going, or doing. Be vague with your poss, and your love interest is sure to have you on his mind for hours on end.

Another thing to try is a new look like a new hair color, hairstyle, or even a new makeup look. When you both spend time after this new look, there's a high chance he'll be mesmerized so much that you'll stay on his mind long after your date has ended.

How do Scorpio men connect?

Keeping a Scorpio man's emotional connection is simple yet complicated at the same time. The men with the water sign crave powerful feelings and a deep connection to their partners, not forgetting lustful romance. To keep your Scorpio man's mind on you, you need to be ready to give all the cuddles, gentle touches, and every other form of sensuality you can think of.

Intimacy is a must for Scorpios because they enter into relationships with full force and desire. They love hard in every relationship, and they might seem a little obsessed with you; that's how Scorpios show you that they've found their true love.

Will a Scorpio man make the first move?

Even though Scorpio men hate playing games, they might struggle with making the first move when they have deep feelings for you. They do, however, show certain signs that they're interested, and if you're keen enough, you can catch a sign or two and show mutual interest before you lose the chance of a beautiful relationship.

A Scorpio man is naturally intense, and as such, he will go to the extreme to please his love interest. This might mean climbing onto your balcony to talk or showing up in your window at midnight.

He will also want to develop a deep emotional connection with you. This means he might ask you questions you might find uncomfortable if he has a desire to be with you. They love deciphering any mystery, and at that moment, the girl he's obsessed with is the new mystery he needs to solve.

What kind of girl does a Scorpio man like?

As natural leaders and dominators, men with this powerful zodiac sign tend to be intense in their relationships. This doesn't sit well with some women, and not everyone can handle this intensity. The best kinds of women who'll thrive within a relationship are affectionate, responsive, devoted, and easy-going.

Their need to be dominant in life will have them always trying to seduce or woo you. If you're the kind of girl who can play hard to get and allows him to enjoy the pursuit, chances are you will be a great fit.

It would be best if you also were more easygoing than he is. Scorpios, in some instances, can be very difficult to deal with. If you're overly sentimental or constantly demand emotional intimacy, they might end the pursuit for fear caught in their vulnerability.

To Summarize

No Scorpio man doesn't value devotion, emotional connection, and intimacy. These men are highly sensitive, but they believe in true love and the need to show that love. Some of their actions might be interpreted by some as mind games or jealousy or possessiveness, but to them, they're simply being honest about how they feel and are chasing after what they are unrelenting. Loving such a man is a thrill, and the relationship never gets boring. 

If you loved reading this article, we're sure your friends and family will love it too. Please share this article across platforms, and have your friends leave wonderful comments about their favorite Scorpio partners. 

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