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How to Edge for Hours – A Detailed Guide

April 8, 2024

Sex is one activity that gives our body a lot of pleasure. Most often, the thought of sex comes from one's ability to achieve orgasm or, better still, reach a climax by coming. Many of us constantly chase this occurrence when we have no idea what exactly the ultimate orgasm or climax should feel like. 

There are many ways to achieve orgasm during sexual activity, including regular foreplay, penetration, and oral sex. These are great for pleasure, but if you want to take your climax a thousand notches higher, you should consider how to edge. 

What is edging? In summary, it is the practice of controlling your orgasm and when you come. Studies have shown that female edging, or men edging, when done right, ultimately gives you the best orgasms you've ever had. 

This article gives you a greater understanding of edging, how to edge and delay orgasm, and the benefits of edging you might not have known about. Keep reading. 

Benefits and Effects of Edging 

Why should you know how to edge yourself? How sure am I that I will enjoy a specific edging technique? Why can't I climax or achieve orgasm like I usually do, I already know it works. These are all great questions, but the major question should be, why shouldn't you edging? 

For some people, the simple act of edging increases the intensity of their orgasms, according to Medical News Today. The benefits of edging aren't restricted to sex alone, it could occur both through sexual activity with a partner and also masturbation. 

Another benefit of edging, studies have revealed, is that when included for sexual arousal, it makes it easier for one to reach orgasms. When edging tips are followed and implemented well, many people, the larger percentage female, are highly likely to achieve a more intense orgasm during sex. The percentage increases even further amongst females who masturbate. 

If your body is prone to premature release of semen, or premature ejaculation, you might also find that edging is a great advantage. This is because it enables you to increase your duration of sex before reaching an orgasm. 

Edging techniques involve changing the intensity of sex, slowing down, stopping stimulation totally or changing position, and this simple act of orgasm control shifts your focus away from the pleasure of reaching orgasm. The result is your ability to thoroughly enjoy the stimulation process. 

The last benefit of edging is for couples: you can learn to build confidence with one another through edging. 

Again, edging techniques require pausing before building up sensations again. This act allows you and your partner to discuss your sexual health, preferred sexual interests and preferences, which, in turn, allows you to learn more about their body, what brings them pleasure and how to get them to climax. 

Edging Effects

In general, there are no known adverse effects associated with edging techniques. 

In some rare cases, edging is known to lead to a situation known as epididymal hypertension, also known socially as blue balls. This usually occurs when the testicles have a buildup of blood caused by long periods of arousal without achieving a climax. Thankfully, this situation is not harmful or deadly; it'll pass on its own. 

Another effect of holding off premature ejaculation repeatedly, especially with the wrong edging techniques, is the experience of sexual dysfunction issues like anorgasmia, which is a situation in which you experience difficulty in reaching a climax. 

The last effect is especially for individuals who practice tips for edging periodically, solely for satisfaction. You might end up defining all sexual encounters by whether or not you were able to reach a climax. 

Emphasizing this output takes all the pleasure away from the sex, causing you to experience sexual health and personal distress, less satisfaction and ultimately, relationship conflict

10 Tips to Edge Yourself (Solo-Edging or Masturbation)

10 tips to edge yourself (solo edging or masturbation)

1. Know thyself

The first step to edging or orgasm control, experts state, is self-awareness. You need to get in touch with your body, not just your penis or vagina. 

In learning more about your anatomy, you're in a better position to know all your signs before orgasming, which usually differs from one person to the other. Some common signs of an imminent orgasm include tightening your pelvic floor muscles and a distinct pressure building up in your genitals. 

For some, the best ways to learn about themselves and master the stop-start method is on their own, through solo edging or masturbation. This is great because it eliminates the stress of worrying about your partner and whether or not they're having fun during sexual activities. 

2. Time blocking

Learning the art of edging on your own isn't an arduous task. The first step is to create a time block. Find moments where you won't be disturbed within your day. Allow 30 minutes at most to do this, and when it's time, you can begin the masturbation process. 

Time blocking is best done at night, right before bed. This is because you're less likely to be interrupted, which gives you more than enough time to explore your body, learn new facts about it and also try out the different techniques of edging. 

3. Start slow

Contrary to popular belief, edging doesn't start with masturbation. It begins when you unwind and relax your body, mind and senses. For this reason, experts advise practicing some deep breaths before edging. This process allows you to calm yourself and realize when you're reaching the cusp of an intense orgasm. 

Let your masturbation start slowly, avoiding kinky sex or masturbation right off the bat. Whenever you feel yourself about to come, slow down even further and slowly change your position or activity. It is best to concrete on any foreplay within this window to ensure you keep the mood without coming. 

4. Keep tabs

To perfect the act of edging, you need to observe the point at which your body can remain in control right before you finally come. This is a crucial point because it determines how successful edging will be. It takes more than once to figure this out, but with regular practice, you'll become a pro at edge masturbation in no time.

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5. Communicate effectively 

Maybe, you've figured out how to edge, and you're ready to try it with your partner. The key? Communication. When practicing this with your partner, communicate instead of assuming or taking cues. If you can feel your partner about to come, help them change positions or switch to something else. 

To make their transition easier and still more sensual, try whispering into their ear, 'not yet' or 'I want more of this, let me show you how' and start something different enough to distract them from coming but still keep them highly aroused

6. Get aroused

get aroused

While communication is imperative, you also need to ensure you are aroused. Finding or achieving arousal is possible thanks to a myriad of sexual activities. You can start with your favorite foreplay activities or different exciting sex positions with your partner. 

You can go a step further and focus on stimulating your partner with oral sex. Consider flicking, licking or sucking his nipples, stroking his penis, or whatever you know tips him off, but don't forget: we're edging, so don’t let him get too far. 

7. The squeeze method

This method is generally for men. With the squeeze method of edging, you get yourself to a state of arousal, and then slowly, you stimulate yourself to the point of orgasm. Right before you feel yourself achieve orgasm, what you do is squeeze the head of your penis in a bid to stop yourself from premature ejaculation

After squeezing, wait for up to 30 seconds before stimulating yourself. The squeeze method is one of the best tips on edging for a more intense orgasm. 

8. Ballooning

In addition to the squeeze technique, another method to delay orgasm is very easy: the ballooning edging method. This is ideal for guys who experience premature ejaculation. When having sex with your partner you can help him out with this method. 

The first step is to identify an extremely sensitive area on your partner's penis and focus your touches on that side. Slowly and gently, start the edging process by gently moving your finger in circular motions around that area. 

With a consistent tempo, continue to rub that area until you feel his penis become hard, and keep at it until he's about to come. If you use safe words, keep an ear out for him so that you can stop the circular motions before he can reach orgasm. Allow him to get softer, and then begin the process again. 

9. Try a vibrator

Hear me out: you'll have so much fun with a vibrator when trying the start-stop technique! With a vibrator, you can enjoy and explore various levels of penetration, different angles, vibration rhythms and speeds, and much more. 

You can invest in a vibrator that offers you biofeedback on what happens in your body when in use to know when your climax process begins and peaks. 

10. Stay in control

The edging technique requires a high degree of body control; as such, you need to change positions, choosing positions that will put you in charge. Some of the best positions to make you feel more in charge during sex include reverse cowgirl and cowgirl, as they are great for gauging the depth and speed of thrusts, allowing you to stop as and when needed.

10 Tips to Edge Your Partner and Make Him Last Longer in Bed

10 tips to edge your partner and make him last longer in bed

1. Take it slow

Edging is one of the best ways to make your man last longer in bed because it entails one major thing: it causes you to take it slow. Have your man start slow to get him to last longer, Men's Fitness magazine advises. Tell your man to try one thrust every few seconds to ensure this happens. 

Next, get him to take it up a notch but aim for one thrust every second after a few minutes. Whenever he feels he's about to ejaculate, switch to edging gear and have him wait a few seconds until he regains control before starting the process again. 

2. Try pelvic floor exercise

Kegels are a great exercise to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and enhance your chances of reaching orgasm. Studies show that kegels are also great because they can help treat premature ejaculation

If your sexual partner struggles with this, try doing kegel exercises with him for some minutes every day. Doing this and edging is a great recipe for having your man last longer in bed. 

3. Condoms

Yes, they are not only for protection. Condoms can be used to help your man last longer in bed. While this has nothing to do with edging, it is a great tip for anyone looking to have longer sex and even better orgasms. 

This tip works well with men who don't like wearing condoms because it doesn't feel good. Condoms during sex do bring pleasurable feelings and different sensations. Still, it also weakens the physical sensations on your partner's penis, which means it takes longer for him to reach an orgasm. 

4. Change positions

One tip to build your sexual stamina, avoid premature ejaculation, and experience delayed orgasm, is to keep changing positions. Your man might have a particular move that gets his penis extra hard, ready to explode. When you're in that position and feel him coming, switch things up to a new position to stop stimulation. 

Forget doggy style if you're looking to edge, and consider moves such as missionary or girl-on-top for the best effects. If you're wondering how to last longer in masturbation, changing your positions can also be a great tool. 

5. Learn your partner's body

Just as you need to know your body to achieve sexual pleasure, you also need to know your partner's body and what causes them to experience sexual stimulation. By learning about your partner's anatomy and preferences, edging becomes easy because you know the most appropriate method for orgasm control. 

Being aware of your partner sexually is one of the best ways to experience sexual pleasure while offering stimulation and pleasure to him. It improves your sex life, makes every sexual encounter better than the last and builds your bond. 

6. Lube should be your friend

Trust me when I say every sexual encounter should use lube: it's a must! You might not have been a fan of lube but trust that after using it for sexual stimulation, you'll never go back. Lube makes sexual intercourse more pleasurable because of its smooth and slick feel. 

One thing lube does well is stimulate the clitoris quickly, which is great for us women, especially since it takes a while to get into the mood. 

With lube, you can achieve orgasms faster, try edging more and, finally, experience an intense orgasm that brings you a different level of sexual excitement, whether you're stimulating your own body or have a partner to help you. 

7. Dry humping

dry humping

Are you more adventurous and looking to have a more interesting sex life? Dry humping can be your sexual experimentation ticket. A little over-the-pants action might be just what you need for clitoral stimulation, even though it might take a little longer than usual. 

To ensure you climax faster, you can consider doing your dry-humping sessions in locations where there's a greater risk of getting caught: peak your sex life and experience more intense orgasms all at once. 

8. Communicate effectively about it

Sometimes your efforts can only go so far: you need to know your partner is on the same page. Does your partner struggle to achieve orgasms? Or is he willing to delay orgasms? 

When trying edging, it is best to talk about the process with your partner before you attempt to have sexual intercourse. You might be looking to try something new in your sex life, but your partner isn't willing to talk about it. 

Faking is not an option if you want to enjoy all the benefits of edging, which is why communicating is helpful. Everyone is different, so you need to talk to find out how you and your partner can get the most benefits out of edging. 

9. Use it as foreplay

To prevent premature ejaculation, be sure to tell your partner when to start or stop when stroking or giving you oral sex. Giving your partner the power to control your orgasms at their discretion is great foreplay. Not only is it extremely hot for them, but it's also hot for you, enabling you to reach an orgasm easily. 

Edging as foreplay with your partner creates the perfect balance between being in control of your own body and relinquishing that power or control to someone else at that moment. There's nothing sexier. 

10. Anal play

Another edging tip is to use this sexual activity for anal play. This is a good way to prepare for anal play if you love being on the receiving end. No one loves painful penetration, and having a tight butthole is one sure way to experience pain during penetration. 

To change this, try bringing yourself to the point of orgasm via genital touching, and then stop, doing this several times until you're in the space of relaxation and high arousal, before any anal penetration occurs. Also, don't forget the lube!


Is it healthy to edge for hours?

Once you know how to perform edging correctly and better understand its effects, you'll know it's not inherently harmful to your sexual health. Healthline states that when you practice edging in itself, be it via the ballooning style or the squeeze technique, it does not cause any sexual dysfunction in your body. In women, edging isn't known to impair women's ability to enjoy an orgasm either.

That being said, the source states that if you don't release any fluid during the climax, in the name of edging, there's no chance of ejaculate expelling into your bladder, kidneys or anywhere in your body.

Ejaculate that doesn't make it out of your penis is intimately broken down and recycled into its various components.

Does edging increase stamina?

In practice, one can say that edging is a great way to learn about stamina during sex, especially with regard to delayed ejaculation. The goal of the edging technique in sex is to prolong your sexual intercourse a bit, allowing you to have longer-lasting sessions, more exciting orgasms and unforgettable sexual intercourse.

The best part about edging is that you don't have to do it for an hour. The edging or stop-start can be done for a few minutes. Maybe 7-13 minutes is the desired duration for most women who have sexual intercourse with men.

How long should I edge before sex?

No hard and fast rule governing how long you must hold off premature ejaculation during sex or when you masturbate. The art of stopping stimulation during sexual intercourse can be done anywhere between a few seconds to 30 seconds.

The only rule governing the edging technique is stopping stimulation whenever you need to have an orgasm. The practice might take time and a lot of self-awareness, but it is easy to master within a short time.

How many times should you edge during sex?

If you're trying the start and stop technique for the first time, you might have to edge between 4 and 5 times before reaching an orgasm. As you progress, develop even more self-awareness and learn to recognise the signs of an orgasm within your body, the number of times it might increase.

Medicinenet says you're free to use the edging technique as often and as you would like during sexual activities. Still, you shouldn't do it to a point where it gets uncomfortable for your sexual partner or yourself.

Does edging make you better in bed?

The edging technique does not promise to make you better in bed, but rather, it conditions your body to last longer during sexual activities. It takes you to a deeper level of pleasure, and you experience better orgasms without struggles.

In Conclusion

The stop-start technique is an amazing way to try edging for better orgasms. There are so many ways to enjoy sexual interaction void of premature ejaculation and penis penetration, and edging is one such way. 

We do hope this article is of major help to you, your partner and your sex life. Be sure to share it with friends you think will love to read more about how to enjoy an orgasm from edging. 

Do you have any response or advice for others looking to edge? Don't be a stranger: leave us a comment below.

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