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How To Deal With A Capricorn Man Ignoring You (13 Things To Do)

Are you being ignored by a Capricorn you really care about?

Are you wondering about the best ways to get through to him?

If so, I'm here to help.

There are a few actions you can take that Capricorns can't help but respond to, and I have created a list of the most effective ideas below. 

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Read on for some more tips to get this Capricorn back in your life.

How To Deal With A Capricorn Man Ignoring You

These are our 13 ways to cope with a Capricorn man who ignores you. Remember, due to his Capricorn ways, learning how to cope with his behavior will be different from what to do when a Cancer man ignores you or when a Sagittarius man ignores you. A Capricorn man’s personality is such that he will react better to some actions by you than another Zodiac sign would. 

1. Ignore him back

Ignore him back

Fighting fire with fire is often the best way to cope with someone when they ignore you. When a Capricorn man ignores you it is imperative. The reason being is that he is a very persistent, ambitious man. He won’t like to feel like he is losing his power, so he will be confused by your actions. Plus when you ignore him back, it is a great way of playing hard to get and piquing his interest again. 

2. Talk to him about it

To make things right between the two of you, one of the best methods you can follow is to talk to him directly about it. In doing so, you will know directly what is going on with him. Hopefully, you will find out that your Capricorn man isn’t actually giving you the cold shoulder. In fact, you could find out that your Capricorn man ignores you from time to time because something else in his life is stressing him out and he is simply concentrating on that. Either way, you won’t find out properly unless you open up the lines of communication.

3. Flirt with other guys

Flirting with other guys can be a brilliant idea if your Capricorn man ignores you. Due to his stubborn and driven ways, he won’t want to feel like he is losing control over you. He will hate the idea of losing you to another man which is why you flirting with another guy in front of him can be such an effective means of coping with him when he ignores you. 

4. Focus your energy elsewhere

Just because your Capricorn man ignores you from time to time, doesn’t mean your life has to be rubbish as a result. As opposed to focusing all your energy on him and your relationship, focus on your life instead. Find things that you gain a lot of pleasure from so that you don’t notice his negative behavior quite so much. 

5. Have a night out with the girls

Another important thing to do when a Capricorn man is not talking to you is to remember that you have other people that love you in your life. Make sure you spend time with your girlfriends and plan a night out with them. Laughing with your mates is one of the best tonics to relationship woes as well as making you remember that there is more to your life than just your Capricorn man. 

6. Spend more time with your children

If you’ve got kids, take the opportunity to spend more time with them until your Capricorn guy makes things right with you again. It could be that he’s their dad, or it could be that you’re a single mom out dating again. Either way, your kids are one of the most important things to you. Spending time with them will make you feel better about your relationship, and may even help you forget the issues within it for a while. 

7. Indulge one of your hobbies

Another way to make use of the quiet time that comes from a Capricorn man not making you any contact with you is to indulge your love of a hobby you have. As wonderful as relationships are, they are very time consuming and don’t always give us the time to dedicate to other pastimes in our life that we love. 

8. Start a new fitness regime

Getting fit is a fabulous way to direct the nervous energy that comes as a consequence of being in a couple where you are being ignored by their Capricorn partner. Anxiety from the fear of rejection is very common and if you don’t want to speak to him directly about the fact that he is not talking to you, then you will need to channel that anxiety into another activity. Getting fit is great for that as it helps build up your confidence in addition to pumping you full of feel-good endorphins. 

9. Promote yourself on social media

A good way to show him what he is missing is to promote how wonderful your life is without him on social platforms. While this may not be as direct a way as sorting through your issues as talking to him, ensuring that he knows what he is giving up is important too. It helps readdress the balance in your relationship. 

10. Send him flirty messages

Flirting is a fantastic way of keeping the fun in your relationship alive - and it may make your Capricorn forget why he is behaving the way he is in the first place. Ensuring that you both have fun is a perfect method to make things right between you again so you can get back on track. Capricorn men are powerless against a good flirt, so try texting him if he physically won’t speak to you. 

11. Look your best in front of him

Another perfect way to show him what he is missing is to make sure that you always look your best in front of the Capricorn that you are dating. The sexual attraction is incredibly important to Capricorn men, so if you look irresistible in front of him, it will only be a matter of time before he starts talking to you again. 

12. Don’t jump to his every contact

A reason why Capricorn men feel like they can ignore a woman that they are dating is that the balance of power is not right in their relationships. They take advantage of a woman who wants to always please him. He knows he can ignore that type of woman as she will always let him back in if he starts talking to her again. For that reason, don’t jump to his every contact if you are dating a Capricorn. It will help keep that relationship on a healthy level. 

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13. Go on holiday

Go on holiday

Going on holiday is a fantastic method to get a perspective on any issues that are affecting you. Also, when it comes to a guy who is not talking to you, it’s also a great way to ensure that you are not available to him. You may get some great time to think about whether you are truly getting everything you need from a guy who is capable of such immature behavior. 


Why does a Capricorn ignore you?

Capricorns are sensitive guys. The result of this can be that sometimes if they are your love interest, they can actually be too sensitive. This means they are likely to overreact to something you have done which in turn makes them ignore you

How do you make a Capricorn man miss you?

Getting a Capricorn man to miss you can be difficult as they are both disciplined and ambitious people, so if they want to see you, they will. However, try to play as hard to get as possible and ensure you are not always available to him. This will hopefully get your Capricorn to start missing you soon. 

What does it mean when a Capricorn man stops texting you?

When a Capricorn man stops texting you, it can mean one of two things. Firstly, that he simply is not interested in you for a relationship anymore. Secondly, it can mean that he is not happy about something that has transpired between the two of you and is ignoring you as a consequence. 

How do you know when a Capricorn man is not interested?

Given that a Capricorn man is a very driven and persistent person, if he’s not interested in you, he won’t do very much to contact you - if at all. Therefore, if you feel like you are the one doing all the chasing, the likelihood is that he is not interested in you at all. 

Do Capricorns like to cuddle?

Capricorn men do like cuddling in private as they are such sensitive guys. In public, this sensitivity will come across as holding your hand or putting this arm around you protectively. He’ll also try to kiss you as much as possible. However, he will love to cuddle when behind closed doors. 

What To Do When A Capricorn Man Is Ignoring You - Conclusion

It’s so hard when you are dating someone that you really like, only for them to start to ignore you. There are many methods you can follow to sort out this issue between you both - perhaps the most direct is talking it through. However, this can make for a very awkward conversation that not everyone is comfortable with. 

Bearing that in mind, we have suggested some tactics above that can help. However, ensure that you have your needs addressed in your relationship if these tactics sort the problem. Your long term happiness depends on it.

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