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Cancerian Man Ignoring Me - (11 Possible Reasons And What You Should Do)

June 28, 2024

Are you being ignored by your Cancerian love interest?

Are you wondering why he’s gone cold?

Perhaps you’re looking for a strategy to win his attention back?

Well, in this guide, we reveal the reasons why a Cancer man might be ignoring you, and what you can do to turn this around.  

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In this piece, we look at the reasons why your Cancer man could be ignoring you and also what you should do to make him come back to you.

Reasons Why Your Cancer Man Is Ignoring You

One of the typical Cancer man’s best traits can also sadly be his downfall. He is perhaps one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac and it often his sensitvities that will be the root cause for whenever he gives his girlfriend the silent treatment. Here are a list of reasons that could stem from his sensitive nature that make him ignore you:

You've Hurt His Feelings

The biggest reason a Cancer man would ever have for ignoring his girlfiend is that she has somehow hurt his feelings. Sadly, due to his sensitive nature, this can happen quite often and for a whole host of reasons.

While this can be frustrating, it may make his ignoring you easier to deal with if you at least can understand that his behavior towards you is not meant to be hurtful. It is more that he has no idea how to act otherwise when he has been hurt. If you are in an otherwise healthy relationship, he will know that your intentions were not malicious, so he will be using his quiet time to make peace with it in his head.

Additionally, he could well be giving you the silent treatment because it is his version of recoiling - similar to if you get a snake bite or wasp sting. A Cancer man’s reactions to having his feelings hurt give a similar reaction.

He Wants Some Space

Due to being so sensitive, a Cancer man has many emotions running through his head that sometimes he finds difficult to process all the time. This is only heightened when he is in a relationship with a woman he loves as he is dealing with feelings of lust and attraction in addition to the more negative emotions a relationship can at sometimes cause - jealousy, for example.

A Cancer guy may want some space therefore so that he clear his head and get his thoughts straight. By ignoring you, your crabby star sign of a boyfriend is actually giving himself a time out with the intention of being a better boyfriend when he reconnects with you.

As ever when you have been ignored by the Cancer man you very much love, you will not want it to be repeated. However, due to their emotional state, it may sadly happen time after time. You will need to question therefore if that is what you want or are happy with in your relationship. If not you may need to start thinking about letting him know how you feel.

He Thinks You Take Him For Granted

He Thinks You Take Him For Granted

A Cancer man likes to feel like his feelings are reciprocated in any relationship he is in - especially if it going well with someone that he really loves. While this is understandable- no one ever will want to be in a relationship where they know that they are in love with someone far more than what is returned - it can have the result that you make him feel taken for granted sometimes, however inadvertently.

That is because, even for the slightest reason, they may think that you are not giving back to him all the things that he thinks he provides for you. This can be tough to handle as you may actually really like or love your Cancer guy, but don’t just show it in the way that he wants. Something like that is hard to rectify without talking to him directly, so do think about opening up the lines of communication.

He Isn’t Sure About Your Relationship

One of the most upsetting reasons that your Cancer guy may have for ignoring you is that he isn’t sure about your relationship and is taking time to think over whether it is going well of not. He will be doing so in a thorough and well considered way but that does not make it any less hurtful to you - especially if this relationship is something that you are invested in.

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Remember, even if he is taking time out to know properly whether he will want this relationship to last of not, your feelings and thoughts are just as justified. If you don’t think his behavior is warranted - let him know. Yes, it could hurt feelings, but the silent treatment he is giving you is hurting yours already.

Additonally, remember that you have a lot to give to the right person and that somethings are out of your control. If he does decide after his quiet time that he wants out of the relationship, have confidence in the fact you will find happiness elsewhere with someone else.

He’s Going Through Tough Times Elsewhere In His Life

He’s Going Through Tough Times Elsewhere In His Life

It can be so easy at times to think that just because your boyfriend is not talking to you, it is all down to you as to why. This is particularly true for Cancers as they are the most emotionally charged signs as they are most likely to withdraw into themselves ona regular basis.

It won’t be you that is the cause of his troubles and silence every time therefore. A Cancer guy can have his feelings hurt by others or be under stress that causes him not to talk to you - or anyone else. Something can be wrong in his life that has nothing to do with you, even though he may take it out on you all the same.

As ever, with the silent treatment, this can be frustrating. Especially if he has never thought to tell you what is causing him undue stress or strain. Be confident in your ways as his girlfriend though that your support will help him through it and make things seem a lot better in his life.

What You Should Do When A Cancer Man Ignores You

When a Cancer man ignores you, it can be a very tiresome time that causes you just as much stress as he believes he is going through as well. So what should you do in those instances where he is not talking to you and you want his behavior to stop - and as quickly as possible too. Here we look at what would be the best course of action for you to take so you are back on speaking terms as soon as possible.

Play Hard To Get

Play Hard To Get

If you would like to get back into the good books with your Cancer man, a good idea can be to play hard to get. It’s almost like fighting fire with fire - if he is ignoring you then make sure you are not instantly available to him when he does want to contact you.

By not being available to him at a drop of a hat, the idea is that he does not like being out of control or the idea of not being with you when he would like to be. What is great about using this tack is that when he does come back to you asking for forgiveness, or at least talking with you again, he will think twice about ignoring you again.

By playing hard to get he is faced with a reality of life without you, or you going out with someone else. This is not what a Cancer man will like at all, so he will hopefully do a 180 on his previous actions and be the most attentive boyfriend you have ever known.

Communicate With Him

If you don’t like the idea of playing hard to get and would like to tackle your Cancer guy’s behavior a little more head on, a good idea would be simply to talk to him about his silence. He may believe that his behavior is justifiable but he would also not want to be the one causing you upset either. Unless you tell him outright that he is making you unhappy, he might not know that he is causing pain.

Bearing that in mind, sit down with him face to face so that you talk through the issue that is making him ignore you in the first place. It will probably transpire that it was a misunderstanding or something trivial that you can work through easily, especially if you talk to him about it quickly. If you let his silent antics fester, the situation can become a lot worse than it needs to be.

Start Making Plans Without Him

A good sign to give your Cancer man when he is ignoring you that you will not tolerate this behavior from your special someone, is simply to make plans without him. This is a natural extension of playing hard to get, but it is slightly different due to the fact that you simply filling your life with activity while he comes to his senses.

This can be a very powerful and proactive way of yours to get your relationship back on track and going in the direction you want it to. Things may seem a little strange to you at first of you are always used to doing things with your Cancer man, but you will soon get used to it. Plus it may give your relationship a little more balance.

By having lots on outside of being a couple, you may have a healthier starting point than before your Cancer man started not talking to you.

Give Him An Ultimatum

If your Cancer man is ignoring you, one thing you can do about it is to give him an ultimatum - either stop using the silent treatment or you'll walk away so you can find someone else.

Usually giving an ultimatum in a relationship is one of the things to stay well clear of. However, sometimes, if a Cancer man ignores you, there is very little other room for manoeuvre. You may, rightly, worry that this won't help you get back in his good books as an ultimatum is something that a guy usually cannot stand.

However, by confronting him in such a stark way - you will give him the choice to either massively change his behavior into something that you would be happy with or to break up so that he can starting dating someone who does not mind the silent treatment.

Give Him Space

Give Him Space

Along with playing hard to get and making plans without him, giving him space is a really proactive option to help tackle the silent treatment from Cancer men. A sign like the crab needs timeout to think about their emotions and make sense of them. By giving him the space he needs straight away when he starts not talking to you, he will eventually like the balance of the relationship even more.

This is because he will appreciate your sympathy with his personality traits and he will feel more at ease from you giving him the ability to know he can be himself around you. If that person is a guy who finds dealing with heightened emotions difficult so that he needs time on his own to think things through, then all the better for it.

Love Him More For It

If you love your Cancer man and you would like him to know it - let him know that you're not going anywhere even when he does start to ignore you. It can give him the much needed stability that he needs to know to feel secure in a relationship with a woman.

This is perhaps one of the hardest actions to take when your boyfriend is not talking to you - but if you are serious about this guy, you will need to love him - warts and all. So often with a Cancer man that would mean having to deal with his highly strung character where you may feel he is being overly dramatic.

You do need to respect those feelings however as, if you don't, you are in danger of ridiculing how he feels, and that is never going to be helpful in the quest for a would-be healthy relationship. Respond to his silent treatment with as much love as you can muster and he will take it as a clear sign that you are serious about him and your future together. It may even stop him from not talking to you again in the long run!

My Cancer Man Is Ignoring Me - The Bottom Line

When your boyfriend is ignoring you it can be so frustrating and hurtful that you can often forget to question why he is not talking to you in the first place. However with Cancer men, you can use his sign to be one step ahead and stop those feelings of hurt on your part becoming bigger and bigger so that they cause even more issues in your partnership.

This is a problem that so many couples suffer from who often find themselves angry at a partner for one reason or another and it is that anger that inflames a situation. This is problematic as sometimes issues that arise in a relationship are not necessarily big things, but not talking about them makes them so much larger than they need to be. In turn, if you continue not to address issues, in years to come in your partnership you can find yourself much unhappier than you need to be.

This need not be the case if you know why each other is angry or annoyed on every single occasion. It stops feelings festering and making problems worse. Using astrology and zodiac signs is a good way to nip problems in the bud as you can more fully understand someone's character and personality. In turn you understand why they react to things like they do so much better.

Do you know a Cancer man that is prone to ignoring you when things get tough in your relationship? Do you find that hard too? Please let us know by telling us your story in the comments below. Sharing this article could help others too, so do share it with friends and family who have found themselves in a similar situation with a Cancer guy. Hopefully, by drawing attention to the this sign of the zodiac's propensity to behave lie this, we will help any women who are in a relationship with this emotional zodiac sign.

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