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How to Ask a Guy For a Picture of Himself (31 Tips To Get His Photo)

Do you want to have a more visual-based conversation with a person you like? Is texting with mere words unexciting to you? 

If you need help convincing your crush or partner to send a picture of themselves, then we have the right guide for you.

On average, girls enjoy sending their photos to their crush or partner. However, it can be difficult to make guys behave the same way. 

Thankfully, we have thirty-one tips to rescue you from that dilemma. If you want your relationship with this person to blossom without passing the wrong impression for wanting their pics, continue reading to find out.

31 Tips on How to Ask a Guy For a Picture of Himself

1. Show interest

 Most guys tend to reciprocate the energy they receive from a girl. Therefore, if you want a male individual to send you pictures during a conversation, you have to be more involved in his life. Talk about the things that matter to him, and show him that you're not just a crush. He needs to think of you as a friend, and someone he can genuinely trust.

The more you involve yourself in his life the more likely he’ll send you an image of himself. Even better, there’s a high chance that both of you will get closer to one another. The more information you share the stronger the bond will be.

2. Reduce emoji use

Girls often feel the need to use emojis while texting because it can be a great substitute for a normal picture. However, if you strongly want a male individual to send you his photo, you have to reduce the emojis you use. Even so, stay away from GIFs and funny images. This might provoke him to send images of himself in the body of the text.

However, understand that you might have to request it. Merely stopping your emoji use wouldn’t make him see reasons to send his pictures. You would have to make him see those reasons by the explanations you give or the suggestions you make.

3. Be inquisitive

The more you ask questions during a chat the more likely your crush will respond with a picture instead of a text. You need to involve yourself in his daily activity and show genuine curiosity. Ask about his day, what he’s doing, where he’s going, and more importantly if you can see what’s happening.

 Understand that the way you ask the question would provoke him to send a photo. It means you have to be specific about the question you ask. Talk about things that are near to his heart and might cause him to want to open up more. Even better, the relationship between both of you will improve.

4. Be closed up

be closed up

Although it’s crucial to show interest to get a picture from your crush, it also helps to play hard to get. This process might make the person more willing to get your attention. More so, they might consider sending their images as a way to ignite more fun.

However, try not to use this tactic too frequently to avoid giving the wrong impression. If your crush feels you no longer want to interact, they might stop messaging altogether. Therefore, using it in moderation is key to its effectiveness. For example, if he asks you how your day went, you could delay your response, and then send a photo afterward.

5. Don’t reply instantly

This tactic follows the previous one. If you take your time before sending a message to your crush, it might motivate him to send something more visual to keep you interested. For example, if he says, “What’s up? How was your day? What are you doing right now?” You can wait a while before sending him an image of whatever you’re doing.

This process would also be vital to the growth of your friendship. The more you interact with pictures the more you’ll become more immersed in each other’s lives. Guys usually don’t like when a girl reduces the attention she gives, so this might motivate him to make more effort.

6. Be evasive via texts

If you want the boy you like to send you more images of himself, you should try to be more secretive when texting him. Instead of giving him full responses to the questions he asks, you can send a more vivid reply with images. For example, if he asks what’s happening, you can simply say, “It’s been fun!” instead of sending a long text describing your day.

Thereafter, you can send a more descriptive image or video of yourself throughout the day. This tactic might make it easier for him to reply with a photo when you ask him how his day is going. More so, it’ll make your relationship with him blossom over some time.

7. Don’t stay up too long

Guys tend to get too comfortable when a girl is putting in maximum effort. Therefore, a crucial way to make him step up his game is by saying goodbye first when talking. He might be surprised and willing to convince you to stay. He might do this by calling you, sending you more images, or doing anything he hasn’t done before.

The more you create a little bit of space, the more he’ll try to fill it back up. In the long run, this process might be helpful. Once he realizes how an image can light up the body of your discussion, the more he’ll want to engage in it.

8. Be available

 If you want a male individual to send you more images, even his shirtless picture, you have to be there for him when he needs you. This process might sound contrary to the previous point of creating distance. However, finding a balance is more crucial than being evasive. You shouldn’t be distant from a friend when they desperately need you.

If you show genuine interest when he's in need, he might surprise you with his picture. This process might happen because he trusts you more. More so, he’s more comfortable sharing his selfies with you. Even better, he might message you more frequently than before, which will make the relationship blossom.

9. Keep things casual

It’s important to note that some people don’t enjoy taking pictures. They might struggle with sending the right image to you, or wondering if their photos are perfect enough to send. Therefore, keeping the conversation light and casual can help them feel comfortable enough to send. More so, it will prevent them from overthinking things.

It would also help if you didn’t send him some of your best photos. Ensure they’re nice enough to send, but not too serious that it makes them insecure about sending theirs. You can choose to reserve the best ones until theyre you've developed a routine of sending images to one another.

10. Don’t act entitled

don't act entitle

Reducing your expectations can help you act more naturally around the person you’re interested in. More so, it will help your requests sound less like demands. Understand that this process should go both ways. Boys tend to get comfortable with patterns, which means your crush might get worried if you stop sending your photos frequently. However, you’re not entitled to do that.

If the both of you aren’t dating, it’s crucial to set realistic expectations. If both of you send images of yourselves twice a week, make the most of those moments and ensure they’re fun enough. This process will help you seem less demanding or rude when you don’t receive any throughout the week.

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11. Stay positive

 You shouldn’t act irrationally even though your crush doesn’t send photos. Understand that your interaction doesn’t have to revolve around this sole idea. You can remain friends and your crush might eventually send a picture in the future. However, if your displeasure with the situation gets the best of you, you might lose a valuable relationship.

It’s also essential to know that some people have different mindsets when it comes to sending images on a chat. They might prefer to send it only to the person they’re dating. Staying positive throughout this process is key to preserving the relationship.

12. Respect their boundaries

 Guys often don’t enjoy it when girls pester them. Therefore, if you sense that the person you’re talking to isn’t interested in sending their pictures, it’s best to respect their boundaries. More so, it’s crucial to know your limits as a person. You shouldn’t keep sending your images to someone who’s not reciprocating.

However, this decision doesn’t have to ruin the relationship you have with the person. It’s only necessary to avoid passing the wrong impression about yourself. You merely have to accept the kind of person they are and move on from the situation. Perhaps, the relationship isn’t supposed to get that personal.

13. Suggest video calls

 It might be difficult to convince someone to send their photos from a mere conversation. However, if they can agree to a video call, they might feel more comfortable sending their images. You’d be amazed at how receptive people are to calling and sending photos. It’s why you should try this tactic on the person you like.

It’ll be a fun way to increase the bond you share with someone. More so, they’ll be more confident about sharing their not-to-sexy images in the future. You should suggest this idea in the most natural way to avoid them overthinking the situation.

14. Bond over hobbies

bond over hobbies

 If you want your crush to respond positively to your requests, you have to establish a unique bond with him. The best way to do this is by bonding with them over their hobbies and interests. Find out the things both of you like, and discuss more of them. It could be music, movies, or video games.

This process helps them become more comfortable around you. They’d be more willing to send pics of themselves while in action to further strengthen their connection with you. However, understand that you don’t have to feign fascination for things you’re not genuinely curious about. Instead, try to build common ground and leverage on it.

15. Be natural

 It’s necessary to understand that your friendship with someone matters more than receiving any picture of them. This mindset will help you act more naturally around them, without looking crazy for wanting their images. If you prioritize your relationship with them, it’ll be easier for them to get accustomed to the idea of sending pics.

More so, ensure the body of your discussions is as natural as possible. You wouldn’t want them to feel coerced into things they don’t want to do. They should send their photos based on their free will rather than feel forced by a friend.

Text Examples to Make Him Send Pictures

16. “What are you wearing today? Can I see it?

 This type of text pushes things a little bit further. If you want your male friend to send you his photos, you have to be willing to do something different. Asking him what he’s wearing might seem weird, but it’s a normal question for those who have a solid friendship. More so, it might be the perfect motivation he needs to send some photos.

However, understand that he might respond either negatively or positively, depending on how close both of you are. Therefore, before asking this question, it might be helpful to build a higher level of familiarity with your friend.

17. “What’s happening over there? Care to send a pic?

 Guys often desire to have loyal friends. Therefore, if your relationship with a male friend is genuinely grounded, he might react positively to this type of request. Even better, it may become a habit in the relationship where he sends you photos of his daily activities.

This text example is simple and straightforward. It doesn’t seem like you’re too inquisitive or pushing your boundaries. As long as you’re in good rapport with the person in question, he’ll be more than willing to share a pic. It also gives you an exclusive view of his world, which can increase the level of intimacy between the both of you.

18. “Did you take any photos today?

did you take any photos today

 Another casual way to ask a male individual to send photos is by using this simple question. You can insert it while texting them, which will make it easier for them to react well. More so, it’s crucial to understand that this tactic might only work on someone you talk to quite frequently. If you send it to a stranger or acquaintance, they might see your request as rude.

The best part about this question is that it conveys your intention of wanting a photo without being too pushy. More so, the recipient of the message has the free will to either accept or decline your demands. Nonetheless, they’ll understand that you’re comfortable receiving their pics.

19. “Going out? Can I help you pick an outfit?

 A cool way to chip in the idea of sending a picture into a conversation is to offer to select an outfit for your crush. If the male individual agrees, you’ll easily get photos of him. It’s also a simple way to communicate your interest while offering to help someone. More so, it shows that you’re paying attention to them on a personal level.

 Using this tactic is also a great way to get closer to the man you like. Helping him select the best outfit for his occasion can make him think about you for the rest of the day. Even so, it can help you start discussions about his day more easily.

20. “It’s your birthday! Could you send me your photos?

Girls often love posting photos on their birthdays, which makes this occasion the right time to ask your crush to send his picture. If it’s his birthday, it’s the perfect explanation for wanting his photo. This tactic might work even if you’re not particularly close to your crush. More so, you wouldn’t sound crazy for wanting his photos.

 This method might also be a great way to start chatting with your crush more frequently. If the process goes well, they’ll want to spend more time with you. More so, the friendship would eventually blossom from there.

21. “That’s a lovely memory. Have any pics of that day?

If your crush shares a fun memory with you, try to use the opportunity to get pictures from him. Simply ask him to share photos of the experience he had, and he might respond positively. If he doesn’t have any photos, it’s already a win-win situation. You’ve already communicated your interest in receiving a portrait of him, and he’ll be more open to it.

In the long run, you wouldn’t have to convince him too much to send a photo. He would be comfortable with the idea as long as he sees your reasons. More so, it’s a great way to have deeper discussions with him.

22. “I’m sure you have a lovely smile. Can I see?

If you’re a lady trying to get out of the friend zone, this might be a great way to start. You can talk about how cute you assume your crush’s smile is, and request a pic. This tactic communicates your attraction towards him and bridges the gap of just being friends. If they like the idea of sending a photo, you’d have successfully gotten closer to them.

This method might eventually make both of you comfortable with sharing your photos as time goes on. The more you communicate with images, you’ll create a special bond with each other. Even so, there’s hope that things can blossom into a romantic relationship.

23. “I’ve never seen your face. Care to share a pic?

If you’ve been talking to a male individual for some time, and you’re interested in taking the relationship further, this is an awesome way to start. Tell them to share a pic because you haven’t seen their face before, or perhaps, you need a clearer or more vivid image. This request is quite logical, and they’d be willing to agree.

You can also start the process by sharing some of yours. This might motivate them to send theirs, and create a unique bond between both of you. You can also request images of some of their experiences as time goes on.

24. “Here’s how my day went. How did yours go?

 You’re likely to share details about your day while texting someone. If you’re chatting with a male individual you’re attracted to, you can take things further by sending an image to explain how your day went. This process might motivate him to also send pics if you make a request alongside.

Understand that starting the message with a photo of your day would make your request seem less rude. It would make your crush more comfortable with the idea of sending an image. This might grow into a habit where both of you use images to communicate your experiences.

 25. “Do you think this outfit suits me?

do you think this outfit suits me

Another way to strengthen the bond you have with your crush is to share a picture of what you’re wearing. However, ensure it’s not an explicit photo or your crush might not respond the way you like. Understand that you can only go that far if your crush is comfortable with it. Otherwise, it’s better to take a casual photo asking whether they like your outfit or not.

This gesture creates an accommodating atmosphere for them to send their photos as well. It also has an amazing way of increasing the connection level with your crush and making interactions more effortless.

26. “Out with your friends? Can I see what’s happening?

If you're having a conversation with your crush about their day, it’s easy to chip in to this discussion. It might make them more silliness to send pictures of themselves. More so, this statement shows genuine engrossment in their activities. This tactic would work best when you’ve established a great bond with your crush. Otherwise, it would seem weird.

 Most male individuals love it when girls show interest in their daily activities. Therefore, talking about what he’s doing at the moment can be a cute way of showing how attentive you are towards him. More so, it might motivate him to respond with an image.,

27. “Need help choosing a new display picture?

If you want to take things slow with your crush, you can start things off with this question. It’s a great way to make them send their picture without being too demanding. If you notice they don’t have a profile picture set, or it’s not a pic of themselves, you can ask to help set a new one. They might want to pacify your appeal and send you some of their photos.

However, if they prefer not to send you their pic to change their profile pic, it’s essential not to keep texting them about it. Keep the body of your discussion natural until another opportunity comes to bring up the topic.

28. “Do you have siblings? Can I see them?

If the message drifts to the subject of family, you can use this tactic to make your crush send you their photos. For example, asking them about their siblings can make them want to send you their family photos. Even though it’s not a personal frame, they might be motivated to send you more cool photos later on.

The most important aspect of this process is the closeness you get to share with your crush. If they can send you personal information, there’s a higher chance they might want to share their photos too.

29. “Can I see your new haircut?

Making this request might be the easiest way to get a picture from your crush. You can respond with this question if they state that they’re going to the barbershop. It’s a healthy way to pacify your desire to receive their images. More so, it doesn’t make you seem too pushy.

Statements like these also actively involve you in your crush’s life, which is a great way to get closer to them. Texting about things that are close to the heart might inspire your crush to be more vivid with discussions. They’ll want to send more images to keep you interested.

30. “Taken any pictures recently?

taken any pictures recently

A cute and simple way to get a photo from your crush is by asking if he has taken any recently. This might motivate him to send his latest pics. More so, he might see your delight in receiving his images. Peradventure he takes new ones, you might be the first to receive them. It’s also a great way to bond with the person you’re chatting with.

This type of discussion can bring up other deep subjects that will help your relationship with them blossom. More so, it’ll be easier for them to be more comfortable around you. However, don’t forget to reciprocate the gesture by sending some of your newest pics when they send theirs.

31. “See how my day went. How did yours go?

Another cool way to get a picture from your crush is by sharing details of your day. If you send a video or photo of your day, it might motivate them to send theirs. Specifically, if you ask them to share how their day went, they might be willing to do so. If they don't have visual records of their daily activities, you would have still expressed your fascination for things like that.

 Involving your crush in your daily routines this way might be a great way to increase intimacy. Nonetheless, it’s still crucial to see how the other person feels about sending photos to each other. If they aren’t pleased with the process, it’s best to stop. Perhaps, the relationship isn’t supposed to be that intimate.


Is it okay to ask a guy for his photo?

You can ask a male individual for his photos if you share a degree of bond with them. If you’re looking to take the relationship to another level, this is a great way to start. Communicating using images can help two parties feel closer to one another.

How do you ask someone for a picture?

The first step involved in asking someone for pictures includes getting closer to them. This process helps them become more comfortable around you. The more at ease they are, the higher the likelihood of them sending you their photos. Otherwise, it would be weird.

How do I ask my boyfriend for a picture?

You can use simple questions to ask your boyfriend for his photos like, “Have you taken any pics recently?” You can also ask, “Can I see your new haircut?” Requests like these will motivate him to get comfortable with the idea of sending photos to you.

Do guys like it when you send them pictures of yourself?

Most male individuals like it when females pay attention to them. Therefore, you can win the affection of a man by sending him your pictures. This tactic is most effective when you have a close friendship with the person you like. It means that getting close to them should be your first move.

Why do guys ask for your picture?

If a male individual wants to strengthen the bond he shares with you, he might request your photos. This process helps him get closer to you faster than having mere discussions. More so, if a guy likes you or finds you attractive, he might want to see your photos.

In Conclusion

Did you like this article on ways to ask a male individual for his pictures? Remember that the most crucial factor remains to have a unique bond with the person in question. Without this step, it will be hard for them to yield to your request. Kindly leave a comment below if you liked this article, or share it with others.

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