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How To Tell If A Guy Thinks You’re Pretty? (27 Signs)

Are you confused about whether a man likes you or is being nice to you? Are you confused because of the mixed signals and do not know what to do? 

It is not only the guys who get confused by the mixed signals given by the girls but the girls also feel the same. Every person has a different opinion about what they find attractive and just because almost everybody finds you attractive, it does not mean that the special someone will also find you attractive. 

If a guy does not confess his feelings towards you, it can get extremely difficult to find out if they are attracted to you and this can lead to a lot of confusion and heartbreak. What if you like him and think that he is also interested in you, and you confess your feelings only to be told that he was just being nice to you? Yes, it can be embarrassing!

In today’s article, we are going to look at signs that will help you know if a man is attracted to you. These signs will help you to find the best man for yourself who will be head over heels in love with you.

Plus, we will look at some other factors that make someone attractive so that you can attract the right man to you!

How To Tell If A Guy Thinks You’re Pretty

1. He showers you with compliments

If a man showers you with compliments, no matter whether they are for your looks, body personality, or nature, then it means that he finds you pretty. Whenever he gives you a compliment, smile and accept it with gratitude. Trying to be too humble and ignoring the compliments can mean that you do not trust what he feels about you.

So don't only soak in the compliments but also do not forget to compliment him for anything ranging from his looks to his dressing style. Remember, the compliment should look genuine and it might not look like you are just returning the favor.

2. He cannot take his eyes off you

If a man is staring at you in a room full of people then it can just look creepy. However, if a man is trying to make eye contact with you in the hope that you notice him then it is a sign that he is interested in you. Sometimes, it can even turn into a little staring because he might be finding it difficult to control himself in front of an attractive woman like you.

3. He cannot control his smile

When a guy feels attracted to your pretty face, he might find it difficult to stop smiling. He might be blushing standing near you and his genuine smile is a clear sign that he finds you physically attractive. A guy can try to control his emotions in front of a beautiful woman but it is a smile and the beautiful blush on his cheeks that usually blows his cover.

4. His body language will change

If a guy is attracted to a woman then his body language will automatically change in front of this woman. Whenever he sees this woman, his body posture will automatically become erect and he will start blushing. He will also become a little nervous and stumble over his words in front of someone who he likes. 

This and many other body language signs will help you find if someone’s attracted to you.

5. He is not interested in anyone else

If a man is physically attracted to you, he will have eyes only for you. He will not think about any other woman no matter how beautiful you think she is. Whenever you ask him whether he has a girlfriend or if he likes someone, he will look upset because it is you who he wants. 

Even if you feel that you are not beautiful, for this man you would be the center of the universe and he will do anything to make you happy.

6. He would want to know more about you

If someone finds a person attractive they would naturally want to know more about them and their personal life. A man who finds you attractive would try to know about your hobbies and interests so that he can use them to impress you in the future. He will use these personal details to find how many of your interests match his interests.

7. He will try to attract your attention

If a guy is interested in you, he will try to attract your attention through various means. His strategy will depend on various factors, like the setting, how well you know him, his personality, etc. For instance, if you are in a group then he might talk to only you, if you are a stranger, he might send the drinks your way.

Some of these are obvious signs that the man finds you attractive, while others might require some time for you to find the truth.

8. He loves spending time with you

he loves spending time with you

If a guy is really attracted to you, he will look for ways to spend time with you. This would mean that sometimes he will travel for hours even though it means that he would have to ditch his friends for it.

Even if you have made it clear that you see him as nothing more than a friend, and you are not interested in sleeping with him and he still tries hard to be with you, then it is a clear sign that he is in love with your good looks.

9. He will do anything to make you smile

If a man finds you attractive then he will do anything to see a smile on your face even if it means making fun of himself in the process. This person can never see you upset and will do everything that is in his hands to get you smiling again. A person who likes you can never see you in pain.

10. He will find it difficult to keep his hands off you

If a man finds you attractive, he will not hesitate to show affection towards you. If he is not your friend, then he will look for ways to come close to you, but not in a creepy way. However, if he is your boyfriend, he will not shy away from holding your hand or showing a little public display of affection. He will make it a point to hug you and ask for cuddles because he cannot stay away.

11. He is always there for you

No matter what problem you are in, a man who is attracted to you will always be there to help you. If a man does not mind doing small favors for you then it is a sign that he is interested in you and wants to be in your good books. He thinks that you are beautiful and he can't see you worried. It actually makes him happy when he helps you!

12. He finds it difficult to be away from you

If a guy is attracted to you, he will want to spend every waking moment with you. If a guy keeps coming back to you for more and more then it is a sign that he is interested in you. This guy will always look for ways to be near you and it will break his heart when it is time to say goodbye. 

A guy who finds you attractive will always initiate the plans about when he can meet you next as he never gets tired of your beautiful face.

13. He takes efforts to impress you

If the guy finds you physically attractive, he will know that there would be other men also who find you attractive. Therefore he would know that he needs to work harder to impress you and make you fall for him. 

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If a guy goes out of his way to do things for you then it is a sign that he likes you. There might be other guys in your life as well who would be doing materialistic things to impress you. However, you should avoid comparing a guy that takes a genuine effort to the guy who just spends money on you.

14. He is honest with you

If a guy easily opens up with you and shares everything related to his past with you then it is a sign that he finds you attractive. Any man who is smitten by a woman’s appearance will find it difficult to control his emotions in front of her and will want to be as honest as possible with her. 

This man would want you to know everything about him so you can take the relationship to the next level.

15. He brags about you

So it is your first time meeting his friends and you find that he is bragging about you to his pals. Yes, you might be a little embarrassed by all the attention that is suddenly on you, but admit it, this is a nice feeling! The best part is that this bragging won't be about your body, but about your attractiveness. 

A man would always want his friends to like you and that is why they don't mind bragging a little about you!

16. He will do everything it takes to keep your conversation going

he loves spending time with you

Any man would like to keep talking to a beautiful woman. If a man finds you attractive, he will do anything that it takes not only to make sure to grab your attention but also to make sure that your conversations do not come to an end. This means he will ask questions, try to be funny and try his best to keep you engaged in his talks.

17. He will pay full attention when you speak

A guy who is mesmerized by your beauty will be all ears when you speak. He would like to listen to you as you speak and his eyes will intently watch your face as you speak. Paying close attention to you when you speak means that he will remember every small detail about you. Hypnotized by your beauty, this man will look at you like you are a dream!

18. He laughs at all your jokes

When a guy finds you attractive, he would like whatever you do or say. This means this man will laugh the hardest at all your jokes and finds you extremely funny. He will not only smile at small little things that you do but will also be your biggest cheerleader. All these little things will be enough to tell you that this man finds you attractive.

19. His facial expressions change when he sees you

When we notice something beautiful, the pupil of our eyes widens, and our eyebrows arch. The same thing happens with a man when he sees an attractive girl. The changes in his facial expressions are involuntary and he has no control over them. However, these changes are perfect to tell you when a man is attracted to you.

20. He dresses up for you

If a man finds you attractive, he would surely want you to like him back. And, he will do anything to make sure that you find him good-looking. This means even though he is someone who believes in dressing up casually, he will make an effort when it comes to going on a date with you. 

Therefore, he will take a shower, put on a moisturizer, comb his hair, dress up in a sharp outfit, and put on a good perfume, thinking that all this will attract you.

21. Teasing

The man who finds you attractive will always try to flirt with you. This flirting can either be subtle in a teasing way or he might be more open. No matter how he flirts, it will never be cheap and will never make you uncomfortable. The flirting is a way for him to attract your attention and converse with you.

22. He will become nervous around you

As said earlier, someone’s body language is one of the best ways to find out if they are attracted to you. A man who likes you will get nervous around you and might also act a little goofy. This is because when you see someone attractive, your heart starts racing, which makes it difficult to control your actions. 

Therefore, if you find that a guy is getting nervous and his palms are sweaty around you then it is a sign that he likes you.

23. He will not touch his phone when he is with you

If a man is genuinely into you, he would give all his attention to you. This means he won't unnecessarily check his social media when he is with you and will have his eyes only for you. Even if he gets a call on his phone, he will mumble on the phone that he is busy and will call later. 

This is a sign that he is interested in you and does not want to miss even a single moment with you.

24. He admires your dressing sense

he admires your dressing sense

There is no doubt that the man who finds you attractive will like you no matter what you wear. However, the guy who likes you will appreciate you a little more if you dress up a little and wear whatever you are comfortable with. 

A guy who likes you will appreciate your dressing sense and will compliment you about how beautiful you look in a particular outfit. Not only this, but he will also ask you questions about when you bought a particular outfit. All this shows how keenly he observes you and pays attention to every small detail related to you.

25. He has no ego when it comes to you

A guy who finds you irresistible will become a completely different man when he is with you. No matter how successful he is in his job, he will just become a simple, caring, and loving man for you. 

He would take you for long drives, cook for you, and would not mind running small errands for you. Even if he is someone with a serious personality, he won't mind being fun with you and goofing around with you a little bit.

26. He will do things that you like

If a person finds you beautiful, he would love to do things that you like, even if it means coming out of his comfort zone. This means if he is someone whose idea of spending quality time is Netflix and chill, but you are interested in going hiking, then he will not even think twice before taking you for a hike.

27. He accepts you as you are

A person who finds you attractive believes that you are perfect the way you are. No matter how many negative traits you believe you have, this man will never see them. For them, you will be the most perfect girl in this world, and would never want to change a thing about you.

So, if you find a man who you feel accepts you the way you are then it is a huge sign that they find you attractive.

What Makes A Person Attractive?

Different people have different choices when it comes to rating someone based on attractiveness. What might be attractive for one, might not be attractive for the other person.

However, good looks, a pleasant smile, and a great personality are some factors that make a person attractive. A beautiful face is something that can attract people’s attention to you, however, after this, it is only your personality that can keep the relationship going. 

While there is nothing much that you can do to change your looks, it is always possible to work on your personality. Start by working on your posture, and making sure that your back is always straight. Also, make it a point to have a smile on your face whenever you meet people. A beautiful smile can captivate any guy’s heart. 

Also, a good outfit cannot only make you look appealing but can also increase your confidence to certain degrees in a minute. Make sure to wear only what you are comfortable in and stand with confidence. A confident girl attracts everybody’s attention, so work on your self-esteem. Also, try to have a positive attitude towards life.

Bringing changes in your personality is not something that will happen overnight. It will take time and hard work and it is a long process but worth it! Remember, being confident will not only help you gain attention from the boys but it will help you in your life as well. It is also important to try your best to avoid stress and work on your mental health.

Also, do not forget to work on your body and make it a point to work towards your fitness. Bring some lifestyle changes, and soon you will notice an improvement in yourself. These changes will make you look and feel more beautiful!


How do you know if a guy thinks you're pretty?

A guy who thinks you are pretty would want to spend their time with you even when it is clear that there would be no ‘sex’. He would do small things to make you feel loved and pampered and will never stop taking efforts to impress you. Whenever you are with him, his eyes will be only for you, and he will find it difficult to pay attention to anything else other than you.

How can you tell if someone thinks you're attractive?

If someone thinks that you are attractive then they will shower you with compliments and will find it difficult to take their eyes off you. They will find it difficult to control their smile in front of you and will be nervous and shy around you. Moreover, if someone thinks that you are attractive then they will do things to grab your attention and will try to look their best for you.

Does a guy like you if he says you're pretty?

When a guy says that you are pretty then it means that they find you good-looking and are complimenting you. They might like you but not necessarily in a romantic way but it might not be impossible for them to catch feelings for you. They already like your outer appearance and once they find that you are beautiful from the inside as well, they will be attracted to you.

How do you know if a guy thinks about you a lot?

If a guy remembers all small details about you then it is a sign that he thinks about you a lot. This shows you are very important to this guy and he wants to know more about you. Also, if he keeps texting you and doing things for you to make you feel special then it is also a sign that he likes you. 

Is he attracted or just being nice?

A person’s body language tells you a lot about whether they are attracted to you or are just being nice. If they are just being nice then they will surely listen to you but won't gaze into your eyes when you are talking. While the person who is attracted to you will find it difficult not to look at your pretty face. This person might also be shy and nervous around you. 


How has this content spoken to you? Do you have more tips to find out if a guy likes you? Has it ever happened to you that you thought a guy was interested in you, while in reality, they were just being nice? We’d love to hear a word from you to help our readers. Please comment below!


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