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Signs You Are Spiritually Connected With Someone (19 Signs To Consider)

We meet quite a lot of people on a daily basis. Some are friendly, kind, annoying, or rude. Sometimes, we even spend so much time trying to connect with people we admire, but the connection doesn’t just click. 

That’s very normal, humans are social beings, and regardless of how introverted a person is, they still try to form one or two connections with the people around them. Some connections are quite short-lived, almost like it was never meant to be. While others are surprisingly long-lasting, helpful, beneficial, and soulful. 

So, how can a person figure out when they are spiritually connected to someone else? Are there really spiritual bonds that run deeper than regular relationships? Plus, how can you separate a mere attraction or desire for someone from a spiritual relationship? Keep reading and I’ll answer these questions and more below. 

19 Signs You’re Spiritually Connected With Someone

1. There’s mutual respect

Respect is one value that is needed in any relationship. However, it’s even more evident when there’s a spiritual connection. Spiritually connected partners tend to naturally respect each other’s space, opinions, and choices. Besides, people who have a spiritual connection are more empathetic towards each other.

They want to hear the other person out and connect to whatever they are saying. It’s rare to find spiritually connected couples arguing or interrupting each other when they are speaking. That’s because the relationship is based on honest respect for each other’s opinions and values. It’s also relatively easy to create healthy boundaries when you share a spiritual bond with someone. 

You easily see the point your partner is trying to pass across and vice versa. That means both of you will be less judgy about each other, and the relationship will keep flourishing.

2. Your instincts are screaming it

You cannot certainly say that you have a spiritual connection with someone when you don’t feel it from your gut. That’s because there are physical attractions, emotional bonds, and spiritual connections. A deep spiritual connection comes from within the heart; it’s more of a soul bond than just a mental connection or crush. 

So how do you know when your soul is bonding with another? Your instincts will tell you, deep within your spirit, that you’ll feel a nudge that confirms your suspicion. Is your spirit telling you that this person is the one? Does the relationship feel natural and almost effortless that your heart simply connects every time this person is around? 

Does everything just seem almost too perfect to explain? Soul bonds can give that effect, and your heart or spirit will confirm that. If your gut is telling you that this person is the one, then trust your instincts.

3. Both of you go the length for each other

Relationships differ when it comes to the effort couples put in to make things work. In some, just one party may be putting in most of the effort to make the relationship work. However, when you have a soul bond, it’s almost impossible for both parties not to put in their all. 

When you finally find someone you enjoy spending time with or sharing goals and aspirations with, it’s easy to flow. You have no reservations when helping them out, catering to their needs, or supporting them in any way. Helping them out almost feels like your purpose; besides, at this point, assisting them almost feels like you’re helping yourself.

4. You feel comfortable around them

There are some relationships you have with people that almost seem forced. You’re trying not to say the wrong thing or act the wrong way, which can be pretty awkward and uncomfortable. However, if you’re both spiritually connected, it would be so easy to relax around one another. 

Even with uttering words, being around someone you share a spiritual connection with will feel like bliss. Even though you’re in a noisy or busy environment, to respect each other’s space, opinions and choices naturally as long as that person is by your side, you’ll be at peace. 

If you don’t share a connection with someone, things may seem awkward or off between the two of you. You’ll still act as if you’re walking around eggshells when you’re around them because there’s less understanding and no deep connection.

5. You are open with each other

People who share a spiritual connection have this unique understanding that makes it easier to share anything and everything. You could have a bad day, and the first person you want to call is your significant other. It doesn’t even have to be a sexual relationship, even a casual one with a friend would be the same.

You won’t have issues sharing information because there’s mutual trust. That’s what a deep spiritual connection does. You’ll just feel completely comfortable around this person. Besides, when you share information with someone, you share a spiritual connection, it’s just more thrilling. 

First of all, they can understand exactly what you’re saying, and they are more receptive to your opinions. Plus, sharing anything with them will just feel right because of the kindred spirit you share.

6. Intimacy will transcend sexual attraction

intimacy will transcend sexual attraction

A lot of sexual relationships thrive on only physical connections. There’s no deep spiritual connection but just sexual desire that can be satisfied by anyone. When you do both have sex, it will mean so much more because your relationship is less about reaching a physical climax. 

That doesn’t mean that sex isn’t a vital part of any relationship; on the contrary, healthy, committed, and romantic relationships thrive on healthy sex life. However, when two people share a spiritual connection, they enjoy each other’s company with or without sex. Sometimes, just talking will be enough, or lying in each other’s embrace.

7. You can be yourself around them

Not every relationship enjoys a natural or free environment where both parties can be themselves. Some couples have to struggle to stay in each other’s good books. So, when you find someone you can be natural around, that connection is more than physical. 

You won’t feel any pressure to act like someone else or say things differently simply because your partner makes you feel comfortable. You play, laugh, work hard together, relax, or go out without pretending around the person. That’s one of the significant signs you are spiritually connected with someone. 

It won’t be hard to say all you have to say, and you won’t feel judged either. Don’t get me wrong, your relationship won’t be perfect just because of your unique bond. However, they will be much more effortless and natural compared to when you’re dating someone with whom you share little or no bonds.

8. Your conversation just flows

Have you ever just sat down and had a long conversation with someone, and it didn’t feel like you were talking too much? That’s one of the signs that you are spiritually connected with someone. It takes a deep spiritual connection to enjoy talking to someone and just enjoying that natural flow. 

No one is trying to force a topic or struggling to stay awake, because you both love and enjoy the topics that are coming up. In this case, you could talk all night without even touching and still feel like you had the most amazing time ever. Such connections are beyond physical, it takes like mounds to bond in such a manner.

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9. You feel emotionally safe and secure

Many people get into a relationship and find out that they don’t feel safe or secure. There’s always that feeling that their partner will either leave them, not understand them or even hit them. 

This is quite sad and is quite rare when two people have a spiritual connection. When there’s a deep spiritual connection between a couple, both parties can rest assured of the other’s love and affection. There’s just this sure conviction that your partner won’t do anything to hurt you intentionally. At this point, hurting the other party is synonymous with hurting yourself. 

So, one of the best signs you are spiritually connected with someone is by checking how safe and secure you feel. This feeling is not limited to when they are around but to the mere thought of them being in your life.

10. You’re free around them

Have you ever been in a relationship that honestly felt like a prison? You’re not alone. Some people choose to stay with a partner just to avoid starting all over. That doesn’t mean they are enjoying the relationship per se. However, if you feel absolutely free and happy with this person, that’s a major sign right there. 

That feeling of liberty is a luxury not many can afford. So treasure that special connection you share with this person, it may just mean both of you are meant to be.

11. You trust them completely

Trust is one value every couple should have, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Human beings can be unreliable, especially when they don’t have the right motivations to stay committed. That’s why trust is an essential yet rare value to find. So, if you notice that this person just naturally trusts you and vice versa, that may be a major sign of a spiritual bond. 

It takes something more profound than romantic feelings or stereotypical expectations to maintain trust in a relationship. So, if you have almost no doubts about this person’s commitment and dedication, then there’s probably a strong bond between you two.

12. You communicate without speaking

you communicate without speaking

A simple nod, a raised eyebrow, side glances, shrugged shoulders, or even simple silence are ways people communicate without saying anything. However, in this case, it could be so much more. It’s possible to just stare at each other and know what next to do, that shows your bond is strong. 

It’s even more evident when this person is either happy or sad, without even saying anything, you’d be able to comfort them. Such connections don’t come easy, so treasure them if this is what you have.

13. You’re deeply drawn to this person

When was the last time you swore you’d skip a day or two before calling this person? Or have you tried to keep yourself busy just so you won’t spend so much time with this person? It’s possible to feel like you can’t function properly when this person is not around. Not because you’re lovesick, but simply because they perfectly complement you. 

Going out without them would feel like stepping outside wearing just one shoe. If that’s how both of you feel, then you may share a bond that’s more spiritual than physical.

14. You share the same morals and values

Some couples swear that they can thrive even though they don’t share the same morals and values. However, such differences form the basis for serious arguments and disagreements in the future. But, if both of you share almost the same values and morals, then we can say your union is a match made in heaven. 

It takes a unique and strong bond to bring two people who think alike together. That doesn’t mean that you won’t disagree on certain things though. It simply means that you’ll agree on almost all of the major ones.

15. Your conversations are mostly deep

People who have a strong spiritual connection don’t talk about ordinary things. Because of their unique bond, they usually find themselves talking more about the future, making an impact, or finding purpose together. What do you talk about when you’re with this person? Is it the basic “what’s your favorite food, color, sex position, or car brand?” 

If it’s more than the regular discussions about trivial things, then you may share a special bond with this person. Deep conversations can make both of you think deeply or even discover new things you didn’t think you knew. That means this person is bringing out knowledge and maybe even skills you didn’t think you possessed.

16. Time never seems enough when you’re together

It’s been two hours since your partner came over, but you feel like just two minutes have come and gone. That's what real deep connections can do to any couple. You’ll start to lose track of time because it’s almost as if time stops when this person is around. You could spend a day together and still feel like it’s not enough. 

That’s one of the major signs you are spiritually connected with someone. The time you spend together will never seem enough.

17. You have unique yet similar goals

There’s this thing kindred spirits do, one person starts a sentence and the other completes it. It’s adorable, but it’s also quite deep. It means both people agree on so many levels that cannot be explained. 

So, when you find that this person just resonates with the plans and purpose you have for your life, don’t get scared. It may just mean that your relationship transcends the physical, and you actually share a strong purpose or life journey moving forward.

18. You can sense when they are happy or sad

you can sense when they are happy or sad

Some people know how to hide their excitement, and are even better at disguising any sad feelings. However, people who share a spiritual connection may just have to glimpse at their partner to know all is not well.

19. You feel like you’re living your best life

Do you feel like you’re on the same wavelength with this person? Or you can share your dreams, goals, and life purposes with this person because they are willing to ride with you all the way? That’s a major sign. In addition, when there’s a spiritual love connection, you’ll always be at peace when the person is around. 

You’ll be your happiest when this special person is around and down when they are not. They’ll have fewer doubts and more conviction when you’re around each other and that’s what makes the relationship strong and beneficial to both of you.


What does a soul connection feel like?

When you have a deep connection with someone else, and they just complement your character, lifestyle, and thinking, then that’s a soul connection. The best way to know is when you have a strong feeling in your heart that this person is more than just a friend or partner

The person influences the way you think, has made your life better, and looks out for you in more ways than one. With such a person, you’ll always feel this strong energy whenever you're around each other. 

How do you know when you're connected to someone?

When you are connected to someone there’s just this honest mutual relationship you both share. There’s no question about how much you can share or how open you should be. They make it so easy to share personal issues, worries, concerns, and victories. 

That’s because they do so much more than listen, you’ll feel like they actually hear and understand you more than anyone else does. 

What is a spiritual love connection?

A spiritual love connection transcends the physical. That means that the relationship is more than just fulfilling a sexual desire, there’s a spiritual connection that helps you complement each other. 

When you feel a connection with someone do they feel it too?

When you feel a strong connection for someone, it’s deeper than other regular feelings or crushes you have had in the past. However, their reciprocity depends on whether they know you or are close to you. You can’t expect someone that doesn’t know you to share that same strong attraction you feel. 

However, most times, if you both spend a lot of time together, it’s possible that the other person feels the same way. 

Can you feel when someone is attracted to you?

Attraction requires energy and not the physical kind. There’s energy that runs deeper and makes both parties feel there’s something drawing them closer to one another. That’s what makes your skin tingle when you see the person you love or gives you butterflies. 

You’ll also notice that when someone is attracted to you, they’ll want to spend time with you, make you laugh, and even make physical contact. They’ll make eye contact, look you in the face, and remember most of the things you tell them. 

To conclude

I hope these signs you are spiritually connected to someone were helpful. There are so many ways to validate and confirm a spiritual connection, but the most vital one is following your gut. A person can be so close to perfect, but still, be a deceiver. You’ll only be able to tell the difference with these signs highlighted above, and by following your instincts. 

Have any thoughts on the topic? Please feel free to leave a comment in the section below, and share this article with others too. 

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