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How To Spoil A Man: 51 Ways To Make Him Feel Like A King

We all love being spoiled. Men, in particular, love to be on the receiving end. Spoiling your guy can remind him just how much you love him. It’s a great way to show him that you appreciate him, too. When you both spoil each other, your partnership will thrive. 

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How To Spoil Your Partner

When we think of spoiling, our mind drifts to different things. Some people instantly think of spoiling them with love. You might think that spoiling only applies to buying a person gifts or spending hundreds on dinner. There are quite a few different ways to spoil your man, though.

1. Cook his favorite meal

If you don’t know your man’s favorite meal, it’s time to ask. Then, make him his favorite meal as a nice surprise one night. Bonus points if it’s just the two of you having a romantic candle-lit evening.

2. Send him random texts throughout the day

Sending your man some random text messages is the perfect way to remind him just how much you love him when he’s in the middle of a workday. Text him with a funny joke or meme to make him smile. Compliment him to make him blush. No matter what, just pay him a little bit of extra attention.

3. Surprise him with an activity that he likes

By now, you probably know what your man is looking forward to. If not, you’ve heard him complain about wanting something, even if it’s just uninterrupted quiet time. Another great idea would be going on a hike or enjoying canoeing together. When you surprise him with a random act of love, it’s a wonderful way to show him that you’re thinking of him.

4. Random kind words

Simply hyping up your boyfriend can be all it takes to make him feel spoiled. Tell him you missed him or randomly state how much you love him.

5. Uninterrupted quiet time

Speaking of some quiet time, it’s important to note that every man needs it. Guys like to have a little bit of quiet time after they get off work. Make sure that your man has some time to decompress, especially after he first walks through the door. It’ll mean the world to him. He’ll feel rejuvenated if he gets some time to relax or if you take the kids out for the day.

6. Tell him how great he looks

Guys like compliments too! Sometimes, we forget to tell our man how great he looks. Start the day off by telling him how amazing his outfit is before he heads off to work in the morning. It’s guaranteed to make him smile.

7. Don’t complain about his sports game

If he wants to sit in his favorite chair and watch football all day, don’t nag him and complain about it. It’s very healthy for all of us to have our own hobbies outside of a relationship. Keep in mind that this does apply to the occasional game. If sports have taken over his life and he spends most of his time off work at the local sports bar, this does warrant a conversation.

8. Get him tickets for his favorite team

get him tickets for his favorite team

If your man is a sports enthusiast, surprise him with tickets for the next big game. If he’s mentioned going to a particular game, and you score tickets, he’ll be heaven. If you enjoy sports games too, this is an awesome way to get in some quality time with your babe.

9. Initiate sex

Is your boyfriend the one that always initiates foreplay? If you want to spoil your man, take a turn and start the bedroom fun without him. He’ll love it!

10. Sexting

Sending a sweet message throughout the day will make him feel loved, but sending a racy text throughout the day will still make him feel like he’s the luckiest guy in the world. If you’re not into sexting, that’s okay. Stick with sweet text messages.

11. Surprise him with a small gift

Those adorable things that remind him that you were thinking about him will remind him just how much you love him. This is a great way to spoil your man. You can pick up several thoughtful gifts in advance if you’re pressed for time. 

Then, lay one out to surprise him with sporadically. (Don’t do it in a pattern. For example, every Wednesday. If you do, he’ll expect it to happen every Wednesday.)

12. Play his favorite game with him

This is more than just a way to spoil him, it’s a great way to enjoy time together! Put your phone down and have some fun with each other. It’s great for both of you.

13. Let him know that you appreciate him

Sometimes, guys need to hear you say that you appreciate them. Telling him that you appreciate all of his hard work after a long day will instantly make him smile. It only takes a few minutes, and it’s free.

14. Greet him with a hug when he gets home

He’s been missing your physical contact all day long. The first thing that he needs when he gets home is a smile and a hug or kiss.

15. More contact in general

Not only is this a great way to spoil him, but it’s also great for your relationship. When you have more physical contact, it helps create more intimacy. This lays the foundation for a healthy relationship and is a great way to maintain your relationship. It’s a win-win situation.

16. Give him a massage

give him a massage

This can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like it to be. Plan a romantic night with his favorite food followed by a full body massage. If you don’t have time for that, give him a quick massage after he gets home for the day. Either way, it’s guaranteed to make him smile.

17. Hide surprise love notes

Put love notes in his briefcase or somewhere else that he will find them. This is a perfect way to remind him that you miss him when he’s away on a business trip, but you can do it when he’s simply going to work too. Tiny romantic surprises like this will instantly make him feel special.

18. Give him flowers

If your guy likes flowers, this is a perfect idea. Make your partner feel loved by giving him flowers just because. Make sure that it’s completely random and not due to a holiday or special occasion, like Valentine’s Day.

19. Pick up some new lingerie

If you want to keep things spicy in the bedroom and show him that you were thinking of him, pick up some new lingerie in his favorite color. This is the perfect way to spoil your man in the bedroom!

20. Run his bath for him

This is especially important if your boyfriend has a particularly physical job. After a long day, his back is bound to ache. Run him a warm bath, lay out his clothes, and cook dinner so that it’s done when he gets out. It’ll make his day.

21. Hold hands

Physical touch is important in any relationship. It’s also a great way to spoil your guy. Hold his hand when you’re both in the car. Hold hands in public to make him feel special. Those tiny things go a long way in relationships.

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22. Let him sleep in

Little things like this can mean the world to him. Sometimes, in life, it’s the simple things that really matter. Take the kids to the park and let him sleep until he wakes up for once. We all love a lazy morning of sleeping in after a hard week at work!

23. Surprise him with a lunch date on his break

On his lunch break, surprise him with a visit from you and a trip to his favorite spot. If you don’t have time for that, drop him off something. Doordash him lunch if you have to. Making sure that he gets a steak for lunch is a great way to spoil your man.

24. Participate in his hobbies with him

participate in his hobbies with him

If he loves fishing, head out to the lake for a day with him. Guys that love fixing things will appreciate some help, especially from the woman that they love. They’ll have some fun with you, and you can both relax after a long day together.

25. Get outside and have some fun

If your man likes to ride four-wheelers, go with him. Get all of his friends together for a round of paintball. Enjoy a bonfire. Whatever your man likes to do, get involved and do it with him. Having fun together is one of the best ways to spend time together and spoil your man at the same time.

26. Make a man cave

If you don’t make it yourself, consider clearing out space in the house so that he can have a man cave anyway. Then, let him do his thing. He’ll appreciate having his own personal space.

27. Cuddle him with his head on your chest or lap

Sometimes men need to feel loved and protected too! Baby him. Cuddle him. Spoil him by letting him lay on top of you and stroke his hair or gently rub his head. He’ll adore it!

28. Get him something he’s had his eye on 

If he’s mentioned that he wants something, surprise him with it. It could be something big or small. Either way, this small gesture is guaranteed to be a hit.

29. Breakfast in bed

You’re not the only one that loves waking up to breakfast in bed! Surprise him with bacon, eggs, sausage, and the works on Saturday morning. If you have lazy Sundays, that works too. This is a great idea for weekends when the two of you can enjoy breakfast in bed together too.

30. Wash his back in the shower

When we think of taking a shower together, it’s usually a bit sexy. However, showers can be an intimate moment that has nothing to do with sex. Take a shower together and wash him off. This simple little thing is all it will take to make him feel special. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture for you to spoil your man.

31. Make him something

If your man loves thoughtful things, this is the perfect way to spoil him! Take some time and make him a thoughtful DIY gift. Draw him a picture. Paint him a portrait for his office. Create a scrapbook of some of your favorite memories together. Take some time to create your gift and he’s guaranteed to love it!

32. Have the radio play his favorite song

have the radio play his favorite song

If you’ve never had someone do this for you, you have to do it to spoil your guy. Call the radio station that the two of you listen to a lot. Then, make sure that it’s one while the two of you enjoy lunch. Make sure that you ask the DJ to say who the song is for. There aren’t a lot of people that do this one, so it’ll instantly make him feel special.

33. Plan a family dinner

Having dinner together is nice, but there’s nothing quite like having a wholesome family dinner with his parents. Invite his mom and dad over for Sunday night dinner. He’ll appreciate that he didn’t have to ask you to do it. More than anything, he’ll love that you vibe with his parents. This makes it great for you and a wonderful way to spoil your man.

34. “Couple day” at the spa

Relaxing together at the spa is the perfect way to relax together. Book a couple’s massage. You can also plan an entire day together depending on what you both like. Remember that this is supposed to be relaxing. Don’t book your man for things he might not like or that are new to him, like yoga.

35. Romantic weekend getaway

This is the perfect way to make him feel special. Make sure that you let him know so that he has the weekend free. Then, don’t tell him where you guys are headed to. Plan the entire weekend so it’s packed with things that he’ll like to do.

36. Pick up something with his favorite sports team on it

Even if you’re not into sports, it’s pretty easy to find a hoody or travel mug with his team name on it. He’ll appreciate you taking the time to pick him up a little gift, and the fact that it’s for his favorite sports team will be the icing on the cake.

37. Take his pet peeves seriously

Every guy has pet peeves. Some men like the house to look a certain way or they are super touchy about money. When you don’t take them seriously, it can drive him crazy and create conflict. 

On the other hand, when you do take them seriously, he’ll enjoy it. It’ll make him feel on top of the world if you take the time to learn some money-saving tips or load the dishwasher how he prefers. Those little things go a long way in making him feel loved and special.

38. Take him to his favorite restaurant for date night

Date night is important in any relationship, but that doesn’t mean that he has to be the one to plan it. Instead, surprise him with dinner at his favorite restaurant the next time you guys go out together.

39. Game night

Board games are a fun way to spend time together, and you can play as many as you like for a complete game night. Make sure that you include a couple of his favorite games or ones that will make him smile, like Cards Against Humanity.

40.Write him a love note

write him a love note

If you have to, take a creative writing class or two. If you love creative writing, this is right up your alley. Give it to him in a card. He’ll cherish the love note, and more than likely keep it for quite some time. Because things are a bit more modern now, you can also write him a love note and email it to him in the middle of the day.

41. Have his favorite drink waiting for him

After a long day at work, there’s nothing like relaxing and having someone bring you your favorite drink with some ice. Follow up the night with a full body massage to make him feel extra spoiled.

42. Spoil your man with a clean house

Now, I know this is a bit old-fashioned. Today, more and more men are pitching in on housework, and it’s not close to the way it was in the ’50s. However, this is why it’s one of the best ways to spoil your man. He’ll be in heaven if he walks through the door and the house is spotless. I used to love getting off of work and coming home to a clean house.

43. Combine several ideas

Make an afternoon of catering to your husband. He can come home to a clean house. Then, cook him a few of his favorite foods. Give him the drink he’s always reaching for when he gets home. The more things you combine into an afternoon of making sure that your husband feels special, the more he’ll appreciate it. Don’t forget, that spoiling is the way to a man’s heart.

44. Make a big deal out of his birthday

A man is more likely to blow off their birthday. However, they also love it when we make a big deal out of it. Pick up a cake and a few presents to remind him how loved he is.

45. Listen when he’s talking

Sometimes the best ways to spoil a boyfriend are by making sure that they know how important they are. If he has something to say, make sure that you’re fully present to listen to him.

46. Understand how he receives love

We all receive love in different ways. Take the time to learn his love language so that you make sure that your efforts are well received by him.

47. Do his chores for him

If you guys split the housework, get his chores done before he gets home. He’ll enjoy being able to relax instead of vacuuming.

48. Cheer him on

cheer him on

Be the biggest cheerleader. If your boyfriend plays a sport, don’t miss a game. If he’s engrossed in a new work project, make sure that you cheer him on. Show plenty of support in whatever he’s doing.

49. Random acts of kindness

If you’re looking for ways to spoil your man, consider random acts of kindness. Simple things go a long way with a boyfriend. Bring him something to drink while he’s watching his favorite show. Don’t talk to him if he’s watching the game. Layout his clothes for him while he’s soaking in the bath. Those random acts of kindness will instantly make your boyfriend feel amazing.

50. Don’t diss his career

Most of the time, his career choice will be very important. Don’t nag your boyfriend or talk down about his choice. If he’s working long hours at the office, cheer him on every step of the way.

51. Tag him in posts on social media

This is the equivalent of holding your man's hand in public. It’s a great way to give him attention and show him off. 


How do guys like to be spoiled?

Men love quality time. A small gesture like making his favorite meal is another great idea. Tell your husband how much you appreciate him. Spend some money on something he’s always wanted or mentions that he wants. 

How do I spoil my man in bed?

Go out and buy some sexy lingerie that you know your husband will love. Give him a massage from head to toe. Do that thing that he loves without him asking. Be the one to initiate sex. Spice things up with role-play or new positions. 

How do you make a man spoil you?

If you want your husband to spoil you, consider doing it first and see if he reciprocates. Stroke his ego and give him plenty of compliments. Always be the best version of yourself. Ask for his help, and don’t be demanding when you do it. 

What does a man want from a relationship?

He wants to take care of each other. Deep down, he wants to feel that you love him. Guys love attention and affection. Your boyfriend will want an emotional connection, support and to feel understood. He’ll also want to enjoy his own hobbies and his own life. 

How do you spoil your boyfriend with a gift?

Pay attention to what your boyfriend says to give him a sweet present. He’ll hint at something. He might say that he can’t wait to buy something. Or, if he doesn’t do that, he’ll say that a particular thing looks really cool. 

To Summarize

If you want to spoil your man, there are plenty of ways to do it. They don’t all involve your bank account, either. What else would you add to the list?

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