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How To Ask For A Guy's Number (41 Flirty Ways To Get His Number)

It doesn’t matter what age we are in, no lady wants to seem too desperate or anxious, regardless of how much she likes a guy. However, if you wait too long, the opportunity may just slip right past you. So, how do you ask for his number without being too forward or demanding? 

I know, even thinking about it is nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve had a crush on this guy for a long time. Well, every problem has a solution, and if that guy isn’t ‘moving’ to you, you might as well take the bull by the horns and ask for his digits. 

Who knows, that singular, strategic, and courageous step would give both of you the chance to know each other better, and ultimately start dating in the future. Still don’t think you have the courage to ask for his number? 

Don’t worry, keep reading through this list. I’m certain that by the end of this, you’ll have more than enough tips and examples to make it work.

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41 Flirty Ways To Get His Number

1. The numbers in your bank account don’t intrigue me, I’m more interested in getting that 7-digit phone number.

You could either use this as an opening statement or wait until he says something a bit too boastful, then throw this in. It won’t just make him laugh (if he’s not a conceited person), he’ll probably want to find out the other things that interest you.

2. Your digits would look great on my phone screen.

your digits would look great on my phone screen

Say no to asking for a man’s number in the usual boring or expected ways. It achieves the same results, but adding a little flair would make you seem more flirty, witty, and interesting. Don’t forget to throw in a smile or a wink so he knows exactly what’s going on.

3. There’s this totally awesome new restaurant. If you want I could text you the details. 

This line is very subtle, but trust me, he’ll get the message. Ensure you already have an amazing restaurant in mind, and if he’s interested, he’ll certainly follow you up on that potential first date proposal.

4. I really liked talking to you, maybe we could exchange numbers and continue this conversation later.

It’s the best way to end the brief or lengthy meeting you have with this person. Let them know that you enjoyed talking to them. Leave a few compliments here and there, then ask the most important question. 

Asking to exchange contact details is actually more mutual, cause it goes both ways. One person doesn’t feel the pressure of calling or texting knowing that it’s all up to him or her to make the first move.

5. Do you get early morning texts? I send the best! Of course, you wouldn’t know cause you don’t have my phone number.

If he’s not a morning person, this may not be the best pitch. That’s why it’s better to say this to someone you already know a little. If he’s a romantic morning person, he wouldn't mind waking up to your highly-acclaimed amazing morning texts. 

Remember, this is a line for guys you already know and can flirt with more intimately. Suggesting morning texts to a total stranger would just be awkward.

6. I have these really cool pictures of me from last night, I could text you a few, but I don’t have your phone number.

Sometimes, you have to butter the pan before throwing the veggies in, and in this case, you have to butter him up to get his number. With the right motivation, that man would probably give you his number in a hurry, because which sane person turns down ‘cool pictures’?

7. What I want to say to you would sound better in a text.

There’s no boring way to say this, especially if you know how to flirt effectively. After some time of chatting and getting to know each other, you could move in and whisper this in his ears. 

This would also work if both of you have been flirting the whole time. He’ll know it’s his cue to take your number and call you asap for a follow-up meeting. 

8. Can you kindly hold my phone while I tie my laces? Maybe type your number in while you have the chance.

Okay, so this line serves two purposes, and if you want to be this daring, then try it out. If it’s a friend, colleague, or someone you know, you’ll be flirting with him in two ways. 

If you're wearing sneakers, you’ll want to bend down seductively enough to give him a good view of your stunning body. So, while you hand him the phone, he’ll certainly want to put in his digits after what he just saw. 

9. Did I give you my number? Or maybe you can just give me yours.

You know you didn’t give him your number, and he knows this too. But acting like you forgot the details of your meeting is the perfect step when flirting with a guy. It also makes everything a lot less tasking. After you’ve talked for a while, just slip it in naturally and see how he responds.

10. It’s funny how we’ve been talking for more than 15 minutes and I still don’t have your number.

Some men won’t make any moves until you give them a bright ‘green light’ if you know what I mean. You have to suggest the idea and let them take the bait. So if you think you’ve been talking for way too long, get the ball rolling and let him know it’s time to do the needful. 

11. You look like a cool guy, so I’ll give you my real number, not the fake one I give other guys.

He’ll probably have a good laugh over this one, but he’ll also be quite intrigued as well. You’re indirectly telling him that he’s special enough to have your real number. That’s enough to get any guy’s attention. Mentioning how you don’t usually give out your real number to just any guy would probably make him feel better about giving you his number.

He’ll probably also sense the humor in your statement (if it’s there) and feel like you’re a witty and fun person.

12. You should really give me your number, in case you need someone to text at night.

you should really give me your number in case you need someone to text at night

Okay, so this is a bit daring, but how many people ever got what they wanted by playing it safe? Don’t be afraid to flirt a little bit dangerously. You’ll either pique his interest or find out that he’s not interested in you that way. Either way, you’ll get a response from him, and figure out if this guy is worth waiting for or if you should take your affections elsewhere.

13. I was ready to walk away without getting your number, but I’ll probably regret that later.

Hint to him how important the connection you both have is. That way, he’ll probably think in the same line as you do. Some men don’t ask for a lady’s number because they feel the lady doesn’t like them. However, by saying this, he’ll certainly know you also feel a connection and would be happy to give you his contact details. 

14. Want to hear my message tone? Send me a text, it’s hilarious!

This is a witty and unconventional way to get his number. He’ll know what you’re trying to do, but he won’t be able to resist giving you his number. This is because who can refuse such a harmless offer right? Of course, you’ll probably need an actual funny text tone so it doesn’t seem to look like you were lying or making baseless statements.

15. You look like a guy who knows how to sext, maybe you can teach me?

You’ll want to hand him your phone after saying this, but I warn you, in this case, you have to put your mouth where your money is. In other words, don’t offer such daring ‘proposals if you’re not ready to play along. 

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16. You know your contact list wouldn’t be complete without my number in it.

Let him know what he’s missing by not having your number on his phone yet. You have to look confident when saying this, but add a little flair so he knows you’re still a little soft on the inside. If he’s also into you, he’ll willingly take your number and give you his.

17. I have an eye for cute gifs and pictures, maybe I could send you some later?

Show him a cute picture on your phone, then promise to keep sending him such pictures if he’ll give you his number. If he does give you his number, when you get home, look for actual cute pictures, videos, and gifts to send him. That could be the beginning of something new and more exciting (as time goes on) for both of you.

18. Let’s play a game, if I win, then you have to give me your number.

Ask for his number in this coded but flirty and fun way! Guys like a challenge and I bet he’d still find a way to get your phone number even though he wins. It could be poker, a drinking game, or any available fun game around.

19. Hey, we’re still strangers, but if you give me your number that might change.

If he’s getting a bit too forward and you’re enjoying the attention, take the chance to get his number. If he knows you’re into him too and that’s the only chance of the ‘conversation’ progressing, he’ll certainly give you his number.

20. How about you give me your number then we make out?

This is pretty forward, and it’s not something you should say if you have no intentions of getting physical with this guy. However, you could play with him a little and still hold out, promising to deliver on the deal after he takes you out again. 

21. How about we do something fun, give me your number and we’ll text ourselves the silliest gifs tonight.

If you want to get his number without sounding too desperate, then use this line right here. It’s casual, inviting, but not too flirty. If he’s down to get to know you better, he’ll certainly want to exchange phone numbers.

22. You know I can’t walk away tonight without your number on my phone right?

You want to balance being witty and flirty when you’re saying something like this, if not, it could end up sounding creepy. So let your body language be calm, suggestive but not too forward so he understands the light joke, and hopefully types in his digits heartily.

23. Let’s do something different for a change. I’ll hand you my phone, put in your number and we can start texting once I walk away.

By saying this, you’re suggesting a different approach to the traditional ‘wait three days before calling or texting’. You want this guy to know you’re into him, and not afraid of going after what you want.

24. Do you think I’m flirting with you now? Wait until we start texting.

do you think i'm flirting with you now

You’ll want to hand him your phone immediately after you say this, if he’s into you, he’ll surely take the bait. Of course, you’ll have to deliver on that promise of being a good flirt, so get ready to impress him with memes, pictures, and cheesy statements that will keep him hooked. 

25. We could keep talking for hours, or you could just give me your number and I’ll text you when I get home.

Yes, you’re making a bold move, but you’re also giving him a reason to continue the conversation later. You could follow this statement up with a wink or a coy smile. You could either choose to keep him waiting for a little and text the next day. Or do away with the games and actually call or message him when you get home.

26. Why don’t you give me your number, in case we ever need to ‘help’ each other out in the future?

This could mean anything, and it’s up to both of you to chart the course after such a statement. You’re offering to create a ‘beneficial’ relationship where he can text you if he ever needs anything, and vice versa.

27. Are you gonna ask for my number, or should I take yours?

This is another way of saying, “what are you waiting for dude?” However, this statement has to have a soft and flirty appeal to it if it’s going to work. 

28. I really enjoyed talking to you, maybe we could continue from where we left off later?

So here, you’re simply suggesting another meeting or continued communication in the future. It’s up to him to catch this cue and offer to either take your number or give you his.

29. So what do I store my name as?

If he’s holding his phone already, this would be a nice suggestive move as well. Simply hold out one hand with a smile on your face, he’ll certainly want to follow up on that offer.

30. So I'll just go ahead and save my number as (insert name) so you’ll remember who I am.

This is a flirtatious way of making your mark on his mind. Not many girls are this suggestive, so finding a girl who has the courage to take action would certainly be a turn-on for him. Unlike the previous point, you’re putting in the name of your choice (like hot Cassie) and not waiting for him to tell you.

31. Why don’t you say your number out loud, I want to check if it will look nice on my contact list.

This will certainly make that guy smile cheekily, asking for his phone number in this way isn’t just flirty, it’s witty as well. Guys like ladies who know how to be funny, sarcastic, or witty when asking for something, so go on and charm him with this witty line. 

32. Let me see your phone, yup, I thought so, it doesn’t have my phone number on it.

If you want to get his number without actually asking for it, this line would certainly work. Simply ask him for his phone, examine it quickly, and give him the ‘diagnosis’ with a serious yet slightly playful face. 

33. So what you’re saying is that you don’t have my phone number?

This million-dollar question would either make him laugh, or get him to ask for your number himself. That way, you won’t even have to get his number, he’d simply save yours then call or text you later so you’ll have his number as well. 

34. See, if I had your number, I could invite you to the awesome party happening this weekend.

Now, of course, you can only say this if there’s an actual party going on. But here’s the thing, you can also spin it. If you’re interested in getting physical right away, you could text him your home address for a ‘special party’ at yours.

35. This is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me maybe?

Yes, it’s certainly okay to steal a line from Carly Rae’s hit song just to get his number, or at least give him yours. He’ll probably smile at the effort, plus, you’ll have a lot more to bond on the next time he calls or sends you a text. 

36. I can’t believe we don’t have each other’s numbers!

If you feel both of you have a connection, and he probably thinks so too, then this line will work like magic. You’re suggesting that with all the ‘chemistry’ going on between you, your conversations can’t end without him having your phone number and vice versa.

37. You need something new and special in your life, and for now, that’s my number.

you need something new and special in your life, and for now, that's my number

This line may sound cheesy, but hey, which line isn’t, right? Don’t hesitate to use this if you’re feeling lucky, plus remember to put in a little flirty yet witty smile while you’re at it.

38. Do you watch Game of Thrones too? Oh my lord, now you need to give me your number.

You’ve given him a reason why he just has to have your number. Whether you want a ranting partner, someone you can connect to, or even a flimsy excuse to chat with your crush. Such lines will certainly do the trick.

39. You look cute, and you seem to have a really nice sense of humor, but you know what you don’t have? My number.

Yes, your million-dollar number is missing from his phone and his life in general! At this point, he can either face the risk of living an incomplete life or take the number you’re offering on a platter of self-confidence.

40. You should give me your number, cause how am I going to prove to my friends that I met a hottie like you?

It’s true, isn’t it? If you go home to your friends and tell them you met a really nice guy or even talked to a colleague or friend you’ve been crushing on, they’ll ask for proof! However, saying this to him will also flatter him, and he’ll certainly want to give you his number then. 

41. So I have to get going, but maybe I could get your number so we can talk another time?

If both of you just met or ran into each other, you could feign being in a hurry to get home so he’ll feel the need to give you his number. It’s important to make an impression first, maybe chat for at least five minutes before asking for his number.


Is it weird to ask for a guy's number?

Asking a guy for his number will only be weird if you make it awkward. Plus, you also have to consider if he’s already dating someone else or even married. However, if he’s an available single man, asking him to give you his number is something pretty normal, especially if he’s into you as well. 

How do you ask a guy for his number without being too direct?

This is the 21st century and lots of things have changed. There’s no need to play the coy game or act too timid or mysterious. 
However, if you want to play it cool then you’ll have to come up with something witty or funny. You could say something like; “I am the cheesiest texter. Like I could make you laugh at a serious work or family meeting” If he contests this fact, then tell him you’ll prove it by asking for his number. For example, “alright, I guess you’ll have to give me your number and find out”.

How can I find out my crush's phone number without asking?

Here’s the thing, some guys are quite hard to approach, and if they don’t ask to exchange phone numbers, you’ll have to look for other creative easy to do so. One way would be to ask someone else to give it to you. 
Another way to get his number would be to give him a reason to ask for yours; be witty, interesting, and slightly flirtatious so your crush will want to give you his number without you having to ask for it.

How can I tell if a guy likes me?

You can tell if someone likes you by the way they talk, look, and act around you. Their body language would show signs of attraction, plus, guys’ that like you would say or do anything just to have your number, walk with you or take you out on a date. 

How do you get a guy to like you?

There are many ways to get someone to like you. You can do so by listening to him, complimenting him every now and then (not incessantly). Also be friendly, helpful, flirty, and mysterious. Guys like girls that intrigue and excite them, so if you can do that, you’ll get his attention, but from there, your vibrant personality will have to do all the work to keep it.

To Summarize

If you’re going to ask a guy for his number, you can either play it safe, be flirty, witty, or daring. Either way, with the examples and tips I’ve outlined above, you should be able to get him to save your number on his phone, or hopefully go home with his. 

Did you find this article helpful? Feel free to leave a comment or any contributions below, and kindly share this article with others who would benefit from it as well. 

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