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Is It A Date Or Are You Just Hanging Out? (13 Ways To Tell)

Have you ever been out with a friend that you have a huge crush on, and you’re wondering if it’s finally moved from a hangout to a date? If you have, you already know that it can be confusing to figure out which way your night is headed. It could end with a good night kiss, or a disappointing “see you later.” Sometimes, the night is well over with and you’re left lying in bed trying to decipher what just happened. 

If you’re still trying to figure it out, these sure-fire signs will help you determine whether you’re dating or still in the friend zone. 

How To Differentiate Dating And Hanging Out

1. Pay Attention To Body Language

Body language is one of the easiest ways to tell if a guy likes you. If he does like you, you are more than likely on a date. Watch for these signs: 

  • How far they lean towards you. A person will lean towards you if they are interested. The further they lean towards you, the more interested they are. 
  • Watch his lips. If he likes you as more than a friend, his lips will tell you. He’ll smile a lot more, and he will subconsciously part his lips ever so slightly. 
  • His eyes. If a guy is interested in you as more than a friend, you’ll feel his eyes on you. He will stare at you more than his phone or his surroundings provided he is not one of the shy zodiac signs. 

2. What He Pays Attention To

If you’re on a date, your guy will pay more attention to you than anything else. He won’t be interested in social media or his phone. The distractions at the restaurant will remain unnoticed by your date. This is because he wants to get to know you, and he is more interested in you than anything else at the moment. 

If you notice that he is not paying attention to you, you’re more than likely just hanging out. He will not hesitate to get his phone out of his pocket, chat with friends, and will probably spend more time focused on things other than you. 

3. His Appearance

Pay attention to your guy friend’s appearance when he shows up to determine if it’s a date. When a guy is going on a date, he will put extra effort into looking and smelling good. Is his hair styled to perfection even though it’s usually messy? Is he wearing cologne? If he put in a little extra effort, that’s a good sign. 

If he is not interested in dating you, you can trust that he will look the same as he does when you two are hanging out with a group of friends. Guys that are not interested in a romantic relationship don’t try to put their best foot forward with a girl the way that a guy will when he really likes you. 

4. Number Of People

When it’s a date, a guy is not going to invite extra friends along. Instead, he will want to spend the date getting to know you, it will involve just the two of you. Expect to spend some quality time with your potential interest if he likes you in a romantic way. 

If it’s a group of friends, that’s a sign that you’re not dating. Another sign that you are just going out with a guy as a friend is if he invites others along when the two of you are together. For example, you’re enjoying dinner and discussing plans for afterward. Then, his phone rings. It’s his best friend. Next, he does not hesitate to invite him along with your plans. Guys don’t invite other people along if they really like you. 

5. He Is A Gentleman

If he’s interested in you as more than a friend, he’ll act more chivalrous than he normally would. He might hold open doors, offer his jacket, or insist on paying for everything. If it’s a first date, he’ll want to make a wonderful impression. 

6. Compliments


It is probably a date if he compliments you, but pay attention to the type of compliments he gives you. For example, a guy that is not interested will compliment you on something you’re doing, such as bowling a great game. 

If he wants to be more than friends, he’ll compliment you on your appearance or how wonderful you smell. The type of compliment can easily help you determine where you stand

7. Is He Nervous?

Some guys are cooler than a cucumber when they’re on a date, but some get nervous around a girl that they like. If he’s displaying a sign or two that he’s feeling anxious, he definitely really likes you. Watch for these signs: 

  • Sweaty palms
  • Stuttering
  • Having a hard time maintaining eye contact
  • Fidgeting
  • Tripping over his words

8. Flirting

The number one sign that he sees you as more than a friend is if he’s flirting with you. If your guy friend is suddenly touching you more, smiling at you with that mesmerizing twinkle in his eyes and sitting closer to you, it’s a sign that it’s a date. If you like him, flirt back to let him know that you like him too. 

9. The Follow-up Text

If you just went on a date, a guy will more than likely send the follow-up text. This is where he will say that he had fun, wants to see you again, etc. He might mention that he loved the conversation and wants to talk to you again. Another common theme in the follow-up text is to check to see if you had a good time too. If you didn’t get one, he’s probably only interested in being friends. 

10. Conversation Topics

If you’re hanging out, he might ask for dating advice, mention other women in his life or want opinions about a potential girlfriend he has in the back of his mind. Guy friends tend to ask the girls in the group for advice in these areas. 

On the other hand, if you’re going on a date he will avoid mentioning feelings for other women. Instead, the conversation topics will be centered around getting to know you, such as how you like to spend your free time. If he is interested in you as a romantic partner, he’ll invest time into making sure that you’re a good match. 

11. How You Feel

How you feel after spending time with a guy can help you figure out if you’ll be dating in the near future. A guy that looks at you as a potential romantic partner will go above and beyond to make you feel good. His compliments will leave you grinning from ear to ear. You’ll have butterflies in your stomach, and probably will instantly look forward to spending more time together. 

When a man does not like you in that way, you’ll get different vibes from him that will not have the same effect. Instead, you might feel relaxed or happy, but you won’t feel the same tingle from head to toe. 

12. Does He Touch You?

Does He Touch You

When a guy is interested in someone, they will touch them more. I don’t mean a friendly, limp hug before you part ways. He’ll find a reason to sit closer to you, might touch your hair or maybe he will want to hold hands. If he’s feeling nervous, he might “accidentally” touch you, such as brushing his hand against your thigh as he reaches for something on the table. 

13. Intentions

Paying attention to his intention behind the evening can tell you everything that you need to know. Follow the conversation to see if he needs someone to make him feel better or if he’s interested in you. 

If he tries to sleep you as the night winds down, you were probably out on a date, but he might not be interested in a relationship. If you aren’t sure, simply ask him. There is nothing wrong with a few questions about what his intentions are to clear the air. 


What Is Considered A Date?

If he asked you out, you guys planned some one on one time together, or you met on a dating app you are definitely on a date. It might still be a date with a group of friends, but you have to consider the context, such as if you met online and are meeting for the first time. 

Is It A Date Or Hangout?

If he asked you to go out with him, and you’re alone the entire night, it’s definitely a date. If you’re not clear on where you stand, simply ask him if it’s a date or a hangout. There’s nothing wrong with being bold. 

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Is Hanging Out With A Guy Alone A Date?

Yes, this is usually a date. If a guy asked you out on the date, you made specific plans to be together, such as going to dinner, and him paying close attention to you are all signs that you are on a date. 

Is It A Date Meaning?

This means that you’re figuring out whether the guy you’re out with is interested in you as more than friends. If you’re on a date, usually it’s because you are interested in getting to know one another to decide if you would like to be in a relationship

What Is A Date In A Relationship?

If you’re in a relationship, you can still go on dates. If he wants to take you out or makes plans with just you, you’re on a date. This is a great way to stay connected during a relationship and keep the spark alive. 

To Conclude...

Trying to figure out whether you’re on a date or not can be confusing, to say the least. If you’re left thinking you just went on a date and he’s under the impression that the two of you were having a good time as friends, it is going to be awkward.

Have you ever been in this situation? How did you figure out whether you were on a date?

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