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How Nice Guys Think Sex Works (7+ Amazing Ways)

April 1, 2024

If you have had unpleasant encounters with some guys, you will agree that finding a nice guy who will treat you well in and out of bed can be hard. Genuinely nice guys are like unicorns because there are many who pretend to be nice just to get into your pants.

All the simple acts that precede or happen right after sexual intercourse matters, and only a man who respects you will tick all the boxes. 

Yes, a lot of us are used to the douchebags that are great in bed but sleep off right after and disappear before the sun comes out the next morning. 

So, when we meet a gentleman who actually tries to respect us, it’s weird. So, how do you know if a guy isn’t into you, or is just being nice? I have a few hints that should help you tell the difference.

8 Ways Nice Guys Act During, Before, Or After Sex

1. They Kiss Better

Unlike a douchebag who is always in a rush to reach climax, a nice guy will take time to get you in the mood before the real foreplay starts. In fact, if he knows what he is doing, the foreplay begins with good kissing that is wet and downright arousing. He tries to keep the connection going whether you’re just making out or really getting down and dirty. 

2. He Treasures Every Part Of Your Body

A nice guy is someone who will make you feel loved and you won’t feel like he is tricking or flattering you. He thinks you should be loved in every way, and you’ll know that by the way he tries to pleasure you. While making love to you, he will still find a way to touch other parts of your body because he genuinely wants to make you happy. 

Even after lovemaking, he still wants to ensure you feel comfortable. He’s probably the type to ask if he’s going too fast or hard because he actually cares.

3. He Makes You Feel Protected

he makes you feel protected

The way he touches you indicates how protective he is of you. He does this without making you feel caged in. Some men think keeping tabs on their woman is romantic and protective, but a nice guy is protective without seeming cocky

He wants to be your friend and your lover, so he ensures both of you are on the same page before proceeding with anything.

4. Sex With Him Takes On A Different Meaning

When someone wants to be more than a lover, but also a friend and confidant, you’ll know. A guy like this is looking for a lasting connection, and it shows in the way he handles intimacy. You’ll notice that he’s making love to you, not just screwing you, which is quite different. 

He won’t mind slowing things down so both of you can enjoy every single second and savor the moment. 

5. He Respects Your Decisions

At one point in your life, you’ve probably encountered a guy or friend who tried to take advantage of you or guilt you into getting down with them. It’s just recently some of them are getting more cautious because of the increased awareness on consent. 

However, for Mr. Nice, no one needs to tell him to proceed with caution. He’s already aware that even though you hang out a lot or he’s your friend with benefits, there must be mutual respect. Once you say no or stop, he’ll do so no matter how far both of you have gone. 

6. He Is A Cuddler

As women, we love a man that isn’t afraid to show their touchy side; a lover that would be a friend and expect the same comfort and vulnerability especially when life gets tough. If you are one of those people who deal with stress by making love, Mr. Nice Guy will cuddle you, then make you forget about your worries under the sheets.

7. He Acts Like A Gentleman

he acts like a gentleman

It doesn’t matter what he is doing, a nice guy still thinks like a gentleman whether he is having sex or not. He puts great effort into making you feel good whether he is just helping you with the groceries or working his way around your body. Women sometimes overlook a guy like this, but they could be the most gentle, thoughtful, and considerate lovers if you let them.

8. He Is Patient

Many nice guys grow up around women and are naturally kind and very gentle. However, this kind of gentleness is often received with suspicion from some women, who question if the guy really likes them. Why? Well, we are women, and sometimes we don’t know what we want. We expect all men to make a move on us, but also expect them not to. 

A typical nice guy is incredibly patient and would try to take things as slow as possible until you give them the green lights. 


What do nice guys finish last mean sexually?

In a sexual situation, it refers to a guy who waits until their women are fully satisfied before they reach climax. So a guy that makes his woman orgasm first is a guy who finishes last.

Do nice guys ever win?

In reality, a nice guy might not win easily, he is either friend-zoned or not taken seriously. Women like the more ‘bad-guy’ type which is probably why they end up heartbroken six weeks into the relationship. However, if they are patient and not desperate, they’ll definitely find a girl that appreciates them.

How do you spot a nice guy?

You can spot a nice guy not by his physical looks, but by the way he talks and acts. If he is the type that opens the door for you but disregards your personal opinions, he isn’t a nice guy. It is better to know how a man acts before calling him a nice guy. 

What is a nice guy complex?

You can say someone has a nice guy complex when he tries to do kind things just for the purpose of seducing a woman. He will be the type to mention that his past relationship ended because his ex left him for a bad guy. He thinks the regular things he does are what makes him nice. In fact, he does everything he does so that people can think he is the ‘good guy’.

Do girls like shy guys?

As much as most women like their men to be confident and act sharp, many women want something different from the regular lousy men they meet every day. As long as the guy knows how to treat a woman well, in and out of bed, women will want him the way he is.

To End Things Off,

Don’t get it twisted, a nice guy knows how to love, and may even have extra special moves in bed, but he’s more likely to be respectful like a true friend. More so, he is patient and thoughtful even when he’s getting down and dirty with you. 

If you enjoyed reading this list, please leave a comment below and share this with your friends as well. 

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