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11 Millennial Dating Tips (You Must Know)

Dating is tricky whatever age you are. The idea of putting yourself on the line to get emotionally hurt is always tough. However, one generation of people who may suffer more acutely than others, are millennials. 

In general, millennials want love, but they also want someone to date and have fun with first. In fact, they may want even more than just the odd date for fun. They may want a sustained period of dating before they settle down. 

Here, we look at some dating tips for millennials. Millennials have to deal with social media and online dating apps more than any other generation, which has consequences on their love life. It is for this reason that they need their own specific dating tips. 

Millennial Dating Tips

1. Get to grips with social media

Get to grips with social media

Using social media platforms to help you with dating is one of the key ways that millennials can arm themselves against being hurt. 

While you should steer clear of stalking people you like online, you can at least take a quick look at their profiles online to see whether they really are who they say they are - this is particularly helpful if you have met them through dating apps where you only have their dating profile and a handful of pictures to go by. 

2. Only have sex when you want

Sex to some millennials is what dating is really all about. Some will try to have as much sex as possible while dating which seems to be a growing culture amongst millennials. However, don’t rush into anything with someone that you are not ready for. 

Sex can be great if you are really into a person, or you are both aware that you just want sex from each other. However, sex does leave you to be more vulnerable than you were previously, so don’t always be quick to jump into bed with someone until you really know them. 

3. Think about sexting carefully

With the mass use of mobile phones and smart technology has come the introduction of sexting. Whether you are sending racy text messages to each other or actually sending explicit pictures, be aware of what could be the consequences of your actions. 

Will those images or messages be deleted so that no one else can get their hands on them? What would happen if you and the person you are sexting had a disagreement? Could you become a victim of revenge porn? 

4. Be open to love

There is a big emphasis on a lot of millennials to date as many people as possible and keep things superficial. However, do be open to the prospect of love. Online dating can turn dating, into a bit of a factory line so that romance is materially diminished. 

Falling in love though is one of life’s greatest pleasures so don’t put yourself off the idea with a predetermined notion that you don’t want anything serious. 

5. Be ok on your own

Be ok on your own

Because online dating has made finding dates that much easier, it can be tempting to fill your diary with lots of dates with lots of different people. However, if you are dating as a means to be happy, it can actually be better to spend some time on your first. 

You need to be happy and confident in yourself before love can find you as well as simple enjoyment from dating as a whole. Being ok in yourself will actually make you far more attractive to someone else in the future as it is an attractive trait. 

6. Don’t listen to judgment

Millennials are subjected to a lot more judgment from outside sources than people have been previously. Due to being ever-connected, we can get feedback from people looking at dating and social media profiles who we didn’t necessarily know or seek acceptance from. 

Bearing that in mind, one of the best things you can do if you are a millennial who is out dating is not to listen to other people’s judgments or opinions of you. Ultimately, you will never be able to keep everyone happy, so just concentrate on yourself. 

7. Build your confidence

Millennials are constantly able to see what other people’s lives are like in comparison to their own. Having grown up with this, they are not aware of any other way of being. For that reason, they are probably unaware of the implications that this can have on their confidence. Consistently seeing other people out having fun, can encourage a lot of self-doubts. 

If you are a millennial out dating at the moment, it can be a good idea to not give in to that self-doubt and build your confidence instead. You’ll be a far better date for it as opposed to someone who is always trying to appear to have a good time. 

8. Make technology work for you

Make technology work for you

The technology available to millennials is so much greater than anyone has had at their disposal before them. Try, therefore, to make it work for you as much as you can. This also means having a digital detox at times that you think your use of your phone or online technology is getting too dependent and therefore unhealthy. 

Use the technology available to you to such a degree that it enhances your life and dating - but does not rule what you do. Again, this will be down to your confidence and being comfortable with your own skin. 

9. Have fun

If you have chosen to date just for dating’s sake, remember that and just have fun. For the moments that you are down about how a dinner date with someone has not gone right, focus on making things fun again in the future. 

Having fun should be light-hearted and not cause you any pain or upset. When dating someone does cause you to hurt, you may need to think about ways that you can have more fun in the future so that it doesn’t happen again. Millennials have age on their side, so don’t put any pressure on yourself to do anything other than have fun with someone. 

10. Don’t lie

With the mass usage of dating apps by millennials, there can be a tendency to feel the need to lie on profiles to promote a better version of yourself. However, if you are a millennial tempted to do this, it can be a good idea to steer clear of falsifying your profiles or messages to a person. 

The reason being is that you will likely be found out in the future and thus cause you and your date more pain and upset. You’ll have wasted everyone’s time, plus you are also likely not to feel great about yourself either. This can have big implications for your overall happiness and joy. Bearing that in mind, it’s easier just to be honest. 

11. Have a circle of trust

Millennials, just like generations before them, still need to have actual friends with whom they spend time - even though they are more capable of filling their diaries with dates. A circle of friends can be a huge help when dating as they can help give you the confidence to be yourself and not worry as much if a date does not go as well as you had hoped. Then, when you do find love or love finds you, you’ll be much happier to welcome it. 

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How are Millennials dating?

Millennial dating has probably been shaped by dating apps and online dating more than any other generation. The result is people have a larger dating pool and are meeting up with dates far outside their friendship group or people they meet coincidentally out and about. 

Why do Millennials struggle with relationships?

Millennials struggle with relationships as dating culture has changed so much that relationships are no longer the be and end-all of why we date. 

How long does the average millennial relationship last?

The average millennial relationship lifespan is hard to define as different millennials date for different reasons. The result is that sometimes relationships last a long time while others are simply just about sex so only last a few dates - at most. 

Why are Millennials afraid of commitment?

Millennials are afraid of commitment for a couple of reasons, in general. Firstly, the hookup culture is one that promotes moving on quickly. Secondly, many millennials simply are not at an age yet where they want to settle down. They’re still young so want to date a lot of people at that moment in their life. 

Why is dating so hard for guys?

Dating can be hard for guys, particularly with millennials, as they contend with shifting dynamics in society. While gender equality is making great gains, some guys are unsure as to whether they should be chivalrous and romantic on dates, therefore, or something else. 

Millennial Dating - Key Takeaways

Millennial dating is rife with its trials and tribulations. However, it needn’t be. The best thing a millennial can do is to remember to have fun as well as be an honest and confident person. 

As a result, their very best side will shine out of them and they will always act in a way that does not cause them to regret. But, if bad dates do occur, make sure you always have that close circle of friends to cheer you up. 

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