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Do Guys Like Bad Girls (13 Reasons Why Guys Prefer Bad Girls)

When people say ‘the heart wants what it wants’, do they mean the heart wants what’s bad for it? if they aren’t gluttons for punishment, why would guys stay with bad girls who will leave them brokenhearted? Is there any justification for why guys choose bad girls over good girls? 

Do you need to change something about yourself or move to the dark side before you can have a long-lasting relationship? Or should women start cutting themselves some slack for picking the wrong ones sometimes? After all, men make the same mistakes too.

The irony to either being the bad girl or being left for the bad girl is that the guy in the scenario always ends up as the bad guy. If you are the bad girl, ask yourself if you’re one by choice or by circumstances.

Then ask yourself if your personality will leave permanent damage on the good guys who can’t seem to get enough of you. This article would give you an idea of why good guys flock around you, especially if you’ve been bothered by their attention.

Before condemning your worth as a good woman, read on for reasons why you’ve lost a good guy to a ‘bad woman’. Peace comes with gaining clarity; hopefully, this article gives you both.

13 Reasons Why Guys Prefer Bad Girls

1. Men are hunters

The nature of a man is that of a hunter who is always hunting for one thing or the other. Sometimes, he has a goal and reason in mind. Other times, he is just hunting to see what he can catch. Their restless nature makes it impossible for some men to stay still in a healthy relationship for long.

The only time they give a healthy relationship a try is when they are tired of the chase and need to play family. While they are still on the chase they are usually attracted to exotic women. They bypass genuine women in favor of a bad girl because the latter poses more danger than the former. 

2. Bad girls appear sexier

Confidence, nonchalance, carefreeness are the qualities most apparent in a bad girl. There is no doubt in the way she talks or carries herself. She is either independent and doesn’t need the guy’s money, or she is using her cunningness to suck him dry.

If she is independent, the guy will always strive to provide for her. If she is a gold digger, she knows how to play the game well until she’s ready to let go.

Funnily enough, most guys know the difference between a sexy independent woman and a gold-digging confident one.  Men keep going back to the aloof cruel woman because the joy is in the resistance game bad girls play. Even though they play along, deep inside they know the relationship is toxic for them.

3. Her dress sense exudes confidence

Her dress sense exudes confidence

The way a woman dresses also has a huge impact on how men perceive her. Believe it or not, the same men who condemn inappropriate dressing among women fantasize about such women. 

However, a woman doesn’t need to be half-naked before she leaves a big impression on a man. The right dress sense isn’t only about pairing the right clothes, but about your confidence. Most bad girls complete their outfits with a badass ‘I IDGAF’ attitude and this is what draws men to them.

They know the effect they have on men, but they pretend like they don’t know. This attitude paired with their sexy outfit easily drives men crazy. You’ll be surprised at how many women a man has left behind because of an elusive bad woman.

4. Men find the kiss ‘em leave ‘em attitude exciting

Most men, before they settle down, are bad guys. They’ve played the kiss ‘em leave ‘em game so much that they don’t mind being on the other side of the game sometimes.

Men recognize a kindred spirit in a bad girl who seems hell-bent on taking revenge on every man because of what one man did to her. They find such bad girls refreshing and enjoy the adrenaline rush while it lasts. Some of these men know the relationship is temporary, but some get sucked in that they try to change the women.

Of course, the latter type of men usually have their hearts broken, but they’d rather ‘have loved than not experienced the pain of loving.

5. Most men think the thrill is worth the risk

Some men go for bad girls not because they love her or want to change her, but because their lives lack adventure. They see bad girls as a challenge in the current season of their lives. She is unreachable, stoic, cold, and unfeeling, but they still want her.

They think they are up to the task of thawing her and making her bend to their will. You would be right to see such men as neanderthal because why else would a guy go for a bad girl when he can date a sweet woman? This is why, when a man finds a trace of a bad woman in a sweet woman, he latches on to her.

6. Bad girls usually give good sex

As much as it is hard to admit, a bad girl is great in bed. An average sweet girl is conservative and comfortable with doing the minimum in the bedroom. On the other hand, a bad girl is a wild beast who gives crazy sex.  

What man doesn’t want a girl who can give him a good ride in bed? In this regard, a good girl can hardly compete with a bad girl unless she is ready to step up her sex games. You must have heard that even good men want their women to be Mother Theresa with a good dose of Cardi B in them.

7. Bad girls thrive on adventure

Bad girls thrive on adventure

A bad girl is like a rolling stone; she never stays still because there are so many places to be covered. When most men first meet an adventurous girl, they feel alive. With time, the excitement wanes because she is not willing to settle down when they are.

Guys don’t mind relinquishing control once in a while, but can’t leave control in the hands of an unstable woman for long. As such, they feed on the challenge she poses for as long as they can before replacing her with a stable woman. 

If you’re a good girl you might think it’s unfair, but it is what it is. As long as you’re sure the man is completely into you, his past shouldn’t affect your future together. 

8. Bad girls make men feel deeply

Society has not only distributed gender roles, but they’ve also dictated how each sex should feel or act. As such, men are always strong while it is okay for women to cry at the drop of a hat. What men won’t tell you is that they want to be able to express themselves as women do.

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Most men don’t usually find it easy to tap their feminine side when they date good women. Good women are usually eager to please and make their men feel on top of the world. 

A  nasty girl however doesn’t have any qualms about calling her man on his BS or leaving him after she gets what she wants. Why any man would prefer such treatment is still a mystery, but the same is true for women who stay in toxic relationships

9. Men find good girls boring

The picture of a monotonous life many men have in their heads is to fall in love with a good girl and plan to build a family with 2.5 kids. Until a man is ready for this monotonous living, he will find it easy to dump good girls while he chases after the wrong ones.

In reality, the monotonous life is a steady one filled with comfort and stability. A good woman stands a chance of keeping an easily bored man if she can occasionally inject new interesting activities into the relationship.

In this case, the goal is to remain a sweet yet fun-loving woman.

10. Men don’t like simple women

Men don’t like simple women

The menfolk like to make women believe they have everything all figured out, but that’s far from the truth. What do you call a man who doesn’t want complication, yet doesn’t want a simple woman? 

Men say women are complicated, but with this kind of conflicted interest, who is the complicated one? A man doesn’t want his woman to stress him, but he also wants her to be a pest. If his girlfriend is too chill, he’ll get interested in the other nasty girl he met the other day.

Some guys want it all, and if you’re not willing to twist their way they’ll leave you in the dust. It’s okay though, the man who is interested in your kind of simple is out there.

11. Bad girls are sometimes ‘easy'

A bad girl doesn’t commit to one man, and so she doesn’t see anything wrong with moving through men like a tornado. Men are usually attracted to such women because most men don’t enter relationships with marriage in mind. As such, they don’t mind the short-commitment nature of the relationship. 

A bad girl lures a good man into the idea of an easy relationship, but the guy on a deeper level. Then the girl has no choice but to leave him behind because she’s not cut out for that kind of relationship. 

12. Men are thrilled by the idea of fixing a woman

Every man has the hero complex which fills him with the need to save every broken girl that comes his way. Unfortunately, not every broken girl wants to be fixed. 

By the time reality sets in for such guys, they’d have left a lot of good women behind in their pursuit of that one bad girl. As a good woman, hanging on to such a man is a punishment you don’t deserve. As a broken girl, letting go of such men on time is the honorable thing to do.

13. Most men are commitment-phobic

Some men date bad girls because they have a commitment phobia. They aren’t ready to plant roots in a place, and so that arrangement works well for them. Such men date a broken girl not to spite good women, but to avoid hurting them.

As incredible as it may sound, avoiding such men is for the best because they’ll always prefer dating broken women to stable ones.


What kind of girls do guys like?

Guys want girls who are both caring and daring. They want a girl who can balance being loving with being crazy because they don’t want to live a boring life. 

Do guys like crazy girls?

Yes, guys don’t mind dating crazy girls, even if it’s just for a short while. They love the adrenaline rush they get from fighting with their girlfriend and the incredible make-up sex that follows.

Do men like short girls?

Guys who love short girls do so based on preference. However, a girl’s attitude and personality, rather than her height, play more important roles in why a guy dates her.

Which part of the female body attracts the most?

A guy is attracted to a woman based on what part of her he finds most fascinating. It could be her eyes or mouth. However, some men are usually more fascinated with how shapely a woman’s overall body is.

Do guys like caring girlfriends?

As long as you don’t overdo it or make them feel choked, guys love a woman who can pamper and care for them.

The Bottomline 

The idea of being a bad girl might not be a deliberate choice, and if you’re honest about who you are from the beginning, you should call yourself an honest person instead. 

As a good girl, stop seeing yourself in a competition with bad girls because it will continue to affect the way you see yourself. A man knows what he wants at every given time, so live your life on your terms.

If this post was helpful, do leave a comment below and share it with someone else. 

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