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17 Legit Reasons You Should Want To Have A Cheesy Boyfriend

If you have a cheesy boyfriend, you may be one lucky girl! Often, couples who are cheesy are more romantic, have more fun, and enjoy loving one another more! They show their love and affection - regardless of what other people think about them. They don’t care if people have misinformed ideas about what kind of couple they are, because they’re happy!

The truth is that a cheesy boyfriend is not a bad thing at all, but it depends on your goal for your guy. Do you want him to be serious and unromantic? If you are searching for relationships like that, this boyfriend may not be the right one for you. You may want to have words with this guy to let him know what you like and don’t love - what he does right and what you hate.

Be gentle if you have a cheesy boyfriend, as they can be a bit sensitive. Be careful with your words so that you don’t hurt his feelings. Guys like this need to know that you love and appreciate the things they do for you. If he leaves you a couple of love notes, be sure to tell him how grateful you are that he thinks of you during the day! Let’s dive in more!

Top 17 Reasons You Should Want A Cheesy Boyfriend

1. He will never forget your birthday or anniversary

he will never forget your birthday or anniversary

A cheesy boyfriend won’t forget your special occasions because he knows how important they are to you. He’ll probably come up with some crazy ideas on how to best celebrate your special day. Some ideas he might use include: a hot air balloon ride, a walk in the park, a couple of love notes in your lunchbox, or breakfast in bed.

Also, a cheesy boyfriend will make sure your day is full of surprises and romantic gestures. Cheesy guys love to express their romantic sides, so he’ll surprise you with ideas on your birthday or anniversary with things you never dreamed he’d do! Like if he’s afraid of heights, he may shock you with a romantic helicopter ride over the city.

If you are in a relationship with a cheesy boyfriend, you should enjoy it because guys like this don’t come around every day. Work to make your bond with one another stronger and build upon your love for each other, so you will have something that lasts a long time. Your boyfriend will appreciate the fact that you want to make things work out.

2. He will send you sweet text messages during the day

Who doesn’t love getting awesome text messages during the day from their man? If you have a cheesy boyfriend, he might send you lots of texts while you are in school or at work. This can be quite a distraction, but it should also give you good ideas on what to say back to him - something that would be sweet and romantic.

If your guy is trying hard to make your day special, you should want to do the same for him. You could put love notes in his lunch box or write something sweet and put it in the pocket of his jacket. Guys love things like that because it shows you care and want him to have a good day. Just get creative and think of ideas on how you can show love.

3. He will find “your song” and make you a mixed music CD

A cheesy boyfriend will most certainly want the two of you to have your own song, something that means something special to you as a couple. Most couples have a song - something meaningful that speaks to them and reminds them of their love when they aren’t around each other. A cheesy boyfriend might make you a mixed CD, too.

4. He will always pay attention when you talk about your day

Cheesy boyfriends are good listeners. They want to know all about your day and how it went. They’ll want to make sure you are always happy because they care. If you have had a hard day, your boyfriend might want to cook you a nice, romantic dinner or take you out on a special date. They are just full of romantic ideas that work wonders!

5. He will send you flowers just because

What’s great about a cheesy boyfriend is that he will always send you flowers when you least expect them. As time goes on, sometimes, this may not happen quite so frequently, but if you let your man know you miss the days when he used to send you flowers, he’ll start coming up with romantic ideas, ways he can show his love for you.

I love it when a guy sends me flowers for no reason at all or after I’ve had a rough day at the office. It’s always a nice surprise to know that he’s thinking of me and cares about my well-being. I love knowing that he’s my rock - the one person that I can share my thoughts, ideas, hopes, dreams, wishes, and concerns with.

I love having a best friend, someone with who I can talk about anything because I know he cares about what I’m saying and thinking about. He doesn’t say my ideas are stupid or that I should come up with better ideas as the solutions to my problems. Instead, he does sweet things like getting me flowers for no reason whatsoever.

6. He will call you tons of cute nicknames

While it’s true that a cheesy boyfriend will call you plenty of goofy nicknames, isn’t it worth it? I mean, you are getting a great boyfriend here, so putting up with a little bit of cheesy name-calling is a good trade-off. You may want to call him some in return for the ones he calls you. My man calls me “love,” and I think it’s super sweet.

I wouldn’t want to be with someone who never had romantic ideas on what to call me or never thought of romantic date ideas on where to take me to charm my socks off. I think it’s awesome to be with someone who wants you to be happy and finds that his chief job in life (to keep you happy)! It’s very sweet and romantic!

7. He will always defend you

When your boyfriend is around his family and friends, he will probably brag about you all the time. He’ll want them to know all of the reasons he is in love with you and what your thoughts, ideas, decisions, hobbies, passions, and favorite things are. He’ll probably share everything about you because he’s so proud that you are his gal.

8. He will post cute things about you on social media

he will post cute things about you on social media

Provided they aren’t too embarrassing or personal; I think it’s sweet that your boyfriend wants to share your relationship with the world. He just likes the idea that someone out there doesn’t know how special you are and feels the need to spread the news. That’s pretty romantic to me. In my opinion, he is a keeper!

9. He will wait on you - hand and foot

Your boyfriend may not literally wait on you, but he’ll make sure you are taken care of. He wants to make sure you are happy and cared for. He’ll do things to better your health because he only wants the best for you. He might grab you a soda if he notices that your drink has gone dry. He’ll do things that most guys won’t do if he’s cheesy.

These are all okay things, in my opinion. I want to be with a guy who has great ideas on how to make my life the best it can be. He wants to make sure that I am healthy and happy! That’s telling me that he loves me with all of his heart. He may take it a bit far from time to time, but you can handle that. It’s worth it to be treated well, right?

10. He will write you actual love letters or notes

Your cheesy boyfriend may write you real love letters and mail them. He might even write you poems or love notes and stick them in your lunchbox or hide them around the house for you to find when he’s not around. It’s his way of saying that he cares even when he can’t physically be there to help you out during the day. How romantic!

11. He will want to spend quality time with you

Sometimes, spending quality time with a guy is better than spending a ton of time with him. Quality always trumps quantity, so if your guy wants to hang out and he’s a bit on the cheesy side, he might have something really romantic planned for the two of you. I would consider not blowing him off and try to make the time he needs for your date.

12. He will take you on romantic dates

If you’ve got a cheesy boyfriend, he’ll probably take you stargazing or to a special event or something like that. He might even take you on a picnic in the park if he wants to really surprise you with something special. You should enjoy these moments and let him know how much you appreciate all of the efforts he makes to keep you happy!

13. He will treat you like a Princess

Cheesy boyfriends are sweet and know how to treat their girlfriends. They hold open the doors for them, pull out their chairs when sitting down to eat at a restaurant, and make sure you are always well taken care of. Who doesn’t like to be treated like royalty? If you don’t enjoy being treated well, you may have some insecurities you need to work on.

14. He will love for you to meet his friends and family

As mentioned, your boyfriend probably has already been bragging about you with his friends and family members. It’s no big surprise that he’ll want you to meet them as soon as possible. He’ll want them to be able to see how great you are in person! He’ll want to show you off, so be prepared for the day when this ask comes!

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15. He will do the little things that keep the spark alive

Your boyfriend won’t let your relationship get stale. He’ll always do his part to keep the spark alive! You may need to think about what you bring to the table. How are you keeping HIM happy? What do you do to keep the romance alive in the relationship? Make sure you are being fair to him because he is doing a lot for you.

16. He will buy you the perfect cards or gifts for any occasion

As mentioned, a cheesy boyfriend knows what you need to keep the spark alive - sweet little gestures to make certain that you stay happy while you are with him in a relationship. What little things are you doing for him? How do you keep him happy? When was the last time you bought him a card for no reason at all? Be romantic!

Don’t take him for granted, and make sure you are just as loving of a partner to him as he is being with you. Make sure you are expressing your emotions and feelings properly. Tell him you love him and enjoy his company if you do! Make a conscious effort to show him that you appreciate the little things he does to keep the romance alive!

17. He will cook awesome meals for you

he will cook awesome meals for you

My man is very romantic and cooks every meal for me. I know. I’m quite spoiled, but it’s very sweet because I don’t like cooking and don’t really know how to do it very well. A cheesy boyfriend will most likely cook you romantic candlelit dinners from time to time and make sure you never go hungry or thirsty. He’ll always take care of you!


What does being cheesy mean in a relationship?

It means you do the typical romantic things that you might find in a rom-com movie. For example, your boyfriend may have a ton of ideas on how to best take you out on romantic dates, like a picnic in the park or a candlelit dinner at home.

Is being romantic cheesy?

If you have romantic ideas in your head about how your boyfriend should behave, you may be a bit cheesy, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Just make sure those ideas aren’t unreasonable for your boyfriend. You don’t want to have unrealistic ideas as your expectations for your relationship.

How can I be cheesy with a guy?

Come up with some ideas for how to be more romantic, to show you are in love more with your guy. Learn his love language and work with that. If his love language is quality time, spend plenty of quality time with him, giving him romantic ideas of things you like.

What does clingy mean?

Clingy means that you are a bit needy in your relationship, always want to spend time with your boyfriend, and have unrealistic ideas of how your boyfriend should behave in your relationship, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, it just means you enjoy spending time together.

How do I stop being so cheesy?

If you have a fear that you are too cheesy and not fun enough in your relationship, talk to your boyfriend. Many couples get through problems like this by talking things out. Try to be serious more often and ditch the romantic ideas that keep popping inside of your head.

In Summary

Do you have a cheesy boyfriend? What ideas do you have on how to be a cheesy boyfriend? Do you think it’s smart to be a cheesy couple? What are your ideas to make things work with your cheesy boyfriend? We’d love to hear from you - guy or gal! Please comment!

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