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Career vs Relationship: How to Balance It All (11 Tips)

Are you struggling with a career vs relationship decision? 

It can be quite difficult to manage both successfully. On the one hand, you want to be successful with your career, especially if you have your dream job that makes you feel like a superstar. 

However, you probably want to also find someone who you can have a long-term relationship with. So, what do you do?

If you have a love/career dilemma, you might need some clarity in determining what means more to you. You can have both if you want them, but you may have to find the right balance to get your life to turn out the way you always dreamed that it would. 

Don’t lose hope and think that you have no options! In this article, we will examine the many ways that you can balance both areas of your life to get the opportunities you have always wanted to land right in front of you!

Top Tips When Deciding Love vs Career

1. Track your time

One way to determine how much time you are spending in any given area of your life is by tracking. You can best track how much time you spend doing something by using a planner, a timer, or a tracking application like Toggl. By monitoring where you spend the most time, you will be able to see what areas aren’t getting as much time as they should.

2. Make decisions together

make decisions together

Talk to your partner openly about time management. Make decisions as a team. It’s okay to let someone into your life and to openly share with them your thoughts on your career and how much time the two of you spend together. Get his point of view on the subject, so he feels like his opinion matters.

3. Balance the compromises out

Don’t ever let a relationship be one-sided. You should both give and take, and It should not be an uneven relationship. Make sure your man is carrying his weight!

4. Use a planner or other scheduling tool

If you are balancing a promising career opportunity and a family or new love interest, you may want to do some scheduling on a calendar. Have you ever heard of calendar blocking? It’s a way to manage your time better in anticipation of the events that are coming ahead of schedule. In other words, it’s all about effective planning!

You can actually have the best of both worlds if you manage your time wisely!

5. Set clear boundaries

You and your partner may have very different ideas of what can happen while you are at work. You may feel like that time is sacred, personal time that should be reserved for you, and what you have to do for your job. He may feel differently and expect you to text or call him quite frequently when maybe, you are unable to do that at your workplace.

It’s important that two people come to terms with what their boundaries are when it comes to their various careers. It is very difficult for me to talk to my man while I’m working at my job; this means that I can’t just stop what I’m doing to hear a funny joke from Facebook. It’s best for me to give him quality time when I’m off work. 

Each person is different when it comes to boundaries. How do you feel about your job and the limitations you have with your personal life? Make sure your partner understands your boundaries in a clear way that is not hurtful.

6. Prioritize the areas in your life

Once you have determined which areas are the highest priority for you, let the other areas of your life know what’s going on. If you have decided to start a family with your spouse, let your job know what you anticipate in your personal life or begin cutting your hours back to focus more on your family.

7. Make time for your love life

If you are going to have someone who you love with you, you need to schedule quality time for them. It’s a lot easier said than done, but you may have to actually “schedule downtime” in your calendar so that you are sure you make time for the people you love.

8. Be supportive, no matter what

If your spouse or boyfriend has decided to work from home, as his partner, you need to support his decision. Be thankful that he has a job and appreciate the fact that he wants to spend more time at home with you. Look for the positives in every day, and you’ll come out ahead!

9. Make your expectations clear

make your expectations clear

Whatever you are feeling or going through in regards to your particular career path, be sure to share them with your partner. He or she is not a mind reader, so tell them what you are thinking, feeling, needing, and why he or she needs to know this!

10. Realize that no one is perfect

No one can do everything! Sure, you can work at it and see results, but you have to be seriously committed to both areas. We have to look at all areas of our lives if we want to see sustainable results toward our life goals! This means scheduling time for the things we value the most and giving up time on some of the stuff we really enjoy doing.

You need to set limits if you want certain things to go well. You may need to set your smartphone timer for a specified period of time to make sure you are taking personal breaks while at work or set an alarm so that you are not late for work after a restful weekend with your partner. It’s all a balancing act - something everyone wrestles with.

11. Decide how much you value your relationship

In the end, the most important thing is to understand how much you value your relationship. If you aren’t ready to commit, it may be time to end things and focus on your work. Think in terms of your ultimate goals. Is this relationship even sustainable? If not, don’t beat yourself up trying to juggle something you aren’t even that serious about.


Is a career more important than a relationship?

It really depends on what you value most. If you are only concerned with finding “the one” and could care less about the next job offer that rolls your way, you should focus on your love life. If you have strong career goals, that should matter more.

Which is better love or career?

Often, it just depends on you and what matters the most in your book. Are you a career woman, set on reaching the top of the corporate ladder? If so, you should probably focus on working hard and reaching your career goals because that matters more to you.

Does relationship affect career?

Yes, when speaking of boundaries, it definitely can make all of the difference in the world. If you have a choice between a long-distance relationship with the man of your dreams but must give up your job, which matters more to you? Your life goals will determine your path.

What are the 4 types of relationships?

The four main types of relationships are acquaintances, friends, family, and lovers. Of course, depending on who you are, one of those relationships may be more important to you than another. For example, you’d probably rather have lunch with your husband than with someone you hardly know.

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Should I leave my boyfriend for a job?

When deciding between career or love, you must look at what choices you have right in front of you. Is he “the one?” Is this job opportunity part of your long-term dreams? Is there a way to apply the tips in this article to your situation to find balance?

To Sum Things Up…

Are you struggling with a career vs love decision? Did you know that you can have both? You just need to have the right balance so that both areas in your life will shine! What tips do you have for those with this decision weighing on their minds? Please share!

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