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9 Cancer Man & Libra Woman Famous Couples: Match or Mistake?

Do Cancer and Libra couples make a good match? Let’s look at some Cancer man and Libra woman famous couples. This is a Water and Air sign combination that doesn’t bode well.  

Cancer is warm, shy and sensitive. Libra is logical, judgmental and wise. Unlike Fire/Air combinations or Water/Earth, Air and Water don’t need each other. However, look beneath the immediate surface and this couple have much in common.  

Both gravitate towards getting married, or at least, in Libra’s case, finding a romantic partner. Cancer longs for the security they felt growing up. Libra feels unbalanced without a partner. 

Let’s discover if these signs are truly compatible based on celebrity love lives.

Overview: Cancer and Libra Couples

Ruled by the Moon, emotions govern Cancer. Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, symbolizing Love. This means Libra tolerates Cancer’s mood swings, more so than any other sign. Pair this with Libra’s innate kindness and patience and Cancer and Libra could make a good match.  

However, Libra looks at logic and facts in decision-making. Librans are direct and sometimes blunt in their delivery. Crabs walk sideways; there’s nothing direct about them.   

Libra and Cancer have differences over money too. Libra loves the finer things in life, filling its home with beautiful art, luxurious textures and expensive furnishings. They like to show off.  

However, Cancer worries about its future. They’re not as frugal as Capricorn, but they want financial stability. One thing they do hate is wasting money on pointless purchases.   

Cancer and Libra are not a match made in heaven. However, if they compromise, this relationship might work. They must value each other. Cancer needs to be needed and Libra demands total devotion from her partners. 

Gender appropriation is important here too. The relationship compatibility is much better between a Cancer man and Libra woman. Cancer is charming, with a sensitive heart and a sentimental soul. Libra is level-headed, emotionally reserved, but gregarious.  

Because of this, we need the masculine element for Cancer and the feminine touch for Libra. As a result, Libra man and Cancer woman compatibility is much more difficult.  

9 Cancer Man and Libra Woman Famous Couples  

Zodiac couples

1. Elon Musk and Talulah Riley  

Cancer man Elon Musk might be the richest man on the planet, but true to his sign, he’s no player. After his relationship with the actress Amber Heard ended, he said,  

“I’m not looking for a one-night stand. I’m looking for a serious companion or soulmate.”  

He thought he’d found one with British actress Talulah Riley. Musk let his emotions rule his decision-making, which is a typical Cancer trait, and married Riley after a whirlwind romance in 2010.  

The marriage ended, and the couple separated after a few years. But Libra’s optimism and charm won over this Cancer man, and they remarried.  

Riley even put her career on hold to look after Musk’s five children (he adored this as a Cancer man). Sadly, the relationship broke down again, but the two remain loyal friends.   

2. Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear  

Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora married US actress Heather Locklear in 1994. The marriage lasted nearly 13 years, producing a daughter.  

It is a testament to their ongoing friendship that Sambora has publicly shared his support for his ex-wife as she struggles with addiction issues. In 2018, police arrested Locklear and EMTs were called to her home following a disturbance.  

An intoxicated Locklear threatened to shoot herself after attacking a police officer. Police released Locklear on bail and she subsequently checked herself into a rehab center. Although Sambora and Locklear are no longer together, there is much love between this Libra Cancer couple.   

3. Nelson Mandela and Winnie Mandela  

This famous Cancer man and Libra woman couple define the meaning of love in the face of adversity. Nelson Mandela had always been active within the ANC, but after his arrest, Winnie took on his fight against apartheid.  

Perhaps her Libran sense of justice and fairness gave her the strength to support her husband. And despite being incarcerated, Nelson would have faith that his wife remained loyal.  

In fact, this marriage may have worked so well because the two were apart for so long. They both had a cause and a greater meaning to their marriage than mere love.  

It is interesting to note that they separated two years after officials released Nelson from prison.   

4. Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup  

Actors Watts and Crudup met during the filming of the Netflix show Gypsy in 2016. Watts had just come out of a long-term relationship with fellow actor Liev Schreiber and Crudup was also single.  

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This Cancer-Libra famous couple is private about their relationship, but the family is very much front and center with this pair.  

As a Cancer man, Crudup has naturally become involved in Watt’s children’s lives. Talking about relationships, in an interview he confirmed his Cancer star sign when he said:  

“I’m happiest when I’m in a relationship, for sure. And I have great faith that I’m going to find one to persevere with.”  

5. Dan Aykroyd and Carrie Fisher  

Reading between the lines, you could think that Carrie Fisher was the love of Dan Aykroyd’s life. The pair met during a recording of Saturday Night Live in 1978.  

Akroyd fell immediately for Fisher and asked her to marry him after she choked on a Brussels sprout. The pair became engaged, but Fisher was already in an on-and-off again romance with singer and Libra man Paul Simon.  

As a Libra woman, Fisher might not have had a problem balancing both men in her life.  

Unlike any other zodiac sign, Librans weigh up the pros and cons of a situation. They see things in black or white, good or bad, happy or sad.  

Cancerians are much more nuanced and governed by emotions. It makes complete sense that as a Cancer man, Akroyd opened his heart to Fisher. She looked at both men and, as a logical Libran, chose the best partner for her.   

6. Vanessa Marcil and Corey Feldman/Brian Austin Green  

Libra woman and US actress Vanessa Marcil has a thing for Cancer men. She was married to the Cancer man and actor Corey Feldman for around 4 years before hooking up with her cast mate actor Brian Austin Green.  

The couple had a son, but they split up just three years later. Meanwhile, an ongoing custody battle has become a contentious issue between the two.  

Both have accused the other of not parenting their child and suing for child maintenance. As a Cancer man, family is paramount for Green, so it’s easy to see why this situation rankles him so much.  

However, as a Libra woman, Marcil will want the truth to be known as she seeks justice for her son. I’m not surprised that this has caused such acrimony between this Cancer man and Libra woman famous couple.   

7. Willem Dafoe and Giada Colagrande   

Some Libra women Cancer men famous couples are perfect for one another. Take Italian filmmaker and actress Giada Colagrande and the US actor Willem Dafoe.  

Colagrande is 20 years younger than Dafoe, but he showed none of Cancer’s natural caution when he asked her to marry him. I mean, when you know you know.  

What makes this pair different from all the other famous Cancer and Libra couples is their equal partnership. Libra always needs balance, or at least, help to balance life.  

Cancer men are all about stability and security. Libra women have a strong sense of right and wrong and are independent beings. This attracts Cancer men as they want a partner on an equal footing. Here’s a quote from Colagrande that sums up their relationship:   

“The collaboration I’ve got with Willem is ideal… Intense, pure, without interference.”  

8. Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet 

Power couple Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet met in 2001 when the British actress was still married to filmmaker Jim Threapleton. Director Mendes was interested in casting Winslet in a play he was directing.  

The two hit it off and married on the spur of the moment in 2003. Winslet was two months pregnant with their son and had a daughter from her previous marriage.  

This Cancer man and Libra woman decided early on that they wanted to give their children a ‘normal’ upbringing. Winslet said: 

"As a family we do normal things that other families would. It's important to us that the children are just regular kids, so we go to the park, kick a ball around, go to a museum, watch a movie together or just hang out at home playing Monopoly." 

However, the marriage didn’t last and the two split in 2010. There are rumors as to why these two signs separated. One is that Mendes became jealous of Winslet as he directed her love scenes with Leonardo Di Caprio on Revolutionary Road.  

However, towards the end of their marriage Mendes grew close to actress Rebecca Hall and this upset Winslet. Sources close to the couple report Mendes saying “people can't be inspired by just one relationship. For me, it's never going to be about one relationship... life is a series of relationships.”

9. Jenna Elfman and Bodhi Elfman 

I’ve left my ultimate example of Cancer man Libra woman famous couples until last to give all Cancer and Libra couples some hope. So far, the Cancer man and Libra woman compatibility hasn’t been great.  

Cancer is one of the most romantic signs in the zodiac and easily hurt. Libra is a social butterfly with a wide social circle of good friends. What makes this such a compatible marriage is the deep connection between Cancer man Bodhi and Libra woman Jenna.    

At first glance, this Cancer and Libra couple looks a little mismatched (something a Libra would hate). Jenna is tall, gorgeous and statuesque and Bodhi is shorter and, well, a little ordinary-looking.  

However, you only have to look at media photographs of the couple to see that Cancer man is content to let his Libra girl take center stage. 

The actors met in 1991 during the filming of a commercial. The pair hit it off immediately and married in 1995. These two individuals have two children and a loving relationship based on mutual values and respect.  

Cancer Man and Libra Woman Compatibility in Real Examples of Celebrity Couples  

Couples hands zodiac compatibility

Talking of successful relationships, famous Cancer man and Libra woman couples are a real mixed bag. On the one hand, many Libra-Cancer couples split up but remain loyal friends. We have several examples of this in Dan Aykroyd and Carrie Fisher, Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear, and Elon Musk and Talulah Riley. 

These famous couples show that Cancer and Libra friendship compatibility is high.  

Some split acrimoniously, like Vanessa Marcil and Brian Austin Green.  

However, look at Willem Dafoe and Giada Colagrande, and Jenna and Bodhi Elfman. These Cancer Libra famous couples are a perfect match. So why does their relationship work so well, and others fail? 

Cancer Man and Libra Woman Compatibility 

Cancer and Libra couples face obstacles to their combined happiness. A Libra woman is independent, ruled by logic, opinionated, clever and warm. A Cancer man is sensitive, emotional, loving, cautious, witty and affectionate. 

Cancer is one of the Cardinal signs ruled by the Moon, symbolized by the Crab and governed by Water.  

Libra is also a Cardinal sign, ruled by Venus, symbolized by the Scales and governed by Air.  

Cancer and Libra Differences

Cancer is introverted, interested in self-reflection and just a little self-absorbed. A Cancer partner strives for a deep emotional connection, whereas Libra is happy with what’s on the surface. Why go deep when everything looks so perfect? 

People and facts interest Libra, not navel-gazing. Libra is the ultimate networker. Librans make excellent judges because they must adhere to the law. Cancerians make insightful psychiatrists as they enjoy the challenge of probing the mind. 

Libra loves harmony either socially or aesthetically. Libra is the host you want at a party as they flit from one guest to another, making small talk and bringing people together. This sign is extroverted and able to make everyone feel at ease.  

Can you imagine the Crab in the same situation? This introvert prefers one-on-one deep and meaningful conversations. Cancer doesn't do small talk. And certainly, don’t ask them to host an event. They’ll scuttle away and hide in their protective shell.  

Famous Cancer Man and Libra Woman Compatibility 

Successful famous Cancer and Libra relationships 

Just take another look at the Cancer men and Libra women on my famous couples’ list. In most cases, the men are in the background, letting their partners take the spotlight.  

A good example is Nelson and Winnie Mandela. Officials literally locked Nelson away (under his crab shell?) and Winnie had to step into the limelight.  

Jenna Elfman is a well-known US actress, but could you put a face to her Cancer man partner Bodhi? Kate Winslet is far more recognizable than her ex-husband director Sam Mendes. And I had to do an image search for Billy Crudup to see what he looks like.  

Of course, this is not scientific proof that Cancer man and Libra woman stick to particular roles within their relationship. 

However, what is striking is how many of these famous couples have split up. Is Cancer simply too sensitive for logical Libra? Is Libra too passionate for romantic Cancer

Unsuccessful famous Cancer and Libra relationships 

Cancer is a born worrier. Libra worries too, but these two zodiac signs worry about different things

Cancer is concerned with himself, whereas Libra frets about good friends and family. Libra can cope with personal problems in a way that Cancer cannot. Moon folk are an introverted and emotional bunch. Venus people are extroverted and bursting with love for everyone.  

Cancer and Libra suffer from very different ailments. Cancer’s tendency to focus on themselves can affect their emotional and mental health. Libra’s penchant for hedonistic living can lead them down the path of substance or alcohol abuse. Just look at Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear. Police arrested an inebriated Locklear as she threatened emergency workers.  

Why Cancer Man and Libra Woman Are Incompatible 

As far as Cancer man and Libra woman compatibility go, there are three main issues.  

Decision-making: Emotions vs Logic 

Emotions rule Cancer, and logic governs Libra. 

As a Moon sign, Cancer is ultra-sensitive over the tiniest little thing. Libra’s ruling planet Venus provides patience and tolerance, but to a point. That’s not to say Libra women are cold-hearted or without compassion. Eventually, with time, rifts become apparent and even the diplomatic Libra girl will become irritated.  

Finances: Save vs Spend 

If these two signs can overcome their differences with money, the Cancer man and Libra woman compatibility will improve. Money is a bone of contention between these two cardinal signs. 

Financial security is worryingly important to Cancer man. Libra woman has a more of a laissez-faire attitude to money. Cancer man values emotional and financial security. However, Libra woman likes to surround herself with beautiful things. After all, why leave something for the best when you can enjoy it right now?   

Attitude: Pessimistic vs Optimistic 

Librans are the world’s biggest optimists. They believe they’re lucky; they have a positive outlook and see obstacles as opportunities. Cancerians are cautiously pessimistic, and there’s nothing wrong with that because most of the time they’re pleasantly surprised at how life turns out. 

However, a Cancer man’s natural wariness will eventually wear down a Libra woman.  

How Can You Improve Libra Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility  

Cancer and Libra are such opposite zodiac signs I’m surprised they ever meet. But there’s something about a Cancer man that attracts the feisty Libra woman. His eyes sparkle with kindness and he genuinely values her opinion. As a true feminist, an evolved Cancer man who believes in equality just as she does, catches Libra woman off-guard.   

Libra woman enchants Cancer man. He’s met so many airheads in his time, he finds her company refreshing and intellectually challenging.  

I think independent women like Giada Colagrande do not threaten Willem Dafoe. He cherishes them and supports their endeavors. Libra women are fiercely independent, but they also like the security a Cancer man provides them with. Cancer men do not stifle their partners; they know they need a certain amount of freedom.   


What’s the happiest Cancer man Libra woman celebrity example?  

The happiest Cancer man Libra woman famous couple is Willem Dafoe and Giada Colagrande. US actor Defoe is older than his Italian filmmaker wife and he understands that for a marriage to work, compromise and a certain amount of freedom are required. Libra women are the ultimate feminists and won’t stand for a sniff of inequality.   

What’s the most scandalous Cancer man Libra woman celebrity couple?  

You can’t get more scandalous than Brian Austin Green and his ex-wife Vanessa Marcil. The battle over custody of their son is as contentious as you might think. For Cancer man Green, his son is everything, but the accusations of him being a deadbeat dad, fired at him from Marcil, would deeply hurt him. These two will never be great friends and there are constant signs this drama is far from over.  

Are Cancer and Libra compatible?  

Cancer leads with its feelings, whereas Libra uses cold, hard logic. One is emotional, the other is factual. However, both have a great sense of humor and long for the stability of a family unit. Cancer craves the security of a long-term relationship. Libra feels unbalanced without a partner. 

If these two can compromise and see the value in each other, they may learn and grow together.  


Cancer man and Libra woman are not natural bedmates, but opposites attract. Perhaps Libra woman and Cancer man compatibility depends on each partner appreciating the qualities the other possesses.

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