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Bucket List for Couples: 150 Funny, Romantic and Sexy Bucket List Ideas

It can be really easy to fall into a routine, making our lives feel a little boring, and there’s no shame in that! But there are certainly ways we can spice it up. 

If your relationship is feeling a little repetitive and you’re looking to try new things, then consider making a relationship bucket list – bucket list ideas that you can do together. 

A bucket list is simply a list of things that you’d like to achieve or experience in your lifetime, and it’s always a good thing to work towards a goal; what’s even better is working towards those goals with a partner. It’s certainly a perfect way to spice up the relationship and to help reignite sparks of excitement.

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85 Fun Bucket List Ideas for Couples 

You might be wanting to do something crazy, or even just a little fun. There are thousands of bucket list ideas for couples to choose from!

1. Go on a skydive 

Go crazy and jump out of a plane with your significant other. A sky dive is something that is on a lot of people’s bucket list, it really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And if you’re a little scared, you can always opt for indoor skydiving.

2. Go skinny dipping 

Strip down to your birthday suit and go skinny dipping with your partner. Just don’t blame me if you get caught.

3. Go on a road trip 

Some people say you’ve not lived until you’ve experienced a road trip. Rent a campervan, blast your favorite music and get lost on the road.

4. Binge watch an entire series in a day

I said fun, not crazy. For some, it can take weeks, or even months to finish a series. Get snuggled up on the sofa and binge an entire series, order takeout and escape from the rest of the world for a day.

5. Try an escape room 

Test your skills and see if you can break free from an escape room. Teamwork in a relationship can send sparks flying. 

6. Try a tandem bike ride 

Every couple should at least once go on a tandem bike ride. 

7. Go wild camping 

It’s not always necessary to plan things. Be a little reckless for a few days, get a car, buy a tent, and see what happens. 

8. Go on a hike 

Climb a mountain and reach the peak with your loved one. 

9. Try a couples workout class 

I know workouts aren’t always fun, but believe me, a couples workout can be both fun and sexy.

10. Go to a music festival 

go to a music festival

It’s pretty common to go to a music festival with a group of friends, but have you considered just going with your partner? It’s so fun! 

11. Visit the grand canyon 

A must see, and a famous bucket list idea. 

12. See the Seven Natural Wonders

Connect with nature, and connect with your partner traveling around the world to see the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. 

13. See the New Seven Wonders 

The New Seven Wonders are arguably just as good as the first ones, in my opinion, so both are a must see on any decent bucket list. 

14. Do a karaoke duet 

Sing your wedding song, or scream from the top of your lungs to Beyoncè. You can make it as fun or as romantic as you’d like.

15. Book an all inclusive resort 

Some say you haven’t truly lived until you’ve gone all inclusive. 

16. Go to an amusement park 

Ride every single roller coaster in an amusement park. Another great idea is to visit an amusement park every time you visit a new country. 

17. Go on a surprise trip 

There are many ways to plan a surprise trip. You can go into a travel agent and ask them for a complete surprise, you can play a game of elimination until you find your destination or you can completely surprise your partner. 

The best part of any person’s adventure bucket list has to be a surprise trip, talk about being spontaneous!

18. Fly first class 

Flying first class isn’t exactly affordable, which is why it’s great for a bucket list idea. If you’re on a budget when traveling, just once try to fly first class, just for the experience. 

19. Visit all the continents 

Some people’s bucket lists include ‘visit every country’, and, by all means, do that! That would be absolutely incredible. But, to make it a little more realistic, let's aim to visit every single continent, then you can technically say you’ve seen the whole world. 

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20. Go ice skating 

Ice skating is fun, but what’s even more fun is where you do it. Natural ice skating would be amazing, as would ice skating in New York City during the holidays. Everybody has a different preference.

21. Go scuba diving 

If you’re lucky enough, go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Climate change is a huge threat to the Great Barrier Reef, and although it is still incredibly vulnerable, it’s slowly improving. 

22. Book a surf lesson 

For me, you haven’t lived until you’ve stood up on a surfboard. It can be super difficult so it’s always best to book a lesson, it’s so fun and definitely the best way to learn how to surf.

23. Ride a gondola in Venice 

A must-have on your bucket list, you really do have to see the beauty of Italy; what better way than on a gondola in Venice? 

24. Find the Loch Ness monster

Loch Ness is one of the many beauties of Scotland. Have you really lived if you’ve not looked out for Nessie at least once? I went a few years ago and unfortunately nothing, but maybe you and your partner will have better luck.

25. Spend a few months working away together

Don’t let your commitments take over, if possible, take an absence of leave from your work and go and live and work in a different country with your partner. There are lots of countries that have visas making this completely accessible. 

A holiday is great, but actually spending time living in another country is just an out-of-this-world experience; it’s so refreshing to see such a different outlook on life than what you’re used to back home, and it’s such an amazing experience to have with your partner, too. 

26. Visit the world's oldest tree 

For some, this may be a bit random, but I think it’s so cool! Imagine being transported back through history by simply looking at an old tree. It’s definitely a unique bucket list idea. 

27. Visit every Hard Rock cafe

Or any chain that’s known to have restaurants all over the world. 

28. Go see a show on Broadway 

Or if you’re closer to England, the West End. 

29. Win big at the casino 

Of course, you can’t exactly guarantee a win, but one can dream. 

30. Take a trip to Vegas 

Speaking of casinos, everyone has to go to Vegas at least once, right?!

31. Ride a bullet train in Japan 

Travel up to 200mph on a bullet train in Japan. 

32. Eat freshly made pasta in Italy 

eat freshly made pasta in italy

Nothing in this world is better than homemade pasta. Especially if it’s made in Italy. 

33. Ride the chairlift in Capri 

Again, this is something that I’ve done and, I must say, it’s up there as one of my favorite memories. The view from the top is breathtaking

34. Run a marathon 

Imagine the feeling after you and your partner just completed your first marathon. 

35. Get arrested 

Again, everyone is different. I’m just putting it out there…

36. Take a scenic helicopter flight

Honestly, I don’t even think it matters where. Just to be in a helicopter alone would be incredible. 

37. Swim with dolphins 

And take cute pictures. However, always make sure to visit an ethical organization.

38. Go kayaking in the Everglades 

There’s only two Everglades in the world, one near Noosa, Australia, and the other in Florida. You might even get lucky enough to see a crocodile.

39. Break a world record

Even better, get yourselves in the Guinness Book of World Records.

40. Get sober together 

Whether it's for a week, a month, or even longer, experience sobriety with your partner and support each other in achieving it. 

41. Have a couples game night 

Or do one better, and host it. If you need ideas, find them here.

42. Buy a house together 

I know it’s a lot easier said than done, but it’s definitely something on most of our bucket lists, right?

43. Go fishing together

Catch yourselves some dinner and enjoy a day by the lake. 

44. Throw a party together 

Hosting can be so much fun, and if, like me, you never got to throw a party… Why not throw one with your partner?

45. Visit an ice hotel 

There’s an incredibly beautiful ice hotel in Sweden that is a must do on your bucket list. 

46. Buy fresh produce from a farmers market

And cook up a super fresh meal.

47. Ride a Ferris wheel 

Maybe even share a kiss at the top or more.

48. Go to a national park and hike every trail

The best thing about bucket lists is when they’re actually achievable. Choose your favorite national park and cover all grounds, literally. 

49. Crash a wedding 

I mean, it looked pretty fun in Wedding Crashers. 

50. Crochet together 

Learn a new hobby and spend time together while you perfect your new skills. 

51. Get naked for an art class

Model as a naked couple for an art class, really push yourselves and learn to love and accept your own bodies. 

52. Go tech-free for a month 

You’ve no idea how amazing this could be for your relationship. 

53. Visit each other’s home town

Take a trip down memory lane and show your significant other your childhood.

54. Volunteer together 

Do some good in the world, and do it together. 

55. Raise money for your favorite charity 

Work together and raise money for a charity that means the world to both of you. 

56. Catch the sunrise and sunset in one day

Take a moment to stop and just appreciate the world together, twice in one day.

57. Spend an entire day in bed

Your idea of fun might be a skydive, or it might be spending the entire day in bed, or both! Who knows. 

58. Book a mystery trip 

There are specific websites that allow you to book a mystery trip, where you find out your destination when you get to the airport. Talk about spontaneity. 

59. Get crafting together 

Get arts and start crafting with your loved one.

60. Build your own furniture 

Save some money and enjoy the experience of building your own furniture from scratch. 

61. Go rock climbing 

go rock climbing

Indoor or outdoor, whatever you fancy. 

62. Take ski lessons together 

Or snowboarding. Even better, book a ski trip. 

63. Rent a super fancy sports car 

You might not be able to afford a Lambo, but there’s no reason you can’t rent one for the day and live it up driving around your favorite city. 

64. Go to a rodeo

Get your cowboy boots on. 

65. Place your bets at a race

Perfect for a couples bucket list idea, spend a day at the races. 

66. Host a murder mystery party 

Watch Glass Onion for some tips. 

67. Go foraging 

Forage your own foods, but make sure to do your research first.

68. Be tourists in your own town 

Go sightseeing locally. 

69. Kiss in times square on NYE

This has to be on every couple’s bucket list, and there’s a reason for that. 

70. Reenact your engagement 

Who knows, you might even get some free drinks from it. 

71. Get super drunk at a vineyard 

Go wine tasting and get super drunk. 

72. Eat in a Michelin star restaurant 

The ultimate fancy dinner date

73. Spend a week doing a new activity every day

Mix it up and push yourselves to try new things.

74. Go ghost hunting 

Just remember to take a flashlight. 

75. Go on an African safari 

Such a good bucket list idea. 

76. Experience the German Christmas markets

Get festive at the Christmas markets. You have to try German sausage too! 

77. Read 52 books a year 

Start a couples book club and aim to read the same book every week. 

78. Go caving 

Maybe watch The Descent first, or don’t. 

79. Jump off a cliff together

Whether you’re jumping into the ocean or paragliding, jump off a cliff and experience true adrenaline with your loved one.

80. Go line dancing

Get your cowboy boots and learn the hoedown throwdown.

81. Bathe an elephant 

There are lots of good places to do this, again, just make sure that you seek out an ethical organization; definitely not riding the elephants. 

82. Feed a crocodile 

Or, watch somebody else do it. I was lucky enough to watch the Irwins at Australia Zoo! 

83. Release baby turtles in the ocean

An absolute dream if you’re an animal lover like me. 

84. Volunteer at an animal sanctuary

Spend time with your loved one volunteering at an animal sanctuary.

85. Book a boat for a day

Get your sailor on and spend the day on a boat with your loved one. 

29 Romantic Bucket List Ideas for Couples

29 romantic bucket list ideas for couples

You might be feeling as though the romance in your relationship is dead, but there are a lot of ways to reignite the spark with your partner. Take the time to think specifically about your love language towards one another; what is it that binds the two of you and helps you to reconnect? 

Every couple is different, but here are 29 suggestions for a romantic couples bucket list. Take inspiration from my suggestions and think of your own too; make it personal to your relationship.

1. Enjoy a hot air balloon ride 

The epitome of a romantic bucket list, you can’t go wrong with a hot air balloon ride.

2. Have a couples massage 

Even better, go to a class where you learn how to massage each other; very romantic. 

3. Learn to cook with a couples cooking class

Learning together, and eating together, what could be better? I can only think of one thing but we’ll get to that later.

4. Go wine tasting 

There are many beautiful and romantic spots to go wine tasting.

5. Go husky sledding under the Northern lights

Truly such a romantic travel experience to share with your partner. 

6. Share a bubble bath 

Keep it simple and share a romantic bath together. 

7. Get matching tattoos 

Something that sums up your love for one another. You can even get them in a hidden place so only you and your partner will see them. 

8. Order room service in a fancy hotel 

Spend a day in bed at a fancy hotel room with lots of hot hotel sex, then afterwards, indulge and order everything off the menu via room service. 

9. Camp in your own backyard 

Camping doesn’t have to be super adventurous, pop up the tent in your backyard and experience all the benefits of camping but with your own shower and toilet.

10. Write a book together 

Get creative together and achieve something huge. 

11. Compose a song together 

Maybe it’ll be just like ‘Music and Lyrics’, Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore eat your heart out.

12. Enjoy a romantic picnic 

Sometimes, the simplest gestures are the most romantic.

13. Learn a new language together 

Most bucket list ideas are based around travel, but why not expand on your knowledge and learn something entirely new together. 

14. Learn sign language together 

Learning sign language is such a great thing to do, especially with a partner.

15. Go on a pub crawl in local bars 

You can get drunk somewhere crazy and wild, or you can simply pop in every single one of your local bars for a bit of fun.

16. Book a ride on a private jet 

In true bucket list style, maybe even join the mile high club. 

17. Enjoy a date night at a drive-in movie theater

Get yourselves some snacks and cozy up in the car.

18. Try couples therapy 

Couples therapy doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Book a session and remind yourselves how to communicate your love effectively. 

19. Dance in the rain 

Get romantic in the rain.

20. Look out for a shooting star 

Star gaze, and keep your eye out for a shooting star. If you get lucky enough, make a wish. 

21. Write love letters to each other 

Handwritten love letters should be encouraged, so romantic. 

22. Cook a romantic dinner together 

Bucket lists don’t always have to be wild, enjoy the simplicity of cooking a romantic dinner together. 

23. Visit a medium to learn about your future together

See what’s in store for the future and have your readings done. 

24. Take dance lessons together 

Learn to dance together, or reenact your first dance from your wedding. 

25. Renew your vows

Speaking of weddings, a great romantic bucket list idea is to renew your vows. 

26. Donate blood together 

Do good, and do it together. 

27. Rescue a dog from a shelter

Adopting a dog is a beautiful experience, and to experience that together is the best.

28. Visit the Eiffel tower 

There are many beautiful landmarks to visit, but when we’re talking about a romantic bucket list, it’s got to be the city of love. 

29. Take a trip to Amsterdam

Enjoy a canal cruise, the sex museum, and I’m sure you’ll find a lot of cute coffee shops. Lots of things are legal in Amsterdam. 

12 Long-Distance Relationship Bucket List Ideas for Couples

12 long distance relationship bucket list ideas for couples

Long distance relationships can be challenging, so it’s always a good idea to think of some cute bucket list ideas to keep the relationship exciting; whether that involves planning for your future or simply making the most of right now.

1. Meet your partners parents

It might seem simple, but for long-distance relationships it's easier said than done. 

2. Run through the airport for each other

Nothing is more romantic. 

3. Meet in the middle 

For long-distance couples it can be hard to meet up, so why not book a flight and meet in the middle?

4. Video call through the night 

Spend the night together on video call, watch your partner fall asleep and pretend that you’re together in person. 

5. Send each other handwritten letters

And keep them to take a trip down memory lane in future.

6. Send each other sexy lingerie 

Spice things up and send each other something a little naughty. 

7. Send each other polarized nudes

It’s super romantic to have a picture of your loved one, right?

8. Have a shared Spotify 

So you can listen to music at the same time, as though you’re together in person.

9. Read a book together 

At the same time. 

10. Surprise your partner 

In every long-distance relationship you have to surprise your partner. Just think about the look on their face.

11. Save money in a joint bank account for when you get to spend time together

Focus on your future together and save, giving you something to look forward to. 

12. Have a candlelit dinner over FaceTime

Don’t let the distance get in the way of a date night.

24 Sex Bucket List Ideas for Couples

24 sex bucket list ideas for couples

Trying new things in (or out of) the bedroom is never a bad idea! When you feel as though a relationship is becoming boring or repetitive, it usually starts in the bedroom. 

Keep the spark alive and create a sex bucket list to constantly push yourselves to enjoy each other sexually innew and exciting ways.

1. Have sex in a bath

Just make sure the bath is big enough, it can be pretty sloshy. 

2. Have sex in public 

Nothing feels more naughty. 

3. Film a porno

For your eyes only… or not… 

4. Have sex in a hot tub 

Just remember to clean up afterwards.

5. Have sex in a swimming pool 

Perhaps not a public one. 

6. Have a threesome 

For some this can be pretty scary, but actually it can be a great way to spice things up. Just remember the importance of consent. 

7. Join the mile high club 

Sex on a plane, the ultimate bucket list idea.

8. Masturbate together 

It’s such a beautiful experience to share, and I mean masturbating together is basically free porn. 

9. Have sex in front of a mirror 

Watching yourselves while you have sex is SO sexy.

10. Try swinging 

If you’re really looking to spice things up, look into swinging with another couple. 

11. Peg your man 

Do some research and understand why men love anal.

12. Try BDSM

Dominate or be dominated, whatever you prefer. 

13. Have sex all over the house 

In every room, on every piece of furniture, tick it all off the list. 

14. Try phone sex 

Long-distance or not, phone sex is totally hot. 

15. Include food where there’s licking involved

You know exactly what I mean.

16. Pick out new sex toys for each other

Get yourselves to your local sex toy shop and pick out some new toys to try on each other.

17. Have sex in every continent 

If you’re traveling to every continent, you’ve got to have sex in every continent, obviously.

18. Try anal play 

Never say never, anal play can be amazing. 

19. Give role play a go 

Buy costumes and really get into your roles, it may open up a whole new world for you. 

20. Have sex with someone watching you 

Again, we’re in swinging territory. If you’re not comfortable with having sex with other people, consider having sex in an environment where you’re being watched, like at a sex party. 

21. Have sex every day for a year 

have sex every day for a year

Use the Kama Sutra for some inspiration.

22. Go dogging 

Just don’t get caught. 

23. Have sex under the stars 

Wild camping or in your backyard, nothing is more romantic than sex under the stars.

24. Try a new sex position every time you have sex

Really mix things up. 


There are thousands of cute bucket list ideas for couples, whether they’re adventurous, sexy, romantic, long-distance, travel-based, or even just commiting to spending more valuable time together as a couple in everyday life. 

Do what you can to constantly work on your relationship, and support each other in achieving your goals. If your partner has always dreamed of doing a skydive but you’re not super keen on the idea, take a moment to think about the wonderful memories you can make doing a once-in-a-lifetime thing. 

Nothing screams love and romance like working together towards your happiness.

And if you’re not in a relationship, there’s no reason you can’t create a bucket list with your bestfriend or individually. We should always be encouraged to push ourselves to the limit, whether you’re in a relationship or not. Never depend on somebody else to dream big and to achieve your goals. 

If you have any suggestions for a bucket list for couples then please feel free to comment, and as always share to a friend in need.

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