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37 Fun and Dirty Drinking Games for Couples

It's fun to play regular games with your partner. It's even more fun to play sexy drinking games with your partner. Drinking games can be an awesome way to get to know each other if you're in a new relationship. It can also spice up a marriage or long-term relationship by bringing some entertainment back into your partnership. 

Here are 37 sexy and fun drinking games for couples you absolutely need. You and your better half will have a terrific time with these games. That’s a guarantee.

Dirty Drinking Games for Couples

1. Naughty Jenga

If you want to reignite the passion in your relationship, Naughty Janga is the ticket. To play, you and your partner take turns pulling out blocks. Each block has a task and a body part written on it. 

You and your partner must complete the tasks mentioned on the blocks. If you can't, for some reason, you take one shot. If the tower falls over, you take two shots. You both are in for an unforgettable and silly game night. 

2. Naughty scrabble

Scrabble is a favorite game for many people, but when you add some mischief to it, it's an excellent time for you and your significant other. 

Here's how you play, for every word you play that is 10 points, your partner takes one shot. If your word scores 25 points, your partner has to take two shots. Also, if you play a naughty word, you get double the points and the drinking fun

Play with the board game if you own it or you can also download the app online.

3. Find the spot

You get to decide which body part you want your partner to kiss. He gets three opportunities to guess correctly, and if he doesn't get it right, he takes a shot. If he does guess correctly, both of you take a shot. Play this game for as long as your heart desires, but drink responsibly.

4. Go fish

Lots of little kids love this game. However, the adult version of “Go Fish” has a funky twist. Your partner gets to drink if you don’t have the card that he wants. If you do have the card, you drink instead.

The other person must remove clothing and complete their entire drink if one of you gets a set of four. Both you and your partner will enjoy this game, it’s a quick ride to intimacy!

5. Drinking video games

drinking video games

My husband and I love video games! You can add drinking rules to any video game that you like. For example, if you like playing Mario Kart, you can take one shot every time you lose a race. 

Or if you like playing Harry Potter Lego two-player, you must drink each time your partner gets struck by a dementor. You can be very creative with this and develop your own drinking rules for any video game you and your partner like to play.

6. Drunken artists

If you like drinking and art, this game is for you! Grab a whiteboard with a marker. Or if you want, use your partner's body to draw on. You just need to make sure your partner can fully see what you are drawing. 

To play, start drawing something. Your partner needs to guess whatever you're drawing quickly. Your partner drinks for each 20 seconds that you're drawing. If you delay, the more your partner drinks

Each of you takes a shot after every round. If your partner purposely delays you from guessing, you can always get him back next time. 

7. Strip tease dice

Who knew that playing with dice could lead to sexy time? Whenever you roll an even number, you drink. Whenever you roll an odd number, you strip an article of clothing. 

You can also assign each number with a specific action like a kiss, full body massage, hug, removal of clothing, etc. This is a fun game for foreplay as well. 

8. Russian roulette

Prepare a bunch of shot glasses. Pick one glass, fill it with alcohol, and fill the rest with water. Shuffle the shot glasses around until you don't know where the alcohol is anymore.

Take turns drinking a shot at a time. The person who gets the alcohol does a dare. After you're done with the first round, increase the number of glasses with alcohol and continue the game. You'll both be laughing and getting naughty in no time.

9. TV/Movie drinking game

To play this game, pick a movie you and your partner love. Or it can be a new movie neither of you has seen. You must guess what scenes your partner is thinking of. If your partner guesses correctly, you sip your drink. Here are some other suggestions for playing TV/Movie drinking games.

10. Spin the bottle for two

This game is slightly different from playing with your partner than when you play with a group. To begin, grab a bottle and several other items that you can place in a circle.

Choose various objects like chocolate, strawberries, or a blindfold. Any item that sounds fun to you, like whipped cream! You get to use it on your partner. 

Once everything is set up, one person spins. Whatever the bottle lands on, the spinner must do the action associated with the item it lands on. For example, if it lands on the strawberry, you would feed the strawberry to your partner. Have fun and be creative with this game.

11. Battle shots

If you ever used to play BattleShips as a kid, this game is for you. You can create a board or use one you already have. Draw a 7X7 grid on a sheet of paper to make a board. Make sure to mark alphabetically the columns, and mark the rows numerically.

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Put the shots on the grid. Three Xs are for the battleship, two for the destroyer, and one for the submarine. Don't let your partner see where you place yours X's. One X equals one shot. 

Take turns guessing where the battleships are (AKA the battle shots). If your partner hits an X, take a shot. Whoever sinks the other boats wins. The loser drinks the rest of the shots and removes their clothing.

12. Simon says drink

‘Simon says’ is a great group game, but it's also one of the best naughty drinking games to play with your partner. Each of you can take turns being Simon.

You get to tell your partner what to do, like, "Simon says, take off your pants" or "Simon says, take one shot." Keep playing until you are both tipsy and silly. 

13. Name a Celebrity

Pick a category, like famous movie stars, and then name the movie star. Your partner must then name another movie star with the same initials. For instance, if you say Tom Hanks, your partner can say Tom Hardy.

If you or your partner can’t come up with another name, you must take a drink or strip clothing. Keep playing and adding new categories for however long you’d like.

14. Kinky cards

This is the perfect couple-drinking game because you will get tipsy and sexy in no time! Get a deck of cards and some paper to begin. 

The even-number cards equal the number of shots you must take. On the odd-numbered cards, you write a body part and an action (make these dirty and spicy). Choose a card and do the action!

15. The mixed drink Olympics

This is a perfect game to channel your inner bartender! Both of you can compete against each other to make the best-mixed drinks. Each round is based on a theme and alcohol. 

Play multiple rounds. The loser of each match must remove a piece of clothing. If you both tie, then you both remove clothing. For drink ideas, check out this article.

16. Dare beer pong

dare beer pong

Regular beer pong is a popular party game, but Dare beer pong is a fun couples drinking game. Place the cups in a triangle shape on each end of a table. The first cup has just a little beer in it. The beer increases bit by bit to the other cups. So you must drink if you toss a ping pong ball in their cup.

Now, here is the naughty part of the game. Place a strip of paper under every cup. Write a dare on it. Your partner must drink and complete the dare. This is an exciting way to spice up this classic game.

17. Quarters

There are many fun games that you can play with quarters, but for this version, all you need is Netflix, a couch, and some quarters. Before you begin your Netflix binge, hide several quarters on your couch. 

When an episode is over, you and your partner search for the quarters. The first person to find one takes a shot. The loser then must do something naughty.

18. Power hour

This game is an intimate way to get tipsy with your partner. Each of you must drink one ounce of beer each minute for one hour. And, during this hour you must look into each other's eyes the entire time. You can guess where this may lead both of you on your next date night.

19. Beer mile

This is considered one of the best daring drinking games for fitness enthusiasts. You must drink a 12-ounce cup of beer and then run one mile. Repeat drinking and running four times in a row. The person who goes four rounds without falling over wins. Your partner fails if they fall over. 

20. Twister (with a twist)

Twister is a regular game that many of us played as kids, but you can give it a naughty twist. You start by playing the game normally, but every time you fall down, you must take a shot. 

As you keep playing the game, you and your partner will keep falling and drinking. This game belongs to the funny drinking games because you will keep falling and laughing all night. 

21. Snakes and ladders: the "A" version

This is a regular game from childhood, but such games can become naughty with a few modifications. You play the game like normal, except when you go up a ladder, you take one shot. And when you go down a snake, you shed one item of clothing.

22. Straight face

To play Straight Face, cut out slits of paper and write sexy sentences on each piece. Then, place each one in a bowl and alternate turns picking out one at a time. 

Read aloud what is written. You must maintain a straight face while reading it. No laughing, wincing, or any other emotion or expression. The partner who cracks must take one shot. 

23. Body shots

Body Shots is a hot game for you and your partner to play. On a piece of paper, write down several different names of body parts. Then, make another list with different methods/ways to take a shot. Then, roll two sets of dice. 

The first dice decides what body part, and the second dice tells you how you must do it. You and your partner are sure to love exploring each other's bodies with Body shot.

24. Pizza Box

There are lots of fun drinking games for couples, but Pizza Box is sure to spice things up! You can use an empty pizza box or a big piece of paper. You then toss a coin on the box and draw a circle anywhere you’d like. Write a naughty rule in the circle, like "blow job" or "share dirty secrets." 

Your partner goes next and does the same thing. If the coin lands on the circle you drew, your partner must do whatever the rule says. Keep going until there is no room on the box left! Both you and your partner will be sure to have fun.

Question Drinking Games for Couples

25. The quiz game

This is a classic game that couples can play to get to know each other or to get a little naughty. Come up with several questions to ask your partner. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Morning sex or evening sex?
  • Where will we go on our next date?
  • Where did we first meet?
  • What is my favorite color?

Once you have enough questions, place them all in a bowl. Both partners will pick questions from the bowl. Write down a consequence if your partner guesses wrong. They must perform the "consequence" if they answer incorrectly.

26. Two truths and one lie

two truths and one lie

This is an awesome drinking game if you're in a new relationship. Each of you will reveal three different statements about yourselves. One statement will be a lie. And two statements will be true. Your significant other picks which statement he thinks is a lie.

For every wrong answer, you take a drink of your choice. For each right answer, your partner must drink. This game is such a fun way to get to know your partner.

27. Never have I ever

Another awesome party game is “Never have I ever!” Play this game with your favorite alcoholic drinks. Each partner alternates turns by stating some facts. For example, you begin by saying the words "Never have I ever..” been to Italy or had sex in a public location, etc.

Whoever has been to Italy or had sex in a public location must drink. Couples love this game because you can reveal whatever you'd like. It can be anything from your favorite foods to favorite sex positions. You get to create it together!

28. Truth or dare (or drink)

Truth or dare is a classic fun game that lots of people love! However, by adding alcohol to the game, it makes it even better. There are a couple options to play the game. First, you can play only with "truth" questions like "what's your favorite sex location?" or "What's your favorite sex position?" If the person doesn’t answer the question, they must take a drink. 

Second, you can play this game by including the "dare” option only. Each person does a dare on their turn. If they don't participate in the dare, they must drink. The more the drinks are flowing, the sexier it gets! 

29. Speed facts

Speed facts is a fun drinking game and the perfect date night for a couple who's been together for a while. You'll both need to know a fair amount about each other to play. All you need to play is your partner and plenty of alcohol. 

Start by taking turns stating facts about each other. Anytime you get the wrong answer or take more than three seconds to come up with a fact, you lose. If you lose three different times in a row, take a shot. Depending on your tolerance to alcohol, you can adjust the number of lost rounds.

Drinking Games for Multiple Couples

30. Boat race

This game is like Flip Cup and it’s best played with multiple people. It’s a great option to pick for party games. Also, remember when playing drinking games with other couples to drink responsibly. 

"Boat" in this game means "beer on a table." You will need teams of equal size on each side of a table. Everyone has a plastic cup with beer in front of them. The team that finishes their beer the fastest wins

31. Flip, sip, or strip

Flip, sip, or strip is considered one of the most fun drinking games to play. You can play with your partner or other couples. All you need is a coin and your favorite drink to play this game. 

Flip a coin in the air and call heads or tails before it hits the floor. If you guess wrong, you must take a sip of your drink or strip a piece of clothing. If you guess right, you can choose someone else to drink or strip. 

32. Suck and blow

This is a fun and sexy drinking game to play with your party people. Everyone will stand in a circle. The boys and girls might need to be in alternating positions. 

The first person takes a card and sucks it, so it stays on their lips and passes it onto the next player's lips. Each player keeps passing it on. If someone drops the card, both players take a shot, and they may end up kissing each other in the process. Lots of fun!

33. Bullshit

Bullshit is a fantastic group game for multiple couples. Everyone sits in a circle, and then one by one, each person makes a confession. The confession may be true or false. 

For example, if the first player makes a confession, the other players must decide if it's true or not. The players who think the person is lying yell, "Bullshit." If the person was telling the truth, all the other players would take a shot. If the person was lying, the liar must take a shot.

34. Higher or lower/ Red black

This is an excellent game for people at parties or as a couple. If you play this just with your partner, you can amp up the rules to make it sexier. To play, you need a deck of cards and whatever drinks you prefer. You guess if your partner's card is red or black. 

If you're correct, you get to ask if the card is lower or higher than the other card. If you select the wrong color, you drink. If you're wrong about the card and it is higher or lower, you take off an item of clothing.

Online Drinking Games for Couples App (Mobile Apps)

35. Doubles: Drinking games for 2

doubles: drinking games for 2

Double is a game designed for two people, and you can find it on app stores. You customize each game to be for best friends or for a sexy couple game with your partner. 

You can play truth or dare and other games that will include drinking. You and your partner will have a blast discovering new things about each other.

36. Dirty sex game for couples

Make your favorite cocktails and download this fun and sexy app. The game includes over 1,000 dirty truth-or-dare challenges at four different difficulty levels. Soft, hot, hard, and extreme are the four levels. This game is sure to get you and your partner to have fun.

37. Couples quiz relationship game

This mobile app has many questions to get to know your partner. Answer ten questions, and then have your partner guess your answers. If your partner guesses wrong, they must take a shot or a drink. Depending on your tolerance levels, you can mix up how often to take drinks.


What is a fun two-person drinking game?

There are lots of fun two-person drinking games. However, Never have I ever for 2 is an awesome game to play with your partner. You can pick the drink of your choice and also get to know each other better.

What are some juicy questions for couples?

You can find many questions to ask your partner in this list and beyond, but here are a few to get you started:

What's your favorite body part of mine?
Is there anything in bed you've wanted to try that we haven't?
What turns your on sexually?
What's your raunchiest sexual fantasy?

What do you play at a couples game night?

You can play many games for a couples game night, but Mario Kart team races are always fun! You can turn it into a drinking game too. Also, if you don't have a PlayStation or other devices, you can always play Two truths and one lie.

What is the Tinder drinking game?

You can play a drinking Tinder game with other friends who have Tinder. Get a small group, pick your favorite drink, and get ready to have some fun. You can use one phone for this game to scroll through different profiles. Everyone will drink if the person has a kid or a beard in their profile picture.


Come back to this list of 37 fun drinking games for couples when you want to have some sexy fun with your partner. When playing drinking games, always remember to drink responsibly. If you enjoyed this list, please don't forget to share!

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