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Why Do Guys Like Anal? (Giving and Receiving)

April 8, 2024

I’m sure you’ve probably wondered why do straight guys like anal sex. After all, we associate anal sex with homosexuality, but why is that?

Why, when anal sex can be immensely pleasurable for a man do we consider this against normality? Especially when a 2011 sexual behavior study revealed that “44% of men ever had anal sex with an opposite sex partner.” 

2011! And wouldn’t you say as a society we have progressed since then?

Jonathon Branfman, in his book ‘American Journal of Sexuality Education’ explains that “the taboo against men's anal pleasure helps legitimize hegemonic sex/gender beliefs—and the sexism, homophobia, and male dominance they encourage.” Meaning that it’s crucial that we gain an understanding of male pleasure in order to eradicate restrictive gender norms.

We’re going to look into the male preference of anal sex,both in giving and receiving, so if you’re more curious about one than the other, feel free to skip ahead. 

Why Do Men Sometimes Prefer Anal Sex?

Entering a woman’s back door, rather than having vaginal sex for many men is a preference. Or, if not a preference, a different sensation that’s entirely hot. 

Trying new things sexually encourages a positive and healthy sex life, and you might be surprised to know that anal sex can be great as a woman too, so if your partner has asked to perform anal sex on you, by all means you should consider it. 

Although we don’t have a G-spot in our rectum, we have what is otherwise known as an A-spot, whereby anal penetration can induce orgasm for a woman. 

It can feel great for you, but there are many reasons why a straight guy might prefer anal sex than vaginal sex.

1. It feels tighter

That’s not to say our vaginas aren’t tight. But, when performing anal sex there’s no natural lubrication meaning insertion can be a bit more tricky. You would use lube, of course, but it still doesn’t compare to the feeling of inserting into a vagina. 

There’s more pressure, as the sphincter (the ring-shaped muscle allowing passage to our anus) is more difficult to pass than our vaginal opening.

2. It’s something different

Sexual variety.

Not everyone is satisfied by repetitive sex, and so most men like to mix it up a bit. 

3. It feels naughty

it feels naughty

I’m not sure why it feels naughty, but it just does. It’s like a forbidden entry or something! 

This most likely stems from the taboo around anal sex in popular culture, which is interesting that it might encourage reasoning for people to try. 

It can also feel a little dirty; not in a bad way. But, because we’re programmed to think that it’s not the standard procedure for sex, it feels kind of kinky making it all the more erotic.

4. He’s attracted to women willing to try new things

It could be as simple as this, he’s into sexual exploration, and even more so he’s into women who are willing to mix it up for him

It could even be a deal breaker for some men in the relationship.

5. The preparation builds excitement 

Foreplay for anal intercourse is intense and cannot be rushed, making it much sexier than regular old foreplay. 

As mentioned, there is no natural lubrication in our anus, and our anal muscles have to be relaxed in order for it to even work. So, you really have to put a graft in. Taking the time to ease into it, to turn each other on and to get prepared is one of the best parts of anal sex. 

Then, when insertion happens after taking so much time to prepare, the pressure, the victory, the attention on your butt, the naughtiness, the relief, the overwhelming sensations… It can feel so good!

6. It can feel dominating

Some men love anal sex as they like to feel dominant. 

Anal sex feels great, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn't painful. Good pain, but pain nonetheless. 

This is why so much preparation is necessary. If you’re into rough sex, anal sex is definitely one to try (although it doesn’t always have to be rough, it can be incredibly intimate and romantic too).

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Guys understand the pain that it can cause, and most anal sex is done in doggy style which is a naturally dominant position anyway. 

7. Some men like the idea of being someone’s ‘first’

Call it old school, but some guys like the idea of taking someone’s virginity; and to be realistic, more women will have never had anal sex as opposed to never having had vaginal sex. 

Maybe it’s because it’s dominating, maybe because it’s romantic; who knows. 

8. He’s an ass man

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be complicated at all. He might simply be a booty man. 

It doesn’t have to be derogatory, or insulting… just a preference.

Why Do Some Men Like to Receive Anal?

why do some men like to receive anal

Have you ever been in a situation with a man, and he’s asked you to peg him? Or engage in anal play? 

Unfortunately, thanks to a lack of detailed sex education and through societal constructs of restrictive gender norms, it can sometimes be difficult to accept that straight men love anal sex because we associate anal sex with being gay. 

Which, in theory, is absolutely ridiculous considering the fact that the male G-spot, sometimes referred to as the P-spot (the prostate), is found in a man's rectum. All genders should be encouraged to explore pleasure and to experience our bodies at their full potential. 

The act of pegging is where you would penetrate your sexual partner with a strap-on dildo; allowing women to perform anal sex on men. 

You can purchase several types of harnesses in order to attach your dildo, or you can even purchase a strapless strap-on, where you would use your vaginal muscles in order to hold the dildo in place so you can penetrate your partner's anus with a little more intimacy. 

Sexpert Annabelle Knight, in her YouTube video ‘What is Pegging and Why Should I Try It?’, gives many tips on how to peg your partner successfully, and explains that there are “lots of delicious nerve endings in the anus,” encouraging men who haven’t considered anal play, to give it a go. 

There are many different reasons why men like to receive anal sex. As a committed partner, it would be wise to educate yourself on how to inflict pleasure and to induce an orgasm for your man by performing anal sex. 

But first, let’s enlighten ourselves… What’s to like about receiving anal sex as a man?

1. G-spot in their rectum

As mentioned, there’s an insane amount of pleasure to be felt from experiencing anal penetration as a man because stimulating the rectal walls causes pleasure that’s sometimes more pleasurable than penile stimulation. 

2. It’s relaxing

For any gender, you have to be completely relaxed in order to have successful anal sex. That feeling alone of being completely relaxed and trusting of your partner can be arousing. 

3. To be dominated

to be dominated

Some men like to dominate. Others like to be dominated. 

And nothing says female dominance more than being pegged by a woman.

In vaginal sex, the only position we feel like we’re dominating our partner is when we’re on top. Otherwise, they tend to have most of the control, but definitely not when pegging.

And, being on the receiving end of being dominated and feeling a whole new world of sensations from anal penetration without being questioned about your sexuality is the sign of a good sex life.

4. To try something new

Sometimes it is just hot to try new things. 

5. Because his girlfriend likes it

For many people, their turn on is to turn on other people. He might not be necessarily interested in exploring anal play, but if it’s something that his girlfriend wants to try, that might be reason enough for him to enjoy it. 

It’s just a bonus that he’s most likely going to love it anyway. 


Is it okay if a straight guy wants anal?

Absolutely! If anything, it should be a turn on that your boyfriend feels secure enough to suggest trying anal in a world where it is considered taboo, and even more so that he wants to experience it with you.

What does anal feel like for a guy?

Anal for guys can feel euphoric. The mix between pain and pleasure is incredibly intense and thoroughly stimulating, and it can lead to an insanely good orgasm.

Of course, every guy is different, but it all comes down to the execution. It’s important that you both communicate, like when trying anything new for the first time.

Is anal sex safe?

Yes, as long as you take caution. Always use a condom, use water-based lubricant, or even better, specific anal lubricant, and if possible it’s always good to douche before and after.

Anal sex isn’t any less safe than vaginal sex, it’s just important to take it slow as it can feel painful. Ease into it, get relaxed and simply enjoy it.

What toys can I use to give anal to my man?

There are thousands of anal based toys, but as a beginner I would suggest a strap on is best. Before jumping straight into pegging, I would suggest starting slow by using a finger, then a butt-plug, then consider adding a dildo. Anal beads are also known to give men an intense orgasm.

It’s always good to take a trip to a sex toy shop with your partner and talk about what you’d be willing to try or what you think you might enjoy. And, don’t feel shame in asking the employees for help, because that’s what they’re there for and trust me, they’re more than willing to give you advice.


There are many reasons why men might prefer to give and receive anal, but what’s important is that those reasons shouldn’t matter. 

Of course, it’s good to educate ourselves on why anal sex can feel pleasurable, but we should never assume a guy's sexuality because of his sexual preference. In fact, we should never assume what somebody’s sexuality is full stop.

If you’re wanting to spice up your sex life, or struggling to understand your partner's sexual desires, you can always refer to a professional for relationship coaching and advice. 

Feel free to share to help end the taboo surrounding straight men enjoying anal sex. Who knows, you might encourage somebody to give it a go and love it. If you have any stories about pegging/anal sex or any advice for others considering anal exploration please feel free to comment.

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