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Aquarius Man Acting Hot And Cold (Why & 7 Ways To Cope With It)

May 31, 2024

Are you unsure where you stand with an Aquarius man? 

Perhaps you'd like to take things to the next level romantically, but you have no idea whether that's what he wants at all. 

Could it be that he seems super-excited to date you some days, only to appear nonchalant or disinterested later on? 

This is what we often call 'blowing hot and cold' - and it's a common trait for an Aquarius man to display. This guide is all about how to respond to such behavior. 

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With that said, let's now explore some of the reasons why an Aquarius man might act hot and cold towards you.

Why Are Aquarius So Hot And Cold?

An Aquarius man has many characteristics that make him exhibit actions that make a woman feel like he is very keen, but then many of his other qualities then make him go cold. It’s very confusing and also extremely frustrating. 

However, knowing that he can be exceedingly keen because he is such a friendly, generous, and likeable person can help people understand why he can be such an attentive person in love. Conversely, knowing that he can be distant, stubborn, and highly independent are some of the things that are comforting to know when he is going through one of his cold patches. 

The last three traits are the main characteristics that make him start ignoring anyone, let alone the person he is in love with. Remember that he is also a highly intellectual person and also fairly tolerant, so try some of the below ways to cope when he is going through a stage where he seems to be distancing himself from you. He may well understand more than you realize.

7 Ways To Deal With Dating Aquarius Men Hot And Cold Actions

Here are our 7 ways to deal with an Aquarius man you would like to continue dating but find his tendency to change his attitude towards you quickly very frustrating - if not very hurtful. It may be best not to do all these things at once - just try one or two and you should hopefully get what you want again. Make sure that you do end up having your needs met - some people may be able to tolerate a guy going from adoring you to ignoring you. 

However, it is confusing and can be one of the things that starts to drive a wedge between you. Not to mention that it can be disrespectful of your feelings. Relationships are two ways and both people in a couple need to be happy for it to be a long term and satisfying partnership. 

1. Concentrate on yourself

Concentrate on yourself

When you are in a relationship with an Aquarius man and he is acting in this way - where you don’t know whether he will love or hate you from one moment to the next - it can be a good idea simply to concentrate on yourself. In doing so, you will ensure you have the confidence to live your life the way you want it to be, without constantly questioning yourself due to your Aquarius man’s actions. 

Concentrating on yourself means lots of great self-care. Meditate when you can, take care of your fitness levels and take time out to ensure that you are happy in yourself. When you are happy in yourself, you will find that your Aquarius man’s moods will affect you a lot less and as a result, your relationship will have a great deal more balance. A relationship with balance stands a lot more chance of lasting the test of time. 

2. Talk to him directly

Another of the things that can materially help your relationship when it is affected by an Aquarius man who has a tendency to change his moods quickly, is simply to talk to him about it. Alert him to the fact that his moods are causing you a lot of distress as you never know where you stand with him. If he is constantly changing from being very loving to very distant from one moment to the next, it can be very hard to cope.

Telling him this may give him an awareness of what he is doing. As kind as Aquarius men can be, as well as intuitive, they can sometimes be so independent that they become detached from the person they are in a relationship with. This won’t be a conscious decision on their part, so telling them that they are hurting your feelings is a good way to stop this behavioral pattern in its tracks. 

3. Spend time with your girlfriends

If a guy isn’t giving you the positive attention that you deserve, amongst the best things you can do is to start spending time with your friends again. We are all guilty of spending less time with our friends when we are in a new relationship. However, it can be a good opportunity to start seeing them again with more consistency if your Aquarius is starting to ignore you every so often. 

Again this is a great way of readdressing the balance in your relationship and you may find that when you start seeing your friends more regularly his negative actions become less common. Importantly, you will care less too as you will have the confidence to ride out the times that he is ignoring you as you know you will have your girlfriends there to support you throughout it. That confidence will shine through in everything you do, which will then be on display to your boyfriend - again making him lessen the times that he ignores you

4. Focus your attention on others

In addition to spending your time with your friends again, also ensure that you focus your attention on other important people in your life. If you have children, start dedicating your time again to them. It can be very easy to lose touch with them as they start getting older, so in the moments that your man is being unpredictable, try reconnecting with them. It’s also a great opportunity to reconnect with other members of your family. Check-in on your folks and see how they are ok. 

As with spending time with your friends, this will readdress the balance in your relationship. It sends out signals to Aquarius men that ignoring their partner is not ok, but also that their partner is fine without them. This will make them crave seeing you more and will hopefully stop them from having such frequent moments of coldness. 

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5. Play hard to get

Play hard to get

The best way to address the balance in your relationship which can stop your Aquarius man from being keen one moment and distant the next is to play hard to get. In doing so, you are again alerting him that you are a strong and powerful partner who deserves respect. Playing games with your heart and your feelings is not a mature behavioral pattern and it needs to be stopped as early on in a relationship as possible. Or, if it cannot be eliminated due to an Aquarius men’s sensitive natures, it needs to be diminished 

Playing hard to get makes a guy try to see you as often as possible and will make him think twice about ignoring you. While he may not consciously decide to ignore you, if you are playing hard to get, he will try to chase you so much that he won’t show you any coldness that he may have in the past. 

6. Don’t give in to negativity

It’s important as well that you know how to cope at times that he does descend into acting distant. It may be less frequent if you are focusing on yourself, or ensuring that you are spending time with your friends or family as much as possible. However, it may still happen as Aquarius men are naturally very detached and independent guys. While it can be possible to get your relationship into as good a place as possible so he doesn’t ignore you, it doesn’t mean that your relationship won’t go through any difficult patches. It’s important that at times it does, that you don’t give in to that negativity. 

7. Tell him you don’t like unpredictability 

In addition to talking through your issues with his actions, tell him specifically that you don’t like unpredictability and why. He may not have realized that his actions can affect you so much. As kind and generous as Aquarius men can be, they are naturally quite stubborn individuals who may not like being told that his actions are not acceptable. Telling him that you don’t like unpredictability can help him understand more how and why his actions are not ones that will be tolerated by you. 


Why are Aquarius men so hot and cold?

It is in the sensitive and indecisive natures of Aquarius men that causes them to be so hot and cold. When you date an Aquarius man, you will most likely notice their indecisiveness can be quite acute so that you don’t always know what they want from one day to the next. 

How do you know if an Aquarius man is serious about you?

If you are dating an Aquarius man, you can tell if he is serious about you if he is consistently making time for you in his busy life. Thanks to being so charismatic, he has lots of friends but if things are serious between you and him, he will always ensure that you see each other as much as possible.

What happens when you ignore an Aquarius man?

Ignoring an Aquarius man can have some unpleasant side effects. While it can make him chase you, he may also be very hurt by your actions. He may find being ignored a little immature too so he may start thinking about ending your relationship

How do Aquarius men handle the distance?

Aquarius men handle distant partners by showing their kind natures even more. As mentioned above, they will make as much time as possible for you if they are serious about you. This means he will often make an effort to see you, even if you are usually a very independent person. 

Why is an Aquarius man ignoring me?

An Aquarius man will often ignore a partner if he has been hurt or had his feelings upset in some way. People will often find Aquarius men to be one of the most sensitive zodiac signs, so if you are dating an Aquarius guy, make sure you talk to him if you think you may have upset him in some way.

The Bottom Line 

All of the above actions or ways to cope with an Aquarius man and his confusing behavior a little more easily. Don’t use all at once as some are quite contradictory to each other so you could end up confusing him more as he does you. Use one at a time - perhaps two at most - to get things back on track with the two of you again. If one is not working, start using another one to see if you can get anywhere with your love that way. 

An Aquarius man is, above all, a sensitive person who can get easily hurt - even though his very actions can be affecting you too. You need to ensure that you don’t hurt him and yourself in the process of trying to get to the bottom of his changeable moods. If you love him, to a certain extent, you need to accept that this type of mood swing will be a part of your relationship. While it isn’t always easy, it is just in an Aquarius man’s nature. He isn’t always consciously trying to hurt you with his lack of attention. 

Have patience, and above all, communicate how you are feeling with him. Telling him what is going on in his mind is the only real way that you will give him a true chance to change his ways to ones that result in a loving a supportive relationship.

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