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Aquarius Man And Virgo Woman Compatibility In Love (12 Opposite Personalities)

If you want the very definition of opposite signs in the Zodiac then you need look no further than Aquarius and Virgo. Or, you could consider them a challenge, after all, they do say that opposites attract right?

Well, that is true, but Aquarius man and Virgo woman are poles apart. Let me put it this way, a Virgo woman craves order and precision in her life; she is organized and plans well in advance.

Then there’s Aquarius. He is spontaneous, impulsive and chaotic. Imagine them going on holiday. A Virgo woman will have researched the destination, including the hotel, the beaches, the restaurants, the arrival and departure flight times etc etc.

Aquarius man will say "Let’s just pack a backpack and rent a campervan and see where the road takes us. It’ll be fun!"

To each other their partner’s suggestion will be horrifying. So is a relationship between Aquarius man and Virgo woman a non-starter or can they overcome their challenges?

Before I talk about compatibility of Aquarius man Virgo woman, I want to examine their star signs one at a time.

Aquarius And Virgo Characteristics


  • Air sign
  • Ruled by Uranus
  • Symbol – the Water Bearer
  • Fixed sign

Positive traits: tolerance, individuality, vision, open-mindedness, originality.

Negative traits: neurosis, easily distracted, detached, won’t commit, eccentric.

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are often described as old souls reliving a second childhood. They love accumulating knowledge and they also want to share it.

They are typically open-minded and liberal people. They want to experience everything life has to offer. With the influence of Uranus, Aquarians are unconventional types who follow the beat of their own drum.

Uranus is the planet of freedom and the unexpected. It represents sudden change, a shock to the system, shaking up the old ways and bringing in the new. Uranus stands for the unusual and the unique.

Aquarians are creative and are usually found working in some artistic field. Whether this is music, writing, painting or making something like jewellery or clothes, they’ll be using their imagination.  

They are the visionaries of the Zodiac, associated with spiritual awareness and tolerance for all mankind.


  • Earth sign
  • Ruled by Mercury
  • Symbol – the Virgin
  • Mutable sign

Positive traits: practical, honest, clarity, polite, organized, kind, community-spirited.

Negative traits: critical, worrier, shy, pessimistic, fussy, interfering.

Virgos are born worriers. That’s because they want everything to be perfect. Only then they can go on and enjoy themselves. Virgos are always the ones working late to finish a project.

But Virgos have another, and much deeper need, and that is to serve and help others. As a result, you’ll often find them in service occupations such as the health or hospitality industry.

Virgos have a sense of responsibility that comes from being an earth sign. They have a great work ethic and are highly analytical. Virgo's sense of timing is second to none. You won’t find a Virgo clocking on late for work.

Thanks to their ruling planet of Mercury, they also have good communication skills. However, because they have such high expectations of themselves they can often be impatient with others and overly critical.

Virgos are meticulous, methodical and can be relied on to get the job done with excellence and pride.

Compatibility Of An Aquarius Man And A Virgo Woman

So where does that leave us with Aquarius man and Virgo woman compatibility? Are they likely to have a good relationship? Let’s find out.

It is doubtful that Aquarius man and Virgo woman will meet by accident. Their paths are unlikely to cross unless someone introduces them to one another.

The quiet, unassuming nature of Virgo woman won’t attract Aquarius man. Likewise, a brash, loud and impulsive Aquarius man will put off your typical Virgo woman.

But remember, I am only talking about a person’s Sun Sign here. That’s to say, their basic star sign characteristics. In other words, the outward traits they portray to the world.

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So it’s important to recognise that we all have aspects of our sign that are different to our Sun Sign. For example, my star sign is Capricorn but my moon is in Gemini. So although I do have typical traits of a Capricorn I also share some others with Gemini

Now, back to Virgo and Aquarius.

Let’s assume they have met and are now in a relationship.

Can this organised Virgo woman ever be happy and content with her Aquarius male? Will Aquarius man feel restricted by the demands of his Virgo woman?

12 Reasons Why Virgo Woman And Aquarius Man Will Struggle In A Relationship

1. Order vs. Spontaneity

Virgos need order in their lives and that’s certainly not a description afforded to Aquarius. Aquarians are impulsive and spontaneous. Virgo will catch a train armed with timetables and bus routes as a backup plan. 

Aquarius will simply rock up to the train station. Sure, he might have stuffed a paperback in his back pocket, just in case there isn't a train for a few hours. 

2. Family vs. Individual

Virgos also like to feel secure and settled. They are homebodies and family-orientated. Aquarians don’t feel such a pressing and deep-seated need to create a home life. They are focused more on the individual.

3. Controlled vs. Emotional

Controlled vs. Emotional

Virgo keeps a very tight lid on her emotions, as does Aquarius, in public, but in private he rides his like a rollercoaster. If Aquarius man does manage to coax his timid Virgo woman on for a ride he’ll only endeavor to make her sick with giddiness.

4. Analytical vs. Intuitive

Aquarius man and Virgo woman both share a love for trying out new and interesting experiences. They just do it differently. Virgo will gather facts and analyze them while Aquarius will just jump in and do it. 

5. Cautious vs. Curious

Virgo women can sometimes be described as timid and shy. They tend to be cautious because they are afraid of making a mistake. Don’t forget, they are always looking to create perfection. Aquarius men see mistakes as part of learning. It doesn’t stop his curious nature getting the better of him.

6. Responsible vs. Dreamer

Virgos have this inbuilt sense of responsibility that is imprinted onto them at birth. They will be the ones looking after terminally ill partners in a relationship. However, Virgo can act like a martyr if she takes on too much. On the other hand, Aquarius doesn’t feel the same weight as Virgo.

7. Pragmatic vs. Creative

When it comes to problem-solving Virgos will use analytical pragmatic ways to get results. They will also tend to focus on the finer details in order to get to an answer. Aquarius, on the other hand, are more creative and look to the bigger picture. They use intuition rather than intellect.

8. Precise vs. Chaotic

Imagine Virgo woman’s horror at watching Aquarius man burst into her pristine house, traipsing dirt and leaving clutter wherever he goes. This goes against everything she stands for. Her need for organisation, for clean, for structure, for precision. This doesn’t look good for Aquarius.

9. Reserved vs. Extroverted

Reserved vs. Extroverted

Quiet Virgo may be put off by the loud brash antics of Aquarius. It’s also likely that Aquarius might walk right past Virgo and not even notice that she is there. This is why they are unlikely to meet by accident.

10. Guarded vs. Adventurous

Virgos are naturally guarded about everything in life. Unfortunately, this includes sex. All she wants in a relationship is a partner that truly loves her. However, after a while Aquarius man will want to start experimenting in bed and Virgo woman won’t like this.

11. Stable vs. Adventurous

Aquarius men are restless by nature and have itchy feet. They need their freedom and don’t like to feel restricted. Then there’s Virgo – the ultimate planner. Virgos don’t like to step foot outside without an itinerary. In fact, just stepping outside can be an effort to a sensitive Virgo.  

12. Traditional vs. Unconventional

Virgo likes to do things by the book. She prefers tradition over the new. That’s because Virgo finds comfort in the past. However, Aquarius is invested in the future. You have his ruling planet Uranus to thank for that.

Aquarius Man And Virgo Woman Compatibility In Love, Life and Sex

So, are Aquarius and Virgo compatible in a relationship? Yes, there’s a couple of things they agree on.

1. Social injustice

Both Aquarius man and Virgo woman have a strong sense of social awareness. They get involved in national and international matters that touch their hearts, albeit in different ways. Aquarius man is more likely to be an activist, out on the front line, recruiting new members to the cause. Whereas a Virgo woman will be behind a computer, researching material for their flyers.

2. Detached emotions

Neither Virgo nor Aquarius are especially fond of excessive displays of public emotions. Virgo is an Earth sign but she is also very particular and not fond of messy things like hot, sweaty dirty sex. Aquarius is not that tactile so this suits him down to the ground.


Why are Aquarius and Taurus not compatible?

Cool, calm and detached Aquarius does not know the meaning of the word possessive. As such, they can’t understand why someone would become as jealous as the macho bull Taurus. Taurus, however, equates love with grand displays of emotion.

What are the dates of Aquarius?

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Zodiac and begins from January 21st to February 20th.

What month is a Virgo?

Virgo is the 6th sign of the Zodiac and begins from August 23rd to September 22nd.

Are Aquarius and Aries a good match?

Aries has a tendency to rush headlong into any given situation whereas Aquarius can remain aloof and detached. However, this pair do share a combined love of travel, education and enlightenment. If Aquarius can cope with Aries’ sudden flashes of temper this could be a good match.

What months are Taurus born in?

Taurus is the 2nd sign of the zodiac and runs through April and May.

To Conclude

So that’s my take on Aquarius man and Virgo woman. Do you agree with my comments or do you feel differently? I’d love to hear your point of view. And if you liked this article please do feel free to share it. 

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