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Will A Virgo Man Come Back To You After A Breakup? (11 Promising Hints)

by Sonya Schwartz

Breakups are sometimes tough to recover from, irrespective of the zodiac sign involved. It could be a Libra (the sign after Virgo), or just about any other sign. If you have recently ended a relationship with your Virgo and you are now regretting your actions, it is only normal to feel troubled about him taking you back

You see, Virgo is an earth sign, so while they may be capable of change, it does not come easy. It takes a lot of work and effort to change the heart of a Virgo man. The way your relationship ended will go a long way to determine if your Virgo man will take you back or not. If he was the one who quit the relationship, sorry to burst your bubble of hope but the chances of him returning are slim to none. 

Virgo men do not make rash decisions, therefore, for him to have ended things with you, be rest assured that he has given much thought and consideration to the act. However, if he was the one who walked out, then perhaps there is hope. In this article, we will go through 11 characteristics to watch out for when a Virgo man wants you back.

11 Ways To Know A Virgo Man Will Come Back

1. He wants clues into your life

A Virgo man is the type to give space after a relationship ends. He does not want to be in your space even if he wants to come back. He knows how to mask his feelings while he observes. You will notice that he will ask about you from your friends and stalk your social media pages. 

He is merely trying to see how you are faring and keep up with your progress. He equally wants to know that you are making positive changes to your life. So, if you want him back, you will have to keep yourself positively engaged. 

2. He wants to talk about what went wrong 

He wants to talk about what went wrong

Virgo men like to fix problems, so don’t be surprised if he wants to talk about your relationship the next time you meet. Even if he’s at fault in terms of the breakup, don’t expect him to apologize or own up immediately. An apology will make him look vulnerable. Instead, he will want to rationalize the entire break up with hopes that you will both pick your learning points and focus on ways to improve. 

3. He acts differently 

For the most part, he is not someone who changes quickly. He likes to rationalize things first and make sense of them before he changes. You will notice that he takes steps to change a thing or things, you may have complained about in your relationship, most especially the things that may have led to your breakup. 

If this man makes changes for you, that’s a sign to know that you are critical to him and he wants you back. Anyone who makes you feel like you have a place with them is ready to rekindle the romance.

4. He makes you aware of his relationship status

Virgo men are straightforward, and they uphold honesty. Cunning behavior or dishonesty are characters they do not appreciate. So, if a Virgo man wants you back, he will try to make it clear to you that he is single and available to rekindle a relationship with you. In some instances, he may not be upfront or but he knows how to make it known. 

For instance, if you ask him about his weekend, he will respond by mentioning the things he did alone or how he was home alone. These do not mind games; it’s merely his way of giving verbal cues. Beyond his desire to be straightforward, the Virgo man is also observing your reaction to his status to know if you are on the same page. 

5. He keeps your things 

When a Virgo man ends a relationship, he tries not to linger on it for too long. As mentioned earlier, he thinks things through before reacting so when he breaks up with you; it is not premeditated. However, if he still leaves your things after a break up, it means you can get your Virgo man back. Irrespective of how long, whenever you ask for some of your items from his place, he will still have it. 

6. He remains in contact with your friends and family

Virgo men are one of the most compassionate out there. So when a relationship ends, they take into consideration the emotions of all the people who may have been invested in your relationship. It is not unusual to see them call your friends and family to check on them. However, if these phone calls continue long after the break up, then it is a sign that he wants to come back. 

Virgo men value family and will always want to maintain a good relationship with the family of their partners or love interest. He knows by staying in touch with your family; you are more likely to rekindle your relationship. 

7. He wants to remain friends

The typical Virgo man will want to keep a distance after a break up, so if he wants to remain in your circle, you should consider it unusual and a positive sign. It’s highly likely; he may come back.

You will notice that he calls you often to check on you, asks about your day or whatever project you are handling at the moment. All he is trying to do is to ensure that he remains in your life. Don’t expect your Virgo man back so quickly; instead, he will want to insert himself back into your sphere slowly. 

8. He admits to his fault

Virgos are very critical people even when it comes to themselves. While Virgos may seem guarded, he will be willing to let his guards down with you and admit his faults. He wants you to come into his personal space so he will let you in on his weaknesses and shortcomings irrespective of how embarrassing they may seem. 

This characteristic is not surprising because the Virgo man is someone who commits to whatever he wants. Therefore, if he wants to renew your relationship, be sure that he is willing to show his imperfections as well as accept yours. That’s even a sign that he may love you.

9. He invites you to family gatherings 

Another way to tell that your Virgo man wants you back is when he invites you to family gatherings. Mind you, the Virgo man takes his family seriously, and they do not just invite anyone to such gatherings. So, if your Virgo man asks you to attend a family gathering, especially where his mother will be present, then it shows he still wants you. 

10. He talks about himself 

If a Virgo man wants you back, he will want to let you know that he is in a better place. So don’t be surprised if he is talking about himself or ways in which he is now a better person. It merely means he may want you back.

11. He finds ways to support you

He finds ways to support you

Beyond words and promises of change, the Virgo man likes to use actions as a way to drive his points. He will be willing to support you physically and emotionally in whatever you have to do. Once committed, Virgo men love to make grand gestures. After all, he knows what you like and will use that information to his advantage. 


Will Virgo man come back after break up?

A significant factor to determine if he will return after a break or not is the reason for the break up in the first place. If he ended things, the chances of coming back are slimmer than if it was you who quit. 

Why do Virgo men come back?

If a Virgo man comes back to you, it’s because he enjoys your company and loves your personality irrespective of your imperfections. It means he acknowledges that you understand him in ways no one else does and he’s not willing to lose that connection.

Will a Virgo man miss you?

Just because Virgo men do not wear their hearts on their sleeves does not mean they do not have feelings. So, of course, the Virgo man will miss you. He takes commitment seriously, so even when the relationship ends, he will feel hurt and miss your company.   

Do Virgos go back to their ex?

Virgos rarely go back to their exes, but it happens. However, you can rest assured that their reason for going back is valid and logical. They would have analyzed the relationship and done all their checks to ensure they are not making a mistake. 

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Do Virgos move on quickly?

Even when he does not want to come back to a relationship, he is not one to immediately jump into another relationship. He likes to take things slow so he will want to spend some time on his own first. 

The Bottom Line

A Virgo man is not one to wear his heart on his sleeves, and he takes his time to make decisions. Whether this Virgo man hurt you or vice versa, there are ways to know if he will come back. 

However, by paying close attention to the characteristics above, it will be easy to see if he wants to come back. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, don’t forget to share and leave a comment behind. 


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