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Why Did My Ex Unblock Me? (17 Possible Reasons)

Have you noticed that your ex unblocked you on social media?

Do you wonder why they would do this?

Do you wonder if this means they are open to reuniting with you in real life?

Well, wonder no more! This guide will explain what it commonly means when your ex unblocks you.

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With that said, I've outlined the most common reasons someone would unblock their ex-partner below. So, scroll down, enjoy the guide and send it to a friend who has gone through a similar situation.

Why Did My Ex Unblock Me? (17 Possible Reasons)

So, you wonder, “Why did my ex unblock me?” You might think that you did all the work in the relationship and don’t understand why he wanted to break up ever! You might have a lot of questions about the breakup, but I doubt the intention behind him unblocking you was to chat about the breakup.

If you were hoping for a chance to talk things out, you might want to continue waiting for that moment to happen. Realize that blocking is a childish act. Forget talking things out and dealing with the breakup like an adult. As much as I hate to say it when guys decide to block, they are usually being very petty and are in the wrong with their actions!

Dating someone who then blocks you is painful. You can always make the first move when he decides to unblock you, but ask yourself why he decided to block you in the first place! Granted, it is a good sign that your ex unblocked you, but that doesn’t mean it’s all in the past.

He should not have ever blocked you in the first place. Did he have a new relationship that didn’t work out? Did your mutual friends convince him to stop being childish? Let’s dive in to discover more possible reasons why your ex unblocked you!

1. Your ex misses you

Your ex unblocked you because he missed you. It does happen from time to time. Some guys just want their ex back, especially if the two of you were dating for a long period of time. He might have some emotions about you that he is experiencing. He might think about the good times and wonder if you were still interested in him!

2. Your ex is bored

As much as it pains me to say it, sometimes, a guy is just plain bored after a breakup. He wants to find out what happened with the girls he’s been in relationships with. He might do this to more than just you!

3. Your ex still loves you

There is always the chance that your ex still loves you if you notice your ex unblocks you. He might realize that he’s done something wrong in letting you get away. He may think you are the best thing that has ever happened to him. This is just one possibility. To know the real deal, you will need to talk to your ex about why he did this.

4. Your ex is messing with you

Some men enjoy playing with others’ heads. They find it enjoyable to watch their exes skirm. This is childish, of course, but it is one possibility. He might want to make you “think” that he is wanting to get back together when that is the last thing on his mind!

5. Your ex is curious how you are doing

Was your ex a good friend? Did he care about your well-being? Could he possibly just want to know if you are okay right now? Think about these questions as you try to figure out why your ex unblocked you.

6. Your ex wants to hook up

Some guys can only think about the physical. They might just want you for that reason alone. If that is the case, I would not allow this guy the time of day!! Make sure you are loyal to your standards, beliefs, and values. Don’t compromise yourself just because your ex unblocked you.

7. Your ex forgave you

your ex forgave you

Maybe you and your ex had a huge blow-up fight, and he has decided to forgive you. You could accept this forgiveness if you feel he deserves a second chance, but did he not do anything wrong in the relationship? Remember that it takes two to tango!

8. Your ex’s rebound relationship was a flop

Wow! It’s never fun to be the rebound off the rebound! Remember that you were doing fine before he unblocked you, and you can be fine once again. Just be independent and confident in who you are. You don’t need to be his rebound to make him feel better about himself. Don’t allow anyone to use you.

9. Your ex decided blocking you was childish

Maybe he has decided his behavior was childish, and he should stop acting that way. Would you like to give him another chance? Does he deserve it? You will need to make a list of the pros and cons in making this decision to decide if your ex really deserves you!

10. Your ex still cares about you

Maybe he really does care about your well-being and wants to make sure you are doing alright after the breakup. He might think that you might be hurting and need him. Do you? Would talking to him just make things harder? Think about it!

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11. Your ex wants to get back together

While this could certainly be a possibility, you must decide if you want him back. Do you think there is still a chance for the two of you? Could you make it work with your ex?

12. Your ex’s friends told him to

He might be talking to you or have decided to unblock you simply because his buds suggested that he do this. This is a good possibility of a reason he decided to do this. If you want to speak with him, you could message him on social media to see what’s going on.

13. Your ex realized he made a mistake

Sometimes, guys realize they’ve made a mistake and want to fix that. He might have accidentally blocked you and now wants to chat things up!

14. Your ex doesn’t care anymore

your ex doesnt care anymore

There’s a chance that your ex doesn’t really care about blocking people anymore and just wants to clear the air on social media. He might have decided he was childish to block you the first time around. 

15. Your ex wants to make sure you are not with someone new

Guys can get jealous very easily! If there is even a possibility that you’ve moved on, I’m sure he wants to know about it. He needs that information and he thinks that your social media profile will give him the answers he needs. He might also just want to ask you about it to see if you are indeed seeing someone else.

16. Your ex wants to talk to you

He might want to strike up a conversation. There’s always a possibility that he’s missing you and wondering how you are doing. He’d just like nothing more than to have a conversation with you - like you used to! He might miss the old days when the two of you used to chat for hours and have a great time with one another.

If you think he is worthy of a conversation, go ahead and allow him the chance to chat with you. You might just find that he has changed into the man you always hoped he’d be. You might discover that the two of you should have never broken up, so it is meant to be that you get back together. 

Alternatively, you might discover that you make the best of friends after a conversation or two. Remember to be cautious when chatting with an ex. They could be “messing” with you and not have good intentions at all. Make certain that you are not dealing with someone who could break your heart - not again.

17. Your ex never meant to block you

He made a mistake and now is wanting to fix that. He’s decided that he never meant to block you, so he is righting that wrong.


Why does my ex block and unblock me?

Some guys are obsessed with social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If your ex unblocked you, it might have absolutely nothing to do with you. He might have felt extremely hateful at one time and just doesn’t have that bad blood with you anymore.

Why did my ex unblock me but not message me?

If your ex unblocked you but did not send you a message, he might still be following the no contact rule. He might not want any emotional attachment to you. Your best bet is to leave the relationship alone. Don’t stalk his Facebook posts or anything like that. Move on.

Should I message my ex after he unblocked me?

If he wanted nothing to do with you, there’s a good chance he would let you know and would not unblock you. If you have a bad feeling about the whole thing with your old flame, just don’t contact him. Find inner peace in your own way - without him!

Why did my ex move on so fast?

Most exes who move on too fast are not making emotional progress in real life. Instead, they float from one girl to another, often with an overlap. If he already has a new partner, let the past go and think about having a healthy relationship with someone else. Focus on the future!

What does it mean when an ex blocks you?

If your ex wanted absolutely the most childish way to behave and blocked you, it’s a sign he has won this achievement; he is acting like a child if he blocked you! Take the hint and don’t try to get him to miss you. Don’t miss him either; you may hurt, but move on!

To Sum It All Up

Did your ex unblock you? Are you waiting for this to happen? If your ex unblocks you out of the blue, you should ask him why he did that in the first place. If enough time has passed, I hate to say it, but just move on. Break off the relationship and be happy solo!

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