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Why Did My Ex Unblock Me? (11 Possible Reasons)

by Sonya Schwartz

One of the most confusing questions you might have had the displeasure of asking is, “Why did my ex unblock me after a long time of no contact or communication”? Have you ever been in a situation where your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend ghosted you, only for them to begin a cruel game of blocking and unblocking your number or social media accounts multiple times?

This action begs the question of why can’t people move on with their lives after a breakup? Why do some of us find it relatively easy to break away from people we are no longer in a relationship with, while others find it very hard to shed feelings? Are the residual emotions from a past relationship responsible for the irrational habit of blocking and unblocking exes?

Also, should you consider it a big deal if someone you used to love blocks you, and should you block your ex back for doing the same to you? In retrospect, these questions on your ex unblocking or blocking you might appear ridiculous, but the issue actually affects you. 

As such, this article will prove helpful to you as it explains what could be hidden in the fact that your ex unblocked you recently.

11 Possible Reasons Why Your Ex Unblocked You

1. Curiosity about your life

An ex unblocking you might not want to have you back in their life, it could just be that they want to know how your life is going. If it’s a guy, he might want to know if you are now with another man. Or, if your ex is a woman, she might want to see if your new beau is prettier than she is.

These motivations for removing you from their blacklist might appear ridiculous, but emotions cause many of us to act silly sometimes. As such, don’t conclude that the reason your ex unblocked you is that they want to get back together with you.

2. Realization of their errors

realization of their errors

Blocking you can be a hasty reaction on the part of your ex and only afterward will they realize what they’ve done. When people realize how hasty their decision was, their conscience will push them to make things right. Similarly, the reason your ex unblocked you could be that they’ve realized they were wrong to block you in the first place.

Rather than blocking someone, some situations require a ‘no phone call period, or a total ‘no contact rule’ instead. This is because the dumped (and the dumper) can still resolve their misunderstanding if they merely avoid contact for a while. When you block a man or woman you used to love, bad blood seeps in, and there might be no coming back from that.

3. Boredom with their own lives

Some people unblock their ex not because they are interested in what is going with their life, but because they just want to keep tabs on that person. Nothing fascinating is happening in their lives, so they want to be thrilled through your experiences. 

Once they hear from friends that you are either doing well or not, they unblock you on the social media platforms, then proceed to stalk you as though their lives depend on doing so. Before you give your ex immediate attention for unblocking you, observe what they do after indirectly getting back in touch with you.

4. Deliberate intention to mess with your mind

Some exes ascended from the pit of hell, and they are the very definition of wickedness. If your ex unblocked you, only to torment you and point out your imperfections, nothing good will come out of the unblocking.

Such ex-partners will throw shade at you, and make you feel less worthy. Whether you were the dumper or the dumped, observe how they talk to you after unblocking you. If they make you look like a terrible person, their intention isn’t pure, and you should be the one to block the jerk next!

5. Rebound relationship went wrong

rebound relationship went wrong

Be careful not to jump on the chance to get your ex back after they unblock you. This is because they could be coming back to you after their rebound relationship didn’t work out. For someone who didn’t send a single message after they blocked you on social media, they don’t have the right to your attention—just because they thought it benevolent to unblock you.

Act like you didn’t see their first message. Then reply vaguely and only give a friendly response if they keep up with communication. Also, regardless of how ‘nice’ they now act, if you don’t want your ex in your life, don’t hesitate to let them know you’ve moved on. You can’t even be friends with them anymore. 

6. Your ex still has feelings for you

It’s a no-brainer that your ex might still have feelings for you, and that’s why they unblocked you. It is also possible that you still feel the same towards them. The end of a relationship doesn’t mean emotions will fade away easily. However, if you are still attracted to your ex, ask yourself ‘Do I think I can both move past the past factors that initially led to a breakup?’

Also, after your ex unblocks you, what does he do? Did he try to get you on dates? Did he resume doing the things that make you like him before? These actions are the indicators you should watch out for if you are to find out why he unblocked you. 

7. Your mutual friends hinted to your ex about your new love interest

Having mutual acquaintances with your ex means the possibility of them monitoring you through others. If your mutual connections intentionally or indirectly hinted to your ex about your love life, this might lead to your ex unblocking you. As such, their interest in unblocking you stemmed from a curiosity inspired by people you both know.

While there is nothing wrong with your ex trying to know who you are now dating, it would be wrong if they reached out to get you back. Meaning, you need to be on guard to protect your new partner.

8. Your ex is over you

It hurts to look at someone you once thought was your entire world and know they are no longer yours. This is why many people use the block option. Whether or not it was your fault, they could have decided to block you as the only way to let go and get over the breakup. 

However, an ex can unblock you the moment they are over you. Perhaps because they still care and want to keep in touch, or just for the hell of it. As such, don’t assume they are back to loving you again.

9. Your ex thinks the breakup was a mistake

If your ex thinks the breakup was an error on their part, they won’t hesitate to unblock you and try to have another go at loving you. However, error or not, the fact that there was a breakup in the first place means there was something wrong somewhere already.

Don’t be in a hurry to get your ex back. This is especially important if you have any reservations about them finding it easy to block you in the first place. Also, the gravity of what causes a breakup will determine if you want to get back with them.

10. Your ex blocked you by mistake

The probability that your ex blocked you accidentally is very slim because he or she has a good motive for doing so. If your ex engages in a rapid block and unblock sequence within a short period, consider two things; they did so accidentally, or to confuse you. As such, don’t take their words for it if they say they used the block button on you by error.

11. Your ex wants to get back with you

your ex wants to get back with you

This next reason is the first thing that pops into people’s minds when an ex unblocks them. However, it should be the last thing you think about. This is because getting back to you might not be on their agenda at all. 

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Placing this option at the bottom of the list will reduce any disappointment you might feel if it turns out he’s no longer interested in you that way. On the other hand, if you want to get back with your ex and they want the same, it will delight you to know that’s why they unblocked you.


What does it mean when your ex unblocks you?

This could mean they want to know if you’re still pining for them. Or, if you’ve moved on with your life. An ex could also unblock you to know if things can still work out between both of you.

Why did my ex block and unblock me?

Your ex either thought it was the best thing to do at the time. Or that it was a form of punishment for you breaking up with them.

Do exes ever unblock you?

Yes, some unblock their ex-partners because they no longer feel the resentment that made them hit the block button.

Is blocking immature?

It is immature when it is unwarranted, e.g. when you block someone to punish them or get back at them for doing the same. To block isn’t immature when you do it to preserve your mental health or friendship with someone.

How do you know if your ex still has feelings?

If your ex still loves you, they will unblock you, resume phone call communications, and do everything to get you back.

In Summary 

Blocking someone you care for isn’t taboo as it can have its benefits too. It could be a way to avoid saying caustic words that will burn the bridges of any form of friendship you have with your ex. At the same time, you have no business passing through again in life. 

Knowing which of the two options your ex belongs to will help you to better handle a situation where your ex unblocks you.

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